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God blesses our effort and it is never a waste of time!

I would like to discuss briefly in this post just what the JWStruggle.com website that you are reading right now is all about. But first a short recap: In my previous article entitled “Apostate Trial Part 1” I wrote about the news that the local Elders are after me, despite the fact that I have not attended meetings in over a year and have no leavening influence on their local flock, as the friends that attend in my area already snub or shun me when they see me around town. The elders will be “spiritually stoning” me in a few days at their judicial tribunal (1 Corinthians 4:3-6, HCSB) and I am preparing for it now, even as I write this article.


Our faithful and dedicated sister LonelySheep has gotten me to think seriously about what this site is about lately, and I want to personally and publicly thank her for her comment in that past article regarding my reference to another blog site from a brother that was wrongly disfellowshipped by the Watchtower Organization. This has stimulated my thinking to use it as a springboard to discuss it in more detail. I had made a comment below that previous article about Brother Rory, who himself was a faithful Jehovah’s Witness elder for a number of years, and then was deleted and later disfellowshipped for so-called apostate thinking. His site presents his principled thoughts and musings on Jesus and religion and philosophy and is quite different from this one in some ways. That is his blog, and he has the right to say whatever he wishes and that is part of freedom of religion and freedom of belief and he did the hard work and had the courage of his convictions to research and write these articles and put his viewpoints into the public forum of information online.

The comment said in part,

But what is the the link to Rory’s site ‘a carpenter from Nazareth’ all about? …Rory has his beliefs and good luck to him.

I do not endorse or agree with every single thing Brother Rory teaches/believes. I personally do feel he is a man of principle and of obvious intelligence. The specific article I mentioned that I liked is “Surrendering to the WT Fade” and was quite a well done article in my opinion, and I could not find any divergence from Bible teachings in it. Would I have worded things slightly differently if I had written it?  Yes…and so would any of us, as we are all individuals with varying consciences. I still feel the essay had a very positive and thought-provoking message that would benefit those of us here. That is my opinion and I would hope that the brothers and sisters that come here to JWS would respect it, as I do yours.

Later in the comment it was said:

I thought this site was about getting in touch with God and his Son, not about denying the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith.

What this site is about is a very good question. The purpose of this site, and the direction of this blog is what this brief article is about so now we get to the meat of the point:

Two years ago (which by the way is a birthday for JWS this month- Hooray, happy two years, and only by the grace of God!) when it was started in September of 2010, I did not have a clear idea of what I hoped to accomplish. I started the site for my own mental and spiritual health. I made it solely so that I could sort out all my conflicting feelings and the horrible feelings of cognitive dissonance I was experiencing. The site has never been commercially advertised it, and I never even told a soul about it except my close friend Greybeard who helped me immensely in the early days to get the site off the ground and running. I bought an internet domain name. I researched what web hosting company to use, what software would be best to build and maintain the site, etc. Spending  literally thousands  of hours building the blog and writing articles, moderating behind the scenes and putting out technical fires has been a large commitment, but one that I have embraced as a Christian privilege and outreach for struggling Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I truly feel that Our Lord has guided me in this endeavor and I have felt the Holy Spirit at times leading me to keep the site going, even in times when I felt I couldn’t do it any longer. The welcome message along the upper right side of the home page tells what the purpose of this site is. Many  asleep Witnesses that stumble across www.JWStruggle.com are put off or bothered by it and reject it right away as “just another apostate site” and quickly click it away.  This is reflected in the analytic that quantifies and measures “bounce rates” and it usually hovers in the 40% range. Yet despite that, over 250,000 hits (over a quarter of a million page views!) have been registered since the site was started.

So some may not agree with me referencing a blog site that diverges from the traditional view of who Jesus is, and you can agree or disagree with me, and that is just fine. I am not above receiving counsel from any person, male or female, believer or non-believer. I thank every single person that has given me criticism or counsel about the blog, which over the last two years has been many individuals, trust me! A person’s opinion of what they feel the site is for them is valid and could not be called “wrong”, as it is just that, their principled opinion.

A year or so ago there was some excellent brothers that contributed greatly to discussion here on the front pages, as well as behind the scenes in the forum that is open to anyone to contribute posts or articles on any Bible related topics that one wishes to talk about. After a time they decided to leave and start another site, and no longer frequent this one. I miss them, but honestly, I thought it was great! This is what Christian Freedom is all about- being able to believe and worship the Father and the Son as our conscience moves us to, and praise him through whatever avenue we have at our disposal. I have said in past articles that I wish every single one of us could start a blog and express our vision for what we would like to read and talk about “for the building up of the body of Christ”. So what are you personally waiting for? Go to WordPress.org and start your new website today- you can do it in only about 5 minutes and it is not rocket science.

Currently the JWStruggle site is focused on what concerns me and many other awakened Witnesses greatly; that is, being ferreted out and burned at the stake for so-called heresy. It is happening to me right now, and once again, as I did two years ago I will use the site as therapy and as part of my devotion and worship; it is a way for me to preach and to let my light shine before men! This is an outreach to others among the dissident JW community that are hurting and praying and yearning for change or reformation within the WT Organization. It will come or it will never come- only God knows, and we can show a waiting attitude on his Will, and then we can get out there and do something about it. (Micah 7:7) In the meantime I will  continue to fight for what I believe is right and what the Lord Jesus wants me to do in this situation- to fight against the man-made creeds of the WT Corporations and their puppets, the local elders who enforce these unscriptural policies.

