People unitedHow far does our world-wide brotherhood extend? Is it limited to just ONE Christian group? Is the “free gift of the spirit” (Acts 2:38) opened up to many groups or just one? You and I both know that Christ is the judge and individuals from many nations and creeds can be sharers in the “one hope” to which we were were called. (Ephesians 4:4, ESV)  I certainly don’t have all the answers to these questions. These are complex notions to contemplate and perhaps impossible to answer definitively.

It has been mentioned to me (and I agree) that this place is not necessarily a final destination on our Christian journey as servants of the Father and our King Christ Jesus.  But no matter where we go online or in the flesh, and how many years we follow the narrow path, we want to strive to upbuild our fellow man, and especially our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. (Galatians 6:10, NIV)

We meet; we commiserate; we encourage one another, and share points that have resonated with us on a personal level. The JWS forum makes it easy to bring up a Bible topic of whatever we have or are currently studying, ask a deeper Bible question to the group or just get feedback on something we are thinking about or dealing with.  Our efforts, as small as they may be, can have far-reaching effects, and many times the fruits of these efforts to figure things out and encourage others are unknown. But occasionally we are pleasantly surprised with positive feedback from unexpected sources. This fires our zeal and gives us impetus to press on and do more in the Lord’s service. Above all, let us not sow sparingly! (2 Corinthians 9:6, HCSB)  It is my personal resolve to expend myself in this ministry, and in my efforts to help more and more of my brothers and sisters within the Watchtower structure to awaken to “the truth about the truth”.  Others among you are led by the Spirit on another path, and that too can be God’s will and plan for you. (1 Corinthians 12:5, NAS)

But should we forget those of other Christian movements and denominations? Has it dawned on us that they also could have a share in “the one hope” (Ephesians 4:4) that we do? Partaking of the blood and flesh of our Master at this recent Nisan 14 brings this to our minds. For nearly 2,000 years Christian groups have appreciated and partaken of the body of Christ. These were not all benighted “apostates” as some would have us believe. Misguided belief in our own personal superiority has hopefully shrunk down to a speck of its former size (1 Timothy 1:15) and now our WT blinders have been removed. We are not the only ones with a corner on the market of Truth; we are not the sole arbiters and adjudicators of the judgement of the Christ. Can we unilaterally decide what the fates of these others will be? (Acts 10:34-35)

A loving and humble Christian brother recently emailed me. He is not, nor ever was, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. His positive expressions are included below. I wanted to share them with you, and hopefully it will uplift you as much as it did me. (Romans 1:11) Again, you will note that the brother emailing me is not a Witness.  So how and/or why would he be visiting JWStruggle? Isn’t this a strictly “JW-related website”?  The answer is no. This is only one tiny part of the worldwide brotherhood of Christians…and we rejoice that this is so! The field is white for the harvest (John 4:35), and each of us go out wherever we are impelled to go, utilizing and coping with whatever circumstance we are born into or presents itself. But we are still a brotherhood. And the field is the entire world. (Matthew 13:38)


With you in Christ,







I have to tell you how amazed I am with your website.  Last summer, I had Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on my door.  Unlike the other multitude of times, one of the two came with patience, caring, and a willingness to actually listen to what I had to say.  The other times, the ones who came were not interested in having a two-sided discussion, but this one was different.  I allowed him to say what he wanted to say, and vice-versa.  The best conversations came when he was alone.  Often his visiting partner dominated the conversation which became a pointless stalemate.  It was through these visits that I had some of the most wonderful and intense prayer and bible study of my life.  Those visits ended about 4 months after they began, and I miss them.


Not because I am interested in being a Jehovah’s Witness.  A large and wonderful part of my family are Jehovah’s Witnesses…cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.  I have the utmost respect for what they do, and I am astounded at the dedication and organization of it all.  They have a heartfelt, genuine desire to do and learn, something that I cannot say the same about of many of the churches I have attended.  What I missed was digging into God’s Word.  For a long time I had really wanted to, but I had no direction, and the sheer amount of pages seemed very daunting.  Then Clarence came to my door.  He didn’t know it, and probably still doesn’t, but he gave me the direction that I needed to begin my search for the truth.  I was very careful to openly consider everything that he had to say and questioned everything I could think of.  The little yellow book about “what the Bible really says” is not incredibly controversial, and fortunately Clarence was willing to skip to the parts that were.  I read every verse I could find on both sides of the belief system and prayed fervently for the truth to be made known to me.  One thing that became very clear to me through prayer was that my beliefs were becoming more and more grounded and that Clarence was sent to my house for two reasons: to inspire my own reading and to hear the scripture for himself.


Since then, I have had an insatiable desire to learn about Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs, rationales, practices, and organizational structure.  I truly feel that God is leading me to show them His love and reveal to them things that He has revealed to me.  Since I have never been a Jehovah’s Witness, I am not privy to many things, and I fear that the forums and websites that I run into express a great deal of bias and misrepresent the people within the organization and sometimes the organization itself.  Much of what I read focuses so much on the Watchtower and doctrinal issues and neglects the people who are serving Jehovah the way they have been told.  I have a real heart for them as I spent the vast majority of my life “knowing” what I believed because that is what the church taught.  I feel so relieved to say the answers I have now came from Bible study and prayer, and equally relieved to be able to say that there are things that I don’t know but can’t wait to learn.


I miss the Bible study that I had with Clarence.  The last time he came over, he actually came to realize a couple things that bothered him.  The next day, he texted me to tell me he wouldn’t return as I wasn’t making progress.  Obviously I was disappointed.  My cousin even contacted him to see if he would return.  He would not.  In the meantime, I have read many things.  However, all of the ex-witness sites that I have run across are different than yours.  The other sites focus on the abuse and problems.  They are hurt and the disagreement comes from the desire to be the polar opposite of what they once were.  They miss out on the wonderful aspects that Jehovah’s Witnesses do have, a love and respect for God.  Your site is different, and frankly had my jaw on the floor for weeks.  You openly disagree with many of the same things that I have come to learn are improperly taught in Kingdom Halls, and you are still considered Jehovah’s Witnesses.  This concept has gone against literally everything that I have learned about the organization.  Current witnesses tell me that complete unity is present and anything other than their unity is apostasy.  I have only seen the hard-line approach, so it is very surprising for me to see so many people on your site follow your line of thinking.


