peacefulThere are many sincere brothers and sisters out there that don’t lie awake and wonder where the organization is heading. They are just trying to make the best of their service to Jehovah and love the friends. Despite being aware that something’s not quite right, they are trying to stay in “God’s love”. (Romans 8:38-39) Others among us cannot make that leap and continue to support an Organization that they feel has behaved as a false prophet and caused the loss of so many lives as a result.

Regardless of which camp we fall into, and no matter how intensely this struggle hovers in the back of our consciousness, keeping faith and not “losing heart” is critical. Didn’t Jesus emphasize that part of our successful journey along the narrow road is to endure to the end? (Matthew 7:13,14; Matthew 24:13) So a danger for us as awakened or former Witnesses is that we could come to feel that “if this isn’t the truth then there is no God”. This is a spiritually dangerous place to be. It’s like the boy that found out there was no Santa Clause and then said to his mother, “Well if there’s no Santa then maybe there’s no God either.” This may seem trivial to an adult, but the little boy’s realization that he had been lied to for most of his short life shook his tender faith. His parents credulity and his trust in authority was seriously damaged.

Can you relate to this story? Many of us can. Pray that you never succumb to despair, faithlessness, or an “eat drink and be merry attitude”! This has happened to some that have read Crisis of Conscience or other similar books. It can be a “spiritual bomb” that can devastate our faith if we allow it to. Certain websites are filled with angry, bitter folks that now live up to the Society’s definition of an angry apostate and that is sad. Some of these former Witnesses are atheists as well. We understand “the why” and we pray that these ones will be able to leave the anger and resentment behind at some point. But now that we know what we know about the Watchtower Organization and the flawed doctrinal template that everything is squeezed into, what will we do? Will we give up? Will we lose heart? Hebrews 10:39 says:

“Now we are not the sort that shrink back to destruction, but the sort that have faith to the preserving alive of the soul.” (NWT)

We are guided by our Christian conscience, and we do what what we feel we must. So many examples and stories abound from the thousands of us are that are faced with this dilemma. We’ve made reference to more than one of these stories on JWStruggle, such as the article entitled An interesting biography that shows us what’s ahead.

Another involves Don Cameron, a sincere brother who served as an elder for many years but finally had enough when he learned TTATT. When he met with his fellow elders to explain what he had learned about the Organization, they did not want to even acknowledge that there was a problem. Here’s a brief excerpt of what happened, as taken from his excellent book, Captives of a Concept:

I gave each elder in my congregation copies of official Watchtower letters to and from the Branch Office in Mexico which showed that President Knorr had allowed the Witnesses in that country to illegally bribe government officials in order to have them falsify a certificate, which then indicated that they had successfully completed one year of military basic training and were enrolled in the Mexican Army First Reserve. (Witnesses in all other parts of the world are told that such conduct is unacceptable.)

…They were not concerned in the slightest whether the letters were true. Their only concern was that I had them. They asked, “Where did you get these letters?” I said that they were included in the book written by former Governing Body member Raymond Franz. They then asked, “What are you doing reading a book written by an apostate?” That was their only response to these letters. (Note: As students of this period of Watchtower Society history are aware, Raymond Franz was not disfellowshipped for apostasy. Ostensibly it was for eating a single meal with his disassociated employer Peter Gregerson, which at the time was not even considered an offense a publisher could be removed from the congregation for. Ray’s wife Cynthia was also present at the meal and was not judicially spoken to or removed as a Witness.)

Later I was able to sit down with the congregation’s most humble elder and carefully go through the letters so that he understood what they were saying. His only response was, “If the Society isn’t God’s organization then I might as well eat, drink and be merry.” I understood him to mean that as far as he was concerned, if the Society isn’t God’s organization then there is no God! When the other elders reached the point of not wanting me to show them anything else, they made the following private comments to me:

“I would rather go to my grave being deceived then to find out that the Society isn’t who they say they are.”

“They can’t tell us the truth about the organization’s history because if they did the organization would fall apart.”

“I know there are problems. But I can wait 30 years for Jehovah to correct his organization.”

“I don’t care if every member of the Governing Body is apostate. I will do whatever they say because I know that Jehovah is using organization no matter what.”

These statements came from the “spiritually mature” congregation men that the Governing Body had appointed “under the guidance of the Holy Spirit” to shepherd the local congregation. These are the ones the members of the congregation look to for protection against those who would deceive and mislead them.

But how can an elder protect his congregation from being deceived if he himself would rather be deceived then to have to face the truth? How can an elder protect anyone from apostates if he doesn’t care if every member of his who are Governing Body is apostate? And how can an elder protect the congregation from being misled if he is perfectly willing to allow his own Governing Body to mislead them? The answer of course is, he cannot.



As painful as these experiences are, and no matter how benighted some of our brothers and sisters in the congregation have become, do we allow it to destroy our joy in serving God and Christ Jesus?  Paul said “never may that happen!” Romans 3:3,4 says:

What, then, is the case? If some did not express faith, will their lack of faith perhaps make the faithfulness of God without effect? Never may that happen! But let God be found true, though every man be found a liar, even as it is written: “That you might be proved righteous in your words and might win when you are being judged.”  (NWT)

Being faithful to the end and cultivating the fruitage of God’s spirit can help us have the right frame of mind. Here’s an encouraging email exchange between myself and a brother that enjoys


I like the website it is very interesting though even with many of the supposed bros who are bashing the governing body and the organization as a whole I still believe that it is the closest thing to the truth and if it’s not then there must be no god but i honestly believe there is enough proof to give a good argument that god does exist and that we must serve him not any man and we must answer to no man it is to Jehovah that we will all answer to. There are many that have been disillusioned simply because of the things they have seen happen in the congregation I have seen things too and was in n out of the truth because of it but I have seen good bros and good elders that do care and listen and don’t bash you for everything and are not on top of you and invite you to a nice dinner and a beer if you’re old enough of course and that is why I have come back and the bros love me because I am still cool and fun and crazy and not two faced like so many others and I have seen how our attendance has grown when you have sincere bros serving in the cong. the flourishes and you look forward to every meeting. Those are my 2 cents.

[Name withheld]


My response back:


I have similar feelings as you do regarding the local elders and brothers and sisters. They are not bad people but try very hard to live Christian lives. I have not been stumbled in any way or hold I’ll will towards them- they are doing the best they can.

However what is sad to me is that they are led to believe that a small group of men in New York are an exalted “slave” that can decide their conscience and what they can and cannot do and even in some cases what they are allowed to think. For example, after many hours of study, some among us cannot see a single thing wrong with mothers or fathers day. Yet if one of us were to celebrate one of these, first they would be “helped” to see that JWs don’t do that. But if the brother didn’t recant and “admit” that he was in error, he would eventually be DFed and the friends would treat him as a wicked sinful person forever. He would be told that he will die at Armageddon and has no hope. Yet no actual Bible scriptures could or would be cited directly condemning the “sin” they had allegedly committed.

