greybeard on Tuesday March 27th, 2012

Have you ever been invited to someone’s home for dinner, but not eaten any of the food? Only sat there and watched them eat?  What purpose would that serve?  That is exactly what the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses do.  They invite millions of people around the world to come to the Lords Evening Meal…and […]

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Eric on Monday March 26th, 2012

I felt moved to write something about this subject for different reasons. First of all this is an extremely important subject where Christians are concerned. Also, there seems to be conflicting ideas about what sacred service actually is. Any misinformation about sacred service or misunderstandings, could seriously affect our standing with our Creator. I feel it is important to let God’s word be the final authority as to the definition of Sacred Service. Let me explain what has prompted me to spend two weeks in meditation and study on this matter, as well as some sleepless nights.

As you are all well aware, Jehovah’s Witnesses place a great amount of emphasis on the preaching work, the main method being the “house-to-house” covering of territory. I respect the dedication shown, and I don’t doubt the motives of others doing this work since man cannot read hearts. In fact everyone I personally know appears to have fine motives. As you all probably know the normal “rank and file” members are mostly very sincere and humble people. So while not doubting their personal convictions and love of God and neighbor, I question the information they have been given to keep them motivated.

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Eric on Wednesday March 21st, 2012

I decided to record a message about an article that had really affected me early on in my struggle to understand the problems within the organization.

A short recap is first given of Watchtower history when N. Knorr and F. Franz took over after Rutherford’s death. Then the Watchtower article of 11-1-1946 is discussed at length. This excellent article talks about how people can understand the Bible, using 2 Timothy 3:16,17 as a key scripture.

Franz wrote that we do not need a “magisterium” to explain the Scriptures to us, and that we do not need a “visible human organization” either, as each Christian can be completely equipped for every good work through the study and application of God’s Word.

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andrew on Tuesday March 13th, 2012

The definition of dogmatism according to is: unfounded positiveness in matters of opinion; arrogant assertion of opinions as truths.

Many of us have been victims of dogmatism and in turn practiced dogmatism when we were asleep JWs. We all recognize the dogmatism that characterizes Watchtower statements. Occasionally the Society says there is no need to be dogmatic about certain matters, but the fact is the org. is dogmatic on almost all issues.

For instance, for years the organization has dogmatically insisted that Jesus died on an upright torture stake and not a cross. But can they or anyone be sure of the shape of the instrument that Jesus died on? For that matter is it that important that the stake did not have a cross beam? Even when I was an asleep JW I often wondered why the Society had to be dogmatic on certain unclear issues.

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Eric on Tuesday March 6th, 2012

My goal with the site these days is for it to be a beacon and an aid to all that have been associated with the Watchtower Organization in one way or another. Some are disgruntled and are struggling to contain their anger, while some are doubting “the truth” and not sure what to do.

“Should I continue to attend the Kingdom Hall or fade out and stop?” wonder others.

Some have been out for many years and are disfellowshipped. One young lady that wrote me (who had never been a one herself) was simply dating a Witness and trying to learn more about his religion and how she should proceed with the relationship. And then others want to move beyond this site, and put the J.W. mindset behind them. If it is positive and healthy for them to do so, then by all means do so! [1] So our heart goes out to all these groups.

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Cedars on Friday March 2nd, 2012

Long before my “awakening” from the psychological grip of the Watch Tower Society I was confused and confounded by certain elements of the Genesis account – particularly the events described in the first three chapters. Elements of the narrative simply baffle me, and the publications have never offered any meaningful answers to my specific questions. Now that I am mentally and emotionally free from the Society, it seems like a good time to share these questions in the hopes that someone out there may have the answers, or else, share in my bewilderment!

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Eric on Thursday March 1st, 2012

It has been said that if you rest, you rust. For us as Christians this applies in more than one way. Do we “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness?” (Matthew 6:33) In what ways can we do that? Must it always entail a formalized, door to door preaching effort?

A mature brother has given me some helpful counsel on this, reminding me that “cold calling” does not really work very effectively, and the facts bear this out in the statistics of Jehovah’s Witnesses in their yearly report. Yes, billions of hours are recorded. But the conversion rate between hours-spent to new-converts-acquired comes out in the thousands of hours. What does this mean? It means that to bring one new person “into the truth” and baptize them as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it takes each publisher over 40 years of preaching on average.

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