I love it!  While we disagree on a few things, the ideas that you bring up have helped re-direct me in my own studies.  You are willing to take a look and investigate what the Bible says rather than accept what you are told.  You are interested in serving Almighty God and recognize that Jesus Christ is vital in that endeavor.  You are willing to admit that there are policies that have been imposed on you that are unscriptural and that scripture trumps all other literature.  You are searching for the truth of God through the Word of God. I know it seems so obvious, but it is rare.  I thoroughly enjoy reading the website and hope to strike up a dialogue at some point in time.  Your perspective is invaluable, and I appreciate and agree with so much of what you have to say.  I wish you and others on the site the very best as you keep growing in Christ.





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74 Comments on Who’s In Our Worldwide Brotherhood?

  1. DanielB says:

    It brings tears Brother , doesn’t it .

    Very endearing .


  2. CM says:

    Just as current and former jw’s that read the articles in this website benefit from it I am glad to see people who are also sincerely in search of the truth are as well only Jehovah knows who his true servers are and who he will choose to save keep up the great work Brother JJ


  3. man oh man says:

    That was a very nice letter and greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing it with us. As a witness you think “oh it is so great that we have 7 million in our world wide brotherhood”. Now that our eyes are opened we rejoice to know that we have many many more than that. It also breaks my heart to see all of those disgruntled ex witnesses leaving the faith and giving up on the “hope”.


    • DanielB says:

      Perhaps in time , dear brother , many will pull out of the rut , and join in real Hope with us , as never before in their lives !

      May God Himself bless their hearts and their minds . . . and those who are still locked up .


    • David says:

      Hi all dear brothers and sisters here,
      I have been following this site for some months now and I’m actually very happy that it exists.
      This is my first comment ever here, but somehow this letter from Adam motivated me to write something.
      Thank you for all your comments. Please continue like this!
      Most of our brothers and sisters are sincerely trying their best and are wonderful persons. Unfortunately it is true that the organization has blinded us and finally it is our own fault and nobody else’s that we have let this happen! We should try to stay positive, continue not being overly disappointed that it probably took so many years to realize that we have been manipulated (for me already more than 30 years). Now we can choose ourselves what to do with this knowledge. Hopefully something positive. I can imagine that many feel like me from time to time and just want to forget about everything, but Jehovah an Jesus are certainly worth more, so let us all stay positive and try to find joy again serving them from all our heart and impart this joy also to ALL our brothers and sisters!


  4. thank you JJ for sharing this; was very encouraging


  5. Londo says:

    Thanks, JJ. Let us pray for that Clarence repents his course. Brother Adam perhaps needs to conduct a Bible study with him.


  6. enlightened says:

    I strongly agree about being spirit anointed ones in all religious denominations-am in the process of getting to know a woman better in a foreign land who considers herself a God fearing woman and is quite active in her religion-she remarked that she has a future hope of being able to rule with Christ in heaven-and to have the power put in her hands to really make this world a better place-has a strong desire to want to help others-has never heard of the JW org. Isnt that how most of us feel-and the reason why we when a JW preached the good news on their terms-because we wanted to help others-dont we want to make this world a better place-and wouldnt we if we had the full power to do so-are people with this mentality only in the JW org. as they try to make us believe-my experience says NO. Who could have taught this woman to know this-it wasnt the wt org.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing Jj, its nice to know that people respond that way to reading this forum. I am one who wholeheartedly agrees with the helpfullness of the articles and comments, it causes me to stop and pause and re-evaluate my own thinking. The writers on this forum are good, loving, thoughtful brothers.


  8. Rory says:

    Dear Adam,

    What you have stumbled across here is what would be termed an “apostate” website. Under the official guidelines of the organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Watchtower of April 1, 1986, page 31 states, “Approved association with Jehovah’s Witnesses requires accepting the entire range of the true teachings of the Bible, including those Scriptural beliefs that are unique to Jehovah’s Witnesses.” It goes on to stress that there only needs to be deviation from “one basic point” and a person can be rightly branded as an apostate.

    The excitement you feel on discovering this site is the thrill of discovering illicit material. JWStruggle is part of the Resistance movement. It is part of the revolution. They are not free to air their disagreements and differences of opinion. The only reason they “are still considered one of Jehovah’s Witnesses” is that they have not been found out. They must operate anonymously, writing under pseudonyms, because if their true identities were discovered, they would be subject to an official investigation and they would be disfellowshipped. Once disfellowshipped they would be cut off from family members, friends, and associates, and this is a hell that they cannot contemplate.

    The love you describe among Jehovah’s Witnesses – either for God, or each other – is an illusion. The revolutionary’s lament is precisely that he is not free to love unconditionally. There is no need to revolt against a loving system. Resistance exists because a system is oppressive.

    The commonly recognised warning signs of an abusive relationship includes this one (as highlighted by the January 2009 issue of Awake!): Beware if your partner tries to keep you away from friends and family. By ensuring that disfellowshipped and disassociated ex-members of the congregation are kept away from friends and family, the Watchtower Society flags itself up as an abusive organisation. All those who abide by the regulations related to disfellowshipping become complicit in that abuse. They become what would be termed an “enabler” – they enable an abusive party to continue their abusive behaviour. They do this out of fear.

    1 John 4:18 states, “There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed, he that is under fear has not been made perfect in love.” The love displayed by Jehovah’s Witnesses is an illusion because it is not love, it is fear. JWStruggle (and any other forum) has to exist undercover. They work in the shadows. It is clandestine. It is cloak and dagger. It moves like Nicodemus who came to Jesus in the night out of fear of the religious authorities. It has nothing to do with the official organisation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. By these very writings they have disassociated themselves. Some lead what would be termed a “double life”. They may continue to operate as Jehovah’s Witnesses in the daylight, some of them in an official capacity, even serving as elders. They write their conflicting views here and on the forums, but they have to toe the party line in view of the congregation.

    The determination to operate in the shadows acknowledges that the Watchtower Society is an extremely powerful organisation. The revolutionary believes that more can be accomplished incognito. This is where the struggle takes place, in the hearts of those who disagree but are forced to suppress their disagreements. The mental struggle is ultimately detrimental to the spiritual well-being of the godly man. One can never be entirely free from the nagging suspicion that one is living a lie.