Thanks again for all the support. It has been a veritable flood of love and prayers and this has helped give me the strength I need to prepare for this stressful meeting and I look forward to speaking with these men soon and letting them know what I have learned, and sharing the Truth About the Truth with them. I pray that Heavenly Father will bless this effort, and that Yeshua our Christ will give me the words I need when the time comes, as he told his early followers that he would do this for them also.


In Christ,




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62 Comments on What is This Site About Anyway?

  1. Freethinkerinjah says:

    I get it about jw struggle. I always felt that real honesty in feelings thought, words and actions have been missing among the meetings the watchtower study comments , the material written by the gb basically one of the identifying marks of truth, as been the lack of truth. I appreciate that I have a place on a human level to voice my truth without being edited by big brother. After all I have been very honest about all my feelings and thought with dear Jehovah and everything that I have shared with my heavenly father with Jesus and the angels aware of what I,v said because a lot of my prayers are spoken out loud on mant of my hikes with god.so if I had already shared these thoughts with Jehovah and he can handle it I don,t mind sharing on jw struggle knowing I already have a hearing hear with Jehovah so everyone is free to take what you want and leave the rest. Anyway thank you all for making this a safe place to have a voice for the silence of the lambs they I am always aware this does not substite for the gift of prayer because that is always available to anyone,yet having this site to share satisfies somewhat of gathering ourselves together to encouraging one another as internal ministry as it once was called back in the 70,s and very much encouraged, we need to build one another in the faith. I feel that is the huge potential of this site to accomplish this. It is up to us to keep this site a positive safe place to do this with a prayerful attitude and help from Jehovah and his son Christ. With god’s help we are accomplishing something the gb is failing at, providing love and mercy and loving kindness at a time when we need it the most. But that’s how it works by the weakness of men, god,s power is seen acts 14:22 2cor 12:10 1cor 1:26-31 Jude 20-23


  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, bro!

    Thanks for giving hope and faith to struggling witnesses. It’s difficult to keep spiritual alive learning TTATT. But you brothers give us a positive view on God and the Bible! Your forum have given me some new friends and together we manage to survive spiritually! Thanks again! Keep up the good work and keep your faith alive!

    Love Healthworker


  3. Disappointed says:

    This website was a lifesaver for me!I had just read both Ray Franz books and felt as if the rug had been pulled from under me. I looked for websites I felt might be of help to me, some I found intimidating, others just gave facts, what I needed at that time was some kind of support, others who were discovering the same thing but still hadn’t lost their faith in God. I needed to find somewhere that understood the feelings I was going through. Then I found ‘struggle’!!! It has given me so much.. I can never thank you enough bro JJ for all your support, all your wonderful articles. And of course our little forum where we can discuss so many things we can’t discuss amongst JWs. I’m sure you must realise by now that your website has been a gift from God for so many of us!!


  4. Wakeupwitness says:

    All I can say is I hope you record that judicial meeting with the elders.


  5. serein says:

    iv been here since it all started to.im glad i came cant remember who told me about it , think it was either amos or graybeard when i was on another site.its helped me through my passage from jws alot.


  6. andre says:

    A good scripture to use is 1 John 4:1, they will tell you that “you can’t go wrong in following Gods org.” I might bring up the account in Exodus where Moses went up onto the Mntn,Aaron had apostasized, Jah didn’t say oh well they’re just following Aaron they’re excused, he was about to wipe them off the earth. You might use Gal 2:1-4 where Peter had misled the congs. and per Paul he stood condemned. You might tell them that you’ve attempted to “make sure of all things” you might ask them what touchstone they use to make sure of ALL things. I wish you the best. Plz pray!


  7. Eric Ramos says:

    JJ, I admire your positivity. Even when others bring a negative outlook and are critical towards you, you still maintain your uplifting spirit. This must be holy spirit enabling you to stay strong and to continue helping others.


  8. susanna says:

    .Bro JJ, starting with this quote from your above blog reads

    ” Spending literally thousands of hours building the blog and writing articles, moderating behind the scenes and putting out technical fires has been a large commitment, but one that I have embraced as a Christian privilege and outreach for struggling Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    I truly feel that Our Lord has guided me in this endeavor and I have felt the Holy Spirit at times leading me to keep the site going, even in times when I felt I couldn’t do it any longer.”” ( end of quote )

    Dearest brother JJ

    I understand what your saying about making a shelter for those that are parting from the governing body , this site of yours caught my eye when it first came on. because I seen it was a refuge, a place of comfort and understanding of what others were going thru.

    I certainly agree that Jehovah’s spirit was the motivation to work all the hours spent here, getting it ready for company.

    Then when you made your first video directing all to Jesus as being ” The Way, The Truth , and The Life , it was then I seen this was a haven for those that seen what I seen here.

    I sincerely enjoy all the remarks the brothers and sisters post.

    You JJ along with Jehovah’s direction , WILL be found by honest hearted ones , that are searching, when the time is right

    .Isn’t this already happening ? Of course it is !