Does that sound Christlike? Is it scriptural to condemn your brother or sister for something so unclear in scripture? Many among us do not think it is, and feel it is actually more like the behavior of the Pharisees, who “DFed” Jesus and expelled him from the synagogue because he broke the rules of these men. Yet after he was excommunicated by these leaders, the apostles continued to listen to Jesus and associate with him, a clear “violation” of the Jewish laws. But their Godly consciences told them otherwise.

This is all food for thought brother. My purpose is not to persuade you to leave Jehovah- quite the contrary! We all should want to remain “in the truth” of God’s word as taught in the Bible and by his Son. Not being stuck following men’s thoughts as if they were scripture. Does that make sense?

Sincerely, JJ



While we may agree with one side or the other of this exchange, can we also see both points of view? Are we able to do that? Finding the good in others and giving our brothers the benefit of the doubt is a part of our sacred service.  (Matthew 7:1-5) Trying to follow our Lord Christ Jesus is key- this will lead to happiness and contentment on our part. Condemning or judging others only ultimately hurts ourselves. Godly joy is a quality of the heart, and that’s something we can cultivate to a fuller extent- I certainly know that I need to work and pray about this more. Notice what the Insight book, volume 2 page 120 says about this:

True joy is a quality of the heart and can affect the whole body for good. “A joyful heart has a good effect on the countenance,” and “a heart that is joyful does good as a curer [or, “does good to the body”],” says the wise writer of Proverbs.—Pr 15:13; 17:22, ftn.

May we not lose heart. May we not give out in our faith as we continue in our own Christian walk.

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48 Comments on Don’t Lose Heart!

  1. Ruth says:

    Dear brother JJ.
    Your article is so appropriate for the times we are living in especially those in the w/tower knowing in there hearts that something is wrong but seem to think that Ah well! We must stay and be faithful to Jehovah it is after all his channel.
    So many times I repeated this to myself and to others.YET!

    It is only when we allow Gods word to renew our minds really submitting to the holy spirit that we can be changed from life to death. How can we do that in a practical way if we are in two minds and in two camps at the same time?

    It is the process of listening when our father speaks. Romans 12-1,2 Be not conformed to the world but be transformed by renewing our mind that we may prove what is good and acceptable and the perfect will of God. We can say “but hang on a minute we are no part of the world! that does not apply to us.
    Well yes it does Brothers! How so? Well in these scriptures there are tools to guide us through anything. Where ever we are in space and time.

    When Gods spirit prompts us that we are some where we should not be. In the mind or body. Or in a certain place of our thinking and acting then we had better go check and change by… Meditation. yes Spiritual meditation.
    Roman 10-17 Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from the word of God. (others tool. hearing) (Listening)

    When we listen and start acting on this our minds start to cooperate with Gods spirit. He starts to lead us even though it may be uncomfortable for a time going to HIS new place with him we follow.

    Could this new place be away from what we thought was his special domain?
    From the w/tower? yes. But how can we leave Jehovah? No one is suggesting you leave Jehovah.
    He is not in any building place made from men. He comes into your hearts through his son. It is Jesus who from now on is the way the truth and the life. This is not a tangible place. No one can put there finger on it. it is totally spiritual. A one on one with our great God and his son. 1John 4.3-4
    he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.

    It is letting go of the old and renewing our minds with our father. Never ever letting any one person program our minds again except the word from God himself. Yes! his own words.

    Brothers to get away from false teachings. Bad ways we tend to hang on to is go replace our though process with the holy spirits guidance.
    Listening and using the tools provided for the renewing of our minds.
    Remember we are to delight in Our father, then he will give us the delights of our hearts.

    Freedom, even though we are so pressed. Happiness even though we have nothing earthly to be happy about. But most important is his love peace and his word that will take us through anything and anywhere we may travel in the renewing of our minds.
    We cannot stay in two minds and expect Gods spirit to bless us.
    We cannot be tossed about from here to there. chopping changing.
    We must be courageous and strong. Never be afraid. Joshua 1-8

    Another thing I would like to say is. We must change our hearts. The way we speak, act towards each other. Remembering we are Gods children. We really are. We must love each other so much.
    Never would we go out of our ways to argue about what we think is right regarding scripture. Although bringing and revelations and our thoughts to others is a freedom of the liberty he gives us.
    may our God help all who read this. may we all understand what is really happening here.
    Psalms 119-25b Revive me according to your word.
    teach me your statutes. make me understand.
    remove the false from me.

    Hes says to us to listen in a practical sense. Use the tools he has provided to get us through all must must go through as times are getting so wicked. To draw close to each other.
    Right here on J/W struggle he has provided a place to find real friends.

    Love from your sister Ruth.


  2. confused says:

    I wanted the Org to be right, and I wanted to search for truth. After years of dedication, I found deciet. That has broken my heart beyond what I could of imagined for I believed everything coming out of New York as coming from Jehovah.
    They were wrong… So why? Why do this to so many people? Why? Can anyone help me understand why?


  3. JJ says:


    We all wanted them to be right. It would make things so much easier. But Psalms 118:8,9 says this:

    It is better to take refuge in Jehovah than to trust in earthling man. It is better to take refuge in Jehovah than to trust in nobles.

    We have no one to blame but ourselves. I have met a number of the men that were on the GB and some that are now. They are not evil- but the end result is the same, as the Psalm above brings out. This is why Russell and the early Bible Students did not exalt an organization, and needed no other name but Christian. When they started making all the rules and enforcing man-made policies, things began to move away from Christ, who is “the truth” (John 14:6) not an organization.

    Continue to wait on Jehovah- this is not the same as waiting on an organization. Pray, and study, and seek out encouragement. Many of us here are ready to help!


  4. John S. says:

    Dear sister Ruth,again ,I concur with your peaceful and faithful approach,and I’m sure JJ does too.Sorry we brothers wrangle so much.I could say it’s a “Man” thing,but no,I think it’s a “Pride”thing.To the ‘Confused’ witness,I hope sister Ruth can give some good consolation to you,also,as she has a strong sense of peace and calm.There is a scripture,Romans 10:17,that seems to center most comments on this site as far as what we should believe;”So faith follows the thing heard,in turn the thing heard is through the word about Christ.” Jesus repeatedly emphasized the need to follow his voice,not that of the “hired man”(those leading sheep because of selfish or monetary gain)John 10:1-15.Sometimes causes start out with a grand and noble purpose,but after leadership changes,and time lapses,other men with possibly different abilities or motives take control.They may succeed in enlarging the membership,yet miss the real purpose of what a Christian is supposed to be.Jesus said,there would be many claiming to “Be him” in the last days.Matt.7:15;Matt.24:4,5 He also prophesied the Christian brotherhood in the last days would be corrupted by the Devil himself.Matt.13:24-30 If you continue to pray to Jehovah/Yahweh/Father and read the instructions from the New Testament on what Christians are to believe,you can be safeguarded from deception,and the comforter will come into your heart and bring you a peace born of knowledge that your faith now is based on what the true Shepherd has to say,not just man made doctrines…Hang on,more advice is coming from others who care for you on this site!(see also John 14:16,17)


  5. andrew says:

    We can feel your pain Confused. We have gone through what you are going through and in many ways we still are.