    I believe a more powerful revolutionary outcry can be made by coming out of the shadows and declaring openly one’s opposition to the oppressive regime. It is not right that things are done this way. We must be free to disagree without fear of punishment.

    Sincerely yours


    • JJ says:


      Your comments show a deep understanding of this issue and of the struggle that we as dissident Witnesses find ourselves in. Sooner or later, most of us take our stand, one way or another. It may be voluntarily, or as with Peter, grudgingly and shamefully at first, but then powerfully decisive in the end. Some of us remain within the JW structure, in “stealth mode”. Others are compelled to disassociate and leave in one bandaid-like tear off.

      Many others fade out over time, leaving the JW movement mentally and spiritually and pressing on to Christian maturity and freedom. Attending at the Kingdom Hall no longer satisfies us spiritually, as we have left the former things behind. Missing the social aspects and conditional friendships is painful; but our conscience compels to do it nonetheless.

      This has been the choice of most of us that post articles on JWStruggle. None of us are DFed or DAed. Any Witness that encounters this site can honestly say that he is not visiting a site run by ex-JWs. We do this not because it is the easy way, but because we wish to have freeness of speech, and to preserve relationships with family members that are asleep inside the WT organization that is controlled by the 7 men in Brooklyn. These JW leaders have inherited their power and position from their predecessors, the more notable ones being T. Jaracz, M. Henschel, F. Franz, N. Knorr, J. Rutherford, et al.

      These men are not known for their compassion, or their kindness by those that they directed from their high positions. Indeed the average JW knows nearly nothing about these men, other than they occupied a postition of leadership for a time. The public, as well as Posterity, will not remember them for their traits of charity, kindness, and spirituality; but only by the fact that they helped shape a 19th and 20th century Christian sect that maintains adherents primarily through child birth, 3rd world growth, and Spiritual Protectionism and isolation.

      The JW brother or sister that chances across this place will see that we are not “angry, disgruntled apostates, hurling slanders and half-truths”. Nor are we beating our fellow or former slaves. We seek peaceful coexistence with all of Jehovah’s Witnesses- in fact, we love them very much, as well as all those with faith in our Lord Jesus.

      Welcome to the site Rory- and thanks for the clarity and decisive comment.

      In Christ,


  9. Anonymous says:

    thanks brother jj for your article


  10. DanielB says:

    Brother / Sister “enlightened” :

    Nah , “enlightened” brother or sister . You said , “we wanted to help others-dont we want to make (THIS WORLD) a better place-and wouldnt we if we had the full power to do so ” .

    We who are in Yeshua , our Savior (our Christ) , would agree that we cannot “make THIS WORLD a better place” to live , until we are seated along with Yeshua , after having been raised up with Him , and then placed into the foursquare city of Revelation 21: 16 .

    It is only through the urging of Yeshua , (Jesus) , toward the Father , YHWH , that any will have the full power with Yeshua to make a New World , (the Biblical New Order) , a MUCH better place than the present old +order .

    I apologize if this is a lot to think through , before a reply . It is grand that you appear to recognize that the heavenly calling is , and has been , occuring throughout all of the realm of Christianity .

    I agree with you completely on this if this is the point you are making .

    I am glad you are here to contribute with our reasoning on this blog .

    You help us to think things through together . . . .

    (and I hope)

    . . . in Christ .

    bro dan


  11. enlightened says:

    DanielB-yes I fully meant that we will not have that full power to make a better place of this world until it is granted to us-and that is the very point that myself and the individual I am in correspondance with made to each other we both acknowledged that we at present cannot fully do that.


  12. Anonymous says:

    You are spot on with your comments about abusive relationships and the org, I commented over the weekend to similar thought. I attend a Tuesday night support group for women who are/have recovered from domestic violence relationships and I’ve gotta be honest and say the “red flags” are exactly what the org has done to millions. Sometimes we even “defend” those who have hurt us the most……go figure……thanks for your insight.
    Agape, Confused


  13. DanielB says:

    Dear “enlightened” ,

    We are in agreement that , as you say , ” we will not have that full power to make a better place of this world until it is granted to us-and that is the very point that myself and the individual I am in correspondance with made to each other we both acknowledged that we at present cannot fully do that. ”

    Also , I imagine that you and I are in agreement that “seasons of refreshing of the person of YHWH ” will enter in , ” and that He may send forth the Christ appointed for you , Yeshua , whom heaven , indeed , must hold within itself until the times of restoration of all things of which God spoke through the mouth of His holy prophets of old times . ” (Acts 3: 19-21)

    “This world” cannot meld into the Kingdom of Christ , as you know . Many will look to the powers of this world soon , for answers to the global dilemna ; however if we have cast our vote for the Kingdom of Christ , we will live .

    In Christ ,
    Brother Daniel


  14. enlightened says:

    I am in agreement about the world never melding into Kingdom of Christ-oil and water dont mix. As far as abusive relationships go-I know of a case where a woman was beaten and put in hospital by partner who broke several of her ribs and busted up her face pretty badly-did she press charges-no-did she terminate the relationship-no she didnt-


  15. enlightened says:

    I got interrupted but to go on-there are many that have suffered mentally in similar fashion by wt org.-but yet remain in a relationship-threats of harm are what keep people in these relationships. Mental abuse is just as bad if not worse than physical, because it is a lot harder to prove and or put a finger on. But when a person leaves such a relationship and feels a tremendous sense of relief-that is a definate telltale sign that the relationship was abusive.


  16. JohnS says:

    Dear Brother David,
    Welcome to the Strugglers, finally….so glad you have spoken! The Holy Spirit is calling you to come share life’s water. And what might this be? It is simply found in the words Christ spoke concerning the way to receive eternal life.(John 4:10) On the forum, I am writing the pieces on Gospel of John, as you may know. The important thing I feel is for all oppressed Witnesses to escape the mental cloud that is keeping them from seeing the whole Gospel truth about the Sons of God. You are welcome to come back to the forum, read and even sign into the Yuku account, and you can even talk with me if you would like.You are a precious gem to Christ, and the Father, one he wishes to form into a perfect setting for his Kingdom. This will take some work on your part, study, and most of all, reflection and prayer with holy spirit. But you have done this all your life, so you know about that, right? Do not refrain, or worry, it is just reading from the book of John, with no outside material, really simple, as anyone can do, and as millions have done the past 2000 years. Nothing else is needed, just your Bible. I’m sure you love reading the words of Christ, that Jehovah told him to speak. These sayings of life and comfort are our treasure, and no organization has the right to claim them for themselves, as they are the gift to each man, woman , and child on this earth, won’t you agree?