    . Those among you are all lovers of Gods word

    View your small group as a bible study group, and that your responsibity is to direct them to the scriptures. That way it will be Jehovah that is doing the teaching. They too will become teachers . Where two or three are gathered together in Jesus name, he is in your mist. So actually this site is doing just great.

    All present have a say when it comes to Gods word/ In fact its places like this that we may very well all be trained to teach those that make up the great crowd that comes out of the coming religious tribulation.

    Christendom has already accepted Christ, ( Jesus said , no one comes to the Father except thru me ) So they have already taken the first Big step.

    No way would Jehovah destroy them for loving and taking a stand for His son. So we along with all of Christendom will make up that Great crowd ,of survivors . ( That is if our hope is to live here on earth )

    The only difference is they will all have to be taught the truth during Christ 1000 year reign ,and do away with their pagan beliefs. They never really had the Truth. Same goes for those brought back in orderly fashion in the resurrection. when that takes place we should all be teachers waiting to welcome them/.

    .Isaiah 54:13
    All your children will be taught by the LORD, and great will be their peace.******

    Hebrews 8:11
    New International Version (NIV)

    11 No longer will they teach their neighbor,
    or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’
    because they will all know me,( from the least of them to the greatest.*******


  9. Freethinkerinjah says:

    A letter to Jehovah
    May all glory go to you you are most high God ps 83:18
    We appreciate and accept your son Christ as our only mediator and high priest. We listen to no man nor do we trust in man and we refuse to be slaves to man. Ps118:9 Jesus has sole right to be our head, our teacher, our mediator because he alone died a painful death and shed his blood for our sins. We gladly accept our place at his feet as his humble followers.
    But a cloud of darkness has come over the land such as in Christ’s day. The Pharisees are back! They are persecuting us, judging us, placing huge burdens on us, shunning us and stonning us. They do not want to hear bout Christ, nor want others to hear. Rather they have become enemies of the torture stake,phil 3:18′ and teach another teaching. Gal1:6-9
    Even though we consider it a joy and privilege to be persecuted for christ’s name, we are in need of continuing comfort, courage and strength to endure. We need to see the temple’s curtain ripped in two to see you do not support pharissical teachings.
    Many of us have lost sons,daughters, mothers, fathers, whole families, and long time friends, our reputations, and material things and support groups, for remaining in Christ. We understand that Christ warned of this and to watch out for the leven of the pharisees and and we will be tested.
    We ask for your help and guidance in these critical times. We look forward to the vindication of your great name and that all reproach will be removed from your name. We as your scattered sheep look forward to being all united under the loving care of our mediator Jesus christ, your son. Amen


  10. Freethinkerinjah says:

    These are some of the scriptures that comforted me after my concerns were rejected and ignored at a judicial meeting many years ago.
    Ps 55:12-14 it is not an enemy who taunts me-I could bear that it is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me, I could have hidden from them. Instead, it is you, my equal,my companion and close friend. What good fellowship we once enjoyed as we walked together to the house of God.
    Ps55:20 as for my companion, he betrayed his friends he broke his promises.
    Ps59:4 I have done nothing wrong, yet they prepare to attack me. Wake up! See what is happening and help me!
    Ps 60:5 now rescue your beloved people. Answer and save us by your power. Vs6 God has promised this by his holiness.
    Rev 3:8-9 I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one close. You have little strength, yet you obeyed my word and did not deny me. Look, I will force those who belong to Satan’s synagogue,those liars who say they are Jews but are not. To come and bow down at your feet. They will acknowledge that you are the ones I love.
    May these scriptures be of comfort to you JJ, and anyone else . Scriptures from the LIfe Recovery Bible new living translation


  11. Freethinkerinjah says:

    I just discovered another fun gift of this website- media downloads! Anyway I was listening to jj talk on what’s your favorite scripture. I so benefitted from listening to it and it also reminded me of those wonderful spritiual rich talks the brothers used to give at a KH in California back in the late 60’s. Back then the brothers’s personalities and gifts were allowed to be used in talks and not stererlized now by the outlined talks today. Talks were fun, interesting, up building and peppered with humor. Anyway JJ, I was wondering, would you be willing to record some more talks of yours or others on the media download in the future? I think expanding this media space would be such a great way to encourage everyone. Thank you your sis.


    • JJ says:

      Sister FreethinkerinJah

      Yes I want to record lots more! There are so many things on my plate that it has taken a back burner but only for now. I have at least two outlines I have prepared but never recorded. I would like to shift all these over to YouTube as time goes on, as this is the most practical way to publish these IMO.

      Thank you for your encouragement- it goes both ways, and this is how we operate as a body and build each other up!


  12. DanielB says:

    Sister Freethinker In Jah ;

    I enjoyed giving talks in the early 70s , when I could get some skits together , most always with costumes . Some of us would pull in a specific subject and customize it for the congregation being talked to . I would ask locally what the specific needs are for the congregation I was visiting . At least there was some freedom of speech . I continued some of this varying from the “outlines” later on too , but had to limit that . From what it sounds like nowadays , the restrictive mood for doing this is for evermore .

    Even back in the early 70s , there were some disapprovals from some “company men” like some circuit overseers , or city overseers .

