Our Creator knows all the secrets

There isn’t a single person or large organization that can say they don’t have any secrets. Everyone has hidden something about themselves at one point in time or another. But no matter what those things are, our Creator knows about them. And in his great love he has appointed a righteous judge, our Lord Jesus. (Acts 10:42; John 5:22-23) We also know that sins and secrets often have a way of coming to light, whether by accident or divine direction. Jesus himself famously said:

“What I tell YOU in the darkness, say in the light; and what YOU hear whispered, preach from the housetops. And do not become fearful of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. “ (Matthew 10:27, 28, NWT)


And so it is with the Watchtower Society and their many secrets and closeted skeletons. Over the 130+ years of their history, an immense storehouse of these has been amassed. (Revelation 18:5, HCSB) Literally thousands of webpages have covered them and inclusion of these bullet points below is tangential to the purpose behind this article. Briefly, a few of the more prominent hidden errors and sins are:


  • Russell teaching pyramidology to establish the date 1914, and never teaching that 1914 was the beginning of the end,. But as the END of the “times of trouble”.
  • Armageddon and other dates being changed from 1799, 1874, 1914, 1915, 1925, 1975, etc., etc.
  • Rutherford’s alcoholism and womanizing.
  • Rutherford’s letter to the Nazis, condemning America and the Jews in an effort to curry favor and be a “friend of Germany”.
  • Homosexual lifestyle of two former Governing Body members, one of which was accused at least twice of pedophilia. These men were not reproved nor disfellowshipped but given full pensions and special pioneer status for the rest of their lives.
  • Thousands of cases of covered up child abuse by publishers, ministerial servants, and elders. Large payouts have been made.
  • The Watchtower Society was a member of the United Nations Organization as an NGO for ten years.


And the list could go on and on. Another side of this topic about “Well Kept Secrets” is how many religions use special books, procedures, and rituals to obscure and disguise what they really believe or do behind closed doors. The ordinary public is unaware of many of the hidden agendas and actual beliefs of the group. Even group members of many of these have overlapping layers of special knowledge that the more casual members are unaware of, at least until they rise through the ranks to the inner circle of the membership. Then they discover more and more confidential, i.e., “secret” agendas and beliefs. The Scientologists and the LDS or Mormon Church are famous for this kind of structure and layers of initiation. The clergy laity distinctions are one way that these secrets are maintained.

Jehovah’s Witnesses also happen to be among these groups. The average publisher knows very little of the goings on in his or her congregation. Most do not know that the official policy of their religion states that Jesus is not their mediator and that large sections of the Bible is not written to them.  They also are unaware that voting is a conscience matter, (Watchtower 1999 11/1 pp. 28-29 Questions From Readers) or that a Witness can no longer be disfellowshipped for taking a blood transfusion.

They study their magazine and attend meetings, go out in field service, and a prepare a talk once in awhile. And that’s it. They are unaware of most if not all of the bulleted points mentioned at the beginning of this article. They are also almost uniformly  unaware of the secret list of accused or convicted pedophiles that is kept in each Kingdom Hall. It is called the “Child Protection List”, and each congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses is required by the governing body to maintain such a list in the congregation’s file cabinet.  (See January 1, 2001 letter to bodies of elders for more information)

If a rank and file member of the congregation such as a single sister with small children asks to see this list they will be looked at strangely and perhaps even questioned as to how they knew about its existence. The sister would of course like to know if there are any accused or convicted child abusers in her congregation. Yet the elders will not divulge this information as per the society’s instructions.

Another secret thing involves the elder handbook, called “Shepherding the flock of God” and published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. This publication is for elder’s eyes only, and in fact they are told not to even let others glimpse the cover, or speak openly of its existence. There is a lot of disinformation that floats around the rumor mill among Jehovah’s Witnesses, since most of them are quite ignorant of its contents. Those that do research online may have already found it as it is freely available in a number of places in PDF format.


The following thread speaking about this secret elder book has been linked to below, and is from an internet forum that is open only to active Witnesses:

A Witness Forum

The elder's handbook discussed by publishers...briefly!