  17. Disappointed says:

    Thanks for that bro JJ. What a wonderful letter from Adam! He certainly is a truth seeker and I hope he continues his voyage of discovery. We are all on this voyage, coming from different directions and many of us finding ourselves here. Being able to talk about our concerns, our doubts, our discoveries that WT doctrine does not always fit bible teaching and to be able to do it in an upbuilding positive way is very encouraging.


  18. IJA says:

    What a beautiful letter. He is spot on that so many who leave are filled with bitterness and a “desire to be polar opposite of what they once were”.

    I truly believe that’s what Satan wants to happen during the critical “awakening” period – to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    I read a story about Amish youth, and it said that when an Amish youth leaves, they often go beserk, because they are taught that if they are not doing it the Amish way, then it’s no good anyway. I think Witnesses are the same way sometimes.

    How nice to realize it doesn’t have to be either/or.


  19. Matt says:

    I like how C.T. Russell expressed the brotherhood as it first existed among the early Bible Students. It was a brotherhood that “raised no creedal fence” and kept “no earthly list of names.” It was not neccessary “that all believe just as we do… recognizing that growth in knowledge and grace is a gradual process.”

    A free afilliation based on the bonds of love is validation we need. Love – not enforced acceptance of some humanly developed creed – is the perfect bond of union. – Col 3:14


  20. JohnS says:

    The best and only unity that we must continue to strive for is the truth about God, and what he wants us to know, isn’t it? That was the whole point of the start of religion, “rely” gion….rely on our Creator to instruct and educate us, otherwise we have a “Lord of the Flies” scenario, where whatever thought is promoted by whoever is most popular at the time,be it great orators(17th-19th century persons worshipped the great religious leaders as they do today…Joel Olmstein?…pure fluff) or mathematicians(Einstein) philosophers(Plato),movie stars, etc. Men have a tendency to admire personalities, and start following these as they would God. Christ came to put an end to that! No one will EVER top his all-star performance in ANY capacity. That is our unity….his teachings are fuel for purity in all knowledge that leads to life. If we study it altogether, we can have pure worship. Be careful of the personality crushes.That is pure idolatry. Matt.23:10 This attitude that we don’t need to strive for truth, because it’s unattainable is dead wrong in my opinion. If we sincerely will just do the time, and study the word, as we’re supposed to, God will bless us with that truth, then the spirit can come if we have good motives.(John 3:5….”water and spirit”) Why else did Christ come? Why did he teach? Why did he repeat himself on so many points that were important? He wants us to ‘get’ it. I noticed that ones who keep saying we all should just love one another and not worry about truth are hardly ever quoting Christ’s words. Are they even reading his words? He is not ambiguous about it.


  21. JohnS says:

    This is why I ‘harp’ on the string of Gospel of John. Any SINCERE and STUDIOUS Witness, if taken to an isolated location, and all the Watchtowers and commentary was taken away, and he was left with the Gospel of John ONLY…. no Apostles necessary- Christ’s words alone. If he picks it up and reads those 33 pages, over and again, within a week, he will know the truth.It’s all there in John.


  22. Adam said, “I miss the Bible study that I had with Clarence.  The last time he came over, he actually came to realize a couple things that bothered him.  The next day, he texted me to tell me he wouldn’t return as I wasn’t making progress.”

    It appears that brother Adam was in fact making a whole lot of progress. He just wasn’t progressing towards a man made organization but towards our Lord. Heaven forbid. I think this quote might hold the key to brother Clarence’s quick exit, “The last time he came over, he actually came to realize a couple things that bothered him.” It could be that our brother Clarence really stopped the study because waking up to “a couple of things that bothered him” made him uncomfortable and he chose not to go down the rabbit hole. He got scared. Just a thought.

    Yours in Christ Jesus Our Lord,

    Dennis Parker


  23. DanielB says:

    Same problem : is our Master Christ , or is our Master a cult ?


  24. serein says:

    althoe i dont always say much i do keep coming back and reading on this site, i look at quite a few different sites and read alot about religion and other things, somthing you cant do if your a jw not openly anyway,but i always find this site to be the one i always return to and love to read all the thoughts of others,
    i was once having a bible study and the jw who was doing my bible study brought the oversears wife one day, at the time it came up about people who would be saved and also is there good in all religions, and the oversears wife said there wasnt and only jws are gods true people,i said thats rubish and new alot of good people who loved god she said just cos they love god dont mean theyl be saved they need to be in gods organisation for that,i said so what if there are people in say the catholic church who have been brought up in that religion and dont know anything else and love god and do good works and all they dont know so they arnt doing anything wrong as they beleive they are right just as you do, well she got very angry and scared me a bit and said ow but they do know,she suddenly came across to me not to be so kind and loving as i thought,infact at the time i thought ok she must be right they are gods people they know lots more than i do and teach me stuff id never been teached in church, but it took along time after being baptised to realise id made a big mistake,i just wanted to be around people who loved god who wanted peace on earth and who were kind and well you know what i mean.i beleive now that god searches hearts not religions and that who ever calls on him will be saved, i think god finds these people becouse they are looking for him, and that maybe the ones who arnt looking for truth or god or calling on his name what ever they are the ones who wont be saved maybe or he just feels the love peole have and the hate and just knows, no matter wether they are religiose or not.


  25. David says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    I’m very happy being on this site and being able to listen to all your comments.
    Still I think that I can feel a lot of disappointment in many comments and I think this is normal. I do also feel very disappointed from time to time!
    But we will make no change by being disappointed and attacking the organization!
    Much more we will be able to do good when we try to focus on the truths found in the Bible. Of course we should clearly show how the organization tries to blind us, but let’s try to be positive, informative and loving! Most of our brothers and sisters, still active in the organization, have a wonderful heart and wish to do what is right! They have been warned not to look at anything what could be called “apostate”, so it’s normal that they are not keen reading what is written here on the site. If they then by chance will find this site and they see us only attacking the organization, they will quickly turn around and not read more. But, if they ONLY see that we’re positively speaking about finding the REAL truth about what is said in God’s word (and not in organization’s doctrinal teachings), then they might continue reading and might slowly see behind the facade. I still feel that we are very few using this site, today, and it would be wonderful seeing that daily more and more would find it!
    Please don’t understand me wrong, I’m not criticizing anybody, I just think we will be able to achieve more by being less critical toward the organization and more positive to highlight to REAL truths found in God’s word!

