Dear brothers and sisters,

With the Memorial of Christ’s death so close, many of us wonder about our own relationship with Christ Jesus.  Are we in the truth?  Are we in Christ?  JJ has just finished a talk/video for Youtube that addresses this subject.  We hope you enjoy.

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41 Comments on New Video “Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

  1. jojo says:



  2. Baruch says:

    Very well done my brother…you can’t defeat the biblical logic.
    like I always said truth is simple, Humans make it complex.

    May Yeho’vah continue to strengthen you.


  3. Jayme says:

    Thankyou brothers! Thats one of the best videos Ive seen and certainly something which is needed at this time. Im sure many will benefit from it! I can remember the first time the light came on for me concerning these truths…WOW, such a profound moment, it changed my life forever like nothing else! May the Holy Spirit continue to open the hearts and minds of many many more to these beautiful sacred truths!


  4. Steve says:

    Thanks for your work. It really makes a difference for me.


  5. Janet says:

    He really is a wonderful speaker.
    Great job on the video JJ..very touching. Thank you for putting into words what I really needed to hear.


  6. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for that wonderful easy listening video clip on the Jesus being the only way.
    What a joy to hear that at last.

    But I pondered on trying to see how the word union may have been placed in the NWT to confuse true believers and convince them that the w/t is more important than our Saviour Jesus.

    A bit of a deception to take the full meaning from our Lord and saviour away from him.
    After all remember the W/T want everyone to think they must rely on Jehovahs organ instead of Jesus for salvation and him teaching them using ( Books Mags Bible studies! ) But not Our Lord.

    Now If l was still in the marching girls I would have to walk in union with the rest of the team.
    Walking in union perhaps tells us that we just have to keep in step with our lord instead of letting him into our very inner being.
    1John 4:4 says he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.
    Our Lord and saviour actually is in our hearts when we realise he is the truth..

    As the brother said in this video clip. Jesus is the way! the truth! He is the only way right now. Colossians 3:11 Christ is in all

    Ephesians 3:16 Talking about every family he goes on to say. “that he would grant you ( singular)
    according to his riches and his glory to be strengthened “WITH POWER THROUGH HIS SPIRIT IN THE INNER MAN. “SO CHRIST MAY DWELL IN YOUR HEARTS THROUGH THE INNER MAN!
    Not in union with the inner man. His spirt actually living in the inner man or woman.

    So for the w/tower to put the word union in to me takes the glory honour and preeminence of Jesus away replacing it with keeping in step or in tune.
    Just a thought sister Ruth.


  7. JohnS says:

    Good work JJ,
    I would like to add a thing or two, as Gospel of John is a favorite of mine. I will urge all readers to read this gospel slowly and repeatedly. There is a whole lot of info. in it about the water of truth,and being reborn with the Father’s spirit. Also the Bible is speaking about receiving the spirit of Christ himself. This is how God and Christ become ‘one’ with us, their spirit comes into our minds and hearts and lives within us, and through that we live in them. This is not a mere “in union” them, as WT has butchered the whole concept with this expression. This is their version (NWT) of the rebirth(John 3:5) that they have sold to their ‘Great Crowd’ flocks, deceived sheep who have been lied to about being anointed into the body of Christ and the new ‘sonship’ of Father Jehovah, something they say only a ‘remnant’ now possess. We have many JW’s coming here to this site, self included,
    who have received this Holy Spirit sonship.
    Lastly, the reason Jesus kept saying I am the way and the truth and the life, was this; He repeatedly says when he came to earth and started his ministry, that whatever the Father told him to say, this is what he would teach. He only taught what Jehovah taught him, period. You can read this throughout the book of John. When he said, “I am the way…” etc., what did he mean? “No one can come TO THE FATHER, EXCEPT THROUGH ME.” (John 14:6) The Father, is the end goal. Let me repeat again…… the Father and a spirit-filled new adoption as a heavenly son…that is the goal. This is the game-plan Jesus taught. That is why he says,over and over, we should go THRU HIM to get to the father. He came to glorify Jehovah God, his Father, not himself.
    This is what the WT has been hiding for 85 years, the spirit re-birth, as JJ brought out; it is started out in John 3:5, and from there, The ‘water’ is explained,starting in chapter 4, and the spirit is explained all through Gospel of John.
    There is no study of scripture more important right now to a wakening JW than what is written in the 33 pages of ‘Gospel of John’ in your Bible. You can learn the truth in one night, one sitting, by turning off the TV and going to a quiet place, and reading this book. If you’re confused now, do that, and the lights will come on,….Christ guarantees it.(John14:6)
    Thanks again JJ. Look forward to more from Gospel of John!