    My pain has somewhat lessened but sometimes something happens and its back full force. I fully concur with the advice already given about the importance of relying on our heavenly Father. This does not mean any organization, church, or teacher.


  6. Ruth says:

    My dear confused.
    All us lovers of Jehovah understand your pain.
    We are still all suffering. Trying to understand why he even allowed us to be there in the first place is something we have worked so hard to try to understand.
    Some of us were on the front line so to speak. Real worriers for our great God. Others being pillows in the congregations always loving the father. Loving and HELPING THEIR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. With out them nothing would have stood as God never had his real spirit in there.All working side by side.

    Do you know something we have found out? We still are!!We are not in there, but we are trying to help the ones God is leading out. We still are all are working side by side.
    We have so many wonderful things to say about what we have found out. We have real love honest love to give. We now understand Jesus real mission his real love.

    My dear confused.
    The father loves you so much. He is telling you that he is not leaving you in that place. He has a better place for you.
    A place where real worshipers will worship in spirit and truth.
    Not here not there but in spirit and truth.

    What We have now found is he never left Us. He knew all of us who belong to him even while he let us stay in the organization.
    While we were in there he taught us about so many things. Some of us never even new or ever read a bible before.
    Thank you father for that I say.
    Perhaps like you others he is leading out to himself now. It is frightening! But we will always be here for you. We can tell you our journey and experiences.

    He taught us to be brave courageous and have boldness in a good way. We have learnt so much from being in that organization that now in our freedom of true liberty he can use all of.
    We do not and will not be disfellowshiped for speaking our minds anymore.
    We love him and his will more than we ever realized it was possible. dear confused you are now being lead into the real glorious light of truth.

    When I look back I’m so proud to have rubbed shoulders with so many beautiful people. And mind you anyone who has Jehovahs real heart in there he will draw home to himself.
    He might take them to another place! But will never never leave them. Will never desert them.
    Psalms 37.
    Delight in him
    commit to him
    trust him him
    rest in him
    wait patiently for him
    Do not fret.

    You can be assured you are now on the right path.
    Love you
    Your sister Ruth.


  7. Ruth says:

    Well said Andrew JJ and john s.
    sister Ruth.


  8. confused says:

    Thank you for your encouragement. May I post a question? I’m new here and I want to ask permission if its acceptable.


  9. C M says:

    I loved this article and I feel that it spoke to me directly I am still very active nonetheless I have seen injustices within the organization for those of you that have chose to leave because you were wronged or your conscience would not let you continue serving within the organization do not bash those that still are and do your best to lessen your resentment for the salvation does not depend on our status in the organization or anywhere it all depends on Jehovah he is the judge let him judge us all and choose who will live in paradise forever.


  10. FutureMan says:

    Yes I agree, with you JJ, and to Ruth’s wonderful post as well.

    To often many of us when we find the truth about the “truth” as prescribed by the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses we go of the rails because we are confused about things and yes sadly some of us stop believing in God altogether and lean towards the Atheism doctrine of a non existence of a creator and therefore no God.

    But the wisdom contained in the Bible as well as some other writings and the creation surrounding us does prove that there is a very intelligent designer and one whom has wisdom way above our own understanding of things.

    In fact our own spirit does yearn for our Creator and Heavenly Father, even if we do not even realize ourselves.

    It is said that on the battle fields, no-one person denies the existence of a God, because their own mortality is at stake.

    Jesus showed us the path to our Heavenly Father.

    Let us start to walk on it and indeed if we do continue down this narrow and winding path we will find our Heavenly Father at the end of it and Eternal life as well.


  11. Ruth says:

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.
    We all need that don’t we? So may of us are all alone staying far from this world.
    Relying each day as we go to Gods word for his spirit to give us peace as he promised. All we have to do is tap into it.

    But on the other hand it seems our father is getting us to gether for his purpose.
    Romans 8;28
    And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him, to those who according to his purpose.
    Goes on to say we would be conformed to the image of his son being gloried and justified! What a wonderful gift from our father!!!!

    Ruth your sister.


  12. confused says:

    Hi friends, I believe with all my heart in Jehovah God.
    My question is; it appears to me in beginning to research history of my faith that the org has not just misguided millions but did so INTENTIONALLY (just one example- UN scandal). I can’t understand why. There is a difference as to being “mis-lead” vs. “Intentional”.
    Does my question make any sence? It seems to me many things done by them in the name of Jehovah have not just been wrong but have been done KNOWING they are wrong. I can’t wrap my mind around that. I am hurt. I will never make a video in anger or turn atheist like I see some have on the internet. Im just sad about this and like my name here says, confused.


    • andrew says:

      Hi confused,

      While I don’t think the misleading was intentional in the majority of cases I suspect that if some intentionally mislead others they probably rationalize their actions. Perhaps they tell themselves since this for sure is God’s organization and we want everyone to think it is we better cover up any evidence that might indicate otherwise. Many will say “If we don’t cover this up or mislead others about it it will give a bad witness”.


  13. Lost Child says:

    I am grateful for this article. If I could say food at the proper time for me. I have been struggling with truth. There are so many questions and so few concrete answers. Perhaps that’s why “knowing the love of christ surpasses all knowledge”. I remember when I felt that way. I was drawn back to the witnesses because it was the only religion I knew from a child. I went back wholesouled and desiring to serve Jehovah selflessly. Unfortunatley the organization wore me down. I couldn’t do it anymore and went into a deep depression. I also feel my heart has been broken. The “truth” was not what I thought it was. I want to know God again and feel his love and spirit. I am so lost and I’ve been unsure of his existence since I have been led away from the witnesses because of questioning but something won’t let me let go of him. I have experienced great happiness in my life for a short period in time and I would truly like to have that back. I am thankful for sites like this that seek to build up not to tear down because that is what gathering together is supposed to be about and the fruitage of the spirit is apparent.
    Thank You for the effort you put forth to comfort and help people like myself.


