Hello-my-name-isBrother Ed has put together something  quite thought provoking and I wanted to share it with you. Here it is:


I’d like to ask the members here, current and/or past Jehovah’s Witnesses, whether they believe that the name God gave his Chosen people was “Christians” as opposed to any other name, including Jehovah’s Witnesses? Acts 11:26 states:


“And, after he found him, he brought him to Antioch. It thus came about that for a whole year they gathered together with them in the congregation and taught quite a crowd, and it was first in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians.” (NWT)


I ask this because the word used for ‘called’ in Greek is chrēmatisai which Strong’s Concordance (G5537) refers to as “(a) act. of God: I warn; pass: I am warned by God (probably in response to an inquiry as to one’s duty), (b) (I take a name from my public business, hence) I receive a name, am publicly called.”


Here, in Acts 11:26, we have the divine proclamation of the name “Christians” and nowhere in the bible is there any other name given by divine authority to the disciples of Christ, his Body, his Church.


People may ask, “So why are there so many names that Christians go by?” The answer I think is simple; it’s because humans are human and they are by nature divisive. Let me explain this by way of the teaching of the Apostle Paul.


In 1 Corinthians 1:10-13, we read that Paul was appalled by the divisions among the Christians of the congregation at Corinth (I’ve no doubt this was not unique to Corinth). Within a short period of time the Christians at Corinth had started dividing the Body of Christ; in essence they were following the Apostles,  some by saying “I follow Paul”, “I follow Apollos”, and others “I follow Peter”.  These followers of Paul, Apollos and Peter were all Christians but they had started separating themselves by way of names. They had forgotten that they were Christians! So Paul admonished them by writing, “Christ has been divided into Groups! Was it Paul who died on the cross for you? Were you baptised as Paul’s disciples?” (Good News Bible). These words still apply to us today, or have the scriptures somehow been superseded by human wisdom? Every denomination feels compelled to relegate the name Jehovah God called the followers of his Son, to a secondary place (if any place at all) and thereby have divided the body of Christ.


Now I know some may respond to this by saying that the name “Christian” has been misused, abused, misrepresented, confused and tarnished, so how can we possibly just call ourselves Christians? How will people recognize us? The answer is in Christ’s own words found in John 13:34-35: ”A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” Yes, the only thing that should distinguish true Christians from false Christians is the love they have for one another (John 13:34-35), not a man-made name.


Let’s read what the early founders, of what is now the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Inc. (Jehovah’s Witnesses), back then unnamed said:


“It was an evidence that those Corinthians, who took the party names, had never really appreciated the oneness of the Body of Christ; that they did not really appreciate that Christ is the only head, leader and standard; and that his is the only name by which his followers should recognize themselves and each other. Where scoffers apply a name in derision, it is not the fault of the faithful. But the true, loyal soldiers of the cross, should never own or recognize such a name. Instances of names so originating are Methodists and Baptists, both of which were first given in derision, but were afterwards adopted as party names, representing sects, factions, or divisions in the body of Christ. All true teachers are not only sent by Christ but receive their instructions from him; and any man who attempts to put his own or any other name upon all or any portion of the church is an opponent, an adversary to the true and only Lord and Head of the church.” Zion’s Watch Tower October 1888 p.3


What went wrong? We can only presume that those who followed fell into the very trap First Corinthians warns us about. If we are Christians then we must not be divided in name. We must not fall for the wisdom of men and divide the Body of Christ by choosing names other than the one name God ordained. If God and Christ did not accept any other name in the first century do you think they will accept any other today?


Thanks Brother Ed for that great point!


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  1. greybeard says:

    You hit the nail on the head brother Ed! Great article! Thank you very much!


  2. John S. says:



  3. Bro. Ed says:

    Brother John, I understand the desire we often have to identify ourselves differently from others, even if it’s just sticking an adjective in front of or behind the name “Christian”. But to do so is an error. God’s way is that we call ourselves by the name he ordained; that being “Christian” and to then identify ourselves by our actions, namely by the love we have for each other, as written, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35 ESV)

    Lastly, as an aside to this topic, I find it totally unscriptural and offensive that so called Christian groups (including WTBTS Inc) are prepared to incorporate. If anyone understands the legal implications (headship) of incorporation then you’d understand why it is wrong. How on earth can you subject the Body of Christ to a worldly authority that is itself in subjection to Christ’s authority?