  8. Jaco v Z says:

    @ 3:15, “…Heavenly Father Christ Jesus” ??? What’s that about? We can be in Christ. We can be immersed in him as the one who brought God close to us and who brought us closer to God. But then we need to know who’s who, else, what’s the use of seeking truth?


  9. jojo says:

    That is a good point Sister Ruth. We just need to let others know about those types of additions. One could be perfectly in step with an organization and not be in Christ. An organization that does not show real love can do many powerful works in Christ’s name, but it wont matter in the end.

    Great Job JJ. Very easy to listen to, heartfelt, you let the scriptures do the talking without drawing attention to yourself. Holy Spirit can really work through us if we let it. Very encouraging and accurate! I appreciate how you emphasized the truth, which is exciting in itself. We didn’t need to hear an emotionally charged speech, full of idioms, and be expected to clap at certain spots. The truth is enough.


  10. Disappointed says:

    This makes so much sense to me. After decades I have finally discovered what the real truth is! It’s not about an organisation. It’s not about Christ being a mediator between God and a human leadership who in turn are our mediators between us and Christ. Christ IS the Truth,he is the Way, he is our Mediator, directly between us and God. Having a realtionship with Christ and taking him into our hearts is exactly what God wants of us. Jesus told us that he would send the Holy Spirit to help us, teach us, guide us. We don’t need an organisation to do it for us. They take the place of both Christ and the Holy Spirit. When we recognise this it changes everything for us. The whole way we think, feel and act!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Being “in the truth” is a very catchy phrase to keep people in the wt org. ranks. If a person leaves-they are labelled by all of their former associates as “leaving the truth” or rejecting the truth. It takes guts to leave and live with that label-or even make decisions in line with our conscience and personal freedom that conflicts with what is “in the box”. My heart goes out to all on this site struggling with such feelings-Jesus was not a rule bound person-when the woman with the incurable flow of blood touched him-did he punish her for breaking a rule to get healing for herself in perhaps the only way she could see it happening for herself. Jesus referred to David eating the showbread which also broke the rules-but he needed it for sustenance. The wt org uses very powerful yet subtle mind control tactics to keep people in-and uses peer pressure on top of that-there are so many times when I asked God to die, because of what I had to go through after my divorce over 6 yrs ago-because it was considered “unscriptural”-in spite of the fact that ex did not want to be with me and openly admitted it to me-then lied and told everyone she loved me-not that I cared-what hurt the most was being punished for life because of it and treated like a totally immature person and being potentially labelled an adulterer if I really desired a loving relationship even if it was with a different person-and that if I remarry-I would be in the class of those “leaving the truth”. I am only now beginning to fully realize why I felt so horrible-its the reason why so many in the wt org suffer from depression-a person who goes through these kinds of things is punished and made to feel like a loser-worse is that a person is told they are loved in spite of all of this-yet it is like being 3/4 disfellowshipped-for life unless you somehow fix something that truly cannot be-is that how Jesus treated others? I feel much better and not so alone after finding jw facts-through a referral and this site-and am now in regular correspondence with a very sweet person who is very interested in being with me possibly for life-but what will that mean-a double whammy-labelled as an adulterer and looked down upon for marrying out of the wt org. I think that if a marraige happens and I have to experience that-it will be the final straw for me.


  12. JohnS says:

    Brother Anonymous,
    Celebrate the memorial at home, tonight, and talk to the Father about this sweet woman, and about marriage again in general. It would be a good thing if we were to be able to find mates who were born-again and worshipped in spirit and truth as we do. If they are not, though, then we would be bringing such misery on ourselves again, just like having to go to the Kingdom Hall, and being made to worship in falsehood with people around you that do not have the truth, listening to their talk about the faithful and discreet slave, and how wonderful they are for taking such good ‘care’ of us, blah, blah, blah,. How could you put up with it?
    I am alone physically, and always entertaining the idea in the back of my mind of remarriage, and think about this one or that one I may meet. But then I pray to the Father for help to see things true.It comes crystal -clear to me, it would be idolatry, putting a human ahead of my worship to God, and my Lord and leader, Christ, and it is to him I must marry in heaven. This is for a certainty the truth. This is written in blood, and cut out of a mountain , a stone, not with hands. Keep that on your heart, as the flesh is weak. You may stagger and sway over this marriage issue, but believe me, if you marry one not in the Lord, and that means just what it says, you will bring much suffering and anguish into your life. This is the truth from the word, not mine. (1 Cor. 7 all…..esp.,vs 39)


