email-newsletterWe are going to be launching a simple email newsletter. It is planned to be an occasional update with some links, some experiences, random (but helpful!) thoughts, etc.

If any would like to receive this, please add your email below. Be assured that we will never give out your email to anyone, and we can’t identify you or your location based on an email. If you receive one of these in error, please allow me to apologize as I am still learning how this works. I plan to only send these out a few times per month at the max, so you will not get inundated. And you can easily opt out at any time. The service is through and they are a reputable company.
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12 Comments on Email Newsletter Launch

  1. disappointed says:

    Thanks JJ.. it says I’m already subscibed.. :)


  2. John S. says:



  3. JJ says:

    Thank you for the response thus far- it has surprised me how many are signing up.

    Disappointed – Many that have commented in the past have been integrated into the list by the mailchimp service already- wow!

    Look for the first newsletter next month. And if you have any ideas or suggestions for content, you can email me at jwstruggle@gmail[dot]com or post them here in the comments.



  4. ruth says:

    Bro JJ.
    may Our God continue to bless your willingness to make changes.
    When Jesus knocked on your door and you opened it up “YOU never guessed for one minute how you would be blessed. “Jesus is now steering this ship”
    Everything will be ok for you JJ. YOU just wait and see.
    The Lord is using you and now taking you into a new area and more to come. The sheep are starting to stream into this shelter that was set up because of your love and Willing heart.
    Bless you JJ and the ones supporting you all this time.
    Your sister Ruth.


  5. ruth says:

    Dear sister Disappointed.
    Yes I believe you are right.
    Bro Amos was right directing for deeper discussions for those needing it in the forum.
    That I now can see it was another direction from Our Lord for deep discussions ” Just as long as they come back here with us and keep encouraging the sheep and loving them. I was so fearful we would loose what we have here on the home page. “That is lots of love” Did not want to loose that.
    James 1:16 Every good thing given and every perfect gift comes down from the father of lights.
    Yes dear sister you are right.
    Our father will use both venues.
    I believe that is thanks to greybeard? The brother is blessing our Brothers here.
    Your sister Ruth.


  6. ruth says:

    Sorry the scripture is James 1:17


  7. andre says:

    Hi JJ I’ve submitted my email address,so as to join in the conversations,I’ve checked my e-mail for the last 5 days and I’ve not recieved a response. Please reply if possible.


  8. confused says:

    Im excited about this too.


  9. ruth says:

    Dear Confused.
    Please email me at You also Andre!!
    At the moment I am confined, not real well. But can help with any questions you sisters may have.
    Sister Ruth


  10. Sally says:

    I have spent the past few years exposing the hypocrisy of the society that I once belonged to. I raised my children in “the truth” only to have my two daughters reject me because I saw what they were doing and left.

    I have a wonderful, loving relationship with Jehovah all by myself. I do not trust any religious organization with my heart and mind anymore.

    Thank you for your wonderful website. It’s wonderful! I have already tweeted all about it, especially the number with your most loving message. Thank you!



    • JJ says:

      Thanks Sally- your kind words are appreciated.

      We are all in this together and if we show our Christian love for our asleep Witness brothers and sisters they will see that we are not the boogie men they have been led to believe we are.



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