  14. Disappointed says:

    Dear bro JJ
    Thanks for this site. I’ve recently read both of bro Ray Franz’s books and wish he were still alive. He had such a well balanced and reasoned approach. As I was reading, everything came together.. one thing after another. Things I’d never agreed with in the Society’s publications. Questions I’d had and never having real answers. Since I was in my teens (40 years ago.. I was brought up ‘in the truth’ from a baby). Now it’s as if a veil has been pulled from my eyes. But I feel as if the rug has been pulled from under me too, like the little boy who finds out about the ‘Santa’ lies. I don’t want to go anywhere else, all my family my friends I’ve grown up with are in it. How can I possibly leave them? I know there is a lot of truths in there, as there are in other religions too. I could never get my head round JWs being the only ones God will save.I have questions about the Great Crowd. The literal number of 144,000 and other things of a lesser nature. But I want to stay close to Jehovah and his precious son Jesus Christ. I have been praying and praying so much recently, just like Jesus all through the night to get some answers and now I have found your website. I am happy there are others that feel just as I do and happy to have found this website. I hate all the JW bashing that goes on because the majority are good kind people who love God and want to please him. However it seems we have all been deluded.I try and talk to my husband who is an elder (a very balanced one), he knows I have been reading bro Franz’s books and I have discussed with him some things in there and like me he has had his doubts about many things but he chooses to ‘wait on Jehovah’. I guess at the end of the day I will have to as well, but it’s going to be hard…. it will be a ‘struggle’!


    • JJ says:


      You’re traveling a cramped and difficult road as most of the rest of us on the site are. Not isolating ourselves is key, and getting support from one another has been a big help for me personally. (Proverbs 18:1)

      Take your time and don’t go off half-cocked. I pray that things will become more and more clear for you as time goes on my brother.



      • Disappointed says:

        Yes, you’re right. Because despite the way things are done there are still some very good things coming ‘from the top’. It also makes me realise that I need to draw even closer to God and develop my own personal relationship with him. Not to serve him with any ‘date’ in view. Who knows when our time is up on this earth, who can know the mind of God and what he has in store for all of us. I’m happy that there are others who I can talk to, share things with, who share the same thoughts, because there’s no way I can talk with anyone in my congregation about it!!


  15. mikef says:

    As one who has never been one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I must say it is fascinating to me how some who have left the organization come to the conclusion that there is no God.

    Within the organization, a fervent faith in the Watchtower and Jehovah. Upon leaving the organization, some have done a complete about face, adopting atheistic beliefs. And they are very angry about it, bitterly opposing Christianity.

    I don’t really understand. But I realize I don’t have the personal experience of being part of the Watchtower. I’m sure I would understand better if I had this background.

    Sometimes I wonder if the organization enforces some kind of complete “black and white” thinking. It’s all or nothing – either the organization is 100 per cent correct or everything about God is a complete lie.

    I also had my own “Crisis of Conscience” about 20 years ago, leaving the religion of my childhood at 37 years old and joining another congregation. But I never entertained the idea that God didn’t exist simply because the church of my youth had serious weaknesses.

    I would say to struggling witnesses – please don’t abandon faith in God simply because you come to the conclusion that the organization has faults.

    Thank you for listening. I’m somewhat hesitant to post here only because I have never been one of JW’s and don’t want to needlessly intrude or interrupt the good discussions here.

    God’s blessings,



    • JJ says:


      Your thoughts and comments here are just as valid as anyone else’s. Thank you for sharing part of your story.

      “We are all brothers” as Christ said, and this is something that I think we can and should embrace more and more as we mature spiritually.



  16. Wakeupwitness says:

    The best thing my wife and I ever did was become in-active. You truly see active witnesses “true colors” and how they treat you. The love they show is conditional. Conditional just as long as you’re active.
    I am more happier now, do more bible reading than in the 30 years I was a witness.

    I can truly understand why witnesses are getting burnt out and fed up…’s the same regurgitated stuff each week.


    • JJ says:

      And the sad thing is that it doesn’t have to be that way. We could all get along, we could agree to disagree on minor points and bypass all the judging. Maybe someday it will be that way- unlikely but with God all things are possible right?

      Most of the friends in my experience simply hope the best for a fading brother or sister and fear that they will die at Armageddon for being weak.

      Once we learn that our service to the Father and to Christ are not works-based, much of that guilt can dissolve. We are saved by grace, or
      undeserved kindness, and no amount of field service hours or meeting attendance will change that.


  17. I’ve come to take what we call ‘The Truth About The Truth’ as a testament to the veracity of scripture.

    After all, were we not we warned about following men? Were we not warned that their errors could/would become ours as well? Were we not cautioned about the limts of their understanding?

    Funny, that as Witnesses, somehow we came to think that the plain Word did not apply to us. In fact, friends, I’ve come to realize that the Word applied more than ever. The more errors I saw in the Organization bore witness to the truthfullness of scripture. A ‘double-edged sword’ indeed.

    It is then, that my true test of faith began (an perhaps the same for some of you). Because now I see that following the Christ would lead me to be reviled and despised. ‘Thrown out of the synogogue’, as it were. Of course, the Lord foretold it well, and I should have known and expected it.

    ‘Pick up his torture stake and follow me’. Did we really think there would be no adversity?! Adversity from outside the Org…that was easy. It didn’t hurt until it came from the brothers inside. Then I learned to value the relationship the Father offers thru his Son. A prize above all others.

    As family members inside falter, my role becomes all the more clear. I pray I am up to the task.


  18. John S. says:

    Bro.Snychro,thanks for the clear description of the way we began to receive the knowledge(born of the water),then the Holy Spirit’s anointing.Then the persecution came.The first time I partook at the Kingdom Hall,the young brother(passing the emblems) tried to prevent me from partaking.I had to calm him down in a loving,soothing voice,explaining I was well aware of what I was doing.It was such a cool spectacle,the Spirit was so powerful upon me,that I realized the ‘place’ where I was was so elevated beyond what the poor ones around me understood,I had no resentment for their ignorance.That is until the next year at the memorial when the brother spent at least 10 minutes of precious time explaining how no one should be partakingof what the Lord had provided.Sorry,my blood was hot.I didn’t last long after that,I was so disgusted with elders that didn’t read their Bibles but like wimps,cower down to circuit and district yes men and other influential good-old-boy elders.Some of the elders here have left off serving God,one of the most prominent left his beautiful 20-year mate and pioneer partner for homosexual parners and life,a total moral breakdown.And this is another main reason I urge any witness seriously thinking about why they should stay in the Watchtower;looking back at all the immorality,I can honestly echo the comments of others here that the spirit of Jehovah had left the congregation it seemed to me,and everything was falling apart,families,relationships between brothers and sisters.I was glad to get away,and finally quit being embroiled all the time with people who weren’t following the doctrine of the rebirth and had never received the spirit,admittedly!And seemed to brag about it almost!And all the work my family and I did over the years,I personally built every sign for the quick-build Kingdom Halls in our region,and went to the site for 2-3 days to install these sandblasted,handbuilt,old growth Cypress signs.One year I totalled up the process and estimated I had spent almost 4 months of that year on these projects,along with ministry and near-perfect meeting attendance.And when I asked 6-800 hundred dollars for mostly just materials and maybe 20% for labor,1-200 dollars for 3 weeks work,it was like I was a Judas stealing the treasury money.I always felt guilty to ask for the money,and not just a few would remark that they thought I should donate these expensive signs.This was what I did for a living!I would get into arguments at the quick build and have to say,”Tell you what brother,you take care of my bills for a month and feed me,my wife and 5 kids for a month and I’ll give you the sign,how’s that?”I did this work faithfully for 10 years.Our Kingdom hall lot was 5 acres of grass to be mowed.My little sons and I never missed our turn,sometimes we used push mowers for the whole thing,and on and on.Time money,effort.But I NEVER saw a Circuit Overseer get his hands dirty at a Quick Build project or mow one single Kingdom Hall yard in my whole 36 years as a witness. Somebody else bring it…..what’s your story?