    Your brother in Christ


  4. John S. says:



  5. John S. says:



  6. John S. says:



  7. John S. says:

    —This-subject-brings up en interesting topic,brother-Ed;whot do we point our wives n kids/friends to if we resign from WT?Do you n others think et this time we could collectively C0NSIDER some besic teechings es definitely Kristien to direct their ettention to?Lots hes been sed ebout simple gospel;we seem to be more in egreement here now then ever before on besics.Whot sey everyone,r we reddy to esteblish peremiters for whot the good news of the kingdom is?N NO TIME PROPHESYS et this time-pleese(sorry,b’d joke)This mey be excellent wey to help wives see how much simpler reel gospel is;more loving,reelistic.


    • Bro. Ed says:

      Amen! Amen! Brother John. The Spirit in me is singing so loudly to the heavens I can hardly cointain myself. Yes, yes! The simple truths are what I have been told to preach. It is only in the basics that we can again be called Christians. Forget all else until you and I and everyone here can with one voice, tell others the simple message of the Gospel of Christ. We must show true love before knowledge. We must show true love before prophesy. We must show true love in it’s simple godliness to draw others to us. Then can we again stand in front of kings and rulers and profess our Christianity without spot or blemish.

      Your brother in Christ


  8. Bro. Ed says:

    Brother John, it took me a while to realize that the need for external recognition by governments and other authorities, including the general public was not needed. I also realized that the tradition of men to want to congregate in a hall or some other “church” like building, with signage etc was also flawed. The fact is it’s not where you meet, but who you meet with. It’s not how you legitimize yourself to authorities as a group, but how you legitimize yourself as a group to to God, Christ and other Christian believers. My personal opinion is this; once a Christian group starts talking about choosing a name, filling out incorporation forms, seeking tax exemptions, placing copyright notices on God’s word, buying buildings, putting up signage, creating membership rules and regulations, etc, they become a division of Christ’s Body rather than being in union with it.

    The Body of Christ, his Church/Ecclesia/Assembly/Congregation is you and I and because it’s that simple we should not allow the traditions of men to complicate it.

    Your brother, with deep love, as a “Christian” in Christ


  9. John S. says:



  10. Bro. Ed says:

    Brother John, I also long for the physical association with other Christians, where we can come together and share a fellowship meal, read from the scriptures, pray together and sing praises to God. I don’t care where we meet just as long as it’s genuine worship. Unfortunately to date, I’ve not had the opportunity to fellowship with like-minded Christians, apart from here on this website. But my offer is open to any Christian brother or sister that resides in Melbourne Australia.

    In the meantime I’m very happy being able to come together with you all, including having to decipher your posts brother John S :)

    Your brother in Christ


  11. disappointed says:

    I love you brothers!:D Your love for God and his Son lights up the pages. You can feel God’s spirit is here and it is drawing lost ones who need that love and need that light.
    Yes, we are Christians.. and that’s all the name we need. Anyway, I feel the use of God’s name for the WTS is wrong. So much dishonour has been brought upon his holy name because of it. They should be called ‘WatchTower Witnesses’! Because that’s what they are! It is true, all we should be is Christians, followers of our leader Christ Jesus. Once we realise that and read our bibles accordingly so many wonderful truths come flying off it’s pages!Including LOVE and FORGIVENESS and MERCY. Jehovah gave his Son to this earth for a reason, and now his Son is a Mighty King in the heavens sitting at the right hand of his Father and we should be proud to be called ‘CHRISTIANS’!!


  12. confused says:

    I much prefer the name Christian than Jehovah’s Witness.
    The org attaches great, almost magical, importance to the NAME, there was no “j”used in Hebrew. Has anyone found just one verse where Christ Jesus used the name “Jehovah”? I have not found any. This was a good article to meditate on, thank you brother.


  13. ruth says:

    My dear sisters disappointed and confused.
    I just want to say how much I love and appreciate you both.
    I love your kind hearts. The real love of Jesus and his father shines through.

    I’m so glad you are here.
    Your dear sister Ruth.