  13. JJ says:


    Thank you for your kind words and encouraging comments. You are on the right path, the narrow and cramped one, and you do not need to be afraid of men anymore- none of us do!

    Psalms 118:6 says: “The LORD is for me; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

    I pray that you find companionship and happiness with this good woman “in Christ” and that together you can serve Him together forever.

    Your brother,


  14. JJ says:

    To Sister Ruth and Brother John S:

    Thank you for your lovely expressions of devotion and love toward the Truth, our Lord Jesus! Regarding my comments on “in union with Christ” versus “in Christ”, I expressed my opinion based on what I have personally studied. It is only an opinion though, and certainly not anything more. Here is what I found:

    1. The Good News Bible also says “in union with Christ” at Romans 8:1 and a total of 47 times also. It is not just the NWT that uses this additional word.

    2. Barnes commentary on Romans 8:1 says in part this:

    “To be in him is an expression not seldom used in the New Testament, denoting close and intimate union. Phi_1:1; Phi_3:9; 2Co_5:17; Rom_16:7-11. The union between Christ and his people is compared to that between the vine and its branches Joh_15:1-6, and hence, believers are said to be in him in a similar sense, as deriving their support from him, and as united in feeling, in purpose, and destiny.”

    So based on these points of study I felt that the issue and focus is not really on an extra word, “union” but the sentiment and meaning behind this most important phrase that is important. So the WT Society may not be that far off in this rendering of Romans 8:1, et al., then as the above comments by Barnes brings out.

    That said, I do not feel the extra word is really necessary, and agree with you both on that front. Are we “in Christ”? is the proper question…

    I hope we all are, and can be for eternity!


  15. Anonymous says:

    I dont want to get too far off topic-but I appreciate John S and JJ-it is very important for mate to be in the lord-The woman I described is not in wt org. and seems that she is not even familiar with it-but feels it is very important for the Creator to be a part of our potential union and is very positive about having a spiritual connection in the relationship-we have talked a lot about the bible and she is definately very positive and sincere in her expressions-So there is at least potential of it being a union in the lord-however the picture is not totally black and white in a situation, because we have to gauge the ATTITUDE of such a person over whether they belong to a particular religiuos org.-my last marraige was in the wt org and it turned out HORRIBLY. Are they and us for that matter willing to adhere to the counsel of GODS WORD in their relationship with you-do they already have a reverance for the creator as reflected in their expressions. Its a lot easier to say-“ok they are not in wt. org. so its not in the lord” than to really use our head and look beyond that and look at the individual for what they really are and listen very closely-yes LISTEN to their expressions about spiritual matters-and weigh this very unbiasedly as to whether it would be a union in the lord or not. And of course we have to rely on the Creator to help us make a good choice. Because we cannot totally read hearts, but the Almighty can. Would I be putting worship of a human ahead of Creator-no way-Whether we decide to remarry or not is up to us as individuals-we have to weigh our personal circumstances prayerfully-in my personal set of circumstances feel it would be better for me to have a partner than to not-others may feel otherwise. Sorry about getting off the original topic of Christ being the truth-the video hit the nail on the head.


