My judicial trial is now over. The elders were not arrogant or mean spirited. Mutual respect was shown by all four of us, but these men were compelled to follow the Watchtower policy playbook, and by those standards of men they had no alternative but to disfellowship me. I do not blame them, and harbor no ill will towards them.

After much prayer I felt that I had to let my light shine, and that the Lord was with me, giving me the words that I should say. I was found guilty of “apostasy” as defined by the Watchtower Organization, and they will be announcing that I am no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses on Tuesday the 25th of September. I am not devastated, nor downhearted. Quite the contrary, as literally hundreds of people have been expressing their thanks and prayers in my behalf. It is overwhelming and very much a humbling experience for me.

The following description is attached to the YouTube video on the JWStruggle channel:


The purpose of this video is to shine a light on truth, and a light on the secret rules and practices of Jehovah’s Witnesses. What goes on during a judicial committee meeting, when an accused person is brought before the local elders to be judged? This is the first opportunity that I know of for someone to see it happen firsthand, short of violating one of the rules of the JW congregation and getting called before the elders themselves!

(NOTE: Wear earphones while listening if at all possible. Due to low voices, normal computer speakers will not amplify some words properly, but with headphones every word is clearly decipherable.)

I found out in early 2010 (the video intro says “late” 2010 that’s a typo) that there are some serious problems within the Jehovah’s Witness organization. It led me to study and research for literally thousands of hours what my beliefs are, what the history of the Jehovah’s Witness movement is, and what multiple translations of the Bible says on dozens of Christian doctrines. For the first time in my life I researched ALL the available facts, not just the carefully prepared and selected information I had been exposed to through the Watchtower magazine and its publications for so many years.

I encourage all to watch this video, whether a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses or not. It shows the chilling side of star-chamber judgment, even when good intentions are evident. As humans we need checks and balances. We need transparency to temper our justice. And whenever one or more men set themselves up as kings and consciences over others, then danger and abuses can become rampant.

What happened to me in this case is of little consequence. I feel this is bigger than that. This issue is more important than any one of us that was in that room. It affects tens of millions of people, from all around the globe right now. Jehovah’s Witnesses are mentally trapped in a movement that suppresses critical thinking and individuality. They are for the most part sincere, and all-around “nice people” in my personal experience. But the vast majority do not have a relationship with Christ, and have substituted their leadership (The men of the Governing Body) in his place as their mediator between them and God.

I would also like to state that the purpose of this video is NOT to humiliate the men conducting this meeting with me. Despite it all, I still consider them friends. I respect them as fellow worshippers of God, even if they did disfellowship (excommunicate) me unjustly. They have been misled by the Watchtower Society and its many corporations.

My prayer is that this series of videos (spanning over three hours) will encourage, enlighten, and benefit as many people as possible.

Rating 4.64 out of 5

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56 Comments on Apostasy Trial – First Video

  1. Anonymous says:

    You did great Eric, the brothers from your hall are just lost in a false Jesus as we know……..I noticed their opening prayer was void of any real emotion, it was a typical kingdom hall prayer, they all sound the same…….good for you for recording it…..


  2. Chris says:

    Well done my brother.
    It’s going to happen to me one day, so this was a great training video :)

    May Jehovah bless you for you courage and reliance on Him

    p.s. The brother directly in front of you seemed a bit uncomfortable and constrained.


  3. This guy.. says:

    Seeing this video has helped me to see a lot of things. I also saw the elders video and I loved it.

    Due to everything that has happened to me I:

    1. I am going to commit sucide at some point in my life soon.
    2. I am an extremely unstable person due to the mental horrors of my past. (although, if you ever meet me I am a pretty cool person and fun to be around. It was all apart of the training as a child.)
    3. I have the more horrible nightmares and have had them ever 2006.

    You see, I was raised in the truth at the age of 8 without any consent on my part. My mother, decided to get married a year later (when I was 9) to another brother in the truth. Well, this man (who won’t name) raped me my whole childhood life until 15 years of age. (Just letting everyone know……I am a male as well. Lol so you can see how messed up this is.)

    Who could I turn to? The elders? No, because the rules state that a kid can not talk to elders about anything unless a parent is with as well. My mother wouldn’t believe me and I was forced to hold this information until my step father decided to go and rape my best friend.

    Now here is what is funny. The only reason this whole thing got exposed was because my friend told his father……..but his father is not a witness so his father told the police instantly.