  14. Bro. Ed says:

    I feel that the misuse of God’s name is a serious issue. In the “Lords Prayer” recorded in Matthew, Jesus started with “Our Father” (Mark records the opening as “Father”). The next thing Jesus says is, “hallowed be your name”. “Hallowed” means “Holy” and this means treating God’s name with great reverence and care. Never are we to use His name in a way that can be brought into ridicule. It doesn’t mean we are not meant to say His name, be it Jehovah, Yahweh, YHWH or some other form, what it means is that when we do use it, we must do so in a way that elevates God’s name above all things. Using it as the common name for a group of people, who on many occasions, through false messages, have brought our Fathers name into question.

    I myself prefer to refer to our Father as Yahweh, as it is a closer pronunciation than Jehovah, however our Father will not hold us to account if we don’t pronounce it exactly as it should be, but He will hold us to account if we misrepresent His name.

    Just another very important point regarding the precious name God gave us; the name “Christian” is derived from the title “Christ”, which means “anointed one”. All who are followers of the “anointed one” are, by association with Christ, anointed ones. Our name therefore proclaims our union in Christ and our joint anointing. Paul wrote, “For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, whom we proclaimed among you, Silvanus and Timothy and I, was not Yes and No, but in him it is always Yes. For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory. And it is God who establishes us with you in Christ, and has anointed us, and who has also put his seal on us and given us his Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee. (2 Corinthians 1:19-22 ESV) That’s why there can never be two classes of Christian, one anointed and one not. If we are true Christians then we are the “anointed ones”.

    Your brother in Christ


    • FutureMan says:

      My wife and friends call me by the nickname of Tony, which is short for Anthony

      I appreciated your comment here Ed, and generally speaking I do agree with you on this issue of the sanctification of God’s name, however I do not believe that it is important to pronounce his name as Jesus did say to use the term Father to address our God.

      I myself often use “Heavenly Father” to address God in prayer.

      There is plenty of evidence of the past to be aware that God was known by many different names by the ancient Semites.

      Indications are that Melchizedek himself used the name El-Elyon in addressing the true God.

      So Abraham being a student of the teachings of Melchizedek also knew God by this name as well as YHWH, of which was used by him before he met Melchizedek as it would appear.

      God in the minds of men was an evolution of understanding of who God was and as to his attributes.

      You will actually see throughout the Bible how the concept of God was slowly evolving through the words of the prophets, starting with Melchizedek and then Moses and all the true prophets since then particularly those who descended from Abraham.

      By the time that Jesus had come on the earth, at least some of the Jews were ready for the next enlightening stage as to who God really was.

      God as the universal Creator and his unique personality was slowly being revealed to those who were actually searching for the true God.

      And it was Jesus, being God’s creator Son, who revealed God to them through his personality, his conduct, his teachings his power (as in miracles) and most of all through the love that he showed towards people, (particularly in the end with the event of his sacrifice that he made in behalf of all men here on the earth).

      At that time Jesus revealed God as a “loving Father” and later on the apostles revealed God, as spiritual Children of his, by addressing him as “Abba Father”.

      So this was an acknowledgment of God the Father and themselves as being his spiritual children though being baptized into the Christ and the Holy Spirit.


  15. John S. says:



  16. confused says:

    Cyber ((((((hug))))))))) to all………


  17. John S. says:



  18. confused says:

    Well our very dear brother John S,
    Nice of you to say, I appreciate your comments here.
    Christian love to you.


  19. John S. says:



  20. disappointed says:

    That’s a lovely thought bro. John! Maybe I will change it soon. I’ve always liked the name Deborah in the bible. A woman who was used by God in the days of the judges. What do you think? I will leave it a little while though.I must admit I no longer feel ‘disappointed’, that has passed and is being replaced by other more positive feelings. Thanks to our wonderful God’s guidance and the love of his son drawing me to this upbuilding and encouraging place.


  21. Bro. Ed says:

    I would love to know my Christian family at least for now by their real first names if it does not cause you grief. Ed is my first name and it’s sad to have to hide our identities to avoid persecution or conflict. Either way it would be wonderful to see you change your tag names :)

    Without fear, I give you my name with heartfelt brotherly love,

    Brother Ed Fenech!


