Undercover video of yet another spiritual execution

Undercover video of yet another spiritual execution

As many of you that visit this site know, the Jehovah’s Witness religion does not allow people to have freedom of thought and belief. If a person changes their viewpoint and questions the JW hierarchy and leadership then they will be sanctioned. If a member adopts an “unacceptable” opinion or conviction and dares to speak of it, then the local religious leaders (called Elders) will come after them, using an iron fist in a velvet glove to bring them back in line. If that fails, then they will cut the person off and ostracize them before everyone, announcing them from a public pulpit as a satanic person, not fit for anyone in their club to associate with ever again.

And so now, for only the second time in the history of the Internet (that I know of!) we have a front row seat and a live video recording of another “Apostasy Trial” put on by the Jehovah’s Witness religion. This two-hour meeting revolves around a man named Isaac. His so-called sin is speaking out about the flaws and contradictions he has discovered through studious research into the religion of his birth. He is summoned to stand before a puritanical committee of three JW clergymen, without representation and without friends or witnesses to speak up in his behalf.

The Watchtower Corporation that controls this pseudo-religion does not want a stenographer, nor a camera, nor any other witnesses to this kangaroo court proceeding. They want no public record of what goes on. These three men act as judge, jury, and executioner and hold his “everlasting life” in their hands. If found guilty, then he will be spiritually executed and stoned for his “disobedient, rebellious acts” against the Watchtower organization’s strict dogma.

But the silver lining is that nearly 100,000 people each year fade away or are kicked out of the controlling religion. Ironically, this grants them opportunity to pursue freedom and clarity of thought. Isaac is now yet another person that has been freed from the religious bondage to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York!

This video is part 1 of a multi-part series covering just one of the thousands of these secret star chamber trials conducted by JW elders each year. We leave it to posterity and to each viewer to decide if these trials are appropriate and just.


Below are still frames from the video. More parts coming soon!

9grab_TV truck covering pedos

8grab_There are thousands of JWs that have had these problems

7grab_WT harbors pedos

6grab_GB says do not listen to apostate lies

5grab_Conscience bothered me

4grab_I researched 607

3grab_20yrs a WT Slave

2grab_I was a Slave

10_Not listen to apostates

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17 Comments on Apostasy Trial – Undercover spycam part 1

  1. Julian says:

    Damn! I heard that reasoning from other Romanian elders :) while I was preaching. Now I’m happily out, but that guy sound familiar, as if I heard him at a convention some time ago. Bittersweet memories


  2. Allan Fineberg says:

    announcing them from a public pulpit
    You mean denouncing, not announcing


  3. Josh says:

    I am currently transitioning out of Mormonism and I find this incredibly interesting how similar these “high-control groups” are. The idea that all apostates for contradicting ideas are of the devil, seems very prominent in both groups. I am currently being kicked out of my parents’ house. I know the severity of what Jehovah’s Witnesses go through, as far as shunning and shaming goes, is much greater than it is in Mormonism. with that said, I find great similarities within the disaffected of both groups. Being misunderstood is very common.
    Thank you for posting this video and making others aware.


  4. Brother Jeramy says:

    This is quite an inside look at a typical, though at the same time extraordinary, tribunal. The condescending demeanor of the brother to the left (outside of camera view) was particularly disturbing (and it was noticeable how a number of times the brother with the glasses, and at front view of the camera, gestured to him to simmer down). Though more disturbing is the total closed-mindedness of the three as a body.

    What strikes me as peculiar is that the information shared by the brother under trial should not be news to the elders in the room. The information is openly available and common knowledge, the majority of which can in fact be found in any well-stocked library at any Kingdom Hall. Yet they react as if they’d never heard any of it before.

    It tells me that a number of things could be at play: 1) they are each sincerely blinded by Watchtower Society indoctrination, or 2) they are each intentionally feigning ignorance of the facts for reasons only they would know, or 3) they each already have doubts because of the facts but are too frightened to speak of it openly in front of the other elders for fear that they may end up on the other side of the same tribunal.

    But overall theirs was an absolute failure to respond to the brother’s honest questions about the information he had in hand. It was a sad thing to see.

    The behavior displayed by the elders in the video is one example the many symptoms of systemic illness infecting the Family of brothers and sisters via the abuse of the Governing Body who is using its “shepherd’s staff” to beat the sheep.

    I’m convinced there’s a major shakeup coming. The frequency at which doctrines and insights are being revised has increased wildly. Having watched this trend unfold for years, and though it doesn’t seem like it, it’s abundantly clear to me that the Watchtower Society is in fact losing its abusive grip over the Family, and under pressures that cannot be sustained for much longer. It’s only a matter of time now before the Watchtower Society’s control collapses.