    I can’t even finish writing this. Let’s just say, I seen a lot in my life and now I just don’t care anymore. Whatever anyone has to say to me don’t bother. Whatever you have dealt with 9/10 I have dealt with it already.

    Ever been homeless? I am homeless now!
    Ever been sick? I survive cancer!

    This list goes on and on witnesses have done nothing for me. I am just an inactive MIA brother who doesn’t care anymore.

    And before anyone even tries to start talking to me about anything know this:

    We are all humans….you know…the creatures that see less than 1% of the visible spectrum. The creatures that have 100 billion neurons yet we control 5% of our consciousness. The creatures that are baffled by easy stuff to jehovah such as the double slit experiment in quantum physics.

    I’m done with this life as no else on this planet can understand my self annilating moment of pain.


    • jacqueline says:

      My dear Brother please let me talk to you. Please, Please!
      Dial me now. I am a therapist and I will answer stressbusters.


      • jacqueline says:

        Dear “This Guy”. I have two sisters that had babies by their stepfathers. Their mother did the same thing. We are proceeding in legal action they are in their forty’s.
        I have an elder brother that had the same thing happen to him by a parent. Please let us help you. Jesus loves you. You are telling your story by permission of God. Nothing happens without his permission, that is he does not intervene. This you are telling us is a means to help with this wrong until the Great Helper Jesus and his Bride ride to the rescue. But we can help now. Call me or come to and hit the ask Jacqueline tab. It will not publish unless I release it. I need to talk to you, please, my dear brother.
        1Cor. 12:26 “If one member suffers we all suffer.” You will hurt us too if you do this.


  4. jacqueline says:

    Eric, You gave a talk, you were so coherent. I didn’t know they teach we took a vow to support this organization. The society said we don’t vow at baptism to God but we vow to these men. This is quite revealing. Thanks for being courageous, I am learning some things.
    It’s done! Now you are free!!


  5. Lyncean says:

    I think it was a brilliant insight into what goes on in ‘gloom room’ and it is great that you were able to film this meeting. It was nice to see these elders maintain composure (something that is not always the case), despite the fact that it was clearly uncomfortable for them, especially the one who was constantly jigging his foot. Jehovah will continue to draw His sheep to the true shepherd our Lord Jesus Christ, and the walls of that organization will soon crumble and fall. The handwriting is on the wall.”Therefore Jesus said again, “I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep. All who ever came before me were thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not listen to them…I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me–just as the Father knows me and I know the Father…” (John 10:7-16, 6:44; Ezekiel 34; Daniel 5)Dear brother, Jehovah has seen the tears and heard the cries of his people worldwide and He has been preparing many of us, for such a time as this. (Compare Esther 4:14)”It is written in the Prophets, ‘And they will all be taught by Jehovah. Everyone that has heard from the Father and has learned comes to me.” Many of the witnesses are still hearing and learning but those who are sheep will hear and come to Jesus. Blessings! (Numbers 6:24-26)


  6. serein says:

    i think the bro in front is prob on the fence and knows what your saying to be rite,i duno why but he seems quiet and wants you speak, he may be giving you a call one day.
    i duno you know him, but if that was me and i wasn in a room with thelders were i live they wouldnt have even let me speak,
    and they would have got very mad if i started speaking and saying what you did,they let you speak alot and i thought that was good.i think the one infront seemed a very nice bro.but very uncomfortable in front of you.


  7. Anonymous says:

    the un question thoe iv said that befor to an elder and the answer was not much diff,the gest i got was they not perfect and no one is and yes it was wrong but they put it right, pity they couldnt put everything else rite to like blood dissing people and stoping there fams from seein em and so on.i felt auwfull for ages after i sent my letter in wondering what people thought of me and what id done, but because id decided to diss myself i didnt have to go through what you did,do they say wether your dissing your self when you send letter in t cong or do they just say you no longer a jw what do they say? iv always wonderd what they said at my kingdomhall, i duno if they read my letter outor just said somat else. i do hate thoe how the jws look at me and ignor me like im a leper,its sad as im no diff and im no apostate. its hard, i feel for you jj and all that is happening in your life wi ypour fam and so on.


  8. JJ says:

    All three of these brothers are/were personal friends of mine. Cosmo has some health issues and did the best he could.

    They were nervous bc I had previously written that by breaching confidentiality they could be subject to legal action from my lawyer if they slandered my name in public. This delayed the meeting for several weeks, and triggered their calls and advice from the WT legal dept.