There are several things that may strike you while reading that forum thread. One that immediately hits me is the disinformation floating around as to whether the book really is private and confidential, i.e., how “secret” is it? Then one of the moderators, who is an active elder in his congregation, says this:


Yes, everything in there can be found in our other publications – just like the pioneer book. It is just organized in a way to help the elders handle their assignments – just like the other publication mentioned already in this thread. note: there are additional notes on handling certain things, but nothing that a person couldn’t get from one of our other publications.  (Emphasis added)


Really? Brother I don’t think you could put your hand on the Bible and swear an oath without feeling a twinge of guilt. As those of you that are/were elders we can tell you that there is A LOT in the elder’s guidebook that is unique and cannot be found in any other publication of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  In the Shepherding book there are details such as:


  • A policy allowing elders to commit a serious sin, conceal it for a couple years and then never be removed or even reproved for it, as rank and file publishers would be.
  • If an accusation of child abuse is brought to the attention of the elders, they are instructed to FIRST call the legal department, and NOT call the police unless it is mandated by law.
  • Filing bankruptcy calls an elder’s qualifications into question.
  • Explicit and detailed direction on the handling of child molestation issues.
  • Graphic directives on the many different kinds of sexual misconduct a person might be capable of committing, including child sexual abuse, heavy petting, various kinds of intercourse, pornography, online sexual activities, etc.
  • Marital separation now requires an exhaustive review by the elders.  Detailed steps are provided.
  • The term “loose conduct” has been expanded to include s0-called “brazen conduct” which can include conduct beyond that which is sexual. It can also include a wide range of other things to be determined by the judicial committee, and labeled “brazen conduct” as they see fit.
  • Unrepentantly taking a blood transfusion is now automatic disassociation. No judicial committee is required, and the accused would have no option to appeal.


Have you ever read any of these specific things in a publication? It is because these things would never be put in a Watchtower magazine for obvious reasons. Comparing it to the Pioneer Book is disingenuous to a high degree. The only thing comparable is that one specific group is allowed to have a copy. That is all.  Another quote on the thread has to do with “cheating”.  The quote is:


I think the reason the book is confidential is because it details the process for things like judicial committees…It tells the elders what to look for, such as how to tell if someone is repentant, among other things. If these things were common knowledge, unscrupulous ones without real repentance seeking to not get disfellowshipped, for example, would know what the elders were looking for and thus know how to ‘cheat the system’. The congregation is safeguarded from this by not making this ‘cheat sheet’ common knowledge. (Emphasis added)


This is a theory that initially sounds plausible. But upon consideration, questions arise, such as:

  • Men can’t read the heart, only God and Christ can- so how could anyone really know if another is repentant and forgiven by our judge Christ Jesus? This really lays open the flaw of setting up a Clergy class of men (the elders) to be self appointed judges over their brothers.
  • Isn’t Holy Spirit involved in these decisions? If so, then the H.S. would see to it that these abuses didn’t happen in the first place. It is circular reasoning to say that “Holy Spirit will work it out” and then just go by your own instincts and opinions.


So how well kept are the Watchtower Societies secrets? How many more will come to light this year? By next year? Or what about the year after that- 2014, when we will be 100 years from the time that Jesus supposedly took Kingdom power?

Our prayer is that many more will have awakened to these secretive ways and used their Christian consciences to take a firm stand for true worship by then. Our Heavenly Father is aware of these secrets, and we know what the scriptures say will happen someday to these kinds of hidden things. (Daniel 2:22, HCSB; Luke 8:17, HCSB; 1 Corinthians 4:5, HCSB)

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50 Comments on Well Kept Secrets

  1. rus virgil says:

    Jehovah God has prophesied what will happen with Edom’s secrets when the “hidden things” will be revealed , that is, during the day of judgement:
    Obadiah 1:
    1. The vision of Obadiah. Thus saith the Lord Jehovah concerning Edom: We have heard tidings from Jehovah, and an ambassador is sent among the nations, saying, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle.

    2. Behold, I have made thee small among the nations: thou art greatly despised.

    3. The pride of thy heart hath deceived thee, O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?

    4. Though thou mount on high as the eagle, and though thy nest be set among the stars, I will bring thee down from thence, saith Jehovah.

