Eric on Saturday December 15th, 2012

Birthdays have been on my mind a lot lately. Now that we as awake JWs and former JWs know that birthdays aren’t wrong, we can be free to be more “normal” and just enjoy this benign personal holiday for what it is. One great place I found online that demonstrates the extremes the JWs go to regarding birthdays is Go there and then click on “More Info”. This site is a great resource! The whole thing started when this JW man James had doubts about a global flood being scientifically possible, and how he wrote the Watchtower Society on this, but ultimately it was the issue of birthdays that got he and his wife cast out.

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Eric on Thursday April 7th, 2011

As I was tucking in my daughter last night she asked me why we have to be so different. Her exact words were:


There’s these boys at school always bugging me about birthdays, saying ‘Why don’t you celebrate your birthday? Isn’t that the most important day of the year for you? It is for me…’
And sometimes I get it because I know we don’t celebrate birthdays because the only two people that did it in the Bible got their heads cut off. And I know that when we are born we haven’t really done anything yet either. But… I still don’t really get it!


She doesn’t get it- how interesting; how perfect! My beautiful, intelligent, innocent daughter doesn’t get it…

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Eric on Thursday October 28th, 2010

Recently my youngest had a birthday. We of course had no party, and that’s not something I have ever experienced anyway, nor has she. But this is the first time I ever really had a longing to celebrate it.

Even several years ago, long before I had read “the books that cause the struggle” and become enlightened to the facts we discuss here, it bothered me.

WHY don’t we do birthdays? WHY don’t we do Mother’s Day and Father’s day?

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