    This was intentional on my part, as I wanted the additional time to prepare. It also served to make them very very nervous about saying the wrong thing or violating their own policies and procedures.

    Regardless, this matter is much more important than my personal pride or theirs. Millions are being enslaved and injured daily by the Watchtower Organizational structure. How many can be helped to cope and wake up? Who knows? But doing what we can is always better than doing nothing!


  9. The Lingdow says:

    Great job on recording this star chamber proceeding. I am very impressed. This procedure was very similar to mine. I so wish I had recorded mine like that. Looking forward to the next release of the audio and the “how to” vid. It’s so typical how they reacted and the questions asked. They just needed you to admit that you didn’t acknowledge the GB’s authority in some way so they could “get on with it” and “stone” you. Scriptures be damned we have rules to follow.


  10. andre says:

    I’ve been in this hotseat too,their convoluted logic is,as apparent in your matter as it was in mine. The thought that the wrongdoing is being ok’d by Jah so we should just wait is a JOKE!
    If that’s how they really felt than why are they pursuing you. Apparently your so-called “apostasy” must be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly but a group of men in New York,whose office in the 1970’s told our dear brothers in Malawi,it’s better to let the mobs gang rape your wives in front of you,kill your children and run bicycle spokes through your calves than to have the equivalent to a social security card,which in that country also would have meant that you supported the Govt. yet these men have hypocritically joined the very org. that they pointed out as being the wild beast whom,babylon the whore rides upon. They did know what they were doing was wrong,and to this day they are unrepentant!! I can respect a man who does wrong,and comes forward of his own volition and repents, the WT got caught by a reporter for the Guardian magazine in the UK!! They promplty withdrew membership upon exposure,so it’s obvious that they knew what they did was wrong. Do they humble themselves,no they’ve become even more entrenched in their self-exalted position which is a twisting of scripture( Mt 24:45) obviously a parable NOT a prophecy! You did well, and yes I’m an active JW who’s fighting from within!!!!!


  11. Ruth says:

    We love you “THIS GUY” A few here can sit with you and tell you the same thing! So dont do anything. Your not alone on this.
    Just stick around here. Make friends. Love youoooooooooooo Ruth


  12. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear Guy, please don!t give up. It is the dark one, Satan trying to break your spirit. I felt like dying also because I was made to feel that it it was Jehovah that rejected me. I also sustained child childhood sexual abuse. I would not normally post this, but if it gets, your attention, to please Stop! Talk to Jehovah, yell, stream cuss, whatever you need to say, tell Jehovah. If you are willing to give up and die, then at least have your last words with Jehovah now. You at least deserve that. And think of this, Even Christ, before he died said, my God why have you forsaken me? Please dear one, we all love you. Jehovah really loves you, Christ died for you. You are being lied to!!!!!!!!! You are precious! It is with tears I am writing this!Please call someone, talk to the ones on this site that want to help you. Please let us know how you are doing! I am praying for you!


  13. Freethinkerinjah says:

    dear JJ,
    I watched your stonning, it was so painful to watch, yet it validated so much of what I went through.
    Thank you for your effort, courage to pull back the curtain on what goes on in the bowels of the organization.
    I also felt a sense of sadness for those brothers, as they are caught in the web, the fear they have in their hearts.
    I feel for you also JJ for all the emotions your were going through, yet you held steadfast to your conscience .
    It really makes me realize what those brothers, and sisters went throught with the Pharassis at the time of Christ, and how their conscience was tested., and , from the aspect, of how, so many are going throught such a crisis of conscious in these last days, I personally feel this is a major tribulation! It makes, what we thought was persecution by outsiders, like people rejecting us a picnic, compared what you JJ, and others in siimilar experiences are going through.God help us.


  14. Carol says:

    This Guy,

    I am so sorry you are hurting!!! I am sorry that you were so terribly betrayed by your mom, her husband and the organization. You have been attacked from the pit of hell. My friend, I am going to prayer for you right this minute. I am interceding for you and I am asking our Great High Priest Jesus to intercede for you. I am asking that He would send His Holy Spirit who is your helper and comforter. I am rebuking satan himself who has no authority over you or over me in Christ Jesus. I am pleading the blood of Jesus over you my dear brother. I am dressing you in the full armor of God. The helmet of salvation, the breast plate of righteousness, the gospel of peace, the belt of truth the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God and the shield of faith that will extinguish ALL of the flaming arrows that come against you. God is searching recklessly for you, invite Him to fill you with His presence. I love you dear brother, Carol


  15. DanielB says:

    I know that they had quickly decided that there is no repentance in you , if they decided to disfellowship you JJ . Had they sought your repentance , and stuck with the organizationally-prescribed “policy” ? Did they even understand what Apostasy is ?

