Does the Society claim to be a prophet? Let’s see a few quotes:


*** w59 1/15 p. 39 pars. 7-8 Down with the Old—Up with the New! ***

For an answer, people should listen to the plain preaching by the remnant prefigured by Jeremiah, for these preach to men the present-day fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecies. 8 Who made them a prophet to speak with the authority that they claim? Well, who made Jeremiah a prophet?

*** w59 1/15 p. 40 par. 13 Down with the Old—Up with the New! ***

Do all the clergy of Roman Catholicism and of Protestantism agree that Jehovah’s witnesses have been and are God’s prophet to the nations? but, Who discerned the divine will for Christians in this time of the world’s end and offered themselves to do it? Who have undertaken God’s foreordained work for this day of judgment of the nations? Who have answered the call to the work and have done it down till this year 1958? Whom has God actually used as his prophet?

*** w64 10/1 p. 601 Pay Attention to Prophecy ***

Those who do not read can hear, for God has on earth today a prophetlike organization, just as he did in the days of the early Christian congregation. (Acts 16:4, 5) He designates these Christians as his “faithful and discreet slave.”

*** w64 6/15 p. 365 par. 22 Jehovah, the God of Progressive Revelation ***

22 As Jehovah revealed his truths by means of the first-century Christian congregation so he does today by means of the present-day Christian congregation. Through this agency he is having carried out prophesying on an intensified and unparalleled scale. All this activity is not an accident. Jehovah is the one behind all of it.

*** kj chap. 15 p. 292 pars. 36-37 The Watchman Lives to Get the Report ***

36 None of us should want to be like these indecisive, unresponding ones! Better it is to know now, rather than too late, that there is an authentic prophetic class of Christians among us, and to accept and act upon the Bible message, “not as the word of men, but, just as it truthfully is, as the word of God.” (1 Thessalonians 2:13) Concerning the message faithfully delivered by the Ezekiel class Jehovah positively states that it “must come true.” He asseverates that those who wait undecided until it does “come true” “will also have to know that a prophet himself had proved to be in the midst of them.” (Ezekiel 33:33) Such belated knowledge, however, will not mean salvation for them, for it will find their hearts and their ways to be unchanged.

37 What is to be gained by hesitating and doubting to the end that Jehovah can raise up and has raised up a genuine “prophet” within our generation? Certainly it will gain for no one the divine favor and protection needed during the speedily approaching “great tribulation” upon Christendom and the rest of Babylon the Great.

*** w72 4/1 p. 197 ‘They Shall Know that a Prophet Was Among Them’ ***

. So, does Jehovah have a prophet to help them, to warn them of dangers and to declare things to come?


These questions can be answered in the affirmative. Who is this prophet?…

This “prophet” was not one man, but was a body of men and women. It was the small group of footstep followers of Jesus Christ, known at that time as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah’s Christian witnesses….Of course, it is easy to say that this group acts as a “prophet” of God. It is another thing to prove it. The only way that this can be done is to review the record. What does it show?


Yes indeed, what does the record show? From these cites we see there is no doubt that the FDS claims to be a prophet. They have said many times they are an Ezekiel class, Jeremiah class, John class etc.


***w30 5/15 p.154 True And False Prophets***

But it may be asked, HOW arc we to know whcthcr one is a true or a false prophet? There are at least three ways by which we can positively decide: (1) If he is a true prophet, his message will come to pass exactly as prophesied. If he is a false prophet, his prophecy will fail to come to pass.

*** pm chap. 20 pp. 353-354 par. 22 A “Third Part” Preserved in a Purged Land ***

22 Jehovah, the God of the true prophets, will put all false prophets to shame either by not fulfilling the false prediction of such self-assuming prophets or by having His own prophecies fulfilled in a way opposite to that predicted by the false prophets. False prophets will try to hide their reason for feeling shame by denying who they really are.


By the Society’s own definition a false prophet is identified if his prophecy fails to come to pass. This last quote also shows false prophets will deny that they are false prophets. Let us see a few prophesies for certain dates to see if the Watchtower society is a true prophet or a false prophet by their own definition.



