We can reach ever-higher peaks and plateaus after leaving the cult of Watchtower!

It’s been a few months since I’ve written a new post here. I started the blog in September of 2010 while I was in the midst of a spiritual crisis and had only recently learned The Truth About The Truth. (TTATT) I wrote something nearly every day for quite a while. I felt that I needed to do it. I had to get it off my chest and figure it all out!1 But now nearly four years later some three months have passed and nothing new has been published on the blog until today. Be assured I am doing well and am not laying in a ditch somewhere. In fact I’m doing better all the time; so much so that I am following the crazy world of Watchtower less and less these days. I no longer compulsively download and skim all the Watchtower Magazines off their official website Nor can I even hope keep up anymore with the amazing array of videos found on YouTube and Vimeo about the Jehovah’s Witness religion and the impressions of the thousands of disillusioned members. That’s part of the arc that many of us that escape cult-like groups travel; there’s nothing wrong with a declining interest in the religion we have escaped, rather it is a sign of a healthy recovery. A psychologist gave a lecture at my place of work a couple months ago and he talked about cognitive dissonance, a term that many of us are quite familiar with. After his lecture I told him a brief version of my story, and he was quite positive in his comments. As a parting word he reminded me that its “only been a few years” since I got out of a high control group and that I needed to continue to work on deprogramming myself. This was good advice in my mind and I appreciated the admonition to keep working on my clarity and critical thinking.

Before I go on I would like to talk about what I mean when I say “Follow Your Arc”. It is a phrase that I used quite a while ago here on the blog and also in an online video on this topic.2 It is not an often used expression in fact after doing several internet searches I found that it can’t really be found as a commonly used phrase at all. Perhaps it is because our situation is so unique in how we have escaped a mind-controlling cult. At any rate “following your arc” to me means that we all have a natural progression and evolution to our minds when it pertains to emotional and spiritual maturity. This path is not necessarily a straight line, but it is also not a meandering, backwards-traveling journey either. The definition or the word “arc” is helpful to describe this:


Since an arc is a part of the circle that describes our life, and the part of our life that begins when we leave the Jehovah’s Witness mindset and culture it is therefore an important section encompassing our personal growth and movement towards fulfillment.

So there’s several reasons why I haven’t posted on for awhile. I have a fulltime job, children, etc. But in the end the reasons why don’t really even matter. Folks don’t want excuses; they just want new articles! And that’s okay, as I like reading new articles myself and the internet is full of new and old cult escapees, writing and blogging and making webcam videos talking about their experiences and feelings after leaving. Getting feedback and hearing the many amazing stories of the people that have escaped Watchtower like me and so many others is quite gratifying. That’s been a focus of mine on my video channel a lot lately. So many great stories to be told, and so little time!3

As a result I have been learning more about myself lately, and the arc that I’m personally traveling. I feel that God has a plan for me and he has a plan for you. And we have the free will to decide if we want to go along with it or if we just flat out want to go another route. Jesus said this in John 8:32:

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

As we travel that arc out of Watchtower, we figure out what out these truths are to us. Recently when my children and I went to a local church service I realized something significant to me I would like to relate. The music service before the main sermon was lovely and heartfelt, with a gifted band of men and women playing violin, acoustic and electric guitar, piano and drums. It was uplifting to me and many of the several hundred other folks in attendance by the looks of many. The Pastor’s sermon after that was positive and he was friendly and joyful in his delivery. It was easily comparable to a typical circuit overseer talk given when I was still a Kingdom Hall attender. (Although I did not have to dress up in an uncomfortable suit and tie!) He used humor quite well, and kept the attention of the audience as he covered material about the story of Moses and the Israelites. While listening to the sermon I couldn’t help but think about all the times that I heard similar coverage of this account when I attended the Kingdom Hall or when I prepared the many parts that I had delivered over the years that I was a Ministerial servant and an elder.4  Was I there that morning at church out of compulsion? Not in the slightest. Was I there for appearances? Not even a little. This struck me quite a bit, because it is such a stark contrast to my years attending the JW meetings! Countless times I was there out of guilt, compulsion, appearances, obligation, etc.  Now I attend when I want to. Sometimes the family just takes a picnic or a hike and talks about God, creation, nature, science and other important topics along the way. We may read a section of scripture as well. But the beauty is that we do it purely when we want to. There is no fear of death at Armageddon, no worry about what the other publishers or the Elders will say. That is true freedom!