    Do they go along with their own religion ? Are they not apostate ?


  16. Carol says:

    My Dear Brother This Guy…,

    I am writing again because I am not sure my last post went through. I have never posted before, so I am not sure how this works. If you see two posts from me you will only know it is because I am being faithful in prayer for you. From the moment I saw your post I went to prayer to intercede for you. I have also asked our Great High Priest Jesus Christ to pray for you and to send the Holy Spirit as your helper and comforter. I am so sorry you are hurting. Hurting can not even come close to expressing what you are experiencing. I am sorry for the betrayal from your mother, her husband and the organization. You have been attacked from the pit of hell. I am praying for you to be covered in the full armor of God. The helmet of salvation, the breast plate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the gospel of peace, the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God and the shield of faith which WILL extinguish ALL the flaming arrows that come against you. I am rebuking satan and his demons as he has no authority over you or over me in CHRIST JESUS. Jesus is recklessly looking for you, have you asked HIM to fill you with His presence. HE IS TRUSTWORTHY AND FAITHFUL. I love you dear brother, Carol


  17. man oh man says:

    Holy toledo man! You are a true defender of the faith. This video will help many as they will see that yes you are baptized into an organization. Jehovah can live with it why can’t you. Man that was good. Can’t wait to hear the rest. Those scriptures kept coming out of you, holy spirit was definitely there for you. I love the self condemning comment the brother made that “Eric you want black and white answers for your questions but are unwilling to give us the same” hahahaha. The brother i think you called him Cosmo or something like that, he looked very sympathetic. He might be guilty of thinking apostate thoughts.

    Thanks for the courage this video instilled in me.


  18. Freethinkerinjah says:

    After I went throught my stoning many moons ago,I happened to come across one on of the most amazing books, written on the life of Christ and what it was like for him to go throught a illegal trial, complete with false witnesses, lies, entrapment questions, predetermined condemning judgement with every intention of having him silenced, atempt at breaking his spirit and finally having him killed. His relationship with his own father was questioned, and the Pharassis displayed a attitude, of, if you are not in agreement with us, you are against us.
    Anyway, this book is written by a woman, over 50 years ago E.G. White–which she was condemned by the early WTS. I believe in the JW proclaimers book. Any way the library of congress quoted this 1055 pg book-
    “the most beautiful book ever written on the life of Christ.”. –The desire of ages, is in my opinion , amazingly accurate, with very profound insights into the humanness of christ’s personality. I found it to be so encouraging and really desplayed christ’s amazing love and compassion for all humans. I have to recommend it


  19. Wakeupwitness says:

    I’m so happy for Eric(JJ). It’s time to move on and live your life. It’s sad though that your wife chose a false prophet organization over her husband. I personally know a friend of mine who became “apostate” and they are still married and his wife still goes to meetings. The “marital rule” that they both have to live by is to never discuss organization stuff….other than that, they are happy.


  20. Anonymous says:

    so if god can live with it then he can live with me having a blood transfusion and anyone else and live with many other things, how that bro can say god can live with the fact they were in the un and only droped out because they got found out thats bad.but it may be true god can live with things we do wrong, but when its a big organistion thats ruling peoples lives and telling them one thing and doing the other preaching they are his mouth peice on earth and his only true chanel well he cant live with that!
    and to the poor brother whos hit rock bottom, this guy… please talk to someone, when your at the bottom theres no way anything can get any worse so things can only get better. i wasnt brought up in the truth but i had bad things happen to me as a child and also as an adult, iv atemted to kill myself a few times, and im glad i dint die. my life is so much better now as i prayed and perserverd and im realy happy now. please dont give up, i know at the time it seems pointless but as i realy do know from my own experiences things realy do get better with time.