    5. If thieves came to thee, if robbers by night (how art thou cut off!), would they not steal only till they had enough? if grape-gatherers came to thee, would they not leave some gleaning grapes?

    >> 6. How are the things of Esau searched! how are his hidden treasures sought out! <<

    7. All the men of thy confederacy have brought thee on thy way, even to the border: the men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee; they that eat thy bread lay a snare under thee: there is no understanding in him.

    8. Shall I not in that day, saith Jehovah, destroy the wise men out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau?

    9. And thy mighty men, O Teman, shall be dismayed, to the end that every one may be cut off from the mount of Esau by slaughter.

    10. For the violence done to thy brother Jacob, shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever.

    Do you see these actions being unfolded under our sight ?


  2. JJ says:

    It’s nice to hear your thoughts Rus. I hope things are going well for you brother.

    May I ask how you would apply these scriptures to the WTO today?


  3. man oh man says:

    What amazes me is the power of mind control and information control to keep these things secret even though the secrets are so easily revealed on the internet and in enlightening books. The fear that our brothers and sisters have of looking for the truth about the truth. How can a carved image (the organization) gain such control over others? It boggles the mind.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see you call a “spade” a spade….and not pretend everything is good with the org….the organization is full of lies and deceitful acts,they allow abuse by often turning a “blind eye”….one thing that has helped me is learning to let go of the fear I was under for so many years in the org. Nothing was ever good enough. You mentioned lies and secrets…every congregation has them…the worst abuse excuse I got from my Elders was “its not that bad yet”…..really???? do you know how many lives they have destroyed!
    Many of us have lost our religion but not our faith in God. I appreciate frank articles such as these that speak the truth, it takes too much energy to pretend the org did not affect us ….
    Thank you JJ ….Love ya bro


  5. DanielB says:

    Man O Man , I have come to know that one thing the Watchtower Society was right about , is that “man was made to worship ” . It’s in our bloodline since Adam . And within the “Organization” are many millions who were made to worship , and who are needing to look closer at the Inspired Scriptures more , so that the focus is upon the Son Yeshua and the Father YHWH in order to keep God’s simple basic commandments which ensure everlasting life .

    Jesus said to his followers , ” YOU will know the Truth , and the truth will set you free . ”


    • spike says:

      Brother Dan,

      You are so right. The problem is our Brothers and Sisters have been told assertions and half-truths, which really means half-lies, for so long that despite their busy beaver lives, they are weak and parted from the Christ because they are seeking to be under law! Just like the remnant from Egypt, Moses takes off for a while, and the next thing you know people without real spiritual vision are hounding Aaron to make a Golden Calf! Those people needed a physical object to venerate because they were unappreciative of their deliverance. What did Aaron say when confronted by Moses?

      24 Hence I said to them, ‘Who have any gold? They must tear it off themselves that they may give it to me.’ And I proceeded to throw it into the fire and this calf came on out.”

      Perhaps we are seeing something similar? We live in a time when some just can’t be without an Idol to worship. Others may be watching from the sidelines. When the greater Moses says: “Who is on Jehovah’s side? To me!” What will we see? Hopefully more and more will see the reality. They are trusting men and that will only lead to disappointment. We surely do want want to worship the creation, rather than the creator. You are right, the truth will set us free. For that to happen though, people must be told the truth.


  6. v says:

    Daniel thanks for your support! Loved what you wrote on cc.
    I could not have explained it that way. Of cause that is how l feel.
    Guess we are all in different stages with the holy spirt. Some have such wonderful insight in the scriptures;
    Some have, Well you know. Mr Muslim


  7. v says:

    JJ Great information for new ones looking in here.

    That was a good article. It frightens me that they have files like the Russian kremlin.
    Good on one hand though. When there walls start crumbling, bet your life someone here will be in to see what they have said about every country and the people. Good or bad.

    Well, we have nothing to be ashamed of thats for sure.


  8. Matt says:

    This week my wife (still sleeping within the organization)was faithfully preparing to answer questions for the service meeting part on the new History Video from the Society : Faith in Action Part 2.
    I felt like adding some questions to her sheet that were not discussed in the Video;
    What was supposed to Happen in 1925, but didn’t?