  22. disappointed says:

    I would love to give my real name to any of you I feel I have come to know. I would be happy to talk with any of you by e-mail if you would wish it. You could ask for it from JJ and he could pass it on to you. I will let him know. :)


  23. ruth says:

    Ruth would love to talk with you. Or anyone!
    My email is supposso@gmail.com
    From Australia


  24. confused says:

    I would like that too, anyone can contact JJ for my email and name.


    • JJ says:

      It is fine of course I will give them your email if they ask. Also any one of you can PM (private message) someone when you are logged in and exchange emails privately that way if you like.


  25. Robert says:

    Believe that Yahweh gave Jesus as an atonement sacrafice for our sins,that He was resurected to rule as king of Gods Kingdom, repent of our sins turning around from our once wicked path, be babtized and associate in love with other like minded ones as an identifing mark, let others know by example and word of mouth, teaching them from the scriptures that they too can enjoy the wonderful gift of Jesus sacrafice and of Gods kingdom living as Yahweh originally purposed for mankind. Is it really that simple? I have been struggling with this is this the gosple message? it is beautiful! and so simple not easy but simple it soesnt take months of study to understand this message a life time in the organization has blinded my mind to the answer, of what is the gossiple message? what am i missing please help me.

    love Robert –my real name


  26. andrew says:

    You pretty much got it Robert. Reconciliation with God through Christ is the gospel message.

    Galatians 5:6 “…what matters is faith working through love.” This text is a favorite of mine.

    Some religions (like the JWs) will make all kinds of doctrinal issues absolutely necessary for salvation. What God cares most about is not that you can pass a test on doctrinal issues, instead he cares about the kind of person you are. Are you striving to follow Jesus’ teachings and example or not?


  27. ruth says:

    Ruth agrees with you Andrew.


  28. ruth says:

    Bro Ed.
    What you say is so true.
    Quote:We must show true love before knowledge. We must show true love before prophesy. We must show true love in it’s simple godliness to draw others to us. Then can we again stand in front of kings and rulers and profess our Christianity without spot or blemish.

    Goodness you make my heart also leap for joy Bro Ed!
    Your sister Ruth


  29. LonelySheep says:

    I am compelled to comment and say that I agree whole-heartedly with your observation Bro Ed.

    It is incredible how something is stirring amongst us all.

    How is it possible that I have come to EXACTLY the same conclusion as you, but we’ve never exchanged such views? I have been telling my good wife FOR the past few months, that I no longer wanted to be known as a JW, but simply as a Christian. In fact I’ve told a few brothers I’m friendly with, exactly that and expressed the same view as you. Is such things evidence of the Holy Spirit working or is it some kind of freaky co-incidence?

    Whatever, I for one denounce the name Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses and want to be known simply as a CHRISTIAN!!!!!


  30. Bro. Ed says:

    Sister Ruth, it’s God’s Spirit that is making your heart leap for joy!! The Holy Spirit is helping two hands clap together in unison; for as two hands clap the heart rejoices, the ears are opened and the mouth cries “Hallelujah!!” as the whole body is uplifted.

    With deep Christian love


  31. disappointed says:

    I think this is why we have spent so much time looking at various doctrinal issues taught by the WT discovering that many of them are wrong because they have deviated from this simple path. Look at all the denounciation Jesus gave the Pharisees. They spent so much time telling the people what they should believe, what they should do that they completely missed the point. ‘I want mercy not sacrifice’ (Matt9:13). What about the woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears. (Luke 7:36-50)She knew what was important,a repentence of hers sins and the love of Christ and turning to HIM for giving her forgiveness. The whole of the OT is that of leading to Christ. All the gospels are about Jesus on earth, his ministry, his teachings. All the work of the apostles in the NT is about building up a congregation in Christ. Revelation alone is future prophecy and John was told nothing should be added or taken away from it. One day these things will come about. The important thing is not what we KNOW about it, but how we choose to live our lives according to Christ’s way and look forward to his return with hope in our hearts.


  32. ruth says:

    I certainly agreer with you when you say!
    The important thing is not what we KNOW about it, but how we choose to live our lives according to Christ’s way and look forward to his return with hope in our hearts.
    What a lovely statement Disappointed.

    That is exactly what he has been revealing to me. To build up a real foundation with a personal one on one relationship with Jesus. Listen as he speaks through the word also on a personal basis.

    He is the way, Come to me I will refresh your souls, Take my spirit. take my yoke. “He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world. Our father and son beg us to take the hand of the divine. To minister also to him.