Maintaining a blog serves a purpose

Which brings us back to this blog and why I started it. As mentioned at the beginning of the article this place was started by myself for a reason. It was personal therapy, journaling, my way of coping with the crumbling faith of a religious deception I had fallen prey to. Helping others came later. It has been a wonderful experience and I am so blessed to have been able to meet such great folks from all over the world and make an impact and difference in these good people’s lives! In the three months since I have not written an article on the JWStruggle blog I have published about 12 new online videos, which have received about 40,000 views.

I made these videos because I wanted to help myself and others continue to work out the cobwebs from our minds. I didn’t make them because I had too. And that is very gratifying section of “following my arc”. Will I still be making these videos ten years from now? Or even four or five? I feel in my heart no. Will I still have a burning need to write blog articles at that time as well?  I don’t know. But for now I’m still going strong, as I can and have the need and desire; and that too is part of my personal arc.



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Notes and References:
1. I cannot remember exactly when I first heard the phrase “The Truth About The Truth”  however it was early on in my research. After doing some searching the phase can be found as early as 2007 on the internet. Myself and many other JWstrugglers out there have certainly helped popularize the expression and we are glad to have been able to help get out to the many millions of former Jehovah’s Witnesses what TTATT means in these last four years! 
2. The video is entitled: “Follow Your Arc! For fading and former Jehovah’s Witnesses to ponder” and it can be found here:

3. I have been interviewing folks that have left the Watchtower and moved on to bigger and better things a lot lately, and have made a number of these available online on my video channel here: 
4. I once estimated that I gave easily over 2,000 parts during the 20 years I was a Jehovah’s Witness Ministerial Servant and then Elder.

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38 Comments on Following My Arc

  1. Frank says:

    Hi JJ. Every story must have its end, but it is a pity that talents like you must lessen their help to those who wish to avoid the pitfalls common to those who want to realign their spiritual thinking.

    I hope your site doesn’t disappear. was a site I regularly contributed essays, articles, and Judicial transcripts to. Sadly it’s all gone! I have no idea why and though I have the personal contact of the proprietor, he will not (or cannot) answer me.

    We are not rebels, merely those who refuse to comply with teachings our conscience rejects. Unfortunately, trying to ‘herd’ such people is like herding cats! We all have our own ideas but are not organised or clear in our goals. This is where the WTBTS has us at an advantage.

    If you do decide to ‘move on’ JJ, I want to express my thanks for having a haven to express my grievances and wish you well. More importantly, I hope this channel (can I use that word?) remains open for further evolution. But you must do what your arc tells you.



    • JJ says:


      This site will certainly NOT disappear until all these things come to pass. Lol okay well it will stay up as long I’m stomping around on God’s green earth don’t worry about that.

      Your thanks are appreciated as are the countless others that have messaged me over these last few years. I just chatted with a lady that escaped several years ago and she compared it to a hobby and I think that is fitting. There are so many things that we all want do and have to do, so as time allows my videos and articles here will continue.


  2. Wakeupwitness says:

    The best thing to do is move on. Folks like Rick Fearon keep going like an Energizer Bunny regarding JW and Watchtower stuff. It gets to a point where a person has to , “move on already!” Grant it, I was obsessed with finding every piece of dirt and even had a YouTube channel “wakeupwitness”. My first videos were titled “the Truth about The Truth”. So it could be possible this is where TTATT came from. Me personally, I have moved on.


  3. Frank says:

    I got to feeling that Fearon was being eaten up by his need to retaliate. I admired his defence though in his judicial hearing. He is an intelligent man, but somewhat single-minded.

    What I am suggesting is a balance between life outside religion and seeing sites such as this as a healthy hobby mixed with the understanding that help can be given, much like running a support-group.

    I think JJ has moved on too merely by reducing the time he uses on his ‘hobby.’

    Has anyone got any ideas how to rid onself of the idea and existence of God?




