We had a great conversation with a fellow struggler last week and his conversation is now online. Our goal is to do many more of these. If you have someone you think would be a good candidate and be an encouragement to interview, let us know!

An interview with Mark Martin:


I am sorry my end is a bit fuzzy- there was a tech reason for this which will be fixed (hopefully!) in the next podcast.

Rating 4.83 out of 5

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5 Comments on PODCAST- Interview with Brother Mark Martin

  1. greybeard says:

    Thank you JJ and Mark! I really enjoyed this recording! Well done!

    Your brother in Christ



  2. andrew says:

    It is always encouraging to hear experiences from others, the trials they faced, what they overcame etc. I also really appreciated this experience. Thanks.


  3. K says:

    Hi I really want to know what church he feels comfortable going to especially in regards to his belief about the condition of the dead. Is there any way to find this out?


    • JJ says:

      His blog site is linked to right in the sidebar under “New and Useful Links” and under the heading:
      Reasoning with JWs.

      You can email him and read more about his beliefs there.


  4. Papabear says:

    Dinomite JJ and Mark. It is encouraging to hear your situation. Knowing there is no guarantee regarding family, it is great to hear that you didnt lose yours. Thank you!


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