    To know the love of Christ surpasses all knowledge that you may be filled to all fullness.
    God gives a relationship s with Christ. Yes! until all generations.

    How can we turn down the precious time right now in this day and age to not go to the son of God on a personal Basis.

    Learn directly from him. Ask him please teach me. Show me in depth who you really are. Please help me to see what you say through your eyes. Speak through your mouth. Hear through your ears. Show me your revelation and what John really saw through your eyes.
    But most important let me feel your heart and your love in mine.

    Another thing is which could be distracting from all this is relying on different avenues to learn. Confusing! putting all our time in with what others think. What others write in books ect.
    Collecting friends who take away precious time.
    Why? because the time is at hand.

    So there fore at the end of the day we have been talking about the and son. “But have we been talking with him very much? By listening to his word and following.

    Yes we can do that as we read the bible. We can ask Lord Jesus is this really the way? Am listening and applying this right?

    Remember he is in your midst. Not just 2 or 3 people. He knows people like me are on their own. We have to be sensible in understanding these things.

    This chance and experience with the holy spirit from God is so precious.
    Imagine the father saying our names as he talks about his faithful in heaven. Imagine the holy angles clapping there hands to see the faithful on earth listening and understanding heavenly things more and more every day.
    How encouraging to the universe when we understand the real love of God. The simple gospel.with an uncomplicated relationship.

    Getting back to Forums. I worry that the time spent there should be with the father and son. Nothing more. Nothing less really.
    Plus trouble makers taking your time.

    Please dear ones think about what your sisters in Christ have to say.
    Your sister in Christ Ruth.


  33. disappointed says:

    Dear sister Ruth.. you don’t know it but your words right here are an answer to a prayer!


  34. ruth says:

    My Dearest sister.
    How I long to see you and cuddle you. We could jump up and down laughing with happiness that Our father loved us so much to take us from a false religion into his very heart and soul.
    Yet! So much to understanding is ahead. Problems that seem surmountable are not really if we remember to put our burdens each day in Christ’s hands. Once we do that each day we walk away in peace. “One day at a time is the secret of making it through. Realizing to grow with every calamity.
    Listening to every word from God and our mature brothers.

    I’m so glad you joined us. I feel your lovely Christian heart all wrapped up in your father.
    Love you my sister. Ruth


  35. John S says:

    Sisters,I have just got thru the Yuku security and have been posting on the forum.Please take a look at the forum.The same people who you love now are posting there .They are saying the same and more as they said on the front page.There is a unity born of the Spirit in the words of the brothers,you can see for yourself.One reason is because we have all learned the hard way not to be glorifying men,but all things we received have come from the Lord and thru the word/Holy Spirit,and this is a spirit of PEACE. If and when that spirit is not manifest,then that will be the right time to jump off.But we are really moved by the spirit to grow in the deeper waters of truth or at least understand what has been kindly given to us in scripture by the Lord,Apostles,Paul, Peter,and the other writers.Please do not fear for us,we are grown men,seeking the will of the Lord.Reaching out to dispense more knowledge ,like accepting another minah or two to do business with.This urging to grow and share is directly from our Lord and in no way a means to acquire glory for ourselves,but rather to press on to maturity and share what is being delivered to us with our congregation…The Struggle.Love you Girls…John


  36. John S says:

    By the way,this is not an exclusive men’s club,as you sisters are so very qualified and can prophesy too in my opinion.You have been called out of darkness,let your lights shine…COME,taste life’s water the Lord says.This is just more of what we do out front,but we get to pick up the ball and run with it out back,it’s more personal reaction than just a reply to a particular subject as in the front.You can ask for comments on your own subject ..of your own choosing,isn’t that better?Anyway,it’ll be more like our old book study than what’s going on the front page,and we can laugh and joke more out back…get jiggy with it,ya’ll! Just look in,it’s not a trap for hurting anybody,the Holy Spirit is here and he’s gonna keep Satan out,have faith.Seeya,gotta go,I’m at the library….Love…John


  37. confused says:

    John S,
    Glad you found something where you can meet friends with dialog, I found after leaving and having no friendships really anymore, was much harder than I anticipated. I’m just now trying to reach out too. I hope your able to make lasting Christian friendships, true friends are priceless.
    Christian love,


  38. DanielB says:

    We might add that there are no predetermined points needing to be underlined in preparation here either . Just a building up of the body in love . Yes , you are all appreciated for your observations based upon God’s Word .