    Word was trickling down from Brooklyn then , to keep the brothers to the outline . In actuality , those are not outlines . They are scripts . It was always a bit of a challenge to read from , and paraphrase from , those tiny words , and I had excellent vision . Some began retyping , and at least had larger info , though that would take several pages . BUT where was the spontaneously speaking from the heart with such a format ? One would need to a be 100% JW-Speak man to “make it his own” . It is so refreshing to have gone forward in life from that . We can write , speak , and carry on in all of our affairs now in Christian Freedom and , and better understand now what Liberty is in Christ !

    There is much more to do now , as the time draws shorter . This blog and forum right here is a positive influence for brothers and sisters who are becoming better friends with our Brother , and our Master . It truly is as David’s song extols at 2 Samuel 22:20 :

    ” And He proceeded to bring me out into a roomy place;
    He was rescuing me , because He had found delight in me . ”
    – NWT , but with Capital H , for “He” .

    How I remember this verse having been applied to the WTO ! They missed it on that interpretation too !

    bro dan


  13. Freethinkerinjah says:

    That awesome JJ,! I would love to hear more! When you get through the “fire”, you’ll be on fire in a spritiual way, because you will be babtized by fire, which will only add to your own experience, hope and strength to build your faith and encourage others. You will have a deep well of insights to draw from. Carry on brother, your journey will bring you many wonderful spritiual surprises from Jah!
    Wow, Daniel, you did skits, with costumes also? How fun! I remember that talks were like that. What fond memories!
    So, what were the subjects you talked about? What needs of the congregation back then? I think it would be
    Interesting to know what your personal experiences were in how you and what you talked about in these talks. What was your favorite subject? What was the most fun talk you you ever delivered? What were the skits that you did? What were the subjects about that included costumes? Would you be willing to record some talks on media download when JJ gets things back in that direction? I think it would be a positive move, and give folks a taste of what is was like when there was more freedom of speech in Christ. Anyway we have that freedom now! Cheers!


  14. Freethinkerinjah says:

    That’s awesome JJ! I am looking forward to your talks! And when you get through the “fire”, you will be on fire spiritually and draw from the well of your own experience, hope and strength with the help of Jah . You,ll have lots to talk about. Thanks for keeping us posted!


  15. Erick says:

    I too have been reading this blog for almost two years.
    While I am unable to respond to often, I wanted to thank you for this site JJ with all the hard work you and the other posters have done.

    I find this site to be unique among the ex-jw created sites. Many people who leave the org become atheist. I believe I am starting to understand why. This site actually helps us to deepen our love for Christ and for each other.


    • JJ says:


      It’s so encouraging to get a comment like yours. There’s no way that man can stop God’s will and we all need to humbly accept this fact. Gamaliel said it in the 1st century and it still holds true today.

      I like your name… 😉


    • enlightened says:

      I too have been reading this blog for almost two years.
      While I am unable to respond to often, I wanted to thank you for this site JJ with all the hard work you and the other posters have done.

      I find this site to be unique among the ex-jw created sites. Many people who leave the org become atheist. I believe I am starting to understand why. This site actually helps us to deepen our love for Christ and for each other.

      I agree with that-on other sites, most of them are atheist and if they dont like something you post will rip you apart for it.


    • Amos says:

      I too have been reading this blog for almost two years.
      While I am unable to respond to often, I wanted to thank you for this site JJ with all the hard work you and the other posters have done.

      I find this site to be unique among the ex-jw created sites. Many people who leave the org become atheist. I believe I am starting to understand why. This site actually helps us to deepen our love for Christ and for each other.

      Welcome aboard brother Erick.



  16. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Wow, Daniel, you did skits with costumes? I remember when the friends did those in the 70’s. How fun! I would love to see and here those skits again. Maybe you might want to record a few talks on the media down load, because now you have freedom of speech in Christ today. I would love to hear what you come up with!
    I think it would be fun to bring back the fun in talks. I was wondering what was the talk or skit that was the most fun that you remember participating in? Thanks for your share!


  17. spike says:

    Good job JJ!

    Brother Dan,
    What you mentioned sound really fun! Sadly those days are gone. I have come to realize that the WTBTS is just like McDonalds. Back in the day, before fast food you could get great tasting, made to order Burgers. Then Fast food came along. Well, how did they make money? Efficiency at the cost of individuality. Every McDonalds was a cookie cutter imitation of every other, with the exception of the exterior building. Every single one had the same menu, prepared the same way. One burger in California tasted just like the burger you had in New York. The WTBTS has perfected a spiritual fast food business model. They are not any better for you than any other place, but they are great advertisers! Make sure you check the ingredients!!