  21. Freethinkerinjah says:

    This morning, I opened the bible to this scripture-
    2 Peter 1:2 May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.
    This is what I got out of it.
    First thing I noticed, it does not say more and more law, will be given as you grow in knowledge
    Then I thought about the knowledge about what I learned about the law vs grace.
    The bible showed me that the law cannot bring salvation to man. The law kills the spirit of joy and curses one.
    Gal 3:10 — where is that joy you once had?– Gal 3:10 But those who depend on the law to make them right with God are under his curse….
    The law did not provide a way to Christ and salvation. It only pointed to I as sinners and a need to have Christ as a savior.the law takes away joy love and life, Christ gives joy,love and life. That’s why the Mosaic law died with Christ and all laws of men.
    So after having been saved by christ’s. Law of grace and love, which brings joy, why would anyone go back to the law or any man’s law. That’s like returning to vomit. 2peter 2:22
    Dying to law, puts you under christ’s law of love, which has the power to transform the inside of a man and gives life. That’s our choice law or life.
    Regardless if elders,friends,families brothers, sisters,wives ,husbands, choose law of man, let them be. Let the dead bury their dead alike 9:60
    We can personally choose to follow Christ. When Peter wondered about a certain outcome of one of the disciples, Christ said in John 21:22 “if I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? As for you follow me.
    I get the point for me that Christ is saying now is the time to drop the “NET”and one could say the “net of the law,” and follow Christ. Anything that is “catching your attention”,in any “net of life” should not be allowed to “pull” you down in regards to following Christ and dying to man-made law.
    Another thought I had- if the law becomes dead because of Christ, then the law is dead, making it unclean, spiritually. Then going back to touch the law again would be touching something unclean. 2cor 6:17
    Then if we associate with ones who keep touching the law or live by man’s law we are teaming up with unbelievers. 2cor6:14-18
    Also if people put law aHEAD of Christ. They are making law their head and making law their god and acting as if law can transform a man,s heart and give life instead of Christ. When you put something higher than Jehovah and his provision for life, that’s called idolatry. That’s what I think Paul is talking about in 2Cor 6:14-18
    The bible says what happens to those that worship false idols, they become non-seeing, non-hearing, non-speaking, non-feeling, they become dead. The symbolisms here, are off the charts!
    Having this knowledge about law vs Christ adds peace and grace to our lives. law can’t do that.Law only adds more law.
    Let’s look at this scripture again at 2 Peter 1:2
    May god give you more and more grace and peace, as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our lord. As far as I understand, I don’t need more knowledge on rules, organization rules, and more laws. If the mosaic law given by Jehovah through Moses could’t cut it, and Jesus had to die to kill the law, where does that leave all these laws of man?
    So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law. gal 5:1
    In the light of all this, I feel the laws surrounding DFing are invalid. Jesus and Jehovah are the final word.
    Take what you like and leave the rest. All I know is that after leaving the laws of men, I am getting more and more of peace and grace. And Joy,joy joy. Cheers!


  22. pastelder says:

    Bravo, Eric, Bravo. Nicely done. Wishing you the best.



  23. Lyncean says:

    This guy, Please go to You will see that there are many who have likewise suffered mercilessly at the hands of people they should have been able to trust. You are not alone and as so many have expressed on here, you are precious to God and to us. We continue to pray for you.


  24. Erick says:

    Hi JJ,
    So far I like your approach and look forward to the next parts.

    The point from them that “God lives with it” troubles me.
    That also means that he is “living with” or allowing all the bad things to happen in the world as well as the good things and we should not complain or disagree with bad people or cult organizations…do they even hear themselvs?

    This is not the first time I have heard this used as a defense as to why we should not leave the JW organization.

    We were also told to get out of false religion. That means to take action not just to “live with it”.


  25. Freethinkerinjah says:

    It is a rejection of Christ, when a religion mistreats,judges, and punishes, christ’s followers, by forcing them to go back under law, Or under some legalistic organization under the banner of God’s name.


  26. freeman says:

    Good job, I left 16 years ago at 22 after reading COC and they never change had a yelling match with my loving brothers. They equate God to a corporation and until they let that go there is no reasoning. They would kill there first-born child if the Borg told them to—- oh wait they do with no Blood!


    • freeman says:

      Good job,I left 16 years ago at 22 after reading COC and they never change had a yelling match with my loving brothers.They equate God to a corporation and until they let that go there is no reasoning. They would kill there first-born child if the Borg told them to—- oh wait they do with no Blood!


  27. man oh man says:

    I listened to part 4. You are amazing Brother Eric.


  28. JJ says:

    Thanks bro. Am working on getting part 5 finished soon…


  29. jacqueline says:

    I would have paid good money to go see this on the big screen. There is absolutely nothing on TV this good. We are all sitting here with popcorn xelders and all. I am speechless that in part four they constantly say they took a vow to uphold this organization. Eric, your wife’s friends will know now why you were DF’d and she will be sacrificed so she doesn’t taint the cong. They are going to ask her why she didn’t tel. I know two brothers whose wives were DF simply because they didn’t tell.
    An elder just said if God was not with you he would not have given you this stamina to do this. I am telling everybody to go look at this. Thank you so much!!!!