The Three Worlds (1877)

If the 2300 days do not reach to’the end of the indignation, why were they given in answer to the question ? may be asked; and in responce I will ask, if the “time, timcs,” and a-half, of Dan. 12: 7, do not reach to the end of the wonders, why were they given in answer to that question? And, perhaps we can answer: the “time, times, and a-half,” ended in 1798, at the taking away of the papal dominion, and is one of the great landmarks of prophecy.The ending of the 2300 days, some- thing more than thirty years ago, is the great landmark by which the tarrying of the Bridegroom has been made to appear. And the Advent movement, with the message of the opening events of the seventh trumpet, was based on that prophetic period.



***w22 3/1 p.73 Who Is Wise***

The indisputable facts, therefore, show that the “time of the end” began in 1799; that the Lord’s second presence began in 1874;

***w22 11/1 p.333 Discourse By Brother J.F. Rutherford***

This in no wise militates against the thought that “the time of the end” is from 1799 until 1914

Thy Kingdom Come (1890) p.306

We have noted the fulfilment of the 1,260 days, or the time, times and half a time, of Papacy’s power to persecute, and the beginning there, in 1799, of the Time of the End. We have seen how the 1,290 days marked the beginning of an understanding of the mysteries of prophecy in the year 1829…We have marked with special delight the 1,335 days, pointing, as they do, to 1874 as the exact date of our Lord’s return…And what blessing and joy come to us in the assurance that since the summer of 1878, when the King took his great power and began his reign by the resurrection of those who slept in Jesus, it is no longer needful that his members should “sleep” and wait for glory



The Time Is At Hand (1889) 1927 edition p.ii

The Bible chronology herein presented shows that the six great thousand-year Days beginning with Adam are ended, and that the great Seventh Day, the thousand years of Christ’s Reign, began in 1873. The events of these 43 years, which this Volume claims as the beginning of the Millennium…



Prophecy (1930) p.65

The Scriptural proof is that the second presence of the Lord Jesus Christ began in 1874 A.D.



The Time Is At Hand (1889) p.235

The Spring of A. D. 1878 (three and a half years after) corresponds to the date at which our Lord assumed the office of King, rode on the ass, cleansed the temple of its money-changers, and wept over and gave up to desolation that nominal church or king- dom; and it marks the date when thenominal church systems were ” spewed out ” (Rev. 3 : 16), and from which time (A. D. 1878) they are not the mouthpieces of God, nor in any degree recognized by him. And the three and a half years following the Spring of A. D. 1878, which ended October, A. D. 1881, correspond to the three and a half years of continued favor to individual Jews in the last half of their seventieth week of favor.

***w1917 11/1 p.325-327 A Tribute To The Seventh Messenger***

Furthermore, the Scriptures show that those who died since 1878 have been changed instantly, “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,” and have entered into their eternal reward. The Scriptures declare that while such have ceased from their laborious efforts, their works do follow them. (Revelation 14:13) Hence our dear Pastor, now in glory, is without doubt, manifesting a keen interest in the harvest work, and is permitted by the Lord to exercise some strong influence thereupon.



The Time Is At Hand (1889) p.235

…so we recognize A. D. 1881 as marking the close of the special favorto Gentiles the close of the high calling,” or invitation to the blessings peculiar to this age to become joint-heirs with Christ and partakers of the divine nature.


Millenium Dawn Vol.3 Thy Kingdom Come (1891) p.364

we may well accept as correct the testimony of the Great Pyramid, that the last members of the ” body ” or ” bride” of Christ will have been tested and accepted and will have passed beyond the vail before the close of A. D. 1910.



Thy Kingdom Come (1891) p.153

And, with the end of A .D. 1914, what God calls Babylon, and what men call Christendom, will have passed away, as already shown from prophecy.

w1894 7/15 p.1677 Can It Be Delayed Until 1914

They are, we believe, God’s dates, not ours. But bear in mind that the end of 1914 is not the date for the beginning, but for the end of the time of trouble.

