C M on Tuesday October 29th, 2013

Este capitulo de el programa de noticia de Dateline fue una bala dirigida a la Organizacion Watchtower que todavia se puede sentir. Era el 28 de Mayo del ano 2002, y yo era un anciano joven con una nina recien nacida y una esposa testiga fiel. Encima de ser dueno y gerente de mi negocio […]

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C M on Monday October 28th, 2013

Al comenzar la caza por tu cabeza ha empezado, algunos Leones disfrasados como Ancianos Testigos de Jehova, casi nunca van a parar hasta que sientan que la congregacion ha sido limpiada. Esta historia es tan sorprendente que sin duda muchos van a agradecer que la haigan escuchado. La estamos contando por varias razones; muestra como […]

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Recientemente yo termine un video nuevo de youtube sobre las atrocidades a las cuales se enfrentan miles de abuelitos despues de haber servido a la Organizacion Watchtower y los ocho hombres del “Esclavo Fiel”. La descripcion y el link se encuentran abajo: ————- Una situacion triste se ve cada dia mas y mas para muchos […]

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Eric on Friday October 18th, 2013

This story is quite remarkable and no doubt many will appreciate it being told. It is telling for several reasons; it highlights the fact that the Watchtower Organization can expel and marginalize anyone for literally anything if they are crossed. They did that to Ray Franz back in the early 1980s and they recently have done it to these fine folks. There are some six pieces of documentation in the account and it is in some ways “a complicated mess”, but it really boils down to a couple of active Witnesses informing on someone to the elders. Once the accusations are made, the Kingdom Hall gossip-mill and then even the Watchtower machinery begins to turn. If you do not play ball then they can simply call three strikes and you will be put out.

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A heartbreaking situation is played out every day for many grandparents that are former Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons: Their precious grandchildren grow up without knowing them, and in some cases the little ones are told that their Grandma or Grandpa hates God and is serving Satan and will be killed at Armageddon.

Why would such a terrible thing be done? It is because of the Mormon Church and Watchtower Society’s harsh shunning policies. Some Jehovah’s Witnesses have used this terrible doctrine as a weapon against their own parents and it is a tragedy and a horrible loss for all sides. Once a person is indoctrinated into a cult, they will even turn on their own family members and this is one example of it in action.

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Eric on Monday October 7th, 2013

I had intended on posting this on the one year anniversary of my judicial committee meeting with the Jehovah’s Witness elders on September 5, 2012. But I’m late! It is October 7, 2013 and only now has the article been finished. Why is that? Well it is because I had a very lengthy transcription to complete, and just now it is done. It took me several weeks to accomplish this task, one that many people have been asking me to do for months. That’s right- the entire conversation the four of us had during my three hour judicial committee meeting has been typed up. It is about 29,000 words, some 79 typed pages.

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