  18. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Been hanging out in the book of Galatians. Found some really cool scriptures about those following law, basically legalistic Christians . Here are some scriptures I found interesting,from the life recovery bible,new living translation.
    Gal3:2-3 Let me ask you this question: did you receive the holy spirit by obeying the law of Moses? Of course not! You received the spirit because you believed the message you heard about Christ—After starting your Christian lives in the spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your human effort?
    Vs5–does God give you the holy spirit and work miracles among you because you obey the law? Of course not! It is because you belive the message you heard about Christ.
    Gal 3:10but those who depend on the law to make them right with God are under his curse—13 but Christ has rescued us from the curse pronounced by the law…
    Gal5:1 So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free and don’t get tied up again in slavery to the law.
    Gal 5:7 You were running the race so well. Who has held you back from following the truth? It certainly isn’t God, for he is the one who called you to freedom. 9 this false teaching is like a little yeast that spreads through the whole batch of dough!
    Gal 4:26 But the other woman Sarah, represents the heavenly Jerusalem .She is the free women, and she is our mother.
    Two interesting things for me. If my memory serves me right every human is a sinner and under sin’s law, so that would require all humans to each have Christ as mediator and forgive them of their sins. The mosaic law showed up our sins Gal 3:19 why ,then, was the law given? It was given alongside the promise to show people their sins,but the law was designed to last only until the coming of the child who was promised. God gave his law through angels to Moses, who was the mediator between God and the people.
    The second point I got from these scripture, is the time would come when worship to God, is all directed toward heaven out of human hands, where there cannot be corruption. This ties in I think well with what Jesus said to the samaratin woman at the well….John4:21 Jesus said to her, belive me woman, the hour is coming when neither in this mountain nor in Jerusalem will you people worship the father. New world translation. Anyway these scriptures help me to see the how Christ became the fullment of the law. And now I am a grace-filled Christian, instead of a legalistic Christian, I am free from the law , and worship to God is in heaven not on earth, where I am not depended on any man sourced organization. Christ as my mediator replaced that dependence on man many moons ago. I am most grateful.


  19. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Great illustration spike! You got a way with words. Love it


  20. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Sorry about seemingly repeat comments concerning comments to Jj and Dan. This iPad has a mind of it own and sometimes does not post right away, not at all. I can never tell, so then I try to maybe shorten the post in repeat form. Anyway I did not want you folks to think I was losing it, but I must say I getting better at this iPad posting all the time. Oh well , repetition is the mother of retention.


  21. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Erick! Thank you for your share. I especially noted your words, in part,”many people who leave the org become atheist”. I have noticed that over the years also and many would remain bitter for years. That is why I love this site also, for it is truly a spritiual oasis from the desert. Hope you share again, all our voices count!


  22. Amos says:

    Brother JJ,
    This is yet another excellent presentation by you.

    As you made reference to events of about a year ago, I would like to make it quite public that the website/forum that you spoke of was not of my making. I was only a poster there like every one else except the owner.

    There are/have been several reasons that I have not been posting on your blog, none of which are other than regarding my own personal situation during the last year or so. There were many things that have been pressing in on me, including a time of very bad health problems. Thankfully I am in a much better state now.

    You have been in my thoughts & prayers particularly concerning your current issues. Please be assured that our wonderful Heavenly Father will care for all of those who have been “chosen from among men”, & who are His & His dear Son’s.

    Sometimes we think that what is happening to us & our loved ones is so unjust (& it is), but ALL things work out for good in the end providing we hold firm to the faith.

    Sometimes we are permitted to be tested to our limits, but this is allowed to happen that we may prove to HIM that we will remain loyal regardless of what man & the adversary can bring against us. Of course, this is what we must go through for a little while, the end result is beyond our human minds to understand at the present time.

    Your brother in the Lord,


    • JJ says:

      Thank you dear brother Amos. Your wisdom and your faithful example have been of great value here these last two years.

      As iron sharpens iron, so does one man’s face sharpen anothers!


  23. DanielB says:

    To Freethinkerinjah ,

    You asked : ” I think it would be fun to bring back the fun in talks. I was wondering what was the talk or skit that was the most fun that you remember participating in? ”

    Oh , there were several ! Sometimes for assembly skits we would add some pretty funny humor . ( I always liked those parts , maybe that would be an easy guess . )

    We worked humor in for service meeting parts too .

    Once I did a color mural in my home on 4-foot white butcher paper and took it to the hall for a tropical scene wrapped around the entire walls for the stage . I had the whole hour for my own program with skits included .

    I think the one-hour talk (55 min.) that I enjoyed best , getting it up and putting it on , was one based on the theme of how Wisdom has come down through the ages , and how we as Christians can emulate this quality . There was a ton of Scriptures from Proverbs . In one of the skits , I had my sister-in-law and her husband play Adam and Eve . It was fun for all of us , and we got to take it to out-of-town congregations . So much of those things were simply good and fun .

    I don’t know if I will ever do one of those media recordings though . You see , I have a problem with my appearance for such things . Notice my picture ? You only see my right arm . My left one is missing and my legs got cut off in a big buzz saw ! Ouch ! . . . -kidding


  24. Freethinkerinjah says:

    To DanielB, that is really great that you got to add humor and sounds like some artist skills in the mix, making that mural. The humor part is what really reminds me of what has been lost at meetings through out the years. I remember some brothers were so funny you could not wait till they gave their next talk. I remember the talks in the 70,s in Oregon, and it was so much fun during and after meetings as tons of the friends would go out for pizza and have great fellowship. I used to call it , entertaining ones in the truth. It was even fun out in service as quite a few of us would go over to drake park, in Bend, Or and have a blast at informal witnessing. We just enjoyed sharing with people what we learned about the bible and kept things light, and always added humor which was easy because we were not under any pressure to conform to how we should wittness. On another subject, I was checking out the format on this site, about the subject of the friends on this site to gather together and meet every one in person. Which I had thought about. But I got the impression that so many people are scattered so far with much distance in between., that a “family reunion” would be to difficult , but if that changes I think it would be fun and I would be up for it. Thankfully someday in the future we will all be herded in one big family again. Anyway thank you Dan for sharing those experiences and I think it’s a good thing to let others know how things were back then, and I am glad you have not lost your humor. Cheers!