    • andrew says:

      It is sad when the org. takes advantage of some of the brothers. These abuses however are to be found only among the JWs. It is a problem everywhere inside and outside of the kingdom halls and churches. Basically it is imperfect human nature.

      I have known proud circuit and district overseers but I’ve also know humble, self-sacrificing ones. I feel JWs are no different than anyone else and the org. while it teaches wrong doctrine as you have pointed out and has damaging policies also does some good in teaching things such as honesty, living a moral life, etc.

      If the org. would come out and say we are no better than any other christian faith. We do the best we can but we are not God’s chosen org. this would be a huge step forward to healing the wounds it has caused.


  19. John S. says:

    Dear CM,thanks for the comment,I know that the great majority of Witnesses is sincere,loving and patiently waiting on Jesus to return,and the paradise to come.I have no ill will toward these,all my immediate relatives,brothers,sisters,2 children,estranged wife,all my once-closest friends are still faithful to the Watchtower.The 3 children my wife and I conceived are not Witnesses,so we still are united as family.But because of the anointing I am viewed as a walking deadman,a Judas traitor,definitely headed to the Lake of Fire,and this evil attitude is promoted by ALL the Witnesses it seems.Now when we were Witnesses,we were taught that people who believed in Hellfire were not going to make it into the paradise Kingdom.Or that people who believed thet Jesus is the same as God wouldn’t get eternal life either,although their K.J. Bible clearly says in black and white,”the Word was God”John 1:1Now I am not a believer in the trinity, yet I would never personally withhold the kingdom from a person because he believed what his Bible said.The King James Bible also saya Lazarus died and went to heaven,yet the rich man died and went to hell,and torment in the flames there.So you explain it to these sincere Baptists down here that their Bible is wrong like I did for 32 years and see how far you get.Go ahead,they call themselves “Hardshell Baptists”,cause nothing you can say will change their belief in that Bible.Tell them they’re not going to make it into the Paradise,they’ll reply they’re going to be in heaven to be with the Lord,as that’s what their Bible says.The real question is ‘”How much merit is given to the brain knowledge over the moral qualities a person exercises during a lifetime.And isn’t the real judgement criteria faith in Jesus as the son of God,died for our sins,was resurrected,and is coming back for his church so be “ready” in Christian conduct and holiness?Are witnesses aware of all the missionary work that is being done worldwide,along with infrustructural relief and repair projects,all voluntary,being performed in 3rd world countries?Do they know how many people go down to central America and donate their professional services,labor and MONEY to the pitiful people there not so they can merely join their religion,but because they want to ease their suffering,and expect NOTHING in return for their services.How much money is the cash-flush Watchtower Society donating just to their own poor MEMBERSHIP so they can have even 2 square meals a day,or even one? All the while,begging for more so they can relocate upstate New York so their headquarters won’t be so easy a target during the distressful times ahead.Yeah,go build your mighty “Babylon” up in those obscure country settings.Protection cannot be found for true Christians as they know the Word of God says we must pass thru the fiery flames and be killed before the Day of the Lord comes.WE know it’s coming,so we prepare ourselves for it,we are not going to try to hide from it.We must die to get the reward.


  20. John S. says:

    Too bad the spirit of apology and owning up to doctrinal mistakes has never been a recognizable trait of theirs,but your well wishing spirit I feel is not being shared with any real deep belief in your heart that it will change.Instead it looks like the cruel heart of a beast is manifest not only in their view of other Christian organizations,but of their own searching and confused membership.(Compare John 9:30-34)


  21. John S. says:

    Hey Lost Child, what would you say if you got a personal invitation to go on a sightseeing vacation to the heavens where Jehovah and Jesus are bodily, and walk right up to them, and hug Jehovah, sit at his feet and just stare at everything going on, and see the Son of God talking to angelic beings and giving out incredibly smart instructions for where to send the spirit and to who and why. And what if you asked “What is that!!” to some angel standing at attention, and he whispers to you, “that’s the Spirit!” and you just keep looking and your eyes get wider and your mouth falls open and…on and on. What will heaven be like? Millions are dying to find out. Think of all the answers you could get to so many mysteries. How to go back in time, forward in time, how to travel faster than light. Will I ever see my favorite dog again? What will your new body look like? Mine is 57 and its grttin pretty funky. Missin teeth too. What a relief for terminally ill people who wake up in the heavenly resurrection. And to see first hand the resurrection occuring. So many wonderful things to look forward to eh? All this has been promised to Jesus’ brothers, “in the house of my Father there are many abodes. I go my way to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may also be.” Believe it. He’s coming and the reward he gives is with him. see Rev.22:12 Furthermore what will it be like to look upon the demon angels, who stand on trial before the heavenly court, and there… Satan himself walking up to the Father and sneering at the Mighty Lord, then refusing to look at him, out of wicked pride, knowing he was beaten soundly at his own game, torture, abuse, deprivation, death. Jesus looking right at him with those piercing eyes, eyes that see thru any barrier right into the cells and functions of your heart and thoughts. And then to hear their answers to the Son of Man’s questions as to why they murdered so many of us, and if any were sorry years ago and actually repented. So many things to do and see. Then the Lord calls your name, and you look up, and he says, come on, walk with me a bit…and you, now as a powerful being yourself, not a weakly human, start walking around in this new body, then Jesus jumps up into the air and says, “Come on” and you start to fly….anyway, I DO run on. No end to the new things and action for those heaven bound. No sittin around watchin’ Doctor Oz on T.V. anymore, puttin on the pounds.