  16. JohnS says:

    Just a head-nod to everything you said, Anonymous, and true. Just beacause a woman is in the WT, doesn’t mean she’s in the Lord, in my opinion. My wife left me in her heart 14 years ago,she told me, while I was still a Witness, and was just looking for the right reason to dump me,it appears. Your thinking is correct, I think.
    Thanks , also JJ for the ‘in union’ info. It was one of the major reasons I left the NWT in my mind as a bias translation, as Wescott and Hort, from which they transliterated their NT(Watchtower that is) rendered this expression , ‘in’, not…. ‘in union with’.It is by means of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that God is in us, and by that (Holy Spirit),we are now ‘in’ Him.
    By this spirit we are seated in the heavenly places figuratively, although bodily we are present on earth still.Eph.2:6 This is how we are ‘one’ with Christ, and how he is ‘with us’. Same with the Father, his spirit is ‘in us’ after we are anointed, as it was with Christ, power literally ‘flowed’
    out of him when he healed that woman . It is like holding hands ,one with Christ, one with the Father, even though they are in Heaven. But instead of hands, it’s hearts and minds.
    Being full of the spirit, your witnessing is indeed a holy experience, at times, as even the spirit speaks through you thoughts from God, that God wants expressed,not even your own.
    “For God has revealed them to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit searches everything, even the deep things of God. For who of men knows the things personal to a man except the man’s spirit which is in him? in the same way, nobody knows the things personal to God except God’s Spirit. And we received not the world’s spirit, but the Spirit from God, in order that we might know the things granted to us by God; which things we likewise speak not in words taught by human wisdom but in Spirit-taught, matching spiritual with spiritual.” 1 Cor.2:10-14 Byington
    That is also why the only way we can understand truly what the real program is IN FULL,gospel-wise, is to experience the reality of having God’s Spirit upon us FOR THAT PURPOSE.
    It is like ice skating, sailing, or swimming, we can read books about these skills all day-long, but until we learn by DOING them, we never really know, do we? John 3:7,8


  17. Ruth says:

    I can see where you are coming from.
    So good to be able to discuss the simple truths. The simple gospel.
    So true what Baruch said.
    The truth is simple we humans make it difficult!

    Sis Ruth


  18. Ruth says:

    Bro John S.
    Yes this is what the holy Father tells me. To marry anyone outside of his authority
    would be like saying to our Father we know what is best for us! You do not what you want is best for us.

    It would be like putting a mill stone around ones neck. The Father would never bless it so why do it without the Father being the 3 fold cord ?
    To continue on such a journey would be dangerous course of action. Plus sheer disobedience.

    I would never want a man in my life who disrespects his Fathers laws. It would be a lack of respect and wisdom. But l will tell you who would clap his hands! The Devil.

    Sister Ruth


  19. Anonymous says:

    hi jj (its Confused, i cant log in for some reason)
    I stayed up late last night listening to your video, it was great. Many good points you brought out.Thank you for putting that together. Im trying to get my wi-fi singnal improved so I cant communicate more with ever yone. I really would likddo that more……


  20. Anonymous says:

    hey, its Confused again, my phone is dysfunctional lately too. I was not able to finish writing my previous response.


  21. steamrolled says:

    I appreciate your prayers for me jj and others-they do make a difference-
    i went to another browser and had to retype my e-mail address for my name to show up again-I so appreciate this site and it has helped me put 2 and 2 together on so many things that really bothered me for a long time-and that I can finally express my true thoughts to other human beings rather than just Almighty God. And John S-I read about your experiences and feel deeply for you-what happened to you is horrible-but in the name of religion-nothing is worse than living with someone who has left you in their heart-or was never really with you to begin with-been there done that.


  22. JohnS says:

    Thanks Bro. Steamrolled,
    So many have marriage and family problems because we receive the spirit of truth, which the unbeliever has not received, being under the ‘spell’ of the JW teaching. Keeping on theme, the Christian gospel is the ‘Way’ the truth and the real way to life. The WT has knowingly withheld this truth, so as to totally CONTROL their subjects, and they even flaunt this , as they call themselves up in NY, part of the ‘Remnant’, the supposed brothers of Christ. How could true brothers of Christ do such things to these poor ignorant people? Like my little fearful wife? She is a wonderful ,loving person, but is VERY timid, and out of fear of what the Org. says, ‘divorced’ me. I still love her deeply, and hope she will wake up with many when this monster is finally exposed, and chopped down. Ohhhhh…’s comingggggg! Sites, such as this, where wonderful men and women are exposing the doctrines for what they are, these sites are themselves, jewels and razor-sharp cutting instruments Christ is right now using to undermine the foundations of these poisonous institutions. The truth is big, and cannot be hidden for long, it ALWAYS WINS IN THE END. And true LOVE….never fails! 1 Cor.13


  23. DanielB says:

    I have been steamrolled too brother. It just comes with the territory, as such temperings must occur. We can appreciate how Jude referred to many displaying evil traits, and how he helps us with these words: “But continue showing mercy to others, doing so with fear, while you hate even the inner garment that has been stained by the flesh.” Jude 17-25

    I have seen many times over how that couples who do not claim to be close to Christ have broke up, while treating one another more humanely than those who try to wear God’s own Name as a badge. I know this is one reason that it is so difficult for us to experience.