  25. Ruth says:

    Bro jj.
    Im so happy we have two great sites. struggle and 21st century christians.
    Bro Ed has a heart of gold on 21cc. A really lovely young man. Loyal also.

    We do not all feel the same over some issues over there. But he is a fine brother who loves the father with all his heart mind and soul. His intentions were there long before he left here, as he had started the sight before he came on here.
    Bro Amos was one of his main writers. Which we all enjoyed his articles as well. Bro Dan also is very encouraging where ever he goes.
    Bro Ed also has audio right now and its very interesting regarding the Antichrist.
    But he certainly does not push it on anyone but hopes some may see what he says.
    l will not walk away from 21 cc but must stay to help and encourage.

    After all l see many changes in all of us over the year. So with that said we are all growing at different rates. Suppose thats why we cannot judge anyone. Its up to the father to teach us.

    JJ go have a listen. See what you think. ‘You do not have to agree. But could you please post what you do think.
    Bro Ed could use encouragement JJ.
    Please help this fine young man. He seems all alone these days because some will not tolerate his different views. Which most of us sisters there agree with?

    Sister Ruth.

    Lets help him further his love for truth.


    • JJ says:

      Ruth I am glad that you are active on both sites and I have love and admiration for Brother Ed, and have commented on the site a number of times, although it has been a while.

      The main reason is simply a function of time. I work, have children, my website and YouTube channel, and am going through a difficult litigation with my ex-wife.

      I wish I had more time to read / study /post / write / etc!!!!


  26. Ruth says:

    l understand Bro JJ.
    Perhaps when you get time you may take a quick peek.
    My heart is so grateful for your attitude to wards people realising we have to grow at our own rate. Thats something l have learnt from you kindness. Watching how you have delt with different situations and people.
    Otherwise l guess we would be in the hands of a cult leader which you are not! You area brother not afraid to stand for justice. You don’t even have need to feel right all the time.

    We can only show people what we learn and what happens in our lives. On the other hand no one makes people believe anything. The father and son are the ones who make us grow. He steers us to honest hearted people who are like minded and faithful to each other and to our Lord.

    JJ God our Father will bless you.


  27. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Ruth.
    I tried to look up the 21st century Christians site but not able to find it. I also would like to check out the audio
    On the Antichrist, because I am open to other peoples perspectives, but I need more info how to access site and audio. Thank you, your sis freethinkerinjah


  28. DanielB says:

    Freethinkerinjah , the site is 21st-century-christians.org . If you sign in there , you will be able to participate in the ” Fellowship and Study ” area , that is set up as a forum .

    I am in Canyonville Oregon , which is 98 miles north of the CA border on I-5 . I found a really good Foraging book today , since we may have to live in the literal wilderness before long . And the renowned author is an Oregonian ! Perhaps we will need to be concerned about our geographics , when the great tribulation gets well underway . If you are in Oregon now , then by all means stay in touch . Who knows . . . we may meet in person before the end of this system occurs .

    So . . .Howdy neighbor !

    In Christ ,

    bro dan


  29. Ruth says:

    Hi Freethinker.
    You should go straight there. They have a forum. But also on the front page you get a lot of information as well.

    http://www.21st-century-christians.org you will get there with this one.
    Bro Ed is a lovely person. if you read his posts to any of us, you see out father in his personality.
    Whens he is under attack he still behave beautifully but firm in what he says.

    Go hear his audios. And check the scriptures as well. “You may be surprised
    Hope you enjoy. Im ruth over there. There are others over there also from here..
    Well we are all on a learning curve. But if we remember its the Holy Spirit teaching us now, he will guide us. You will know in your heart what is right and wrong.
    You can print the talks out and follow the scriptures and see for yourself if its true. Bro Ed does not force anyone to believe what he has found out. We had to find it for ourselves 1st.

    sister Ruth


  30. Ruth says:

    Daniel! What a beautiful part of the world. Wish l could see it. I have traveled the USA for 6 weeks.
    Must say it was indeed beautiful. But l see your state is so beautiful.
    One day lm coming over to visit you all. Perhaps it may turn out l can bring you all here!!!

    Wouldn’t that be a miracle? ‘You will make us laugh for sure” SIS Ruth


  31. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Daniel! Thanks for the post.
    I forgot to mention that I live in Idaho now, but I am only 9 hours way from Bend Or,and it’s not to difficult to get rides with folks that go to Bend or beyond. So I am almost a neighbor. But I love Oregon, because of its beauty, and always thought of moving back to Bend someday. anyway I think it is a good thing to know our scattered family is. I have thought about that before tribulation thing, and that it would be good to know where The friends, are,for somehow that is a comfort for me. Be interesting how Jah works this out. So if I do head over to Oregon, I will for sure let you know. In the meantime I will be enjoying your shares! Your sis Freethinkerinjah


  32. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Ruth!
    Thank you for your share and suggestions. I’m going to check out the info this evening and maybe have some feedback. I ,always benefit from reading other people’s view points, because it always gets me to think outside the box, and triggers my thought process which often leads to some surprising ah-ha moments.
    I’ll be in touch. Your sis ,Freethinkerinjah.