    • JJ says:

      Well she DID inform on me to the elders several months ago- they just left it alone as they repeatedly said they didn’t want to get involved in our marital problems. Then once they had these other alleged “witnesses of my apostasy” they summoned me.

      You are too kind but I will say “thank you” and that I really do feel the Holy Spirit, our helper, gave me the words to say. Within the first 2-3 minutes a calm came over me and I was not afraid nor flustered during the entire 3+ hours. When they dismissed me and then called me back 15 minutes later to tell me they needed more time…that flustered me! I had to wait another several days and be called back, which you will see/hear in part 6.

      Part 5 is coming soon I just finished it and plan to upload it tonight!


  30. Brother Eric and friends – We at the FJW site have been praying for you knowing of the difficult trial and challenges that you and other friends go through who have been disfellowshipped. We have set up a special meeting to hear from many of you your experiences and to comfort and encourage each other.



  31. Erick says:

    Hi JJ,

    The younger elder who spoke a lot in the second hour seemed to be very self-rightous to me and reminded me of myself trying to argue my beliefs at the door.

    If/when I get called before a committee for no longer supporting
    the governing body I think I might just email them this entire link and say listen to this cause I cant say it any better.

    thanks JJ, I am glad you recorded all this and I could tell that God was with you.


  32. Jay says:

    Thank you for these videos. I am a son of a congo elite family (if you know what i mean) and was going to be up for appt as told to me by my CO. Two years ago, at 39, I was told some of these little secrets my a good “worldy” friend. I scoffed him off quickly and even almost came to blows with him at one point. But what he said stuck in my head and I, like you, started reading and researching. Man did I read. 1000s of hours, at first to prove my friend wrong… But later to find he was right. It has been a year since I last attended and have been told by 2 different elders on 2 sheparding calls that my 2 daughters are going to die soon at Armageddon unless I get back to “the works”.
    I have decided to keep my mouth shut and fade away. I do not want to lose my entire family who remains in the Congo if I am DF’d. It is difficult to stay quiet sometimes.
    But hats off to you. You are an amazing reasoner and a pleasure to listen too.

    Btw, I grew a beard (I always found it funny that mustaches are okay as long as they are not too long, but beards take you away from God). I saw a new sister, very “zealous”, in a store recently who said I should go home and shave that disgusting thing before she sees me again. As you put it: “Veneer Love”.

    Thanks for the videos.


  33. Lynda Gauger says:

    my mom would not go to a judical meeting
    so they sent two brothers to her home with out their bibles
    to handle the matter
    they came in and asked my parents if they intended to be witnesses any more my
    mom said you brothers are suppose to shepard the flock right ?
    they said right/

    she said I want you to share with me the answer to my questions from the bible
    they said they were not there for that purpose that night
    she said why don’t you have your bibles with you?
    I have some questions
    they said we didn’t think we would need them tonight
    and she said let me get you a bible
    they said we don’t want your bible
    and she said its your Jehovah witness bible
    they refused to answer her questions and said no we just want to know if you consider your self Jehovah’s witnesses any more ?
    she said you are not shepards of God’s flock
    and so I would have to say no I do not now consider myself a Jehovah witness.
    You may leave my home you came here under false pretenses


  34. under the radar says:

    Good for you and your family sister. Salaam Alaykum


  35. Frank says:

    Can you give us some indication when your second video will be on site, JJ.



  36. JJ says:


    All the videos of my judicial hearing have been uploaded.

    I am a bit behind on updating the JWS site, and I’m sorry about that! Just go to YouTube and type in JWStruggle you will see all the videos I have done thus far.


  37. Ken says:

    Well I must say this was an excellent video! This is similar to my judicial hearing when I submitted my letter to disassociate myself..and it looks like my reasons were very similar to yours. It is nice to see others are examining the WTS and finding the same buried lies and half-truths. “If Jehovah can live with it, why can’t you” and I especially liked the elder’s comment about “we took a vow to the F&D Slave”…I thought we were baptized to serve God..silly me. I am so glad I finally left officially in January 2007. After continued emails and messages, I finally got one back that said they accepted my letter of disassociation from the previous fall. I still remember the whole conversation about God and Jesus won’t love me anymore and I will die at Armaggedon and such.