    But the yoke is kindly, the load is light, and our Brother above refreshes us.

    Thank you Father !

    In Him .


  24. FutureMan says:

    As I now understand, God’s “WORD” is not actually the Bible itself, but many of the sayings through the prophets as well as the apostles could be attributed as being God’s words as ascribed to through the Angels, visions and the Holy Spirit through the “spirit of truth”.

    This is particularly evident with the “original” book of Revelation that John had received through visions.

    The only one who could have information that is truly ascribed to God is Jesus himself who while he was here on earth represented God’s WORD and also testified to God the “Heavenly Father” himself.

    Please refer to these scriptures for confirmation on this.

    (1) John 6
    32 Then Jesus said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, Moses has not given you the bread out of Heaven, but My Father gives you the true bread out of Heaven.
    33 For the bread of God is He coming down out of Heaven and giving life to the world.
    34 Then they said to Him, Lord, always give us this bread.
    35 Jesus said to them, I am the Bread of life; the one coming to Me will not at all hunger, and the one believing into Me will not ever thirst.

    John 17
    1 ¶ Jesus spoke these things and lifted up His eyes to Heaven, and said, Father, the hour has come. Glorify Your Son, that Your Son may also glorify You,
    2 as You gave to Him authority over all flesh, so that to all which You gave to Him, He may give to them everlasting life.
    3 And this is everlasting life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent.
    4 I have glorified You on the earth. I finished the work that You gave Me to do.
    5 And now Father, glorify Me with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the existence of the world.
    6 ¶ I revealed Your name to the men whom You gave to Me out of the world. They were Yours, and You gave them to Me; and they have kept Your Word.
    7 Now they have known that all things, whatever You gave to Me, are from You.
    8 For the Words which You gave to Me, I have given to them. And they received and truly knew that I came out from beside You, and they believed that You sent Me.

    Revelation 22
    6 I, Jesus, sent My angel to testify these things to you over the churches. I am the Root and Offspring of David, the bright and morning Star.
    17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come! And the one hearing, let him say, Come! And the one thirsting, let him come; and the one desiring, let him take of the water of life freely.
    18 For I testify together with…


  25. JohnS says:

    Brother Futureman, That is certainly true, but what makes you doubt the Apostles’ understanding, as they were showing through powerful works, even resurrections (Paul) that they were full of God’s spirit as Christ was at his baptism?


    • FutureMan says:

      Jesus was the only one back then who was perfect though he was human.

      The apostles were imperfect humans and so even though most of the information that was ascribed to the apostles would have being as a result of the “spirit of truth” they were prone to mistakes and misunderstanding of things and concepts such as the “reality of the Kingdom”.

      The translators even after this also could have compounded the errors found within the scriptures.

      Today we have a book containing God’s word, but still an imperfect book written down by imperfect men.


      • use 2 b a dub says:

        hi futureman,
        You are correct about imperfect men writing the Bible and imperfect men translating the Bible. I’m sure that a lot has been lost in translation. However, should it not be the ‘spirit of the law’ and not the ‘letter of the law’ that should guide us in the Bible? That is why there are so many religions today. They get caught up in the ‘letter’ of the law and lose sight of the ‘spirit’ of God’s laws. The ‘spirit’ of Jesus commands as found in the ‘New Testament’ are LOVE and FORGIVENESS and IMO, nothing is lost in the simple translation of those commands.
        use 2 b a dub


  26. Willie says:

    A QUOTE: “It will be well for us all to remember that all the graces of the Spirit, all the progress in the knowledge of Divine things to which we have already attained that may have helped us nearer to God and to holiness, have come to us through the Scriptures of the Old Testament and through the words of our Lord and his inspired apostles: nor will it ever be necessary to go to other channels for the true wisdom which would prepare us for the salvation promised.” Z. ’97-170 (CTR)


  27. FutureMan says:

    That is a good quote, yet there is still much for all of us to learn to attain the “Kingdom”.