    What was Beth Sarim, whom was it built for, but who ended up vacationing there?

    How many brothers and sisters worked in the service with Brother Rutheford?

    What kind of chauffered car did Brother Rutheford have during the midst of the Great Depression?

    What was strongly indicated would happen in 1975?

    I thought of doing this…but then thought better of it.
    Marital Harmony is important too. Sometimes, even when you’re right – you’re wrong. 😉


  9. JJ says:


    Brilliant questions- I’ll bet there are a few more that could be added too.

    I was always told that I could question “the truth” on anything, and that it would stand up to the light of investigation. I used to say this to folks I met in field service, that could their religious beliefs stand up to scrutiny?

    I meant this in all sincerity, and I never would have dreamed that I hadn’t really done this with my own religion. When you first come into the JW movement you do not know what questions to ask, and they may never occur to you to ask them for years, or ever.

    Questions are the key. What their answers reveal, and the responses these questions invoke in others, speak volumes.


  10. C M says:

    I am an MS and I have read the elders book and there are things in there that surprised me in the matter that for the most part the elders I have met are not following the instructions in it such as giving a good counsel to a repentant brother or sister instead of disciplining them and being too harsh. If the brothers truly knew the policy and procedures for certain things they would think differently and if they knew TTATT including these secrets which this article contained that are facts even though some have a reason as to why it was done does not make it right.

    Thank You Bro JJ


  11. DanielB says:

    Dear Brother CM ,

    The way that the society writes instructions to the elders will fit somewhat closely to the Scriptures , as they understand them .

    However , the local congregation elders will fall short in the way they apply the instructions , so here is what happens throughout congregations :

    1. The Word of God is presented as a guide .

    2. The “governing body” passes along it’s interpretation to their followers , and particularly to their elders , throughout the world .

    3. The elders will apply some of the guidance , and use their own understanding in fulfilling their responsibilities to the perish .

    And through all of this transition , there is not very much of the Spirit of the Scriptures that is applied to the members of the congregations , the perish (the “sheep”) for an end result .

    An indication of this problem is seen in the way in which the society and the elders have a hesitancy toward encouraging the “publishers” to read carefully and deeply the Bible for direction .

    So, 1. : The Word of God is not really the guide .

    And, 2. : The “elders book” has become a new mediator between God and His Congregation , as is the Watchtower , in place of Christ .

    And, 3. : Most of the elders will have a basically deteriorated understanding of the elders’ guidebook , and the Scriptures that would be necessary for furnishing a good lead for the congregation .

    This is why that those in “Christian” congregations who are in such need of the healing quality of the Word of God , are not receiving the help through ANY of Christendom’s Churches , Jehovah’s Witnesses included .

    And this is why we need to keep associating together and examining the Scriptures carefully . These words prove true for all of us who seek God’s direction ; in Psalm 119:1-3 (NWT) :

    “Happy are the ones faultless in their way , The ones walking in the law of Jehovah . Happy are those observing His reminders ; With all the heart they keep searching for Him . Really they have practiced no unrighteousness . In His ways they have walked . ”

    (I have capitalized the “H” of my own prerogative in the verses above , in reference to our Almighty God , though the NWT translation had neglected this .

    This verse draws attention to those who , “With all the heart they keep searching for Him” .

    You made the point that there is a deficit in the way that elders should be ” giving a good counsel to a repentant brother or sister instead of disciplining them and being too harsh ” .

    This is because there are many blind guides among men . And it is because they do not adhere closely to the Word of God , but rather to a human political organization that professes to be “Thoecratic” .


    • C M says:

      I have never had anyone put it so clear to me as you have, it makes absolute sense. As you mentioned most of these men are blindly shepherding God’s flock and using their personal opinions and understandings of the Organization to judge their fellow brothers, though I must admit I have met sincere elders that do their best to actually help brothers not punish them. As you said in the end we all find our truth by examining the scriptures carefully for ourselves with others who are sincerely seeking for the truth as well. And once we know TTATT we can serve God in the proper way and not let any man interfere with our worship and personal relationship with Jehovah.

      Thank You Brother DanielB.


