About six months ago I started a journal, writing down what was happening to me and what I was going through. I had never ever ever had a need or desire to start a journal until then. It always seemed like  a 12 year old girl sort of thing where it starts with “Dear Diary…” and what a cliche that is lol.

But it has helped me to get focus and really I think that’s why I wanted to start this blog as it is an extension of that. When I would read another chapter of Ray’s book and it made my jaw drop, when I tried for the first time to tell my wife what I had learned and how shocked I was at her reaction, on and on and on. It has been hard and the journaling helped me to sort it out. I’m not going to stop now, even if it is only a couple of lines once in awhile. So maybe more of us need this. If we are struggling and trying to remain a faithful Witnesses for Jehovah it can help. Maybe it’s the congregation, or an elder, or our mate, or the history and doctrinal mistakes of the society that is weighing on us. We need to get it out! We may not have anyone we can talk to about it (I sure hadn’t until I found that one of my friend’s was going through the same thing) and that’s not good. Of course we always have Jehovah and in fact I had not prayed and studied this much in years or at least since pioneer school lol! These last several months have been spiritually devastating to me and I feel like I am finally starting to get a little more balance. But what to do? How to do it? Who to tell or not tell? These are all still on my mind. So I am going to tell my Journal for now, no  matter how “12-year-old” it makes me look…

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  1. hey my brother, if the journal works for you do it!!! one word of caution, you may wish to keep it very hid


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