c_temptation_picWe are very familiar with this story of Jesus being tempted by Satan, who attempted to set himself up as the one Jesus would worship.  A poster on JWnet[1] made a very thought provoking thread on this passage, and I took his excellent idea and made an informational graphic to illustrate his point.

It is heartbreaking for many of us to consider that these few men (currently 8) of the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses have so much power and yet use so little of it for true good. Some have postulated that Brother Herd (a current member) is in favor of removing the blood ban but does not have the required 2/3 majority vote to affect change in JW policy. Whether this is true or not we do not know, nor probably ever will. In the meantime, each year an untold number of brothers and sisters die for refusing the medical use of blood.

What many of us strongly feel we do know is that when humans are silent and fail to act when people are dying or being harmed all around them is wrong and immoral.  One current governing body member who taught my pioneer school many years ago I had formerly considered a friend. But how could I call him “friend” today while the brothers and sisters in the Kingdom Halls are hurting and leaving by the tens of thousands? How could I call him friend when he has the power to stop the shunning of millions of people? Or at the very least recuse himself from further participation in something that is “crooked and cannot be made straight”. (Ecclesiastes 1:15) What about the governing body member who was a known homosexual and then later was accused of child molestation twice and quietly dismissed from world headquarters back in the 1980s? Was a judicial committee formed and these alleged crimes investigated? We do not know for certain. But we do know that he was given a pension and sent to the other side of the country and had no restrictions imposed upon him in his new congregation. He was free to live out the rest of his life in comfort. Doesn’t this make us think of what used to happen in the Catholic church for so many years when pedophile priests were shuffled from one parish to another?

Some may feel that I am being too hard on these men. Perhaps they are simply “caught up in the concept” as brother Ray Franz explained in his books. We may never know. All we can do is pray for our Witness friends and family members that are held captive inside the walls of the Watchtower. They are misled by the teachings found on JW.org and the printed literature, and they risk spiritual execution if they dare to disagree on any Watchtower policies or teachings. How sad! What a travesty of freedom of worship!

Here is the infographic that illustrates this point:


Putting ourselves over our brothers in the seat of Moses will cause a heavy judgment. Are the GB members doing that?


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16 Comments on Infographic – All these people I will give back to you if you worship me

  1. Frank says:

    “Some have postulated that Brother Herd (a current member) is in favor of removing the blood ban but does not have the required 2/3 majority vote to affect change in JW policy.”

    If this happens, it would parallel the Catholic Church’s ‘removal’ of the doctrine of limbo (intermediary stage where the ‘souls’ of unborn babies went for their fate to be decided) . When this happens mass graves are unearthed (theologically speaking) with the lives of those who suffered under that doctrine. It could be suicide for the GB if they do this.

    A theological paradox indeed.

    Frank V


  2. New Dissident says:

    I thought Irondork was brilliant and thought provoking in his original post and your article JJ brings the point home.
    Good work guys!


  3. Frank says:

    I don’t like graphics like this. They are judgemental and unnecessary. Comparing the GB to Satan does nothing and progresses nothing and just sounds like whining.

    I go for a clear evidential demonstration of policies and teachings are are not Biblical. If any organisation (religion like science) makes extraordinary claims, it must come up with extraordinary evidence. The graphic above makes this claim but intends to take a short cut by using pictures as propaganda rather than engage in a legitimate study.

    There again, I’m just a theistic agnostic. What do I know.

    Frank V


  4. whateverhappenetome says:

    wwwwwaaai ..wai….waiiittt..
    the removal of blood ban thing…is this a fact? this is HUGE.
    i wonder if there’s a way to confirm this..i’ll keep my eye on this.


  5. Wakeupwitness says:

    The epitome of flat out arrogance is the governing body pointing to themselves as “the faithful & discreet slave”. Where’s their proof that Jesus is speaking of a group of men in Brooklyn New York? There is none!
    Where is the proof he selected a FDS in 1919? There is none! Where is the proof Jesus’ invisible presence started in 1914? There is none!
    It almost like telling a child Santa Claus really exists but having no proof.
    But, to those poor JW’s out there… it will always be the “truth”.
    I recently told my sister about the new change with Matt.24:45-47 and she didn’t believe me!
    I told her to go to JW.org and read it for herself.
    She still says I’m wrong! This is how BLIND JW’s can be!
    When doctrinal/teachings/interpretations/changes are made, it doesn’t even phase them. I’m just apalled by it!


