WT1946-11-1_WeCanUnderstandtheBibleI decided to record a message about an article that had really affected me early on in my struggle to understand the problems within the organization.

A short recap is first given of Watchtower history when N. Knorr and F. Franz took over after Rutherford’s death. Then the Watchtower article of 11-1-1946 is discussed at length. This excellent article talks about how people can understand the Bible, using 2 Timothy 3:16,17 as a key scripture.

Franz wrote that we do not need a “magisterium” to explain the Scriptures to us, and that we do not need a “visible human organization” either, as each Christian can be completely equipped for every good work through the study and application of God’s Word.

After reading sections of the article, I discuss what Ray Franz said about it in his second book, In Search of Christian Freedom, then make a few comments. It is truly a pity that this is no longer the viewpoint of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They now say that they are the sole representatives of God on earth. They say that we do need them to understand the Bible. How ironic this is to many.

I just really felt this was worth talking about, especially for Witnesses that are just now waking up to the problems of the Watchtower Society. I plan to do more of these kinds of messages, and I hope that struggling JWs and any that have been hurt by the shunning and intolerance of the Watchtower will be encouraged by it.

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18 Comments on Witness History and Christian Freedom

  1. man oh man says:

    AWESOME!!! I hope you make more videos as this was very well done! Thanks for this JW history. At the assembly this past week end I was uncomfortable many times being blasted with dogma rather than the word of God and knowing if I disagreed what would happen. I also would think to myself, they have something good here, an organized brotherhood, a people that truly want to do what is right, and yet they do as all other religions have done and leave the word of truth and exchange it for lies. Taking for themselves the authority that only belongs to God! Then I thinks “too bad, too bad”.


  2. Disappointed says:

    That was an excellent talk bro. JJ. I really enjoyed it. For me that has been the whole crux of the matter.I have always been troubled by the side-lining of Jesus, how he has never seemed to be the Head of the Congregation even though they pay lip service and say he is, it is most certainly not the case. He should be the one leading us, the Holy Spirit teaching us. It’s true a man cannot interpret the bible on his own, this is what the Holy Spirit does, it leads us to truths and reveals them to us. ‘Truths’ that change all the time cannot be Truth at all! If we are being taught interpretations of prophecy that come to nothing then those interpretations come from man and not from God and the Holy Spirit. Christ Jesus, as the Head of his Congregation, uses the Holy Spirit to teach us what he wants us to be taught.We know when this is happening when by our own examination of the scriptures it all comes together and there is no ‘cognitive dissonance’, no feeling of ‘this doesn’t feel right’. With our Lord Jesus Christ showing us himself, by means of the Holy Spirit, we can see with our own eyes and our own hearts what is Truth and what is Falsehood. We understand clearly what he is saying to us, we need no other , neither man nor organisation to tell us what to believe. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only one we need as the Head of our Congregation!


  3. JJ says:

    It is so true. Religious structures often exist to divide and control people, not truly unite them.

    A WT article in the very next year, 1947, talks about “excommunication”, and how this is pagan, wrong, and a tool for controlling people and keeping them inside the mainstream churches doors. Again, how ironic and sad! (1 Corinthians 7:23)


  4. Janet says:

    Excellent article and video JJ!
    Disappointed, I may have to print out your reply and memorize it. My sister just last week was telling me there is no way I can understand the Bible without the Watchtower and going to meetings because the Bible says “not to lean on your own understanding”. Every time I tell her I am studying the Bible and trying to build on my relationship with Jah and Jesus without the use of WTB literature she gets extremely offended, rather than being glad that I have turned to my Father in my grief. Go figure.


  5. use 2 b a dub says:

    Nice find, I can see that you are like so many of us that really never knew about the true history of our organization. Over the past few years whenever I read something in the publications that doesn’t quite ring true with my decades of Bible understanding, I go back to earlier publications and see what the organization taught earlier. Not surprising, the new stuff and the older stuff do not mesh.
    I wonder who is writing this new stuff and if they have checked the archives to see what was taught in the past. In the past it was easy to ‘bury’ doctrinal changes because it was so difficult to go back and check it out and basically most of us were too lazy to do the research. I know I was. Not any more. I’ve had a very good life as a JW but then are also millions if not billions that have a good life not being a JW. I love the brothers and it pains me to see them accept without question everything printed in the WT publications.
    Most at last summers District Convention had no idea what was being discussed about the “ten toes” in Daniels prophecy. How many different interpretations have we had on that? Maybe 10?
    Christian Love,
    use 2 b a dub


  6. jojo says:

    JJ, excellent. Very accurate. Anytime we can find actual Watchtower articles that refute wrong thinking it is a bonus. It really helps to show others that something wrong does exist within the Organization. What Brother Ray wrote is also, in my opinion dead on. It took Christ Jesus in person, with constant council, to keep his disciples thinking correctly. I believe it will take no less to straighten things out again. Maybe this will be the last time that the cycle repeats itself. That would be wonderful! I am interested in the other article you mentioned as well, it sounds interesting. Again, great job glorifying YHWH and Christ Jesus, and the truth.


  7. greybeard says:

    Wow JJ,

    Awesome job! This will help many to see the hypocrisy of the Jehovah Witness organization. The photo of the wine and bread followed by your comment on how they must touch it and then pass on it struck me hard.