  4. Wakeupwitness says:

    When a JW friend challenged me to prove him wrong about 1975 (a discussion in which I won in a landslide), it started me on a journey where I was obsessed. I bought every book from eBay and amazon. Don Camerons book helped me the most as did Ray Franzs books. I printed out so much stuff. I was challenging my JW friends to discussions. I was even sharing the stuff with my witness family members. This all started about 10yrs ago. For about the past 2 yrs I have slacked off and moved on. I have put 30yrs of being a JW behind me. My wife and I are happy. We have normal life with Christmas and birthdays with our two kids. Grant it, the elders called and wanted to have a judicial committee meeting with me (that was back in September 2013). I never heard anymore from them….which is odd. Oh well, life goes on for me as a happy faded witness. I still wonder though what became of the judicial meeting…I never got anymore calls or any letters. Maybe they figured it was a waste and lost cause.


  5. Serein says:

    Hi JJ iv been on this arc for near on 6 years now,in the beginning I needed the support of others going through the same this site helped me get through it,I hope it stays to help others. As time passes its true I don’t look for all the jw stuff anymore to find out why they are wrong,I just look for friendship wile on my path my arc ,I used to be scared of the brothers if they saw me or came to my house,but now I’m not I. Free, in fact a brother came today to pass an invitation to the memorial, I took it said thank you,dosnt mean I’m going but now I feel its up to me wether I do or I don’t, I don’t feel pressured , I’m going to be celebrating at home. I do feel thoe that becoming a Jehovah’s Witness helped me on my path of life and althoe I’m not one any longer I feel happy that I had the experience, I’m sad I can’t find a church or place were people just go to be happy and worship god with out pressures,were I live there isn’t any place I can just walk in and sit they’ll pounce on me to join them.


    • JJ says:

      Ms Serien thank you for mentioning your arc you have contributed so much to JWStruggle over the last few years!

      Its amazing how we feel as time goes on about this religion and what we learned from it.


  6. rupunzelsawake says:

    Thanks for this article JJ. We are all on our own arcs! At some point we should all be able to move ahead..onwards and upwards! That is something to celebrate! (For some reason I have that song going through my head..”Gotta wash that man right out of my hair…”…except it’s “Watchtower’ not “man”!!) There will always be more coming out of WT to fill the void, to start new youtbe channels, new forums, etc. Kind of like passing the batton in a relay race!! This site already has an existing wealth of information on it which continues to be useful and informative. I haven’t read every article yet myself. I have been really enjoying your interviews on youtube and I very much appreciate the time and effort you put into doing these. There is a lot of activity on facebook as well with new members joining the group in the hundreds, weekly it seems!


  7. Les Hoy says:

    JJ, your experience has been a great help to many!!
    I am not an ex jw but am in a struggle with someone i Love who is, which has brought me to study this religious cult and man made doctrines …
    I hope as time goes on you will continue to use what God has given you to minister to others and at the same time enjoy and realise more of the freedom that is found only in Jesus Christ.
    God bless you brother for your courage.


  8. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi JJ
    I so get your article and had a feeling you were healing from your long pause. I went through a similar process of writing, telling others of my stories of being in the cult, the anger, many emotions and so on. As I healed, I naturally got more involved in my own recovery and developed a relationship with my HP which is still is Jahway(Jah’s way). Anyway any type of grieving always involves a process unique to each individual , and today I truly have the gift of freedom of worship, free from fear, man-made laws, guilt, oppression , anxieties , and from others telling me their definition of what is God’s will for me. Today I am zealous with the spirit of God and being the living wittness from just being and I am a wittness of God’s love for me as well as all a wittness of God’s love towards other fellow humans. Paradise truly starts when God’s love meets a human heart! I an so happy that you are free JJ, and thank you for all your stories of your own hope, and experiences, and strength , that have helped me so much on my own journey on the arc over many waters!
    Blessings coming more your way!


  9. Tim says:

    I just wanted to type a few words of thankfulness to those who blog and comment on this site. I have never commented in a public forum such as this(probably due to the sense of guilt that at times still overwhelms me)but please know there are those of us out there that read and follow these types of sites because it gives a sense of community. I have been a disassociated witness for just over ten years, this was forced upon me due to the fact I was divorcing an elders daughter. It was my choice to divorce and so, at the time seemed logical to disassociate rather than be dis fellow-shipped.(which was the choice I was given)My mother is still an active witness and our once very close relationship has suffered greatly. Although we do talk now, after a considerable time that we didn’t, there is a wall that I don’t think will ever come down. Although I have found great peace in my life outside the JW organization(business)I don’t think I will have true peace until my mother comes to terms with my decision to leave the JWs or until unfortunately she passes from this life. PLEASE keep posting and blogging! It helps knowing that their are those out there that are going through the same things and having the same struggles!!