    Many brotherly greetings to all of you!


  26. Scatteredsheep says:

    Thanks, Brother JJ, for the very good article about our expanded view of the worldwide brotherhood. Reminds me of a scripture about the need to “widen out.” (2 Corinthians 6:11-13)

    I just posted something on the Forum about someone I really feel may be one of Jesus’ sheep. His name is Paul Gautschi and his work is described in a film available to watch free at (My Forum post on this is under Bible Questions and Discussion: “How to Stop Ruining the Earth.”)

    I know there are a lot of false Christians out there, too, but Paul Gautschi seems like the real thing. Please let me know what you all think about him.


    • JJ says:

      Scattered Sheep

      I just checked out that website- it’s high time more Christians started to really get involved/concerned with saving the environment. Some just drive their Hummer and think that God will “fix everything” after they float off to heaven and that’s the wrong attitude.

      Adam and Eve were to be caretakers and stewards of the earth, not exploiters of it.


  27. JohnS says:

    Thankyou Serein,
    I always see your good comments as excellent, and this one too.
    David, good advice, and we all are trying. It is a lot like Christ who turned the tables, and shouted judgements at the Pharisees, who were at war with him. This becomes personal, if they have taken your heart and soul family members (wife , kids) out of your life, and you cannot help ‘pull the gloves off,’ and go at it bare knuckles. If you have really examined the teachings of Christ, you will see the Org. is DELIBERATELY hiding the gospel of the re-birth and the need to follow Christ’s instructions TO THE LETTER. They are substituting their laws for his, just as the Pharisees did, and expelling people from the ‘synagogue’ for disagreeing with them, just like the Pharisees. So, should we soft-pedal Jesus message so as not to ‘offend’ who? The Pharisees? those who worship them? This is just like the Rich Man and Lazarus, if you really see it in true perspective, isn’t it? “Please send Lazarus with a drop of water to cool my tongue because I am in anguish in this burning fire!”
    Jesus said, “I came to start a fire on the earth…..Do you imagine I came to give peace on the earth? No, indeed I tell you but rather division.”,and this he said right after explaining there would be a false, ‘wicked slave’ beating the servants and getting drunk and eating the master’s food, instead of doing what he is supposed to be doing.Luke 12:41-53
    So the question becomes, who is the slave doing the work of the master, or who is the ‘hired man’ who is gobbling up the resources of the master, but not speaking his(Jesus’)message? I offer a challenge to any and all…….ESPECIALLY to WT Governing Body members; “What are you doing teaching your own version of the scriptures over Christ’s?” I will gladly debate the issue with any Witness, especially a member of the Governing Body, to come forward and explain your version of Christ’s message,as we were taught by WT , compared to what Jesus is saying. I could get 5-year olds to shut such idiotic renderings down. It’s so easy a child could do it. Just read John 1-3, ’nuff said’.
    If you notice, we are discussing the entire book of John on the forum. Look at that for an example of positive vibe. But any JW who is truly’loyal’ to men or worship the GB wouldn’t get on this site anyhow.,would they? Most people here who read have seen the glaring inconsistencies, and/or been beat-up by this ‘wicked slave’ ,not the run of the mill good-hearted Witnesses, mind you, but the GB, and their Pharisee cronies, elders who are cruel task-masters and hypocrites, some outright liars and evil men. Just go back through some of these experiences on these sites and listen…


  28. Anonymous says:

    Being angry is a normal reaction to disappointment and hurt. We are just processing, I don’t think ANYONE here is out of control with their comments. Some even find it helpful because they are feeling the same way and can relate to others. It does pass but please don’t tell someone else how they SHOULD feel, that’s not healthy.
    Just sharing a thought, I feel comfort when I read the honesty of others here.


  29. JohnS says:

    Well I tried to accept Bro. David’s comment, and turned right around and vilified the Gb, AGAIN! So David, what word of encouragement do you have for us,anything we might focus on in particular? You may want to go to ‘Forum’ and write a bit, as I am quite stale over there, and some other writers would no doubt be appreciated by all. But be positive! (Ha)


  30. Anonymous says:

    By ignoring the abuse by the organization, does not help to process our personal experiences that we try to process and share here. I hope there does not become rules for sharing what we have endured, lost families and friends cause devastation, that can’t be minimized.
    Love you all.


  31. Anonymous says:

    I once read a story about a Jewish man who overturned tables in a synagogue because people where selling animals…..I think he may of been a bit angry…..I even read something about righteous indignation……hmmmmm


  32. David says:

    Dear John,

    I’m very sorry if I hurt your feelings. It was really not what I intended!
    I just wrote how I personally felt and I also said that I do understand very well that we can be very disappointed from time to time. But what is our goal?
    Is our goal to attack the Organization, or is it to unveil in a positive, informative and loving way how the Organization has manipulated the truths from the Bible?
    I told earlier that I also let myself be misguided more than 30 years and I feel very disappointed about that, but finally I can only blame myself for that! I’m very happy that I slowly start seeing behind the facade and certainly your comments here and in the forum have helped me even more.


  33. man oh man says:

    I think of a battery. will it work if it has two positive posts? No, it takes a positive and a negative. I think it takes some of both for us to continue healing. If we keep it balanced here then I know those that are struggling and not just looking to ditch their faith will keep coming here and we can keep one another grounded.


    • David says:

      I do agree to 100%! I just posted earlier an apology and explanation to John, but forgot to write my name and until now I didn’t see this appear, but I suppose it will come as “anonymous”.
      I think the negative “post” could be us unveiling the wrong doctrines of the Organization, but this still with the positive “post”, being positive, informative and loving.
      If we do this I’m convinced that even more strugglers will come here and also stay!