  39. DanielB says:

    I.E., being new in the force actuation your mind .


  40. confused says:

    I joined up on yuku. I can’t see any activity….think I will stick with Facebook. I will accept any friends from here.


    • Amos says:

      I joined up on yuku. I can’t see any activity….think I will stick with Facebook. I will accept any friends from here.

      If you go to about the last entry at the bottom of the page, you’ll find several questions that are being discussed now.



  41. ruth says:

    Ruth says
    Why has the light at the front of the house been put out? People cannot find there way in the dark.
    Why are we being diverted to the back room where no ones sees our light shinning. Where the blinds are shutting out the simple Gospel of Jesus. Where the loved abounded among friends in love with the creator is not shinning through?.

    Who diverted this beautiful light? This wonderful place we called home A place after so much pain we had real friends God was directing us to.
    A place all could see from our front porch where we talked our heads off. laughed. cried. prayed.

    What will they find soon.
    Sorry no one lives here.
    Sister Ruth.


    • Bro. Ed says:

      Dear Sister Ruth, you are such a loving person and it pains me to read your heartfelt words. Fear not! The spirit works in so many ways. I would never have thought the Internet could be an avenue for it to work through, but look at the spirit at work here. The forum or, as you call it the backroom, is just another way the faithful ones here are sharing their spiritual food. It’s a way for questions to be asked and for discussions to be held. Think of it this way; if we visit this site to share in the fellowship of other Christians, and then we meet other Christians face-to-face or talk to them on the phone, the light shines bright by what we say. No one way is better or worse, though I would take face-to-face over any other if I could choose. My words of encouragement, peace, love and godly devotion does not diminish by the method of communication, even though I would prefer to be with you in person. The same then applies to the forum. It’s just another method of communicating. What’s essential is what we say. And trust me, I and others such as those that comment here, will always comment here because if they are like me, I can’t resist the spirit that pulls me here :)

      One day we won’t have the Internet or won’t be allowed to access sites like these. We need to take ever moment we can to accelerate our faith before the end, which my gut says is very very soon.

      Peace be with you my dear sister Ruth. Your brother in Christ.


      • DanielB says:

        Yes dear brother . I have come to realize that the intermediate years of spritual growth as a witness were just part of my prescribed course in this life . There was a time to step beyond in fuller trust and confidence in our Brother who sits supremely at God’s own right hand .
        And they Never, Never , let us down . I prayed for direction before that organization , and was rewarded and tempered through it . Now this right here is rejuvenating with fresh newness and with ancient trueness as well . And for that matter , the whole world is a field under cultivation , and until the 4 angels release the coming tempestuous wind . There is a great harvest ! And we have new and old things to share . Mt 13:47-52 -“things new and old” . . .


  42. DanielB says:

    We were alien and temporary in the world . Better things are ahead . Remember Lot and his faith . Bless you dear sister . You write beautifully .


  43. DanielB says:

    I always learn about others by what comes out of their mouths . Jesus said it so aptly , … ” For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ” . Mt 12.24


  44. DanielB says:

    . . .excuse me , that’s Mt 12.34 .


  45. disappointed says:

    Yes! Sister Ruth we need to keep the light shining brightly here!


  46. ruth says:

    DanielB and sister Disappointed.
    Thank you for all your encouragement.

    Our Father more than ever wants to pour out his blessing on the ones he chooses. So many at this time are being taken out spiritually and physically from false religions.
    So where do they go?
    They need a soft cushion to land on to enable them to stand on their feet! They need to know there is only one way to the father. John 14:16 Yes they go to Jesus. That is where we all should go.
    Then he tells them this.
    “Consider your calling brothers, not many of you were wise according to worldly standards, nor many were powerful or of noble birth.
    But! God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise. God chose what is weak in this world to shame the strong. God chose what is low and despised. ” He still calls them Brothers!”
    We are here for our fathers Glory.

    Perhaps when we try to push our own natural wisdom it could stand in the way of Gods wisdom. But when we allow Gods wisdom to operate we can see it plainly and cry out with joy! See what the Lord has done. Or see what the Lord is telling us.