  10. Frank says:

    Hi Tim. Thanks for commenting. I come here because people raise interesting issues.

    If it’s not too private, can you connect the ideas that you divorced and disassociated yourself? Why were both necessary?

    I’m also interested that your mother now speaks to you. This must either be only for necessary matters or your mother keeps her relationship with you a secret (or private as reason demands) as such relationships are not only discouraged, but someone who persists with keeping up such a relationship can themselves be disfellowshipped under present paradigms.

    Just tell me to mind my own business if you don’t wish to answer.




  11. GeeGee says:

    Hi JJ. Wow! Amazing story. I am a non-witness among a very large JW family. My mother (non-witness) has 6 JW siblings and I’ve spent my entire life praying for my cousins and aunts and uncles to find the courage to take a small, teeny tiny peek at how a community of faith works, lives, and breathes outside of the JW world. I spent my entire life trying to find a way in which our family can co-exist. It is a huge challenge which sadly involves non-witnesses members making concessions to allow inclusiveness and togetherness where our JW family makes none. Although I am a non-witness I too have suffered through years of exclusion from family gatherings, pain and disrespect and absolute judgment from my family…Always being made to feel I am “less than”. I’ve have attended many meetings at several kingdom halls and have tried my best to keep the peace but it is hard…oh so hard to be insulted in every direction. I applaud you and I am inspired to remain hopeful for my own family. I encourage you to live your dreams because that is what God intends for all his children (all of which whom are children of God). You’ve come so far and I pray you go even deeper. I am happy to share that one of my cousins (after 8 years of the pangs of dis-fellowship) has finally found her new place in the Christian community and her quest for God is insatiable. She is no longer confined to the limitations of the JW ideologies. She has found her God of unlimited power, unlimited love and mercy and FORGIVENESS (not judgment). This site is oh so necessary and I thank you!!


  12. CAMELOT says:

    I wish you all the best as you continue on this journey in life. This was the first site I connected with when I DA’d myself 3 years ago this month. Was very helpful. I think for many like myself you are so shocked when you find out the truth about the truth. I never wanted out but I knew this organization had cult mentality. Leaving hurt me bc my daughter and son in law would and did shun me. At first you want to read everything. Then you want to do your part to help others. But at some point down the road you will find yourself healing from the trauma of it all. I have a relationship with my Heavenly Father and I acknowledge Jesus Christ as my savior. No church membership but I am open to it. I made a handful of videos in case someone out there related to my story. Sigh, I too have moved on. I am seldom on Youtube. I want to live out my days doing what I can to be good human being who looks on the bright side of life. Living the best way I can to be happy and make others happy too. It’s been 3 years now so, I wanted to say good-bye to you and tell you I will always think fondly of you and this site for the help it gave me. God Bless!


  13. RickyG1978 says:

    Hello all,
    First time commenter and new to this website. I have recently just begun to scratch the surface about TTATT. I am horrified, sick to my stomach, and angry. I don’t feel like I have a heart inside my body any longer and I have been unable to sleep at night for the last 3 days since I have started digging.

    Yesterday, at dinner, we made plans as a family to break our family piggy bank on the last day of the school to buy season passes to a water park. My 7 year old son was elated and my 4 year old daughter cried out: Let’s give it to Jehovah! Last week, I would have shared my wife’s feelings and shed a tear of joy that our hard work is paying off and our seeds are landing on fertile soil. This week, I had to smile and pretend that I didn’t feel nauseous. I had to end the best part of my day early – eating dinner with my family.

    I am at a crossroads right now, as probably the majority of visitors on this have already gone through. I have a part on the service meeting tomorrow and a public talk in 3 weeks. I don’t think I can even carry out those assignments right now. I think with more digging and research I will be onboard with disassociating myself.

    But the thing that terrifies me is how my wife and kids are going to react. I do plan on telling my wife everything I’ve learned. We tell each other everything. She noticed that I was not myself yesterday. I was not ready to talk about anything with her but I just had to tell her a snippet, that I found out about the Candice Conti case, that I feel it’s wrong not to report these matters to the police, and that the organization should be notifying us that millions of donated funds are being used to pay child abuse settlements/fines, either thru the website or in a letter to the congregations. My wife immediately told me what every faithful witness would do, saying we don’t know the whole story, only Jehovah does, and explaining how child abuse happened in a congregation of one our close friends and that Jehovah took care of it.