Here also in The Time Is At Hand p.77,78 we see seven expectations that the Watchtower society had for 1914 none of which were fulfilled.




The Time Is At Hand (1889) 1927 edition p.101

…the “battle of the great day of God Almighty” (Rev. 16:14), which will end in A.D. 1915, with the complete overthrow of earth’s present rulership, is already commenced.



The Finished Mystery (1917) p.485

Also, in the year 1918, when God destroys the churches wholesale and the church members by millions, it shall be that any that escape shall come to the works of Pastor Russell to learn the meaning of the downfall of “Christianity.”

The Finished Mystery (1917) p.128

It seems conclusive that the hour of Nominal Zion’s travail is fixed for the Passover of 1918. (See Rev. 3:14.) That will be 7 years prior to 1925. At that time there is every reason to believe the fallen angels will invade the minds of many of the Nominal Church people, driving them to exceedingly unwise conduct and leading to their destruction at the hands of the enraged masses, who will later be dragged to the same fate.

The Finished Mystery (1917) p.129

…so in the parallel year 1918, I infer we should look for the complete overthrow of nominal Spiritual Israel; i. e., the fall of Babylon. (Rev. 18.) Brother Russell replied: ‘Exactly. That is exactly the inference to draw.’”

It is interesting that I believe the Society still holds to this fulfillment.



The Finished Mystery (1917) p.258

Even the republics will disappear in the fail of 1920…The three days in which Pharaoh’s host pursued the Israelites into the wilderness represents the three years from 1917 to 1920 at which time all of Pharaoh’s messengers will be swallowed up in the sea of anarchy. The wheels will come off their chariots— organizations.



w22 9/1 p.262 European Tour-Part V

The physical facts show beyond question of a doubt that 1914 ended the gentile times; and as the Lord foretold, the old order is being destroyed by war, famine, pestilence, and revolution.The date  1925 is even more distinctly indicated by the Scriptures because it is fixed by the law God gave to Israel. Viewing the present situation in Europe, one wonders how it will be possible to hold back the explosion much longer ; and that even before 1925 the great crisis will be reached and probably passed.

w23 4/1 p.106 Question and Answer

Our thought is,that 1925 is definitely settled by the Scriptures…

Millions Now Living Will Never Die (1920) p.97

Based upon the argument heretofore set forth, then, that the old order of things, the old world, is ending and is therefore passing away, and that the new order is coming in, and that 1925 shall mark the resurrection of the faithful worthies of old and the beginning of reconstruction, it is reasonable to conclude that millions of people now on the earth will be still on the earth in 1925.Then, based upon the promises set forth in the divine Word, we must reach the positive and indisputable conclusion that millions now living will never die.

The Way To Paradise (1925) p.226

No doubt many boys and girls who read this book will live to see Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, and those other faithful men of old, come forth in the glory of their “better resurrection,”perfect in mind and body.

The Way To Paradise (1925) p.228

…of course it will take some time to get things in smoothly running order after the great stress between now and 1926.

***w20 11/1 p.334 Letters From Afield***

Someone asked me the other day: Suppose you should be here in 1925 what would you do? I said, I believe I will be home in the Pleiades before then. (This was a portion of a letter to the editor by a Gregory Sakatos. It shows the hopes of many for the year)



*** go chap. 8 pp. 146-147 par. 57 Marked Days During the “Time of the End” ***

57 Truly the year 1926 deserved to be marked as the happy climax of the close of the 1,335 days. Those of Daniel’s “people” who kept in expectation and reached the end of the 1,335 days were launched off into a happiness that has not diminished, but that, despite mounting persecution and World War II (1939-1945) and subsequent world troubles, has persisted and increased. Particularly from that marked year of 1926 the dedicated, baptized worshipers of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ have entered into the Paradisaic happiness expressed by the inspired psalmist, when he said: “Happy is the nation whose God is Jehovah, the people whom he has chosen as his inheritance.”—Psalms 33:12; 144:15b.