  28. JohnS says:

    I feel the multitude of Bible translations and copies of old manuscripts have helped us see the Bible has been in the main preserved for the most part down to our day. I also agree with CTR’s quote that the scriptures are enough for us to gain salvation. There is more than enough contained in all the Hebrew and Greek scriptures to keep us busy learning about God for many, many, human lifetimes. Hello to you sister Willie, good to hear from you, and you also brother Futureman. I know where you’re coming from. Keep at it, reading God’s word has been known to build much faith, but spending too much time with doctrines and commentaries of men has been shown to tear apart faith in the Bible and God’s promises. A friendly word for a fellow searcher of truth.


  29. Ruth says:

    Hi Futureman.
    Quoting from what you wrote. Please forgive me if l have misunderstood you.
    There is still much for all of us to learn “To attain the Kingdom.

    I was just thinking about the scripture that says in Luke 17:21-22 The setting was “Yeshua was speaking to the pharisees and trying to tell them something they could not see about the Kingdom.

    They asked him when the Kingdom of God would actually come! ( Testing his spirit now doubt)
    Anyway, His reply to them was rather surprising to say the least.

    The Kingdom of God comes not with observation. Neither shall they say look here or look there! WHY DOES HE SAY THAT?
    Yeshua goes on further to say. “The Kingdom of God is in you”
    Also telling them when being among them that the Kingdom was in their presence, Or in their midst.

    What does he mean by saying that then?

    On doing further research l came across the following information.

    Galatians 4:6 says Yeshuas spirit is in our hearts.
    Romans 8:11 Talks a bout Yeshua again saying, “If man does not have the spirit of Christ he has a carnal body fleshly body.
    Last night l was reading with a friend in 1 Corinthians 3:16 That we are now the temple of God and his spirit dwells in us.
    So what has all this to do with the KINGDOM?

    Well, you said there is much for us to learn to attain the Kingdom.
    Well I have to question that statement. Because it seems to me when we become born again and we recieve Christ spirit we automatically cry out Abba Father. ( We are in the Kingdom right here on earth)

    So what l can see is. We do not have to attain the Kingdom as it is in our hearts when we are received by the Father. ‘When he sends the Fathers spirit. The sons spirit, the holy spirit!
    We have the effects of that Kingdom with us each and everyday we keep the faith and follow the laws of the N/T

    So perhaps when we pray for Gods Kingdom to come, We are praying right now to receive the spirit of Christ himself. We do not have to attain it any other way.
    If anyone can tell me more I would be delighted.

    Sis Ruth


  30. FutureMan says:

    31 ¶ You, O king, were seeing. And, behold, a certain great image! That great image stood before you with a brilliant brightness, and its form was dreadful.
    32 The head of this image was of fine gold, its breast and its arms were of silver, its belly and its thighs were of bronze,
    33 its legs were of iron, its feet were partly of iron and partly of clay.
    34 You continued until a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces.
    35 Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were together broken to pieces, and they became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors. And the wind carried them away so that no place was found for them. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.[LITV]

    This scripture and prophecy, I believe, is essential to understand when applying it to the Kingdom.

    The Kingdom at first starts of as a small stone as back when Jesus was on the earth and confirmed that he was in fact the “King” and the beginning of the Kingdom.

    Later on the apostles and Jesus disciples and Gentile Christians were added to this Kingdom making the stone larger and gaining more momentum as it heads for the base of the imposing and dreaded “Image”.

    But when that stone strikes at the base of that image wiping out it’s control over our planet earth and it’s system of things, then the “Kingdom” will be in full swing and can grow, will grow, into all the earth as a large or great mountain figuratively speaking.

    I believe at the moment that the Kingdom is a gradual thing, as a stone but as more and more members are added to that stone and more enlightenment as to this Kingdom has taken place among it’s members, then the more that stone is hastened towards that image where finally it becomes powerful enough to destroy it.

    An old saying is that “Knowledge is power”.

    I believe in this case that the “True knowledge of the Kingdom” along with the coming of the “Word” will absolutely destroy this image.