    I don’t think I can leave the organization if we don’t do it as a family. I can deal with my family shunning me, I’ve been disfellowshipped twice before I was married. But now I’ll be affecting 3 of my closest relatives, my wife and 2 kids which I love with all my soul, only second to my God Jehovah.

    JWStruggle is very much an appropriate name for this website. Although I feel much mixed emotions right now, I really do appreciate all the information I have read on this and other website like this.


  14. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear RickyG1978
    Hang in there!
    Our prayers are with you. Ask Jehovah to help you lead you out of the wilderness. Remember what Christ said about leaving sons, daughters, wives, brothers etc, for the sake of his name? We will be tested. Jehovah will help, you will one day understand all of this, don’t give up. I disassociated in 2007, still love Jehovah and Christ and all the real truth intact plus the TATT! So worth it!


  15. JimmyG says:

    Ricky. I suggest you take a deep breath. At the start, it can all seem too much. First step, if I were you, I’d bail out of doing those meeting assignments- make up a story if you have to.

    I’m in the same boat as you, with my wife and 2 children (older than yours though) in the org. I was an elder for 13 yrs. I started my exit almost 3 years ago. For the sake of my family, I have faded and while it was hard at the start, everyone is used to the situation now. It takes time. I suggest you think very carefully before disassociating yourself.

    Hang in there. You are not alone.


  16. Frank says:

    Hi Ricky. Yes, the trick is not to pre-empt anything or react emotionally, especially when there is still much more to learn about TTATT. It is only when we can stand outside our present situation to view it objectively that our future plans are made clearer.

    The fact is that there is no easy way out of the lattice that organised religion deliberately creates for its adherents. That’s what organising and structuring faith is about.

    Every blood member of my family, all once active Witnesses, have now faded successfully. Time is the healer. Though your family will not understand, get ‘righteously’ angry, and even may want to imitate you, the fact is, that unless you’re sure that the WT is truly carrying out divine orders to the same degree that the organisation claims it does, you may wish, at least presently, to put distance between the two.

    If you would like advice about how the judicial system works, I have personally transcribed at least three cases and am aware of the psychological and emotional tools that are used to enforce unity.

    One final point, Ricky. Please be wise if you choose to bring out the ‘secret things of the heart’ with TWO elders present. Become aware of why certain ‘theocratic’ arrangements are made (the word ‘theocratic’ is not found in the Bible).



  17. Frank says:

    One final point, Ricky. Please be wise if you choose to bring out the ‘secret things of the heart’ with TWO elders present. Become aware of why certain ‘theocratic’ arrangements are made (the word ‘theocratic’ is not found in the Bible).


  18. becca1976 says:

    Hi This is the first time that I have commented on this site although I have been looking at it for the last few months. I live in the UK and after 38 years being a witness a regular pioneer for 6 years and some missionary work, 10 months ago I became inactive and withdrew from the meetings. Mostly this was because I was in a marriage filled with domestic violence and 1 year ago we separated. I have felt torn by my allegiance to marriage vows and the sanctity of marriage and my own safety. I got no support from the elders and even faced reproof for separating. I had the normal conditions applied… no answering at meeting or giving talks (oh well) and I just felt that appearances rather than facts resulted in how I was treated.

    Now having been away for a while I am struggling with praying because I still hold in my head that because Im not attending or active witness that my prayers will not be heard by Jehovah. I am trying to convince myself this isn’t the case but I cannot shake it. Can anyone offer some advice?


  19. Phillips says:

    God is Love, I and the Father are one, If you have seen me you have seen the Father, I AM the way the truth and the life. I am the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep, my sheep know my voice…In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God….It has all been staring you in the face brothers and sisters….if you simply read what is there. My advice….get a King James Version if you can’t feel you trust the NIV…..or an NAB….or the english translation of the Latin Vulgate, I remember the WT using that on occasion in support. God used a horrible experience in my life to save me…keep praying for the whole truth. May the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you…keep seeking and you shall find, “someone,” is looking out for you too and yes it is Yeshua, Jesus. He has begun a good work in you and he is faithful to finish what he has begun…be not afraid.