  34. Ruth says:

    Dear Scattered sheep.
    I had a look at Pauls video and was so amazed. This man has such a wonderful heart and understanding how the earth should have been taken care of.
    I ordered 3 videos so I can help others to see what he was teaching us about organic farming.
    His love of scriptures being applied in our everyday way of life as humans was so incredible.
    Its a must for gardeners. ( spiritual gardeners as well)
    Sis Ruth


  35. JJ says:

    Good girl Sister Ruth! How does your garden grow lol?


  36. JJ says:


    I just wanted to put my two cents in and welcome you to the site. Your question/point about not being overcritical is a valid one, and helps us to remember why we are here.

    Or at least why I AM here, which is this: To try to strengthen my fellow brothers and sisters to love our Heavenly Father and his Son, Our Lord Jesus, while we wake up to the problems and the coverups that have been perpetrated by the WT organization for so many years.

    No one is perfect, and no group or organization is either. Jesus said where one or two are gathered there he is. And that is encouraging all by itself!


    • David says:

      Thank you very much JJ.
      I really don’t want to sound like a “superfine apostle” here!
      I only do believe that we can achieve more by trying to focus on the good and positive, instead of concentrating on the bad and negative.
      I would be more than happy to be able to direct many of my dear brothers and sisters to this site.
      I just know that if they only see us attacking the Organization instead of speaking about the wonderful truths from God, then they will not stay here and that would be a shame.
      I hope you do agree.


      • JJ says:


        I do agree! Positivity is the right route.

        Paul asked the question, what sharing does light have with darkness? In that I take it to mean that he asked what difference is there between serving God and serving oneself?

        If we serve only ourselves then we never “rock the boat”, we never confirm our questioning and we never bare our bravery. We stick to the safe and simple route- namely, to tow the WT line on each teaching and belief, as we were raised to accept.

        Is it right to accept this only? Or to preach the whole truth?


  37. Ruth says:

    With blue bells, and cockle shells, and all us sisters in a row. LOL


  38. JohnS says:

    Enjoying all the comments…..
    Brother David, no, you did not hurt my feelings, I was agreeing with you, we do need to publish the gospel for spiritual food. I try to get something on the table often, so we have Christ’s words (which are from the Father, too). I have been too negative, I was agreeing with you. Being an old curmudgeon, alone in a big ol’ house with my dog, and isolated from spiritual association, I have become very narrow-minded, and at times NEED correction and some feedback, that comes from friends on this and other sites. Thankyou all for any care I receive! Prov.27:5


  39. Anonymous says:

    Brothers and sisters,
    I was re-reading some of these last couple of comments. I cannot be as positive about the org, as you wish and desire, kinda feels fake to me. It’s caused too much hurt for me. I don’t want my comments to stumble anyone. Im not going to post here anymore. I’ve got through the worst part of it and I’m putting my life back together. I just can’t say warm fuzzy things about the org that I feel is not true. I wish you all the very best on this site. Please take care and have love in your hearts and smiles on your face.
    Much love, Confused


  40. Disappointed says:

    Welcome David. I understand your concern but I don’t feel this is a negative site in any shape or form. I’ve seen those that are and this one is nothing like those. However to build a new house you have to knock the old one down. When I came here after discovering TTATT I was lost and reeling. I felt angry and torn up but I wasn’t ready to leave the organisation, I’m still not ready for that. This place was perfect, I wanted to share my disillusionment and hurt. To know that others were feeling the same way but also like me wanted to keep their faith in God and Christ and to discover a new way of doing just that, was wonderful to me. If you want to direct other brothers and sisters here and feel it is not ‘positive’ enough maybe they are just not ready for it and are not ‘awakened’ yet and it might be better for you to try other methods to help them waken. As the very nature of this site says it’s for those who are ‘stuggling’ to make sense of everything and to give support for those who are disillusioned and hurting. Have you thought of starting your own website where you can offer the things you feel are needed?


  41. JohnS says:

    Brother and sisters,
    I know this is a valid thing that S. Confused brings up, that wickedness needs to be exposed. Also we must ‘build up’ to grow in knowledge and heal. This part of the site is one way to express feelings. Other parts, such as forums are available to present research and deeper truth and argument. The word explains there are a variety of ministries, so we can have areas of this site that present DIFFERENT topics, fro raising an organic garden, and the spiritual benefits there as a ‘pressure relief’ to the heavy discussions or abusive situations like our hurt sister D. has been through. Others, who have been extremely harmed (and who hasn’t been) by WT can vent full force as they NEED. There is room for all of it, as hopefully, we can look around at the whole site. What say all? JJ has made it available for all to publish whatever.As long as we don’t become abusive(which I’ll admit I have, sorry at times)
    When this open a forum is offered, you certainly expect and WANT to read the more extreme experiences and radical views, naturally. Meek or mild witnesses woulda, coulda, shoulda expect such if they go ‘shopping’, or ‘snooping’.


  42. Scatteredsheep says:

    We can surely all agree that Jesus’ message is positive. Yet he doesn’t hold back from exposing wrongdoing in no uncertain terms when the situation calls for it, right? His words in Matthew 23:13-36 is one example that comes to mind. I’m sure some of the rest of us can think of other examples.

    PLEASE don’t leave us, Sister Confused.


  43. Matt says:

    I would like to say that I think the moderators here do a fine job ensuring that the overall spirit here is one of up building. I have yet to see any hate-filled, or embittered tirades here.


  44. IJA says:

    Not sure where to post this, but the conversation about maintaining a certain overall spirit to the site seemed appropriate.

    I saw that Cedars is going to be blogging on JWN (Danny Hazard’s site). This disturbed me, and I will try to explain why.

    There are so few sites out there available to us who recognize the problems with the org, but don’t believe it’s a cult or an instrument of Satan. If all you want is org bashing, even when it is not factual or defended, there are PLENTY of sites like that. Someone like Danny Hazard, who follows every story about JWs NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, and then posts vicious remarks TOTALLY UNRELATED TO THE STORY, it’s easy to see what kind of motivation and spirit he has.

    The fact that Cedars would associate himself with such a person and that type of site concerns me for the future of this site. I am not saying everything on Hazard’s site is wrong. I’m talking about the overall spirit, and it’s not one that I want to have anything to do with. I would hate to see this site become like that.

    I want to clarify that I am all about acknowledging the flaws of the org in a civil and well argued way. I also personally understand the pain and anger that all of us feel. I agree that pain and anger needs to be vented. But I don’t think dwelling on the pain and anger and letting it progress to bitterness and hate is best for anyone.