  12. DanielB says:

    Brother , I have been told too , that when I served as an elder , that I had been more concentrated on HELPING brothers and sisters than punishing and discarding them as the other elders who seemed to have power among us had done .

    I can tell , you have been through hell , either personally , or with someone you love .

    One day , it will all be behind us , and there will be no need to call any of it to mind again !

    Praise Jah !!!

    In His Son !


    • C M says:

      I have and so has my family and I wish we had more brothers like you still serving. All the glory and our work is for Jehovah and to help eachother.

      Your Brother

      C M


  13. DanielB says:

    Friends , this subject that JJ has brought us to consider on this thread , brings to mind for me these words that Solomon had written down for us . He spoke pure wisdom , and he looked all throughout his land , and into all of the world’s activities in the world around him in his time .

    What he said was :

    ” All this I have seen , and there was an applying of my heart to every work that has been done under the sun , during the time that man has dominated man to his injury . . . . (and) . . . Because sentence of bad work has not been executed speedily , that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad . ” Pr 8: 9-11

    One day , all of the secrets that men have in their hearts for dominating other men will become a thing of the past .


  14. IJA says:

    “Homosexual lifestyle of two former Governing Body members, one of which was accused at least twice of pedophilia.”

    I’ve heard this referred to a few times, but wonder if there is anything to substantiate? Seen only vague rumors so far. I would like to know more.


  15. ScatteredSheepsLamb says:

    Brother JJ, Thanks! I did not know that voting is a conscience matter! Or, “that a Witness can no longer be disfellowshipped for taking a blood transfusion.” Keep shining the bright light of truth on their House of Cards, Brother. :-)

    Sister, SSLamb


  16. DanielB says:

    Many former witnesses who were close to the Brooklyn think-tank have expected to see a slackening of rules now for many years , especially since the 1975 failure and then having to come up with a flimsy new “generation” interpretation . It has been expected that there would have to be some loosening of restrictions in order to keep the masses content . That’s been anticipated (through the grapevine) for 15 or 20 years . It is no surprise either that the secrets of the organizational history has a lid kept on it .


  17. v says:

    Last week two witnesses came to my door staying around 2 hours. One agreed with me that Jesus
    second coming has not happened yet that it was in the future! Have they changed this also?


    • LonelySheep says:

      I doubt it.

      JW’s are the most confused people on earth. They think they have ‘truth’ but the fact is, most R&F do not really understand much beyond the basics, like who is God etc.

      I speak from experience. I have 3 children all in their 20’s. In the family study I asked them what was the sequence of events to Armaggedon. I got 3 different answers from 3 baptized publishers!! And in truth none of them could accurately recite the position of the Society. Yet all 3 are in good standing and are considered ‘strong in the truth’.


      • Janet D says:

        LonelySheep…I have a sister who has been a witness for over 35 years.She rarely, if ever, can answer any questions I ask pertaining to scriptures. I had a question about something I was unsure of in Revelation and she admitted to me that she has never actually read Revelation or Daniel all the way through..and she’s a pioneer! The times that she has come up with an answer to my’s NEVER by opening the Bible. She always comes back with a Watchtower. I think that’s sad as the Bible is far more exciting to read.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Being “strong in the truth” doesn’t require having an accurate knowledge of Bible truth, or even an accurate understanding of the WT eisegesis of scripture – it simply relates to how submissive an individual is to Theocratic order and your willingness to make yourself available to be used by the organization in its various programs and endeavors.

    It reminds me of a Catholic who was also a self proclaimed Atheist who said, “You don’t have to believe in God to be a Catholic, you just have to follow the rules.”


    • Anonymous says:

      Being “strong in the truth” doesn’t require having an accurate knowledge of Bible truth, or even an accurate understanding of the WT eisegesis of scripture – it simply relates to how submissive an individual is to Theocratic order and your willingness to make yourself available to be used by the organization in its various programs and endeavors.

      It reminds me of a Catholic who was also a self proclaimed Atheist who said, “You don’t have to believe in God to be a Catholic, you just have to follow the rules.”