    Revelation 19
    10 And I fell before his feet to worship him, but he said to me, Behold! Stop! I am a fellow-slave of yours, and of your brothers, having the testimony of Jesus. Worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.
    11 ¶ And I saw Heaven being opened. And, behold! A white horse, and He sitting on it having been called Faithful and True. And He judges and wars in righteousness.
    12 And His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on His head many diadems, having a name that had been written, which no one knows except Himself;
    13 and having been clothed in a garment which had been dipped in blood. And His name is called The Word of God…


  31. JohnS says:

    I watched the video a second time. and would ike to draw the attention back to John 3:5, as more can be said about the importance of being in Christ, not in ‘union’ with him, AND being born of the spirit.
    First, the knowledge of Christ as our sacrifice, and the forgiveness of sins, whereby our faith that we can live forever has been accepted by God, and he grants us everlasting life, is the first part……..of being born again, but just the first.
    This is what is called, “born of the water”, or the water of the truth about Christ’s body and blood, and his teachings from the Father.
    The second part of being born again….is becoming adopted as a spirit-son of God Jehovah. That you cannot do by reading the Bible,as it is a gift from above. So just the head knowledge of Christ, and having the information correct is good and a pre-requisite for part 2…it is not part 2! Part 2 is when God sees you, you have come to the water and accepted the forgiveness of your sins, and desire a relationship with God, and show this and are repentant, you decide even to get baptized as a worshiper of God, and Christ. And you may live for years as a disciple of Christ, but still… you may not be born of the spirit. This is a unique arrangement that God and Christ have to come and do for you. You cannot do this yourself. Even Satan knows the first part, the water! He mimicks this in false religious organizations all the time. But Satan is not born of the Holy Spirit, and this is his doom. He may have had it in a unique way once, but still not in the way Born-again Christians receive the adoption to the special life as first-fruits to God , and a New Creation. This New Creation is born in the image of the Son of God. We also at the inception or reception or receiving of the spirit of God in this special capacity, become the initial phase of this New Creature…a son of God that will rule in the Kingdom of God with Brother Christ. Angels are not these New Creatures.The New Creation is something different yet than even the angels of God. We are to be transformed into what Christ is. One thing is, we put on immortality. But I’m not sure this is all going to make it through the editing ,as it is so long. I will discuss these things in Book of John, chapter 14, on the forum.


  32. Ruth says:

    Hi Futureman.
    So while we are waiting for all that to happen true believers right now with the spirit of God after becoming born again are apart of that Kingdom.
    As the bible says when Yeshua was there among 1st century believers the Kingdom was in their midst.
    Also when Yeshua’s spirit comes and resides in us, we like the 1st century christians have the Kingdom in our Midst.
    Please look at 1 Corinthians 3:16 We are know the temple of God. As his spirit dwells in you.
    So many other places it says Yeshuas spirit lives in us. 1 John 4:4 is another one.

    Therefore if he is so close to us now even through we are down here in the 21st century
    born again believers in that case are now apart of the Kingdom.

    Its not a tangible place at this moment but very real with respect to the spirit of Yeshua who lives in us.
    Again, not tangible right now. Although Christ does resides in true believers hearts and communicates with them.

    Most people like to only look at the Kingdom as the Witnesses’s do. Missing so much more in refusing to see every thing about it.
    The future may be more wonderful than we think. I do believe what is written the Kingdom shall
    do away with all these Kingdoms. That is for the future. Daniel 2:44

    Im just wondering if others can add or see what I’m saying.
    True believers are experiencing the Kingdom effects right here right now. And will see the governments and b/the great fall as reality of the true Kingdom takes it proper tangible place.
    With our Lord as King of kings and Lord Of Lords.
    Sis Ruth


  33. humbleman says:

    I Agree with you sr Ruth Christ does dwell inn us. its very sad that the jws kind off put Christ on the back shelf. when these earthly governments are destroyed i not only believe we will see it but we will be with Christ shattering these kingdoms a wonderful prospect indeed. to put a end to satan rule and help Christ restore Mankind back to God


  34. FutureMan says:

    Yes, it’s the members of that Kingdom who by their knowledge and understanding of Jesus and the true nature of God our Heavenly Father, who begin to change the world and transform it and to some degree I believe that you are correct because to a limited degree it is actually happening today, though on a small scale but is reflective in some of our society today.

    In fact Jehovah Witnesses to some degree today show that this is certainly possible in their own reality or sphere of influence, that a true brotherhood as members of that “Kingdom” is possible.