  22. Willie says:

    Dear John S.–I admire your desire to imagine what the experiences of the saints in heaven will be like, for I have no talent in that department; but–I would like to take EXCEPTION to the following comments that you made: “Furthermore what will it be like to look upon the demon angels, who stand on trial before the heavenly court, and there… Satan himself walking up to the Father and sneering at the Mighty Lord, then refusing to look at him, out of wicked pride, knowing he was beaten soundly at his own game, torture, abuse, deprivation, death. Jesus looking right at him with those piercing eyes, eyes that see thru any barrier right into the cells and functions of your heart and thoughts. And then to hear their answers to the Son of Man’s questions as to why they murdered so many of us, and if any were sorry years ago and actually repented.”

    Over many years of Bible study I have come to believe that there is NO sin or sinners in the heavens of heavens where God resides (Psa. 68:33). All sin and sinners are confined to plant Earth and once the great Judgment Day is completed (as an example to all future generations in infinity), there is no more atonement for sin–Christ having died as a ransom for Adam and his race “once for all” (Rom. 5:11; 6:10; Heb. 7:27). Jesus is the Advocate for the Church (I John 2:1) until the end of the Gospel Age, and the Mediator for the world during the Kingdom Age. As I understand it: When Christ turns a perfect planet Earth with perfect inhabitants back over to his Father, Jehovah (I Cor. 15:28), Christ’s function as a Mediator is over. Logically, with the example of planet Earth as an instruction of the exceeding sinfulness of sin throughout all eternity, any person in the universe would die immediately upon sinning, for God cannot countenance sin or sinners (Psa. 11:7).

    When you think about it, even Satan (Luke 10:18) and the fallen angels (II Pet. 2:4) were confined in the environs of planet Earth in “age-lasting chains under darkness” until WHEN?–“unto the judgment of the great day”(Jude 6). That is now! We are IN the Judgment Day! Those chains are being loosed and/or have already been loosed so that the incorrigible fallen angels can participate in the marvelously deceptive “great signs and wonders” and even materializations–“as in the days of Noah” (Matt. 24:24,37). Those fallen angels who decline to co-operate in the works of Satan during this “last days” will have a chance to repent and possibly be reinstated at the end of the Judgment Day–though perhaps in a lesser position than before they fell into temptation over the daughters of men (Gen. 6:2).

    Satan is called “the prince of the power of the air” (Eph. 2:2) throughout this long night of sin and the “permission of evil.” After Satan has tested the last members of the Church and the Great Multitude, Christ will PERSONALLY bind Satan prior to the inauguration of his Kingdom (Rev. 20:1-3). “Know you not that we [the saints] shall judge angels”? (I Cor. 6:3)–NOT UP IN HEAVEN, but down here where the Judgment Day is already under way. Leaving their bodies of flesh behind in physical death (Phi. 3:20,21), the saints will see Jesus, as he is (I John 3:2) and go to the marriage (Rev. 19:7) of the Lamb. Their marriage to their Head will give them, as MEMBERS of the body of Christ (Rom. 12:5), the authority to judge mankind and angels as a help meet to their Bridegroom, Jesus Christ (Gen 2:18).

    The judgment and demise of Satan at the end of the Little Season (Rev. 20:3), which is described symbolically in Rev. 3:10, is also prophesied in Isa. 14:12-17; and one gets the impression that Satan will materialize as a man and not be allowed to dematerialize so that all the world may be a witness to his ultimate destruction, as we read in Isa. 14:16,17–“They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners”?

    “When I consider thy [Jehovah’s] heavens, the work of thy [Jehovah’s] fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou [Jehovah, the sole Creator] hast ordained; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man [Jesus], that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him [Jesus] a little [man, like Adam]–lower than the angels–and hast crowned him [Jesus] with GLORY and honour, Thou [Jehovah] madest him [Jesus] to have dominion over the works of thy [Jehovah’s] hands; thou hast put all things under his [Jesus’] feet” This is my interpretation of Psa. 8:3-6.

    The MAJESTY of God and the GLORY of His Son Jesus Christ–“far above all heavens” (Eph. 4:10; Heb. 7:26)–is, also, far beyond my imagination (I Cor. 2:9).


  23. Amos says:

    Brother Willie,

    I don’t think that we can criticize Brother John S, for his imaginative poetic licence. While it is imaginitive, do you really think that he was wrong to state anything that he did? I believe that we all have at times have given thought to the coming catasrophic evens concerning the end of the end times. I certainly have, & have no doubt that you have also.

    Bro. John has much to give to the fellow posters & visitors to this site, so it would be good to give him a little leeway with his imagination.
    It is very obvious from his other posts that he truelly loves our Father, His Son, & his fellow Brothers & Sisters, & only wants the best for all.
    I also see that he is a very spiritual person, who has replaced religiosity with spirituality, thus exhibiting the hallmarks of a true Brother.

    I also endorse the comments of Bros. Dennis & Greybeard.



    • I agree Brother Amos. Speaking of poetic license I really enjoyed the Alive Again series of fiction books written by John Class (a Bible Student brother who has since passed away). He used quite a bit of poetic license but he painted a beautiful picture of life in the Kingdom and the resurrection process. Has anyone ever read them? I seen that they are now available online for free somewhere.



  24. Ruth says:

    Bro Willie.
    What our bro John wrote was not a salvation issue.
    I myself write children stories and can see a very vibrant artistic person in John S. He makes what he says come to life!
    I know when I read my bible I try to throw myself into the scene.
    Just the other day I was with Jesus all the way to his death looking on.
    We don’t have to agree with everything people say.
    But we can listen to what they have to say. True Christians really do speak from a heart full of love. Christ is now the one
    who is changing us to be like him. He is very patient! We all need to listen to him. Me including.


  25. Ruth says:

    Dennis greybeard @ Amos.
    You are truly trying to understand peoples plights and the need for expression after the w/tower.
    That is so commendable.
    Thank you bro Amos for letting your brothers know you are there if they need you. takes character to speak up.

    John S has not only had his heart broken but so much more. Why? because he was brave enough to stand up and tell the w/tower who they really are. try it sometime! trust me you loose family for awhile but ultimately the reward will be so grand for these people one day.
    Not only that. Jesus comes knocking on the door.
    he asks these brothers to put all there problems on his shoulders so he can carry there weight for them. he asks them to trust him and show no fear from here on in. He sends true Christians into there lives.

    I know personally a very dear brother who lost his wife to and Elder!!! accused of something that would never enter his heart.

    He also needs patience and undersatnding. He is here right amoung us here on J/w struggle. These brothers are hurting so bad. Please everyone when you leave comments be patient with each and all.
    We need to be more loving. More understanding.
    Do you think these Brothers need love and undersatnding? You bet your life they do. Day by day is so bad for some.
    If they never had the Lord, J/w struggle and true Christians with them in there hearts they would never be able to cope.