  33. Ruth says:

    Please email me! truthistimeless@gmail.com
    Yes its good to see what others believe here. But remember its God that makes it grow.Study fro yourself.
    SIS ruth


  34. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Ruth
    I read bro Ed,s comments about the Antichrist etc, as well as many of the comments. Unfortunately, the audio did not work on my iPad. There is no doubt that bro Ed, had put a lot of time, and effort, and research in what he shared. Many of the things he brought have indeed come into my thoughts.
    I did get the mist of I, but honestly I got somewhat tangled up in the parts on dates, numbers, and long explanations, which that is no fault of bro Ed, I just have a short attention span when it comes to “date facts”.
    His explanations have inspired some thoughts and questions, and sometimes I get a delayed reaction that sheds more light on the subject, another clue that adds up.
    But, whatever I lack in understanding on a particular scripture, there is one thing that I fully understand.
    Jehovah is the almighty God, and Jesus is my mediator and prayer works for me. This is not to in any way diminish further understanding of things harder to understand, rather, so I personally do not get too bothered, because I don’t have a 100 percent understanding, I always have the basic truths, which I think relying on Jehovah daily , is one truth I can totally understand in simplicity. It is the only one truth, that has saved my life up to this present day. anyway, thank you for telling me about the 21st century Christians, because I am always up for gathering in more info. Everyone has something to add to the wealth of knowledge out there, and I realize that much of the understanding of scriptures came by other’s take on it.
    It’s all good, even the ones who debate which interpretation is correct. What I really appriciate is the freeness of speech we have on these sites, and for the most part, shares have been honest,polite and non-judgemental. the rare shares that get judgemental, I fast-forward, cause I got that freedom also. please recommend any more resources that that you feel would be a benefit .
    On the subject of emailing you, did you direct that to me? If so, I still not set up to email, as I don’t have one yet, had failed attempts at this, as I have only be using pc and iPad for a short time. I used my friends email to post shares. But I let you know when I get it all figured out. Agape your sis freethinker


  35. Ruth says:

    Yes please email me Free thinker. l would love to talk with you. What country are you in?
    l am in Australia.
    Im just like you still leaning. Sometimes l change my mind when l find things different to what l originally thought.
    But thats a part of learning l guess. No one can rush us to there way of thinking.
    We must be led by the holy spirit. Its great to listen, but we do not have to agree. And no one should tell us otherwise.
    All will sooner or later fall into place for us all who belong to him. All in the churches and religion that confess Jesus have been called! But only a few will come out and follow him.
    The simple gospel is the impotent thing. Knowing Jesus is our only authority now is a must! After all! He is the way the truth and the life, no one goes to the father except through him. John 14:6
    Yet bible prophecy is good to learn. Hard sometimes.

    Well no more religion. Its me my brothers sisters and Jesus who will always be here for us.
    sister Ruth csaba@ patricia crazy ah!


  36. Ruth says:

    Yes please bro dan. l would love to hear what you have to say on audio. have a giggle also.
    quote JJ to Bro Dan.
    JJ says:
    September 19, 2012 at 11:22 am
    I would have loved to have seen your talks Brother Dan.

    Why not do one this this week and put it on YouTube? It can be on anything you want now!


  37. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Ruth!
    Looks like I’m not the only one who stays up to the wee hours of the night, cause your time of posting seems early. What’s the hours of difference between Idaho and Australia? Anyway, I would love to email you, but I got to see if it is ok to use my friends email till I get my own. Honestly, I have put off getting my email, cause it was a pain in the neck to figure out the account to get one. When it comes to pc, I get confused easily. Also I am a little scimish about getting my email out there in siyper space. I,m just weird that way. Anyway, I enjoy your comments and all others. It’s like getting a special letter every day from friends. Gotta love it. Cheers!
    Your sis that freethinker.


  38. DanielB says:

    It looks like 8 hours difference from Eastern Australia to Idaho on my time zone map . Also , the International dateline is in between .

    Also , on another point , the Love that is so apparent on Bro Ed’s site is outstanding !

    bro dan


  39. Freethinkerinjah says:

    I agree Daniel, I can tell that bro. Ed is a very caring person and his heart is there and he really wants to help many in the spritit of love. He reminds me of a brother , Clark, who was of the anointed class. I met him in the 60’s when I lived in California.. His Christlike kindness has left its mark on my heart through out all these years, and had often wondered if the GB, elders and others were like that, the struggle,the pain, the hurt, would not be experienced by so many now. But there is a reason for every thing, and feel from my heart, Jehovah is allowing the scattering of the sheep, to teach us all to rely solely on Jehovah, and to have doubt as to who is our real Shepard, as it is Jehovah that knows how to save, and no other. My years of isolation, pain, doubt that I went through, taught me that Jehovah was the true God. when I had no one to talk to , the natural progression, was to talk to Jehovah, which was difficult at first, because I had put elders, the organization, the Gb ahead of Jehovah, and did not even know it. I did not have a greater relationship with Jehovah. I also made amends to Jehovah for putting all others ahead of him. Since then I have a sustainable prayerful relationship with Jehovah without the crippling effects of relying on man. And realize because of Christ, I have freeness of speech to Jehovah. I am never alone, and not depended on anyone, only view my brothers and sisters in a balanced light of loving support, and know what is of man and what is of Jehovah.
    But it is always a welcoming thing to have kind, loving individuals that love Jehovah, as encouragement for many. I have found that on this site, and consider this gathering, a blessing from Jehovah. Thank you Daniel, and all the others for expressing your heart on matters of the heart.
    Thanks Daniel for the heads up on the time zone
    Your sis in the truth, freethinker.