      So true!! So sad :(


  19. v says:

    Ruth says according to Gods word.
    The Only truth is Jesus! Not religion nor any organisation after all John 14:6 says Jesu is the way the truth and the life no body (NO BODY CAN COME TO THE FATHER ACCEPT THROUGH HIM. ” No church no organisation for for-fills this statement.” They are simply man made avenues of control.
    False prophets.

    Revelations says get out of her my people. We only have a look at all the false prophecies made by men in the w/tower. read about “Bethserim” The mansion built for the ancient worthies.

    In John chapter 4, Jesus said the true followers will worship in spirit and truth and the father is looking for these to worship him. Not on this mountain nor in Jerusalem.
    Right now it is a one on one relationship with Jesus. All authority has been handed to him by Almighty God.

    Its so hard for new ones coming out of the tower and religion finding all this information. Trying to digest it.
    But slowly if they truly belong to the Father everything unwinds and truth which is important becomes very clear.
    A step by step process though. “Truth of Gods word is important” Remembering its the holy spirit from now on who does the teaching.


  20. Matt says:

    Sorry friends, it listed my last post as anonymous becuause I forgot to put in my name and email and was not logged in. I agree with your statements whole-heartedly V! It is, in my opinion, one of the hardest things to overcome for those of us coming out of the organization, vis. thinking in terms of salvation by faith through God’s grace rather than by a prescribed program of works. A relationship with God and Christ is possible without the interposition of a priestly nature on the part of some human organization. It, is infact, our heritage as brothers of Christ.


  21. DanielB says:

    I remember when we were in the territories trying to help people know the “truth” , as we saw it , and occasionally the householder would tell us this very thing , that salvation is by faith and grace rather than by ” a prescribed program of works ” . Such ones may have been better witnesses than us . In some respects anyway .

    Also , we would not agree with the fact that we were a cult .

    Eventually though , all of the internal secrets catch up , and in the finality , Truth will stand in the open .


  22. DanielB says:

    You know , sometimes I think that if someone else doesn’t come along and reply to my last thought on the JWStruggle front page , then maybe it’s time that we have a new subject presented . What do you think , JJ ?


  23. v says:

    What number is bro Daniel?


  24. Matt says:

    Last week two witnesses came to my door staying around 2 hours. One agreed with me that Jesus
    second coming has not happened yet that it was in the future! Have they changed this also?

    perhaps Carl Olaf Jonsson can shed some light on this V:

    In his book Sign of the Last Days – When, he makes the following comment as regards the JW interpretation of Jesus’ words at Matt 25:3:

    “this sign, according to Jesus’ words was to appear in heaven, not on earth. The watch tower society admits this. They are, therefore, forced to make a distinction between “the sign of the son of man…in heaven,” appearing when he comes for the final judgement, and the “sign” of his coming (Parousia), which they say is to be found in the wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, and so forth, since 1914. In this way they get not only two different types of signs of Christ’s Coming – they also have TWO DIFFERENT COMINGS, one in 1914 and another at the “great tribulation.”


  25. Matt says:

    Correction: Matt 24:3 and his name is Carl Olof Jonsson. Sorry for the typo. The book is also co-authored by Wolfgang Herbst


  26. DanielB says:

    Matt , brother , doesn’t this also show that they will organizationally be ones who have to go outside of the association with wise virgins and look for oil at the final hour ?

    All evidence seems to point to the fact that they will be among this number , except for those who “Get out of her , my people” .

    Sister V , (Patricia) , I don’t understand your question above , ” What number is bro Daniel?” Are you asking me this ?

    To all of you , May Yeshua bless you throughout the weekend .


  27. Matt says:

    Isn’t it funny how sometimes even the wrong scriptural citation manages to have some application? LOL


  28. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Thank you all dear brothers and sisters who are awaking up to something I have for over a decade and I had no one but Jehovah too cry and talk to about what’s going on with the GB By the time I had to leave the religion but not Jehovah I was broken depressed and felt spiritually dead. TOday I have a wonderful spiritual sustaining relationship with Jehovah because he did what no man made GB could do, give me holy spirit and true spiritual direction. but Jehovah always had said that call on my name and be saved and not a list rules and laws a man intervention. That’s Christ died for all man so we never again have come under the control of man and be pleasers of man because Christ is the final answer the only way to Jehovah. The law only served as a tutor to Christ. The law never ever provided a way to salvation yet sinful man still keeps going bacteria to the law as if it as the power change hearts. Only Jehovah can changes hearts. Praise to Jehovah that there many who have witnesses the greats acts of mercy and now are truly seeing the truth fromJehovah position as God almighty. The truth has set me free and welcome to the brothers and sisters who survived this tribulation and speak like the true worshipers of Jehovah in ancient times