    Keep up the good work.


  38. JB says:

    I am not a JW but I did grow up in the Organization. After watcching this video I was stunned at what the elseder say, “Jehovah can live with it, so why cant you?” To me it is evidence of the systemic problem within the Organization. Not to mention that the argument he presented was ridiculous. Jehovah ALLOWS this issues and problems to happen but he most certaintly does not “live with it.” A few weeks ago I was surfing the internet and came upon a story of a women inn Mexico that was about to be parolled. The people where upset at the news and I wondered what had this women done to cause such stir? So I looked her up and quite frankly I wished I hadn’t. She was found guilty of Child Abbuse leading to the death of the child, her and her husband as well as the husbands brother. Her mother and brother also knew of the abuse but did nothing to stop it. They actually showed pictures of the 6 month old baby during the atopsy. This poor baby had bite marks fromm head to toe, both old and new. She had head injuries, both old and new. She broken bones that we also old and new. Basically she had been tortured her entire short life. The night she died from the abbuse her father tossed up in the air and allowed her to fall. Her father and brother raped this infant. When I read this story I litteraly cried and and became sick to my stomach. I could not phatom such evil, suchh inhumane acts toward a defenseless infant by those who were suppose to protect her. All this baby knew was pain and hurt in her short life. The only thing that gave me comfort was knwing that Jehovah will restore her life in the future and allow her to live once again and to know what love truly is. If it hurt me so much how much more so does it pain God to see such attrocities take place? The time will come when Jehovah and Jesus will bring all this evil to the end. However, this does not mean that we as a people and society are powerless and that we cannot condemn such horrible things and do our part to try and prevent them from happening. By this Elders reasoning we should just allow animals like that to go free and “LIVE” with it until God sees fit to end it all. God has bestowed upon us and human beings the ability to see right and wrong and he has also provided us with his word, the Bible, to help train our consciences so as to better decern what is right and wrong. We have an obligation to stand up for rightousness and uphold what is right. If anyone knowing what is wrong continues to do or to support unrighteousness that person is guilty of sin. What this brother does not appreaciate is that come judgment day when we are standing infron of Gods judgment throne, will our defence of ” I did what the Governing Body told me to do” stand? Will Jehovah accept this defence? I think the simple and plain answer is no! The Governing Body has made many mistakes, some of which have cause a tremendous amount of pain and hurt to others. I do not understand how the rank and file are so willing to go along with it, unquestioned.


  39. JimmyG says:

    JB, it’s called ‘mind control’. It’s very effective. A number of my wife’s relatives suffer from it.


  40. whateverhappenedtome says:

    well, technically, the elders were right when they said we made a vow to the fds because that’s what everyone baptized after 1983 promised. and if pioneers signed a paper to always agree with the teachings of the fds (see RP application), then maybe the elders did too..or at least they are expected to follow the fds..


    • Reader says:

      Ah yes……..
      I was about 18 [63 now] ready to pioneer and scrap my apprenticeship went all up to the Director to get permission to break my apprentice ship.
      And then, -I c/wouldn’t sign a form to say I agreed to all the society taught. How embarrassing fortunately no one at work questioned why I did not leave, perhaps they all thought the Director had persuaded me to stay with it.
      Years later declined Elder consideration on same point.


  41. Tinaa says:

    I would not have bothered to go to that judicial committee


  42. Tinaa says:

    If it’s not Biblical why bother to go ?


  43. Ruth says:

    Hi Tinaa are you from Australia at all? great to see all the new ones coming here.
    Did you know we have a forum out the back? You may find things very interesting.


  44. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Hi Tinaa. I am preparing for my own judicial hearing (which I am not 100% sure will happen). I admire Eric’s courage so much. Look at all the information he was able to get across to those elders, possibly things they had never heard before. He was determined to “let his light shine” and as he said he wasn’t afraid! These brothers have to know all is not well in the organisation. They are part of the problem. They don’t even know it. If no-one speaks up then they never will know, and Satan wins!


  45. Aunt Connie says:

    This quote comes from the Watchtower and it is making my heart sink. Over the last ten years I have gone through the motions of being in the Truth but my heart is far away from the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am not stupid, the Organization and the Bible’s view of Christianity collide. I heard brothers who claim to be of the Appointed say something about 2014 and 2034 and even 2041. I got real panicky in Bakersfield when some speculators started to toss dates around once they were intoxicated with booze. For days this Watchtower has kept me from sleeping, what is Brother Russell referring to? Is he condemning any group of men who claim to have Jesus backing and their prophecy fails and they chalk it up to “new light” or “better understanding” even though they were totally wrong? Please help me, after decades of “phoning it in” I am starting to read the Bible with outside help. I was shocked to learn the Watchtower’s views that the Gospels and New Testament are written for the Governing Body and Jesus is the Mediator for only the Anointed, why do they hide that gem from the Public Editions of the Magazines?