    Love you brother,


  8. DanielB says:

    Thank you JJ for drawing this point to everyone’s attention . It certainly helps those who are questioning to have answers to the dilemna over who really ought to control in their lives . Col 3: 15


  9. jojo says:

    One more quick comment. In the new ” study edition ” of the Watchtower magazine a new feature has been added. It is called
    ” From our Archives “. The point is stated that the GB is very interested in the theocratic history of the organization. An unknown GB member is quoted as saying, ” To know where we are going, we have to know where we have come from.”. Interesting. Sadly, I doubt anything of real note will be presented from the past, like the article JJ brought to our attention. Still the more that people are digging through the archives, the chances increase for individuals to awaken. No matter what, this does prove that the GB and Writing Dept. are well aware of what the archives contain. So to knowingly continue to publish articles that are contrary to God’s word is inexcusable.


    • JJ says:


      That quote, “To know where we are going, we have to know where we have come from” is so fitting because I have had Witnesses tell me the opposite before. They have said oh why do you bring up past mistakes we are in not in the 1900s, etc.

      But those that do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it!


  10. Londo says:

    Very powerful!

    Sometimes I feel like the Society is like a drunken tutor that attempted to lead us to Christ. They stagger, get lost, backtrack, and then beat the pupil after another wrong turn into a dark alley. In so many ways we learn what true Christianity is by contrasting it with the Society’s warning example.


  11. JohnS says:

    Very good, JJ
    It’s so good to hear a voice to the words, too. One thing similar to this , that helped me make my decision on leaving the Witnesses was reading some of the old books of Rutherford from the 20’s and 30’s. They were so mean and self-righteous , so condemning of any other Christian religions, that one could never see any love flow from their pages, just an ugly, egotistical spirit.
    I don’t know if I could ever even attend any K.H. function again, after learning the many things I’ve learned the past 5 years since resigning. I pick up a WT now, and am amazed at how little comes out of its pages, but I have only read 2 or 3 in 5 years, so I may be cynical,… oh yeah, I’m cynical. ” Once bitten, twice shy….” Like you said, I wish someday we all could meet together, and it will come soon, I feel. Our brotherhood will grow and prosper.We have been richly blessed on this site, in just a short time. We have been given many truths, because we had a basic knowledge of the Bible, and once we escaped the mental chains, we were off and running like coons from a cage.
    We are being read by many , I can see , who are thrilled at what they are reading, but just trying to get the courage up to finally jump in the water and swim for themselves. For all these readers, I say, “Come, take life’s water , free!”


    • JJ says:

      Such a great resource are the older publications. They show so much, both positive and unfortunately, negative. The literature today, especially the public editions of the Watchtower and Awake, have evolved into nice, positive, “Christian” journals, avoiding most controversial topics, covering family life, marriage, teen issues, etc. I feel that good can still be found in reading them if a Christian so desired to.

      In line with this, notice what a religious man who had the magazines left at his door said about them recently:

      Looking over Awake!, the issue focused on families and had nothing really objectionable in it. It appeared to be like any other magazine by any of hundreds of Christian denominations. I even did well on the Bible quiz at the end.

      The edition of Watch Tower was fairly mundane and a bit of a disapointment for me as this publication usually includes JW polemics against one or more Christian and/or Catholic doctrines. This issue focused mostly on earthquakes and the end times spoken of in Daniel and Revelation. (From christian-apologetics-society.blogspot.com/2007/09/jehovahs-witnesses-visit.html)

      This is contrasted be the “study” edition of the WT, which is now the one that privately carries the stronger and more dogmatic assertions of man-made creeds, going all the way back to Russell and Rutherford and Franz. These are the weekly and monthly links that forge those chains you speak of.


  12. Ruth says:

    Bro JJ.
    It was so good to hear your natural voice! Enjoyed the information.
    I was 3 months old when that magazine came out! Little did i think they would control ,
    my life for 30years! Unbelievable when you add up all our years we wasted in there.
    Then again it’s a drop in the bucket compared to everlasting life.

    In my heart I do not really regret so much. I learned public speaking you name it we all did it.
    Well trained in many ways.

    Thanks JJ Sister ruth


  13. humbleman says:

    Brother jj thank you so much for the hard work you put into this. its very well presented. this will help a lot of people. your brother in Christ Humbleman


  14. Anonymous says:

    well, I had a very long reply and then my LOUSY computer lost its connection (ugh)….well, before it happens again, I just want to say…..your video was AMAZING, the info was awesome and I love how your able to make a comparison. I will try to get to a better location tomorrow so I can share more (not in a good cell spot)……
    You have courage like Ray Franz did…….
    Thank you my brother and my friend
    btw….its “confused”….im unable to log in
    Love to all here


  15. Amos says:

    Brother JJ,

    I also thank you for bringing this factual information out.

    It’s articles like these, from the older publications that will show the newer WTS members the truth concerning the many double standards that have pervaided this cult for decades. Hopefully this will help those who are beginning to have doubts concerning the organization, & give them the courage to go on their own search for the truth directly from our wonderful Heavenly Fathers Written Word.


    Your brother in the Lord,


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