  29. Freethinkerinjah says:

    I thank Jehovah for this website so again I can hear the truth. I have wandering in the wilderness totally relying on Jehovah prayer and studying the scriptures for the truth. what I have learned all these long years is that Jehovah himself sustained me and I have my own high priest a helper Jesus Christ. Jehovah has been preparing for what is going to happen when judgement starts with his own house. Thank you Jehovah that I have a whole family out there and did even know until now. Hello to all the true brothers and sisters that went through the fire Love you all freethinkerinjah


  30. DanielB says:

    Yes , “freethinkerinjah” many of us “out here” are family to you . And we have gone through some fire from organized religion . We all have , together a wilderness treck to go through together for a little longer .

    You said that ” Jehovah has been preparing for what is going to happen when judgment starts with his own house. ” , and that is exactly right .

    We must be “in the wilderness” away from his own apostate house , when His judgment begins . This is why people are leaving organized religion . The time is approaching to leave the organized “Christian” religions , including Jehovah’s Witnesses .

    The great tribulation that we must endure is coming quickly . . .

    Let us endure together !

    bro dan ,

    . . . in Christ . . .


  31. Ruth says:

    Hullo freethinker.
    Yes your not alone, so many of us had to stay in the wilderness for years and years
    learning so much from the Father by just reading praying and standing by our Lord.

    Its so lovely to see your happy that you still have your family scattered all over the world! Not in religion but in Jesus Christ as being the only true way. John 14 :6
    By the way we are so happy to have you with us. Also we have another forum for our brothers and sisters in Ed 21st century christians

    Yes these two sights share the love of our living and true heavenly father.
    Come join us sometime.
    Sister Ruth


  32. enlightened says:

    Have not been to meeting in several months and do not miss it a bit-the first month, elders came by constantly, but because I knew their schedule-either conveniently went for a walk or didnt answer when they came-finally am left alone now and have been for nearly two months-got rid of all my dress clothes-am out of there-have not submitted official letter as I desire continued contact with my kids.


  33. DanielB says:

    You are not alone , in the least , ” enlightened ” . It seems that many are fading away from the WTS more nowadays , than when I left them 20 years ago . There is an awakening that is happening now . This nearly seems like the Heavenly call to ” get out of Babylon the Great ” .

    I used to have 15 or 20 ties , for meetings . I used to have 5 or 6 suits , also for meetings . And I used to care a little , if some two elders were to come to my door . But now I know that none of that matters .

    What really matters is that we draw close to God’s Son , and even if my children don’t understand me , ( they are JWs ) , I will never go back to the organizational ” direction ” , which is explained as being ” God’s direction ” .

    None of us need to submit an “official letter” to the WTS , or to one of their bodies of elders . The organization needs to get the hint : they are not God’s true Organization , and they have no control over God’s household .


  34. Ruth says:

    Sister enlightened. Please contact me! Or one of us sisters here. “We all need each other and we need you. email if you need to talk.
    sister Ruth.


  35. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear Daniels thank you for encouraging post. I hope I get this message to you because I am so new at playing with the iPad and sometimes my messages don’t get posted but I will keep trying. Oh I meant to spell your name danielb. I have not figured how to back to the misspelled word to correct it on the iPad Jah blessings be with you freethinkerinjah


  36. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Ruth I sent a post but I don’t know if it made it because the iPad seems to have mind of its own and I so new at this computer stuff what’s the best way to get in contact with ya? I wish I could just use the cell phone until I figure this iPad out thank you for wonderful post. Let’s see if this post goes through JAh blessings freethinkerinjah


  37. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear friends I had a thought the other day about prayer If I don’t pray I become prey! love ya freethinkerinjah