    They might not exactly have the correct way of achieving this brotherhood as Jesus intended, but they are relatively successful because of applying some of Jesus teachings.

    For instance they will not go to war with each other as other religions do, as for example in the second world war there were Catholics against Catholics, among many other religions but Jehovah’s witnesses mostly refrained from taking part in these wars.
    However the love for our fellowman does not only apply just to those who belong to a particular faith, but to all men and woman of all different cultures and creeds.

    As Jesus indicated that we should strive to love even our enemies for they also are all potential children of God as well.

    So the Kingdom of God will eventually incorporate all the various races and religious creeds here on the earth who will eventually cast of their belief systems in time for the truths as taught by the Kingdom and so finally sometime in the future. perhaps 1000 years or so, mankind will truly be a unified brotherhood.

    I believe this is signified by the stone growing into great mountain over all the Earth.

    But I do believe that a major change has to take place with the current system of things which is controlling the whole world and the wicked perpetrators of it to be revealed for who they are as “wicked men” and manipulators and liars and removed from any position that is able to influence earth’s society in the future “Whether politically, secularly (commerce, education, philosophy etc) or religiously”.

    Also these men would be brought to justice for their evil works, for example what the world terms today as “war crimes” and “genocide” and also major “financial” fraud etc.

    I do believe that a Heavenly intervention does need to take place though may be unobserved by us and is mentioned in the prophecy in Revelation 19:11 as I have already quoted above.

    But Jesus did give his disciples a composite sign to indicate when this is about to take place.

    They might not have understood this sign at that time, but we are more in a position today to understand the implications of that sign.

    Anyway this is my…


  35. FutureMan says:

    There is of course an application of the Kingdom that is also personal in a spiritual sense where those who have recognized the Kingdom of God through the “Spirit of truth” start to apply it in their own lives and as a result manifest the fruit-age of the Spirit which binds all those who comprise the Kingdom of God into one brotherhood and sisterhood, but this is also including God’s angels, and other beings who belong to God’s Kingdom right throughout the entire universe of universes (Galaxy clusters).

    This larger Kingdom of God is of course represented in the prophecy recorded in Daniel.

    Daniel 2
    34 You continued until a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them to pieces.[LITV]

    It stands to reason that if that stone is representative of the Kingdom of God, then the part that it was cut out from is also a much larger extension of God’s Kingdom encompassing all of God’s Heavenly domains and intelligent creatures thereof.

    Here on earth Jesus is our mediator between us and God the Father, in a spiritual sense because he laid down his life for us as a symbolic sacrifice and a supreme gesture of self sacrificing love in our behalf, and also Jesus is our King who rules our particular universe on behalf of his Heavenly Father.

    On top of that Jesus as God’s Creator Son is also the one who is directly responsible for our creation, however we believe creation to take place.

    So in my point of view, it is right that as our King, all of our requests to God go through Him.

    As I have indicated before as human beings we have much to understand and as the Daystar arises in our hearts, we will begin to understand more as things start to unfold in the future.

    2 Peter 1
    19 ¶ and we have the more established prophetic Word, in which you do well to take heed, as to a lamp shining in a murky place, until day dawns and the light-bearing One rises in your hearts; [LITV]


  36. DanielB says:

    Yes FutureMan , there are the 2 Kingdoms ; sometimes referred to as “Christ’s kingdom” and “God’s kingdom” .

    Very nice encouraging thoughts !


  37. susanna says:

    Dear Bro JJ
    I just loved your video. I smiled while listening,because I could just see how pleased Jesus was.
    Our dear savior has certainly been put down by the wicked weeds ,planted by Satan.

    Another play on words that the WT organization always used, is ,”” Where would you go if you would leave the JW organization.””

    John 6 Chapter.

    67- Jesus gave the Twelve their chance: “Do you also want to leave?”

    68-69 Peter replied, “Master, to whom would we go? You have the words of real life, eternal life. We’ve already committed ourselves, confident that you are the Holy One of God.” *****

    Its NOT ” Where” would one go if one left the WT org. as the WT would have you believe , but scriptually its to “” Whom”” would you go if you left Jesus.


  38. James says:

    You are right. In Jn 17:17, ho logos is used to describe God’s Word being truth. You made a good point.


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