  40. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Correction: I meant to say” Have NO doubt to who our true sherphard, Jehovah is. Oops!


  41. Ruth says:

    How wonderful it is now we can give Jesus alone the credit for looking after the true sheep.
    All authority has been given to him by our dear Father. l can see he is doing a MIGHTY job bringing the sheep fold to gether. ‘How he looks after us singles is amazing.
    Many are coming to him from the w/tower and there whole families are still inside. They have it so hard.
    Bro JJ at the moment is going through the ringer and needs our Prayer and support.
    Lets all think about others instead of ourselves.
    Love you Daniel and Freethinker.


  42. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear Ruth,
    I’m with you in agreement about Christ as our sherphard. For me it took going through the ringer to really “get” what Christ talked about in regards to hired men as shepards, and the contrast of how kind and loving Christ is. This is becoming more evident as more beaten up sheep stray into christ’s care. I have no doubt that JJ will get through this with Jehovah’ help and Christ. And yes this is a great opportunity to express our concern for JJ in our prayers. Out of my own experience, I seen how prayer works. I don’t guestion it any more. you are all in my thoughts and prayers
    Jah love!


  43. Ruth says:

    Thank you darling sister.
    Very happy you are with us. May our Lord Yeshua guide and direct all your paths.
    have you been on this Forum yet? Very interesting.
    Meet many more Jehovah has delivered form theTower of destruction in to the arms of his Loving son to care and provide all we need.


  44. jacqueline says:

    Hi Eric, I don’t know if you have had this meeting with the elders yet. It is your personal decision to meet with them and I respect that. If you have not attended a meeting in one year you are not a JW an therefore have no obligation to meet with these men. That might be something you want to think about. Agape love involves love for oneself also, doing what will help you.
    If you don’t attend what will happen? If you attend, what will happen? The same result! I would not sit down in the company of wicked men that are trying to do me harm. But that is me. I am not protected from their coming after me if they feel the Bible gives them authority. The restraining order I have against them should not prevent them from DFing me. They don’t because they know I don’t fear them. I show I don’t by not buckling under them. They can’t summon a grown person to come meet before them. They are not the police. If this was me, I would go fishing on the day they were sitting waiting for me. If they read something from the platform about you it would noit be because of anything you said. Remember Jesus often never said a mumbling word. He answered a question with a question. I just hate to see a person bow to theses men and their little manmade kangeroo courts.
    But like I said it is your decision. I was just moved to give on emore commment and I mean no harm my dear Eric, just trying to spare you emotional damage. Those are just men. This not God’s court, go fishing.


  45. Ruth says:

    jacqueline l agree with you. l would not sit down with these men to bring more pain on my heart either. After all its a dead execution not from God. l resigned instead of going through that.

    They do not have the holy spirit. Some may be lovely brothers just being mislead.
    But then again I’m sure JJ knows this and perhaps takes the opportunity to give his finale witness to them.

    Who knows a sheep maybe in that meeting.
    It may click with one of them. l have a Dear friend who husband is an elder. Our Lord has brought real truth to her. Perhaps what she’s been saying will one day at the elders meeting by one being disfellowshiped ring true in his heart. perhaps just be the apple that breaks the camels back so to speak for him to get out and be free like JJ and us all free form the snares of any huge gather under mans ideas.
    After all Jesus says come to me. If 2 or more are gathered in my name l am with them no matter where they go.


  46. DanielB says:

    Also , there is “JJ’s” family to consider , which I am sure he is doing . Could things go better for them if he attends this meeting ?

    I wouldn’t go either now , except I would have a ton of Truth to prove out IF they had an ear for it . On second thought ; Nah ; guess I’d rather go fishing . . . .


  47. DanielB says:

    It might even be a better witness by in effect saying , ” Got no time for this . I have True Christianity to move on with . ”


  48. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Ruth
    I think I was the one you directed the question ,”did you check out the forum”?
    I have checked it out and still trying to check out all the bells and whistles, and it is very interesting. I did have a problem in trying to log in a comment. Something about by dob, was not accepted. I think it was because I am using my Friends email and did not reconize my dob as a match. At least I can post on this site.
    Anyway I’m glad your on board also! Love your shares and all the friend’s. Cheers!


  49. Ruth says:

    Can l please come fishing with you Guys? Now lets see. In your country or mine?
    Now getting back to serious things. Well Bro dan its takes real guts and courage to stand up and tell it how it really is!


  50. crossroad says:

    Please contact me ! I was born and raised a jw and since the age of 15 i never felt that this was the complete truth! Im married now with one child and started rearing my family in “the truth” but as time went by i soon noticed clearly that the organization is not truly united and i decided to leave the org. but i cant shake the feeling that my family and myself are going to die at judgement day please someone reach out to me i need guidance


  51. Freemann says:

    Crossroad have you read COC? Maybe a book on cult mind control with help you see why you feel the way you do about the JW’s and the fear of displeasing god with leaving them. Crossroads are you in CA?


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