    • whateverhappenetome says:

      i experienced the same thing. whenever i raise that ”change” i get no reaction as if it’s something that they already know. in fact there are bros and sisters saying it’s not a ”new light” at all. because it’s been the case ever since…

      [rolls eyes]


  6. C M says:

    It’s their way or the highway, and their way has alot of teachings that are anti biblical. If you serve within the organization they will “love” you and care about you but if you decide to chose your own path and seek for truth yourself and go against any of their teachings (not all) they will stop loving you and abandon you and let you fend for yourself…what about our brothers and sisters who were kicked out as teenagers from their homes by their JW parents?what about those brothers and sisters who are shunned and rejected by their loved ones simply for being a sinner, aren’t we all sinners, does not god forgive, has he not appointed Jesus as our only Judge (not elders or the GB)? In my case I have never been DFed and yet my family has told me to move out because they believe I am the cause of their hardships since our home is not blessed with Jehovah’s protection and Satan (me)resides in it, and the reason being is because I have “apostate” views…our loved ones have been indoctrinated with false teachings my friends and there is need for a change in policies and procedures and teachings in the organization. If this does not happen people will keep dying, people will keep suffering because of rejection, young people will keep leaving and become non believers when they are unhappy of the way they were raised according to WT teachings, or the people that have their “fit” of it all and just grow tired and walk away. Are they that arrogant that they cannot humble themselves and accept that they are wrong? or will they keep on going with this farse for as long as they can? I think the latter is what will keep happening. All true followers of Christ will have to “bear their torture stake (or Cross)” and maybe for some of us it is to be shunned by our loved ones is the price we pay when we decide to truly follow Jesus.

    C M

    P.S. I just bought my bread and wine and after tonight’s memorial I will partake as all true christians should.

    C M


  7. danielB says:

    The thing that is reassuring , bro CM , is that they treated our Savior the same way . They even accused Him as having a demon . How CLOSE they come to sinning against the Holy Spirit under their condition !

    However we love them and pray for them .


    • C M says:

      Thank you Brother Daniel, I am just heartbroken and saddened at the fact that the ultimatum I was given is keep living a lie and have a relationship with them, or choose to no longer go to the meetings and be kicked out of my home. That is not loving, and it is all because of these false teachings and harsh policies. I love my family and do not intend to ever draw a line between, but they have and blame me for it. But I have faith that Jesus knows how I am feeling and God will provide a way to have inner peace and freedom to worship him appropriately. But as another blog I regularly read posted in reguards to a yet unpublished magazine and the “new light” about the GB being the FDS, the fact that someone who has access to such things has made it available it means many more are awakening, no 8 men should have all that power but time it tickin let us just count the hours, unfortunately until then the world and our loved ones are theirs.

      Saddened but Faithful

      C M


  8. Lisa says:

    I have often wondered if the reason they haven’t lifted the blood ban was for legal reasons…..the possibility of a class action suit. Is that a possibility?


  9. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Religion is the “middleman” between you and God
    Spirituality is held hostage by religion


  10. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Religion feeds the ego, spritiuality feeds the soul.


  11. Chris says:

    The Quorum rule or majority vote procedure that the GB uses raises an interesting question. When a GB member disagrees with a particular application(I know it seems unlikely)isn’t that the same as any one of us disagreeing with the same or other understandings on scriptural grounds? Though I imagine they feel their elevated status means the rules they dictate to the cong. do not apply to them. They would be guilty of holding an opposing view wouldn’t they.
    The reality as we all know is that even these men are subject to dominant personalities and peer pressure within their own circle. This is something that Ray Franz attested to. And we all know what they did to him and many others at that time.


  12. BrotherMcBanal says:

    It won’t take place, this is one area that we would receive a mass exodus from the Organization from all the living family who lost loved ones for this policy. I do not know how they would word this, they might use some of the old lines that “taking blood never would have helped those who truly needed it, just might have allowed a few weeks to live”

    This is one topic I know would destroy the Organization, the biggest doctrine on the table is that of 1914 and how to slowly eliminate this without anyone knowing it ever was there. Like 1874 and 1799 and the 500s and all those crazy teachings Russell and Rutherford taught “1919 will see the end of the World!”. No, really, 1914 is on the chopping block according to good sources but it’s not going to be so evident and obvious to make a black-lash wave all over the friends. They don’t read the Magazines now, so I suppose the Cowboys of Bethel can float a few balloons past the readers and see how many actually caught it?

    How do the brothers explain what is blood and what is not with the new light on “fragments”? We are splicing hairs unnecessary when we know the answer is JWs are allowed to take some kinds of blood. They are not educated enough to see the big picture yet.


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