    That’s the reason I have enjoyed this site so far, and for the most part I think it has maintained a positive spirit. I VALUE THAT AND NEED THAT. That is why I felt the need to question Cedar’s involvement with Danny Hazard…

    Thanks for listening.


  45. JJ says:


    I was unaware that Cedars was doing any writing on Mr. Hazard’s site. I will look into it. Cedars is a personal friend and I can say that he does not do things rashly or for no good reason.

    Regardless though, this site, will never take an abusive, mean-spirited stance towards our fellow brothers and sisters that are active Jehovah’s Witnesses. We may not agree 100% with every single teaching, but we feel deeply in our hearts that we can serve YHWH our Heavenly Father and his Son Christ Jesus in no matter what state or status we might find ourselves in as classified by the Watchtower Organization.

    All are encouraged to look to God and his appointed Judge, Jesus for help and answers through the Holy Scriptures. We do not need to follow men. (1 Corinthians 7:23; Psalms 146:3-4; Psalms 118:8-9) Harsh judgmentalism and dogmatic viewpoints are pandemic in the world, and regrettable. We come here to encourage ourselves and hopefully others that wish to listen and receive whatever help is available through prayer, Bible study, and counsel from fellow Christians.


  46. IJA says:

    JJ, thanks for your kind response. Hopefully I haven’t made an error, but when I read “Cedars” would now be blogging there, I concluded that was the same Cedars from here. The name Cedars is not exactly common, but maybe that’s wrong. Thanks for looking into it. The writing from Cedars was not mean-spirited, it was just the association that concerned me.

    Thanks for taking my comments in the spirit in which they were intended. There are so many of us who really need SITES LIKE THIS ONE, that are upbuilding rather than destructive.

    Thanks again.


  47. Matt says:

    “Christian freedom does not mean license to say whatever we want. We are called to follow closely in Christ’s steps, and of him we read:
    He was insulted and did not retaliate with insults; when he was
    tortured he made no threats but he put his trust in the righteous
    judge.” – 1 Pet 2:23 JB

    – Raymond Franz – In Search 0f Christian Freedom


  48. JohnS says:

    As far as those whose lives have been harmed, even crippled by WT docrine and cruel policies, and those who don’t agree with their righteous plea to be heard, and desire for justice to be served,here is what the Almighty warns:
    “As for anyone stopping up his ear from the complaining cry of the lowly one, he himself also will call and not be answered.” Prov.21 :13


  49. DanielB says:

    There is a line of reasoning in the Proverbs that gives light to this balance that we are discussing here . I would like sharing it with you .

    We notice things in the organization that are difficult to accept , and at the same time , we have love for fellow Christians and are intent on building one another up . It is always good to return to thoughts of encouragement for strength , so that no one is overly depressed . We seem to get back around to this here .

    Here is some encouragement , bearing in mind that wisdom and discernment is not always pleasant in it’s lessons .

    Proverbs 2: 13-17 :

    ” Happy is the man that has found wisdom , and the man that gets discernment , for having it as gain is better than having silver as gain and having it as produce than gold itself . It is more precious than corals , and all other delights of yours cannot be made equal to it . Length of days is in it’s right hand ; in it’s left hand there are riches and glory . It’s ways are ways of pleasantness , and all it’s roadways are peace . It is a tree of life to those taking hold of it , and those keeping fast hold of it are to be called happy . ”

    Brothers & sisters , we have come to know that we must go through trials and console one another , and to be consoled . On the other side of the storm lies pleasantness and peace .

    And may our journey include such refreshment along the way .

    In Christ


  50. Ruth says:

    Thank you for those wonderful thoughts! You have now reminded me we must not ever retaliate. Always walking as our master trod. Yeshua was badly hurt yet true he made no insults
    with his tongue. What great lesson for us all.
    Sister Ruth


  51. Ruth says:

    Bro dan.
    That was a wonderful heart felt love for your brothers bringing out what you wrote above.
    Quote from Dan.

    It is always good to return to thoughts of encouragement for strength , so that no one is overly depressed . We seem to get back around to this here .
    Yes l agree.
    Sister Ruth


  52. Ruth says:

    Bro john.
    “As for anyone stopping up his ear from the complaining cry of the lowly one, he himself also will call and not be answered.” Prov.21 :13

    Your so right John.
    So many are really hurting these days from one thing to another. To close our eyes to their pain is a
    disgraceful thing to do.


  53. Ruth says:

    Many people are pulling out of many different religions from all over the world.
    They are literally running from B/the great. Running into the arms of our Lord and saviour Yeshua.
    Scattered far and wide. Some are gathered in homes reading the bibles together as did Raymond Franz. Some on their own, the internet being their soul connection. When two or more are gathered I’m their in their midst. It is so true. “These worshipping in spirit and truth.”
    Not only that but the father is searching for such ones.

    But! the Devil has one huge agenda. We had better keep our eyes on the truth.” Jesus Christ’
    The son of the living God.

    Sister Ruth

    The beautiful thing about all this is they realise Yeshua is the way the ruth and the life John 14:6
    No religion anymore.

    True Christian are not passive believers but willing to stand up for our Lord Yeshua and his Father.
    What a great privilege it is to tell the ordinary person in the street that you do not have to join any religion to be saved. That our father has a one on one relationship with the true
    sheep of the spiritual pasturage.


  54. Sister Willie says:

    I second the Raymond Franz quote that Matt cited above with the following scripture and quote: “It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.” (Romans 14:21) “It is a very serious crime against the law of love and against the Lord’s injunction, to cause one of his brethren to stumble (Matt. 18:6), but it would also be a crime in his sight for us to stumble others,–to hinder them from becoming brethren, and of the household of faith. Hence, it is clear that although knowledge might remove all prohibition of our consciences and all restraints of our liberty, yet love must first come in and approve the liberty before we can exercise it. Love places a firm command upon us, saying,–Thou shalt love the LORD with all thine heart, and thy neighbor as thyself. Love, therefore, and not knowledge, not liberty, must finally decide every question.” Charles T. Russell (Z. ’03-43)


    • Amos says:

      Sister Willie:
      I second the Raymond Franz quote that Matt cited above with the following scripture and quote: “It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.” (Romans 14:21) “It is a very serious crime against the law of love and against the Lord’s injunction, to cause one of his brethren to stumble (Matt. 18:6), but it would also be a crime in his sight for us to stumble others,–to hinder them from becoming brethren, and of the household of faith. Hence, it is clear that although knowledge might remove all prohibition of our consciences and all restraints of our liberty, yet love must first come in and approve the liberty before we can exercise it. Love places a firm command upon us, saying,–Thou shalt love the LORD with all thine heart, and thy neighbor as thyself. Love, therefore, and not knowledge, not liberty, must finally decide every question.” Charles T. Russell (Z. ’03-43)

      Very good thoughts sister Willie. I agree that a lot of CT Russell’s writings are excellent.