    If we let God take our hands and let what Paul said in
    Romans 5:5
    That Gods love has poured into our hearts! we will then put the Gospel in its simplicity to take hold of the lost sheep who are wandering around in the wilderness. To be a helper. Not a hinderence.
    To give not to take. True love is kind and gentle.
    Does not hate but even loves his enemies. True love is Christ himself. We must protect our sisters and brothers never go out to harm them. “Not even by a bad word.” Build up. Not destroy.

    We will realize that people have to be loved more than ever.
    We will know they need understanding and special care.
    They do not need confusion! They need to know how much the father loves them soooo much. A Simple love. A simple word from God.
    May we have the strength only God can give so we all can take what is coming around the corner real soon.
    If we cannot be loyal now! We never will be in the future.
    We are the sheep of his pasturage.

    Lets keep an eye open for his little lost sheep. Lets love them
    as they have never been loved before. Spiritually and physically
    if at all possible.
    Ok! anyone out there with money! Please buy our Dear brother John S a new computer. Or what ever he need s to be in contact with you and us.
    I offered but he will not take it from me.

    Sister Ruth.


  47. DanielB says:

    Right on . Ep 4:13-16


  48. ruth says:

    Dear bro Ed.
    Thank you so much for explaining how you see it
    in a very kindly manner. Glad to know you will not leave this page
    as new sheep looking on will need to see lots of love and feel it.
    It is not about us any more. What our Lord and saviour wants is out priority. I do believe time is so short and no time to waste.
    Sister Ruth


  49. ruth says:

    Daniel B.
    Thank you for reminding us of that us this!The whole world is a field under cultivation , and until the 4 angels release the coming tempestuous wind . There is a great harvest ! And we have new and old things to share . Mt 13:47-52 -”things new and old” . . .Thank you so much as we need to remember these very things to keep strong and to keep going.
    We need to hear more like this. Thanks so much for the encouragement and lovely answers to people. Your warmth is like a fresh breeze on a hot day.
    Your sister Ruth.


    • Bro. Ed says:

      Dear sister Ruth and other brothers and sisters who assemble here. I cannot help think of our brother Peter’s words, “His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence, by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire. For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge, and knowledge with self-control, and self-control with steadfastness, and steadfastness with godliness, and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love. For if these qualities are yours and are increasing, they keep you from being ineffective or unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Peter 1:3-8 ESV)

      We have been given a great opportunity to perfect our faith. I am of the oppinion that while a generation witnessed the fulfillment of prophecies pertaining to the atonement of sin, our generation will witness the fulfillment of prophesies pertaining to God’s righteous judgement. We are the generation that will experience the greatest rebellion against God and Christ. The wheat and the weeds have grown to fullest maturity and a harvest is being prepared. What are we therefore to do? We are to do just as Peter instructs. And to those that scoff, Peter sharply warns them with these words, “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance. (2 Peter 3:9 ESV)

      Your brother in Christ


  50. disappointed says:

    Dear sister Ruth, I believe that God IS guiding lost sheep to this site, both on the ‘front page’ and the ‘back page’, the love and light is there shining for all to see and will draw new ones in. I’m sure of it! However, I do miss our dear brother John!! Could he get himself just a new keyboard for now instead of a whole computer?


  51. confused says:

    Today has been very rough, I texted my daughters again who are still in the org and there is just no relationship, its just so painful sometimes and lonely without them. Anyways, I re-read through these comments and felt better, I love my brothers and sisters here….hope ya’ll have a splendid evening.


    • greybeard says:

      Dear Confused,

      Most of us here can understand the pain you are going through. I have three boys myself and one of them has almost cut me off. I was told to never ever speak about spiritual things again to him. So now I try to be very careful about what I say and who I say it to. I also am making friends who are not JW’s. There are some very good people in the “world” to my surprise. I find most believe in Christ and try to live good lives. We don’t need to agree on every point. What we do agree on is we are to show love to one another. Just realize that this is all only temporary. I try to live my life for Christ and do Gods will as best I can. When I focus on helping other people who need it. I don’t worry as much about these family problems.