  20. FitnessChick says:

    Hi, I’m new to this site, hello to everyone. I am two years into my struggle, been a witness since the 80’s and have recently DA’d myself in the last couple of months since finding out ttatt. Question? What has everyone done with their tons of literature????? I can’t even stand to look at it anymore. I have about 15 years worth! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


    • JJ says:

      Hello Fitness chick! Some have had an “unbaptism ceremony” where they gather a few friends or just go somewhere and dump or burn the Washtowel literature and make this symbolic step to further freedom!

      Good luck and continued success on your exciting journey Sis. BTW, I recently saw a shrink-wrapped gray New World Translation bible in a thrift store for two dollars LOL! Such a pile of garbage spewed out by The Watchtower Global Corporations to sell their strange brand of religion…


      • danielB says:

        Personally , FitnessChick , I have actually dropped in to a few congregations incognito to replace a few of their books that I had left behind . I left the ORG and separated from my wife at the same time . So the ones that I went back for are “Insight on the Scriptures” , “All Scripture is Inspired . .” , NWT’s “Comprehensive Concordance” , the “Interlinear” & a large print NWT . Of course I don’t believe every word as we were spoon-fed , but occasionally they feature some useful information . I had one heck of a library to leave behind . I also have that little book on Daniel , but I think that’s one to toss on the pile that JJ refers to . . :)


  21. FitnessChick says:

    Thanks JJ and DanielB for your replies. I thought about just leaving the boxes full of literature at the door of my old KH, lol. But then I thought they might put the pieces together and contact me for a sheparding call which I have no intention of participating in. I had a real sobering thought this morning and that thought was that I will actually grow old in this system of things! Its like it hit me all of a sudden. The veil is off completely now thanks to sites like this and videos from Cuckoo4the truth, The Truth Warrior, Israel Gonzales etc. I started out skeptical watching the videos but I have yet to find anyone that is not truly hurting and broken and feeling completely betrayed by the WTBTS including myself. I never really had friends in the truth because I was never in the cliques. But now I am in a different kind of clique and it took leaving the truth (I no longer capitalize it) lol, to find where I belong. Thanks to all of you. You may not know who we are but we know and appreciate who you are. A voice for those who can’t speak.


  22. Frank says:

    Hi FitnessChick. You have been bold in thinking about the veracity of what you are doing. Tell me, why do you use the word ‘truth,’ capitalised or not? This is common and a puzzle to me among those awakening. At best, only some truth can be attributed to WTBTS. This is common to all things.


  23. FitnessChick says:

    Hi Frank, as Witnesses we are taught that the WTBTS is the only one teaching the “Truth” out of all the religions out there. Anything that is not taught by the witnesses is a lie according to them and we have the only truth. So hence being a Witness, you grow up being in “The Truth”. Of course now I know it was not the truth all along which is where the profound feeling of betrayal comes in. I hope that answered your question a little bit.


    • miscreant droid says:

      I usually bracket the word in quotation marks to envelope it in sarcasm. The word pious has been used in that manner for so many decades that it has come to mean its own opposite. Perhaps “the truth” will someday suffer the same consequence.


  24. Frank says:

    Thanks, FitnessChick, for your reply. I’m sure, like me, you’d agree that the word ‘truth’ is too-many-times abused. WTBTS has always laid claim to being THE truth at any given time, even though teachings changed or even contradicted the previous version. WT has never taken responsibility for their changing zeitgeist, and simply claimed ‘the light gets brighter and brighter’ (Proverbs 4:18) This surely is the mark of human ‘wisdom’ (Ps 146:3,4) Humans can only express ‘Bible truth,’ ‘religious truth,’ or whichever ‘truth’ they lean to, but simply not to qualify it might serve to confuse.

    I have been in the “truth” for many a decade…”Watchtower truth,” I mean.