    “If we were following a man undoubtedly it would be different with us; undoubtedly one human idea would contradict another and that which was light one or two or six years ago would be regarded as darkness now;… But with God there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning, and so it is with truth; any knowledge or light coming from God must be like its author. A new view of truth never can contradict a former truth. “New Light” never extinguishes older “light” but adds to it…” Zion’s Watch Tower 1881 Feb pp.3,188″

    Quoted from “New Light”


  46. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Hi Aunt Connie. It’s very unsettling to realise that what you once implicitly trusted is false. It’s a horrible thing to contemplate, so most of us shut out that uneasy feeling for years. But a time comes when you have to face reality! You will find that the organisation today is the polar opposite of what Russell envisaged. It has become another hierarchical sect of Christendom, even more so with last years new light, making the eight GB members alone the “faithful and discreet slave”, and “spiritual mother”. That’s very much like the papal set-up of the Catholic church!

    Here’s another quote you might be interested in. It’s from the promotional video clip (on the 2013 District Convention:
    “With humans I think we all know that it isn’t always the truth where we have to revise it or change it later on, but when you get the message from God’s Word the Bible, you know it’s reliable
    and it’s truth”
    So basically the brother is unwittingly admitting they do not have truth from the Bible, because they DO change and revise their “truth”!! Reminds me of Mt 12:37, “..and by your words you will be condemned”!!


  47. Patrick says:

    Aunt connie do not fear,now let me explain something to you bout the faithful and discreet slave class….jesus once gave a parable a man who was going on a journey,and he appointed a steward to watch over the house and d other slaves,now that is the role the anointed class play today.this does not mean that they are our leaders,jesus is our leader,but by means of them jesus leads the rest of his followers….the GB is not like the papacy in which one man has supremacy,the GB is made up of faithful servants of God.they play the same role the apostles played during early christianity i.e guiding and directing the ‘other’sheep….and moreova jw’s dont knw when the world will end,they just said the last days begin in 1914


  48. Rupunzelsawake says:

    The WTBTS is indeed a hierarchical organisation. They even describe themselves this way legally. It has become just like the organisations of Christendom, with a “teaching magisterium”, like the Catholic church, which Franz criticised in this WT Nov 1 1946 article: See the following quotes:
    “The written ‘Word of God, therefore, does not need the addition of traditions which are the private interpretations of men and of religious organizations.”

    “Had the oral traditions of religious men been necessary to complement the canon of the Bible,Paul would not have said that the inspired Holy Scriptures were profitable to the point of making the men of God perfect in faith and devotion to God. It
    would have been inadequate and would have left the man of God unperfected.”

    “Now a final argument is shot at us by those who uphold an ecclesiastical or hierarchical organization. They say: ‘Even doing away with religious traditions, the Bible cannot he left for each reader to interpret for himself; we still need the visible organization of the faithful to act as a “living magisterium” or teaching power in order to interpret the Bible and make plain the will of God from it.”

    “How is this? How is disunity over each one’s individual interpretation of the Holy Scriptures now overcome or avoided? Is it because they are united around a visible human organization or around a visible human leader? The answer is No. It is because they recognize Jehovah God and Christ Jesus as The Higher Powers to whom every Christian soul must be subject for conscience’ sake”.

    It is, too, because they recognize Jehovah God as the living, ever-present Teacher of His church on earth, and that he teaches the “church of God” through her Head, Christ Jesus.-Isa. 54: 13 ;
    John 6: 45″

    “Hence Jehovah’s witnesses do not claim the church to be what the religious Hierarchy claim their religious organization to be, namely, the one holding the magisterium or teaching office and hence “the divinely appointed Custodian and Interpreter of the
    Bible” and whose “office of infallible Guide were superfluous if each individual could interpret the Bible for himself”.'” Rather than take this religious tradition of the Hierarchy, those who recognize the higher authority of Jehovah God and Christ Jesus
    will take the inspired and infallible statement of the apostle to Timothy regarding the church. This reads: “Thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the
    church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.”-1 Tim. 3: 15, Douay”


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