  5. Tinaafranc says:

    It’s ridiculous to go into apostasy trial especially if it ain’t that serious frankly I would ignore them and remain cold especially when someone is not willing to listen to what I need to say or even try to understand for real not everyone wants to understand, when some people didn’t want to understand Jesus well he simply back off and left them alone like a gentlemen???why call you into the interrogation room if there was no serious sins or wrongdoing???I would not go, I would tell them they are not God in their face and that I have not done anything wrong before Jehovah and that they call the police for me if they want too but ain’t coming into interrogation room. Why should/would you give so much powers to those elders that kind of power only rightfully belong to Jehovah PERIOD. I am no way by mean a JW there would be time I would ignore/not answering any calls because It was not that serious and to be honest my JW friends did not like that attitude from me when I would ignore and refuse to give them power,I had to learn the hard way dear brother when you give humans so much power they will try to manipulate you by trying to make you feel guilty like you’re the most evil person on earth when in fact Jehovah sees you differently sure respect them but don’t aloow those brothers of yours to make you feel guilty for being you:)!


  6. Tinaafranc says:

    In the interrogation room did those brothers even bother to ask you about your personal relationship with Jehovah? did those brothers show any worries about your personal relationship to God I mean did it matters to them?!Many of those brothers could be so worried about the organization and preaching/sacrifices sure it’s good to worry about that but personal relationship to Jehovah and caring/obeying is important to Jehovah and people need that in order to get saved if not everything else falls down than a bunch of sacrifices. Many people has hung up or close the doors in many JW faces because when those people try to show them something or ask them a questions that they are unsure of by just using a regular Bible that’s not from the watchtower those JW sisters/brothers act rude/filled with pride telling the person in a rude manner like a KNOWITAll that they won’t use a Bible that’s not from the watchtower well what will/or happen is that the person close the door in their faces and move on to their lives and families/important matters since they are not the ones who provides for them which is Firstly Jehovah :)! well enough chatting. Take it easy brother


  7. Mercedes Rossell says:

    Was disfellowshipped in1988. Was free but felt guilty. It took years for a loving God to get through to me. God is love pure and simple. He does not need anything from us but he loves having a relationship. He didn’t send men out to war to spill blood. He does not hate anything like the scripture says. You can’t be a pure source of love and hate at the same time. Impossible. God can’t be jealous. He is sufficient and has everything in perfection. Jealousy is a flaw. The bible is not all Gods word. Anything put in with a jealous angry God was put in to promote fear. Mans interpretation of God in the very beginning before the biblical times was the weather. If there were storms and thunder, God is angry. After that in order to control the masses was the “angry God” preaching. We are here to learn to love each other and get close to God. Not by religious cult teaching but by love. We are going to be surprised when we die and see who is on the other side. God does notcare how you get to the light. He cares about love only. He does not need obedience. There are too many cultures and countries. Aside from the cults they all believe in one God.


  8. Scott says:

    I was raised a JW,my family are JW’s..I am not anymore nor have I been for some time..This is bullshit…If you aren’t happy,just leave.Nobody is forcing anyone to stay.They don’t just willy billy disfellowship people…Only the unrepentant..I don’t have a dog in this hunt,but you are misleading people…


  9. Selena says:

    I have family that are mostly JW. I have been going to the meetings on and off for sad to say yrs but have never been baptized. The lady and I will also say friend I have been studying with since last Oct just cut me off out of know where. She was at my house last week for dinner…I feel saddened and was just looking and found this site looking for answers. I don’t Understand what I did or did not do. Ive prayed about it…I FEEL LOST!!


  10. Loretta says:

    the end was supposed to come before I graduated. I now have grandchildren in school.


  11. frank says:

    Hi Eric. Can you tell me if you have finished with posting on this site, please? I come back every day hoping there will be something else – but nothing!

    Your last effort was April 13. Today is August 17.



  12. frank says:

    Would you like to post some thoughts, for instance, on the Australian Commission. There is a gold mine there of religious hypocrisy.


  13. jimmyG says:

    Hi Frank. It appears that Eric ‘has left the building’. It would be good to get things going again on this site, like it used to be. To start things off, I have made a comment regarding the Australian Commission. Hopefully others will join in.
    The link for the transcript of the testimony that Geoffrey Jackson gave to the Australian Royal Commission on Institutional child abuse is:



  14. frank says:

    Yes, Jimmy, in the past, Eric has provided a great forum for others to comment. This is so important for mental and emotional health, especially for those in need to be in good company with those who are attempting to leave the Corporation.

    Obviously child abuse is a canker sore that needs lancing. We do need to say ‘our piece’ so as to resolve the collective angst that has grown over human history.


  15. A Man For All Seasons says:

    Hi Frank & Jimmy,

    I’m attempting to post this message as a test to see if it will indeed post. Made some comments to the thread where you are discussing the ARC and Jackson’s testimony, but they have not posted.

    Looking forward to joining the discussion.

    All the best,

    A Man For All Seasons

    “But do most people carefully analyze the real issues involved….? Or do they just accept what they are told?” ~ Awake 2000, 6/22, pg.6 par.10

    “A simple man believes every word he hears; a clever man understands the need for proof.” (Prov. 14:15 The New English Bible)


  16. A Man For All Seasons says:

    Ok. My comment posted successfully this time. So, I will attempt to re-post my comments on the “Watchtower, God’s Sole Channel of Communication on Earth?” thread.

    A Man For All Seasons


  17. danielB says:

    Emailing to this site gets through to Eric . Saw him at Tahoe a couple months ago & he told me that he is busy with other things . . some online , and spending time with new & recovered personal family . Just send him an email & no doubt he will soon get back with us here some . He also works long days at work . Good guy Eric . . .


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