      Our prayers are with you,
      Your brother in Christ,


    • Bro. Ed says:

      My prayer for you sister confused:

      Our heavenly Father, please lift up our sister’s spirit so she can be comforted in her time of trouble. When we are faced with difficult times your love is there to give us the inner peace we need to overcome our hardships. The love we have among ourselves is a but a minor reflection of your love and yet we know through this love we have for each other we can endure all things, just as it is written, “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

      In all things, let us praise your name and that of your Son who teaches us to love one another. We offer this prayer through your Son and our savior, Christ Jesus, Amen!

      Always your brother in Christ


  52. ruth says:

    Amen bro Ed.
    Confused we love you so much and will always be here for you.
    Our dear Lord Jesus can see your struggle and is with you.
    Sister Ruth with love


  53. disappointed says:

    Dear sister Confused. I really feel for you. Our children are so precious to us aren’t they? I hope one day that they will be able to see how wrong it is to put the organisation before their relationship with you. At the moment they feel that going against the organisation is going against Jehovah. One day they may see how wrong this is. In the meantime stay strong dear sister.. remember that the strength comes from our heavenly Father. (Isa 40:29-31)With much love your sister in the faith


  54. ruth says:

    Amen to your prayer Bro Ed.
    Dear Confused.
    See how much you are truly loved by the father? He has brought you into true contact with his sheep. I love the scripture that Disappointed just quoted where he will give us wings of an eagle to run and not tire out. Myself pray for that so much as I am getting older and feeling the hurt and pain of this world. “Look to the Lord Jesus” COME he says”, I will refresh you

    Do Not not fear at the puzzling going on a round you dear.
    It is so lovely that he has told us all this.
    Your sister Ruth


  55. John S says:

    Just want to say thanks to brother Daniel for the great posts.I look a lot like you with my big graying beard an not much grass on my noggin,so we’re a lot alike,and you have a good sense of humor,too…….I like that.We are tagged as crazy by WT,so we sometimes act like David to throw off his enemies,he feigned insanity.I was told many times by my intimate circle and Witnesses that they thought I should “be medicated”.Oh,gooood.Bring on some good drugs WT,oh,never mind,it’s already in the kool-aid,you say?


    • DanielB says:

      Yes John , I agree that some tongue in cheek humor helps , since frustrations cannot be allowed to get the better of us . I don’t understand the “medicated” and “kool aid” thought , but I do realize that those who leave the ORG are going to be labelled as mentally diseased . It does occur to me though that some who are trapped with their mindset will be puzzled over us and “go on speaking abusively” of we who have escaped . Also , we could find ourselves in good company with the apostle who was told by Festus , “You are going mad..”.

      Just so we keep a close friendship with our Savior and big Brother .

      I appreciate your words too .

      Philia .


  56. my dear brothers and sisters, it has been so refreshing to read concerning this topic and especially the lovely comments made there in. Obviously I am playing catch up on all these posts.

    I appreciated both sister confused and brother DanielB’s comments concerning their children and the difficult relationship due to the societies teachings and control.

    I wish to make an observation that I have applied to myself concerning my own children as I make my way through these times of difficulty in trying to balance my new found freedom from the societies teaching and the TATT. It is a difficult balance indeed as brother Daniel’s comments reveal.

    The observation that I applied to myself in the spirit of humor was – golly Thomas (my real name) you sure did an excellent job in instilling the societies thinking within your children! sometimes it makes you wish you hadn’t been so diligent. hahaha But in all seriousness, I have complete confidence in Christ as the fine Sheppard as he will never leave his little sheep and will extent all effort to find each lost lamb. Have faith my brothers and sisters.

    Another amusing thought that I reflect upon. Before as we were zealous witnesses within the organization we understood the aspect of division of our households in a particular manner due to their reception or rejection of the “truth”. Now we find ourselves in the exact reverse situation of our households being divided. Perhaps you find that your brother Thomas has a strange sense of humor, but I just have to laugh at myself as it helps to ease the pain.

    Warm Christian love to one and all- thank you Brother Ed for the fine article.


  57. dudley cook says:

    JJ, I’d like to suggest that this discussion is the perfect place to enter my “Points For Pondering No 2” re: ‘did JHVH assign the name Jehovah’s Witnesses to faithful Christians?’ The sheep-like commentators on this topic sound just like the people I had in mind when writing it! — dudley 😀


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