The Finished Mystery (1917) p.569

The Time of the establishment of the Kingdom in power is indicated as “in the fourteenth year after that the city (Christendom) was smitten”— or fourteen years after 1918, viz., in 1932.— Ezek. 40:1.



Universal War Near (1935) p.27

During the few remaining months until the breaking of that universal cataclysm…



w41 9/15 p. 288 Theocratic Assembly At St. Louis

Receiving the gift, the marching children clasped it to them, not a toy or plaything for idle pleasure, but the Lord’s provided instrument for most effective work in the remaining months before Armageddon.



The Truth Shall Make You Free (1943) p.152

This chart claims that 6000 yrs. of human existence would arrive in 1972, implying that is when Christ’s millennial reign would commence. (Later in the 60’s this was moved to 1975)



See this article here


The generation of 1914 will not pass away:

See this article here






These are just a few of the prophetic statements that the organization has made from it’s very inception. What does the bible have to say about this?

Deut. 18:20-22 “20 “‘However, the prophet who presumes to speak in my name a word that I have not commanded him to speak or who speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet must die. 21 And in case you should say in your heart: “How shall we know the word that Jehovah has not spoken?” 22 when the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah and the word does not occur or come true, that is the word that Jehovah did not speak. With presumptuousness the prophet spoke it. You must not get frightened at him.’”

This past Sunday during the Public Talk the speaker mentioned Harold Camping and called him a false prophet for predicting that May 21 2011 would see Jesus’ second coming. Is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black? It is a case of condemning yourself from your own mouth. In my opinion the evidence cannot be denied. There is no doubt that the Watchtower society has been a false prophet since it’s beginnings way back with Charles T. Russell. They have denied it but the evidence is overwhelming. The majority of these interpretations were set forth in dogmatic terms.

An unbiased review of the facts I believe indicates that God has never used the Watchtower organization as his mouthpiece and Jehovah’s Witnesses have never been God’s exclusive people. If they have proven to be false prophets it is imperative that we also reexamine other teachings that the organization advances so as to be sure we are following what God’s word says.

I also was fooled by the claims of the Watchtower society. I like many of you preached, often dogmatically, that the generation of 1914 would not pass away before Armageddon. I was fooled into making false statements. As Deut. 18 points out we need not become frightened over anything the Watchtower society and it’s representatives may say. I personally have been told my everlasting life is in jeopardy because of my beliefs. These threats have no substance to them at all. Let us all never commit the same mistake again of putting faith in an organization of men.

Luke 21:8 – “He said: “Look out that YOU are not misled; for many will come on the basis of my name, saying, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The due time has approached.’ Do not go after them.”

I do not point out these things to heap scorn on the Watchtower society or it’s Governing Body. The fact is there are many good things that the organization does and teaches. Balance is needed. We should love even those who have mistreated us. At the same time we shouldn’t dispassionately observe how the society damages the brothers with false teachings and prophecies and not do anything. Paul, for instance,didn’t just indifferently view the efforts of those who tried to reestablish circumcision in the cong. Each of us has to make up our own minds on how far we will go to counteract any false prophets that we encounter.

***w74 1/15 p.35 Can You Be True to God, Yet Hide the Facts?***

When persons are in great danger from a source that they do not suspect or are being misled by those they consider their friends, is it an unkindness to warn them? They may prefer not to believe the warning. They may even resent it. But does that free one from the moral responsibility to give that warning?










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15 Comments on A Review of the Society’s Prophetic Record

  1. CAMELOT says:

    Andrew, Way to go. Obviously there was a lot of work put into this. No question about it this will be very beneficial for many many people. I myself have printed it out to add to my research I am collecting. Thank you!


  2. FutureMan says:

    Hi Andrew, you have done well in showing just how variant the Watchtower Society have been with their interpretation of some major prophecies.

    Unfortunately many will pass it of as old light, or the increasing light that is getting brighter and brighter.

    This is how many of Jehovah’s witnesses have been conditioned to except changes in interpretation of Bible prophecy, even changes of doctrine.