  55. JohnS says:

    “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, was second place to ” Love the Lord with all thy heart.” as Russell quoted. It is important to be tactful and tender to all. But the truth from Christ , who got it straight from the Father through Holy Spirit, is supreme. Presenting it, in a loving manner, that is important, or whatever manner is called for. Christ said “Do not throw your pearls before swine, that they may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open.” Matt.7:6
    Surely, while hanging on the cross, he did not antagonize the Roman soldiers in the light of what he said above. Yet the same swine got an earful at Matt. 23. “Do not throw what is holy to dogs,” is another good one. This site has a mature reader base, that can handle many strong arguments about doctrine, if presented tactfully. This site is up and running for the purpose of the search for truth and answers to religious error. So we must press on, but in the spirit of love.


  56. Ruth says:

    Bro Dan.
    This has so much meaning to the honest hearted what you quoted.
    Happy is the man that has found wisdom , and the man that gets discernment , for having it as gain is better than having silver as gain and having it as produce than gold itself . It is more precious than corals , and all other delights of yours cannot be made equal to it . Length of days is in it’s right hand ; in it’s left hand there are riches and glory . It’s ways are ways of pleasantness , and all it’s roadways are peace . It is a tree of life to those taking hold of it , and those keeping fast hold of it are to be called happy . ”

    Sis Patricia


  57. DanielB says:

    Yes my precious sister . Wisdom is tough to endure , and near impossible to master .
    But the pain that grows within us as we learn it is but a token of it’s reward .

    So it is that God’s word speaks to us , concerning wisdom .

    HE is so wonderful !!!

    How well Yeshua knew this ! He Carried that heavy cross , or post , or whatever it was ! And willingly ! For the prize ! For He , and You , and I . !

    WISDOM ! Painful in this world . But a mere token for the Prize in Christ !!!


  58. David says:

    Hi JJ,

    this is my FIRST post on any website which discusses concerns regarding WBTS.

    I have read COC, ISOCF, Gentile times Revisited and all appear pretty sincere and straightforward and motivated from loving brothers.

    I have read about 90% of the posts here and watched all of your Youtube videos involving your judicial, JJ.

    While still attending meetings with my family in the UK each Sunday it is pretty transparent that we are not learning bible truths but highly out of context references to the scriptures which you need to “read past” to get to a better view of what the context of the “cited” scripture actually is saying.

    The biggest impact on me prior to being a witness was the Awake magazine regarding the experiences of the brothers and sisters in Malawi which was left with my mum and dad. I can still see in my mind the brown cover ( I believe there was also a follow up magazine as well).

    I remember reading this magazine and crying as a 15 year old non-JW.

    So you can likely imagine my deep shock when reading Bro Ray Franzs comments about the actual background to these events.

    My discussions with my wife revolve around ” but if ever that Slave should say in his heart My master delays and begins to beat his fellow slaves”…………..

    I feel that the vast majority of JW’s are sincere and love Gods word. However, WE do not study gods word or love people deeply enough due to:

    * spending too much time underlining books instead of simply reading the bible (sections at a time and in context) and through
    * applying so many labels to people- “worldly” the most popular which equals “other” which could mean “Jew” which could equate to “subhuman” which could equal “amaharets”.

    Regarding my last comment I do not mean WE hate , far from it. We have simply branded group after group with labels which lowers that groups dignity and worthiness for Gods blessings.

    And where have these labels come from? The pulpit of the Watchtower and the building on these rantings by so many thoughtless comments to questions at the Watchtower study and the like.

    Having ” disfellowshipped chairs” at the Kingdom hall is just so offensive. Not speaking to a “disfellowshipped person” is disgraceful and totally unworthy of Christ but the wringing of the hands of those who do not agree with this dictatorial instruction is perhaps the equivalent of those who did not actively persecute but also did NOT assist persons such as the Jews and others just 75 years ago.

    “Evil prospers when good people DO nothing ” as the well worn cliche goes.

    Why do we do it? Indocrination, fear of the outcome, self interest.

    I class myself sadly 100% in this sorry situation.

    Forget your conscience. Forget that the father “ran” to the prodigal son, threw a party to celebrate and would not listen to his son’s rehearsed apology.

    Somewhere along the line I became a bystander to wrong doing and a passive cog in an evil -Your brother is at rock bottom so…stand on his hands… shun him…and see how Gods wise ways brings his heart to change.

    Yes we must be positive here. Yes we must accept Gods see’s all and will judge.

    But will change come from within Pre Armaggedon? Will Gods judgement BEGIN with JW’s?

    My wife and I have been fading now for 12 months after 35 years aa JW’s. An upcoming house move to another town will allow us to finally drop off the radar.

    Cautious as serpents, innocent as doves.

    But we are commanded to gather together with fellow believers– –other churches?—-who likely are in the same boat– with a little bit of gods truth and a lot of creeds.

    And yet we need the enjoy the love among ourselves in these terrible last days and add our share to this.

    We are currently having an in depth study of John and Galations as a couple. Wow! Just reading what the bible says without adding a jot is quite a novelty and so unconfusing.

    You brothers ans sisters are doing a sincere work of love and support here while acting with dignity and christlike restraint. You are in our prayers.


    • JJ says:

      David welcome brother! What a thoughtful comment and heartfelt confession of your own experiences- thank you for this so much.

      People like you and me and the rest of us here are the rolling snowball, the gathering storm, and the small rustle in the leaves that ultimately becomes more than the sum of its parts. It is so great that you are fading and gaining freedom in Christ to serve him free of the WT corporation. May Heavenly Father continue to bless your family’s efforts.


  59. shanta patel says:

    I like to join


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