  25. FitnessChick says:

    Hi Frank, I now find myself in the process of re-learning many things. I’m trying to look at things objectively and impartially as I didn’t before. As you know from being a Witness, they foster an “us and them” mentality and you live with a certain fear of doomsday and the elders busting you for some minor or imagined infraction, lol. No more! Those days are over. I’m in the middle of deprogramming myself. The three phases you go thru when you learn of something that shakes your foundation are Ridicule, Objection and Acceptance. I’m now in the final stage. It took about 2 years but I’m there. If you haven’t read it yet may I suggest Steve Hassan’s book – Combatting Cult Mind Control? It has helped me identify factors that I never saw before that prove I was basically in a cult


  26. Frank says:

    Yes, FitnessChick, I agree with you; seeing from the outside-in is the polar opposite of inside-out. All seems to make sense when one’s view of the (Satan’s) world is constantly seen through the blinkered vision of assemblies, meetings, and literature. If an organisation believes it has the ‘truth,’ why not be prepared, glad even, to have this ‘truth’ critiqued? As Deepak Chopra wisely observes, ‘belief is the sign of insecurity.”

    Today, apart from a miracle of change, I cannot see any way I could return to such limited thinking. If we are truly alone in the universe, then this is the one time we’re passing through life. It’s time to wake up and smell the flowers, rather than waste our irreplaceable days waiting for the promise of Utopia. It’s a disappointment, but what do the FACTS show?

    As to cults, perhaps I could ask you; where is the line drawn between cult, religion and Christianity, when one places one’s trust on information based on insufficient evidence?


  27. FitnessChick says:

    Hey Frank, been contemplating your question and honestly I guess its a matter of faith and trust as to where one draws the line. Unfortunately, since I was a JW I no longer trust anything I was taught. I used to be able to have bible discussions confident in my ability to use the scriptures with conviction. Until I learned ttatt. Now what????? I don’t even attempt to discuss the bible with anyone anymore period. I recently purchased a New Interlinear Version of the bible and may attempt to read again. But this time I am arming myself with several translations online and will cross reference the original text. Oh, and I won’t have the freaking witnesses breathing down my neck! Like you, I will never return to that mind contolled religion. I want to find peace I hope you will find it too.


    • miscreant droid says:

      I learned a lot from the JWs when I first signed up and began to give serious attention to the bible. After a certain point though, if you’re not completely blinded by the double-think techniques, their program looks like a slightly above average stepping stone to bible truth, but nothing more than that. The anger will be there for quite a while, and you’ll mostly find a world of comparisons where the Org. has been oddly self-serving and short-sighted for no other reason than to protect the superstitious devotion to 1914 (or is it 1918 now?). But learning the bible anew, relying on holy spirit, is a marvelous thing and you’re going to have a great time with it. Thanks for checking in with us.


  28. Frank says:

    Hi again, FitnessChick. Actually I love discussing the Bible with people now, but I do it as a self-proclaimed agnostic humanist. There is a set of wonderful illustration by someone called Barbara Griffiths who draws pictures of Bible passages that show ‘morals’ we wouldn’t dare teach our children.

    For instance there’s one of King Jehu brandishing his sword in front of city gates with weeping parents shocked by the scene of the 70 heads of King Ahab’s children poured out from baskets. I like to ask those who believe in the objective morality of Bible law whether they would willingly let their children colour-in such a picture!

    It’s quite a claim to tell people that the Bible (particularly the OT)is the last word for teaching morality, and it isn’t hard to see where the WTBTS gets its basis for its so-called justice system.

    I asked a Christian once how he would describe Jehu (there were no leading questions or statements made prior to this). He said TODAY we would call him a jihadist.

    Exodus 20:5
    Deuteronomy 24:16


  29. Frank says:

    “Perhaps “the truth” will someday suffer the same consequence.”

    Hi Miscreant Droid. Fox Mulder’s poster always read, ‘The Truth is out there.’ One can put faith in any number of ideas.

    If you want a more-rounded account of Yahweh, ask a Jew or go to traditionalist sites to find out.

    Tell us how it goes.


  30. Hervin says:

    Dumbs, where are you going if you already know where is the truth


  31. Luanne Ferragine says:

    I just wanted to say I have been following you for a while…Keeping a low profile… I have been out of the cult now since 2005. I raised 3 beautiful children in it. None of them are cult members. I am best friends with my ex who was raised as JW. My journey is unique as is yours. You are an amazing strong man. I’m so grateful that you had the courage and strength to stand up to the cult members and just loved the line of reasoning you gave to them. I’m glad you have moved passed all the bullshit and need to immerse yourself with it all. Continue to grow and thrive. All the best to you. Your story touched my heart…God Bless you .



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