    They are taught that if theses changes come from the “faithful slave” that it is increasing light. But if it come from anywhere else then it is apostasy.

    Apparently according to them, the “faithful slave”(governing body), no one else can gain understanding without them because apparently the Holy Spirit only works through them when revealing spirituals truths.

    Any of Jehovah’s witnesses after reading this article would surely have to come to the realization, that there is something wrong with the “truth”.


    • Dennis says:


      Any of Jehovah’s witnesses after reading this article would surely have to come to the realization, that there is something wrong with the “truth”.

      Hi FutureMan,

      As to your above quote I’ll just say, that would sure be nice but my recent experience tells me that when things start to threaten their previously held ideas they shut down immediately and do not consider the rest of your arguments. They immediately label you as Apostate so as to discount the rest
      your scriptural reasoning’s. Very frustrating.



      • Amos says:

        Agreed Brother Dennis.

        I’ve both seen this happen to myself, & seen it happen to others, as they are too afraid to disobey “mother”.

        I also have you in my prayers, for our glorious Father to care for both yourself & any others who have taken the stand that you have.

        Christian love to all,



        • Dennis says:

          Agreed Brother Dennis.

          I’ve both seen this happen to myself, & seen it happen to others, as they are too afraid to disobey “mother”.

          I also have you in my prayers, for our glorious Father to care for both yourself & any others who have taken the stand that you have.

          Christian love to all,


          Thanks Brother



  3. JWB says:

    Andrew, thanks for a most enlightening article. I didn’t see an entry for a very important statement made in the 22 May 1969 Awake! (page 15):

    “If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things. Why not? Because all the evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecy indicates that this corrupt system is due to end in a few years.”

    The following link provides the full text plus images of the pages concerned:



  4. andrew says:

    Thanks for the link JWB. I didn’t get into 1975 or the generation of 1914, I just posted a link to an article that covers these 2 false prophecies in depth.


  5. JWB says:

    I’ve created a two-sided information leaflet that some here may wish to print and hand out to others. Please follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to
    2. Right click on “(JWI-001) What Future For The Young?”
    3. Save the file “jwi-001_what-future-for-the-young.pdf” to your computer.


  6. FutureMan says:

    Yes thanks for that JWB, I have already posted a link to this article on the (e-Jehovah’ forum and the link to Andrews article here.

    So as the forum does get a lot of hits,I believe that quite a few of Jehovah’s Witnesses will get to read it.


  7. JWB says:

    Just a note on my reference above. I’ve had to rearrange my resource website as, and so a text reproduction of the “What Future For The Young?” article can be found at Instead of a leaflet, I’ve created an image file that contains a reproduction of the whole article, which can be viewed as a link from


  8. Gorbatchov says:

    Thanks for the site, i’m still a JW but agree with your opinions.


  9. Mav Erick says:

    Well, what else can we conclude? They truly are false prophets..
    My wife said. Why are we still in this organization? I don’t know, I replied. Maybe because there’s nowhere for us to go to. I think every religion have their own false doctrines. I think no religion is better than others. I remember Paul’s counsel, I think it is in 1 corinthians, In whatever situation in life that you are in when you found the truth, remain there, unless you are a slave, then free yourself if you can…. something like that… Would someone please enlighten us…


    • Robert Hill says:


      Thanks for all the good information concerning the JW cult.
      Another opinion:
      I think when Christ came he came to build his church, that church is still a visible congregation. It is our job to find the body of Christ. If you go to a church, test the doctrines.
      One doctrine that you don’t hear much about is holiness. Complete a study on holiness and you will see that without holiness no man will see the Lord. (Heb 12:14) What that means to Christians is to walk in the light that God shows you. Once you discontinue in the light you are in darkness. Eph 5:8-10
      The standard of holiness that most religions teach is dumbed down holiness. Most teach that you are in the flesh so you can’t help but sin more or less every day, and that on judgment day if you die in your sins because you are a “Christian” you will still go to heaven. Please read and study my free book on this subject.


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