  38. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear friends, now that I know about this post I will add all of you in my daily prayers because I have wittnessed much good from praying others, and watching Jehovah work out salvation for each one of us. I have really come to appreciate prayer because has sustained me through so much and through prayer I learn to turn over my self will to JEhovah and he loveingly guides me without any extra burdens. Jesus set the example of what a loving sheperd acts like which is a contrast to the bad shepards described in the whole chapter of EZ 34. So I continue daily in this way prayer to Jehovah accept Christ as my savior consider the scriptures . But I had to detach from what was teachings of man and learn what was Jehovah’s teachings. This was no easy task but due to over 25years associating with jw and trial and error and a lot of emotional pain depression and confusion which is due to the dark forces of this world. but Jah these things are tempory will pass and because of a grounded spiritual prayerful personal relationship with Jehovah I now enjoy real spiritual paradise and learned from my mistakes and those of it has no bearing on me what elders or the GB does or does not do as for me I only recognize the authority Jesus and Jah, and that was the whole lesson I needed to learn because I used to please men and allow the world to define me. Also I had to go through the stages of grieving to get to acceptance now. I also got help reading the book by Jeff Vonderen titled the subtle power of spiritual abuse. It is a real eye opener and address the issue of spiritual abuse with out accusing any religion and exposes the same issues that Jesus had with Pharisees. You can the book used on I highly recommend this read, it pulled me out of depression and utter dispair and confusion about the rampant cases of spritiual abuse and what it really is! Hope my experience will help someone love you all freethinkerinjah


  39. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear friends I have read the book the subtitle power of spritiual abuse by JeffVonderon and it addresses the issues of spritiual abuse the same things that Christ condemned the Pharisees for. You can find it as a used book. There may be a post like this similar in nature of my other post and seen as a repeat because I have problems posting from an iPad and never know what’s getting posted. Anyway love you all hope this helps someone freethinkerinjah


  40. enlightened says:

    My daughter I think understands and does not look down on me at all for my stand though she is married and in org still-she does enough to get by as well as her husband and thats it. My son does get used a lot and have not had much contact with him lately-but am sure he will also in time realize things more. I feel bad for those still in-how badly their lives are being manipulated and controlled in the name of God-and how free Ive felt in a positive way in the last several months-like I have my life back. It has freed so much of my time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of where I live and have read In Search Of Christian Freedom and that has been a big help. Though I live alone, am not lonely, because I know there are many others in my shoes.


  41. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear jj I just got your message in the mail box on my iPad. It was totally by accident cause I hit the mailbox by accident. Actually it’s not an accident, I think I being guided because l just learning about I pad and it belongs to bill and I am using his email because I don,t have my own yet. Also I am a sister but not reconized by the GB after 25 years of faithful service I too at the urging of JEhovah was guided out of active membership because I took the bible counsel to heart watch out for the leven of the par assists. I finally have the freedom in christ that I never knew. Thanks for you support freethinkerinjah


  42. JJ says:

    Hello Sis I’m glad you got my email. Having Christian freedom is such a blessing! Being able to worship the Father and the Son with spirit and truth is very liberating.

    It’s great to have your voice and your prayers added to the JWS site.

    In Christ,


  43. Mike says:

    Do not go beyond the things that are written .. I need to keep things simple for myself ..

    I do attend the KH but when something goes beyond the things that are written and if it violates my beliefs I have a clear conscience to simply ignore the direction from the elders or the society itself .

    It truly worries me when we are directed to do as the elders instruct us even when we dont agree .If that were to include matters of conscience it could ultimately be dangerous . I choose not to and may one day pay the price of loosing my family and friends .

    I suspect there are good men left on the governing body and some not so good that have taken us in the wrong direction .

    The organisation must rid themselves of the concept of a chain of command since it is not from Scripture .

    The WatchTower organisation has many favorable elements but seem to have lost their way . I so hope they can get back on track to the level they are beyond any Scriptural violation .

    All that being said it could still be argued the Watchtower org is still the least bad of all the corrupted religious orgs .

    If the WatchTower org is indeed God’s organisation I wont be surprised to see a massive reform . If that were to happen millions may return . Lets hope it happens . The time is right ..

    All tha


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