    So many out there need our love and support. We so need to be more Christ like. Seems to me the ones who are really hurting are giving out the most from there hearts. Yes these brothers are always here encouraging you all.
    I cannot emphasize this enough. JESUS SPEAKS SO MUCH ABOUT LOVE.


  26. Willie says:

    I have come to appreciate John S. very much through reading his posts and I was grieved that the unanimous opinion of the intervening posts was to come to his defense as though I had questioned his devotion to the Lord. I started out by saying that I admired his imagination, but for WHOMEVER ELSE may be reading on this site, I thought that the impression given (in his paragraph that I copied) needed to be addressed because it was so contrary to the Scriptures. A novice to the site might not have realized the “poetic license” and think that it was an accurate picture. Giving a proper impression of our Heavenly Father and his glorious plan is a much greater priority than any of our personal feelings, which I had no intention of hurting in the first place. I hope you didn’t take it that way, John S.

    I read the first “Alive Again” book several years ago, Dennis, and I could not say that I agreed with the picture it presented–the way I understand restitution from reading my Bible. As fiction, it was definitely written for the world and not for the Church, who must concentrate on making their calling and election sure. I did not think that reading the other books would be beneficial to my Christian walk, so I declined the offer to read the whole series, as I am not into “religious fiction,” as you can see.

    Because I speak up and present my opinion does not mean that I am un-loving. Quite the contrary; if I didn’t care about any one of you I would not bother to post no matter what you might say. I try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit about what I should or should not address. If all that you got from my reply was that I was critizing John S. and his imagination, then I might as well have not commented at all.

    On the other hand, you might have been proud of me if you realized how many years I’ve struggled to grow to a place where I am brave enough to do this.


  27. Ruth says:


    Don’t take offense. Your opinions are very valid in many instances. Many things you say I agree with. Things John S says sometimes I certainly do not agree with. All in all the Lord will teach us his real truth. John S has a love for God so much just like you and others here.
    I for one got out of religion and will never walk that path again. But I will say there are people inside these religions God is calling out into his love. No one will convince me other wise. We can argue until the cows come home on matters of this nature. I know what the Lord has taught me and I’m not going back from it. Rock solid and feeling very secure.

    But! also it is valid for one to stand for truth.
    You are to be commended for that.
    We who feel safe in what the Lord has taught us need not panic though. True sheep will be guided into the true pen. We are no longer in a dictatorial place in side a church or organizations.
    No more whips!

    Im feeling safe in Jesus arms no mans arms right now.
    What I’m trying to say is Jesus has us in the Palm of his hand.
    Any corrections he will make it known and manage a persons heart.
    Does that mean to water down truth? Of cause not.
    I think it is not what we say at times. It is the way we say it.

    John S seeing and describing the way he sees things! there is nothing wrong with that! Do we have to agree with his picture? No!
    As I said we who feel safe in what the GOD has shown us! know and see the Lord working in this brother. Who we are! “will” be shown up in time. I’m sure you will agree with that.
    We can fool man but not GOD.
    Now Willie.
    You would be one in the category of tough times that you have had to endure. Thanks for telling us that. Keep up the good work.Stay close to our God.
    But sometimes we just have to let things pass by and put love in 1st place. Let out God work his work in people.
    I see things written here and could go to town on them. So could others!
    But if its not a salvation issue then perhaps one feels to keep silent and look and listen. I know in my heart if i see something really wrong I will jump on board though.

    I do enjoy your posts.
    People like you can keep truth on board. Keep following
    the spirit to speak up. I for one keep learning and love to listen.

    I’m sure if any of us step over board away form the scriptures someone privately will pull us up. Our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
    Sister Ruth


  28. John S. says:

    Hey,ya’ll,thankyou for giving me latitude on that imaginative heaven(not hay)-ride.Sorry I probably should’ve said those were some of the things I think would be cool to see,not necessarily prophetic truths.I was trying to cheer up a bro. back there who had let his hope grow dim for keeping on toward the upward call.Like sister Ruth,I am a musician and an artist,and a cook at a nightclub presently,and my imagination does get the best of me sometimes.It does fire my mind in searching for a third dimension to scriptures we may have looked over.This is what Bro. Russell had also,and was able to give depth to many important accounts.For instance he published the doctrinal point that Satan was attempting to start his own Kingdom in his attempted takeover in Eden.And he was able to surmise from reading scripture that it was all set in motion and planned for there to be the ransom,and men to come to heaven to be with Christ as a governmental rule for man’s benefit,gathering this thought from many of Paul’s writings. I had also come to this opinion on my own,so when I read the book,’The Photo-Drama of Creation’,beautifully reprinted,and presented to me as a gift by Bible Student Mark Tribble,I was very pleased with this confirmation of something I feel is very important;that is,the sin in Eden was anticipated,and actually planned as part of a growth process for the human family.The Bible Students call this the ‘Forgotten Gospel’,and devote a chapter in one of their study books to it.They are to be commended for their hard work in getting out a beautiful printed product,written in a Christlike ,loving style,not condemning,but encouraging.They excell at spreading a gospel of pure love and total forgiveness for ALL MEN.(Called the ‘Ransom for All’) and study with ex-Witnesses on Wednesday nights by phone.It basically is a format to cover Bro.Russell’s book no.1 of Studies in the scriptures,but opens up to allow listeners to express their viewpoint as well.I participated for 6 months,and was encouraged by the prayer and association.They do worship Jehovah-Father and do have much Bible truth,and you are free to disagree respectfully,but allow the study to cover the material being reviewed.We had many great studies at that hook-up.I only was able to go just so far with it as my understanding is totally at odds with much of what Russell taught,as you all know.I do believe the Bible Students have Jehovah’s Spirit,though,and blessing on much of their work.I hope we can see more broadening of perspective from their ranks and more analytical approaches from their intelligentsia on subjects being considered here in the present and future,as I will attempt to do myself.I am currently thinking about this teaching that the demons will come back in materialised bodies near Armageddon.Is this a Bible Student/Russell teaching?I’ve never considered that before,but would like to get scriptural proofs.Anybody?


  29. John S. says:

    Right sister,I was just building a little dream for ‘Lost Child’,as he was writing how bad he felt.Iwasn’t trying to be as scripturally accurate as possible,just imagining a scenario with all the key players.Forgive my casual musings,maybe good be viewed as a Biblical fairy or ‘angel’s’ tale.nd I’d like to apologie to you willie for a comment to you I made on another tag here.I took offense to the comment you made,but I am sorry I may have come on too strong.I would like to post my email for anyone who wants to talk to me with more direct a tone ,counsel,curses ,but please no dirty words.I sometimes need to sharpen my comments off others’.What I mean is,good talk like this stimulates research and advancement and progress results.I do believe sharing these heavy-duty discussions serves a better purpose than we can perceive at this time…………….talk anytime you all.


  30. Willie says:

    Dear John S., Could you elaborate just a little on your comment: “I only was able to go just so far with it as my understanding is totally at odds with much of what Russell taught,as you all know.” It is hard for me to remember who said what and I would like to know a few of the things that you were at odds with, if you have the time. Just a simple list will do. Thanks.


  31. Amos says:

    Dear Willie,

    To a large extent, I’m with JohnS on this. I have personally also had a genuine look at what Russell wrote, & do agree that there is much of these beliefs that I cannot accept as being truth. It’s the same with Luther, Calvin, Simmons, etc. When we read/study what some man has written, we need to be careful that we don’t become a follower of that man, instead of the Lord.

    Please accept what I’m saying in the spirit that it’s being written, that is love for my fellow brethren, not criticizm, it’s not the person but the belief that I’m talking about.

    The point that I’ve found with most BS’s that I know & have had discussions with is this, when you get to a certain stage in any discussion that requires the acceptance of either the BIBLE or Russell’s teachings, (that is when there is a conflict between what Russell is promoting & what the Bible really says) they turn to Russell & reject the Bible, or remain silent. This has happened repeatedly.

    I don’t wish to get into any deep discussions concerning what I see as error in Russell’s beliefs, as I see this as being a negative use of time & energy that could be better used doing other more constructive things.

    Just three things that easily come to mind are; the New Covenant, two classes of the 144,000 & Great Company, the Pyramid.

    Mind you, I do agree that he did do some very great work in some of the basic false beliefs that had been put upon believers by the papacy & protestant movements, but then (in good faith) did likewise himself.

    I hope that you accept what I’m saying as not being critical, but just that I believe the bible explains itself when we find all the related verses & put them together, & don’t need to complicate truth by using extensive wording to get our thoughts across.

    One of my main criticizms of most who do copious amounts of writing, they use less of the scriptures & more of their own words, Russell was no exception to this, as is the WTS of today. Another point is the taking of verses out of context, this is a glaring fault with most of those who are promoting a “different gospel”.

    You see, as sister Ruth so often points out, “the truth is a simple message”, to which I absolutely agree. We often look for things that just aren’t in the bible, as the salvation message is so simple. Another point is that YHWH only gives understanding to whom He chooses, & these ones are often the lowly, insignificant ones, that we may write off as being too simple in their understanding.


  32. confused says:

    Sister Ruth, I appreciate your comments, they are encouraging.
    I re-read the comments above again this morning. I think it was JJ who said we are saved by grace.
    What does that mean?
    Believing in Jehovah and Jesus and living a morale life….don’t we have to do something more? I’m just not familiar with that term as a witness.
    Can someone help me understand what this really means?
    Thank you my friends.


  33. Ruth says:

    Hi Confused!

    Well this is how I see grace as meaning.

    Unmerited favor.
    The same as undeserved kindness. He owes us nothing. But we owe him everything.
    The idea that none of us in the human race deserve to be saved is true!
    Although our father because of his heart felt love for us is wanting us to be his sons and daughters. WHY? because he wants our hearts You heart Confused to meet his heart. Only of cause! when we realize what Jesus did for us and repent of our sins of cause.

    Confused he so wants a personal relationship with you. Not through any organization or religion but with you. He more or less begs us to come to him remember this? “All” you who are loaded down take my yoke and I will refresh you. Not just Jehovah witnesses! He wants everyone to listen to his simple gospel. We have to be like little children right? In the sense that little children have clean hearts. Drink in information form the bible. have a wonderful innocence.

    Andrew and others made good points as how you are to do this.
    They pointed out that to get that relationship happening you have to spend time with him. You pray everyday. read your bible and get the holy spirit from him. Build up a relationship.

    In life if we do not attend to relationships they fall away.
    Hope that helps.
    Sister Ruth.


  34. confused says:

    Thank you Ruth. I’m trying to work on getting a true relationship built up. I guess years of “robotics” with the org has had effects on me. I am reading everyday in his word. Praying has been real hard for me, I don’t know why.


  35. Ruth says:

    I know why its hard to keep anything up as we are all tired of being neglected and pushed from pillow to post.
    But! We all keep on going. Keep doing what our Lord tells us.
    As for you! Sounds like you are on the road to recovery as you are reading meditating and praying.
    You go get em girl.
    sister Ruth.


  36. Ruth says:

    Dear brothers.
    Debating is healthy for the mind heart and brain I agree.
    Of cause letting the holy spirit work on each and everyone one of us as he sees fit for our very own growth is a blessing from our father as well. Also to hear what the Holy/S is showing others with his personal interaction with them can be very encouraging.

    Here though, where the father is sending his sheep, Bros and sisters, not only for comfort! but for them to try and fathom things out as regarding what they are either finding as false from the w/tower and other religions. Or perhaps are still held in captivity trying to find away to escape need simplicity.

    These dear sheep have been so abused. Trying to get over what has just happened to them. Still in shock after so much pain and abuse. “Mentally or physically”. Do not need to be burdened by confusing debating.

    These people are in a very spiritual hungry stage which most have never been in before. Letting go of what man tells them and finding the real father, need to feel welcome.

    I am sure you will agree with me that keeping things simple and to the point is refreshing to our souls. To much information makes the little Christians feel overwhelmed.

    Confused, is just one example as she struggles to find her feet.

    Sometimes myself when I look at the confusion here of detail and far to much information in one post I shut down J/w struggle and walk away feeling over burdened.

    It is not what we say. It is keeping things simple for the simple Christians.

    Does that mean simple Christians are uneducated? Of cause not. I listen to the way Jesus explains things and I absolutely marvel at his simplicity. “He was the creator”.

    Brothers when we realize what John the Baptist said in John 3-30
    We must decrease and the lord increase means less of us and more of him. Its not getting our point across. It is listening to what Jesus wants us to tell others in an easy manner.

    May our father be with you all as you progress to real spiritual maturity in the real truth of his love.
    Sister Ruth.


  37. John S. says:

    TZhanks sister Ruth for the good advice.I know a lot of these prophecies seem unanswerable at this time.Many of the Revelation topics,too are extremely mind boggling.nd I noticed after some of my lengthy comments were made,no one else responded,the question just quit being commented on.These strugglers need much in the way of simple solutions to the big problems.I would like to apologise for so much debate ,and will let the brothers here give the simpler counsel and you experienced more in similar situations.(basically,I’ve been a big-mouth)Sorry,friends,I’ll give the site a well-deserved rest.


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