taking-responsibility-for-your-mistakesA new video has been published on the JWStruggle YouTube channel entitled, “Sins of Omission and Taking Responsibility For Our Actions”.  It will be linked to later in this article, but first I wanted to expand on this title and why it seems relevant to me.

I have been thinking lately about the Nazis, and how their principle defense at Nuremberg was to blame Hitler. They claimed that they were just following orders. They said they had to do what he told them to do, and so shifted all the blame onto him for the atrocities they committed.

That court, as well as history and people’s sense of right and wrong ruled against them. You cannot blame someone else for your own actions. Even under duress we have a choice. For those of us that were congregation members, regularly attending the Kingdom Hall and practicing the Jehovah’s Witness religion we can relate to this. Those of us that still are Witnesses and are waking up to TTATT also feel this burden. How long can we say that we are “just following orders”?  At what point do we become culpable for our own actions?

Many go to the Kingdom Hall grudgingly and miss as many meetings as they feel they are able to without arousing too much suspicion. This has to happen for some of us, and is necessary for a certain amount of time. But for how long? Can we in good conscience keep going out in field service, offering Watchtower and Awake magazines? Could we conduct a Bible study, and assist in directing an interested one to “Come to Jehovah’s Organization for salvation”? (The Watchtower 1981 Nov 15 p.212)

It is human nature to blame someone else for our missteps. It dates all the way back to the story of Adam, who blamed Eve for his sin against God. Have we succumbed to that? If so, what can we do about it?

What is a “sin of omission“? (James 4:17) And how can we take responsibility for our actions when we are another cog in the machinery of the Watchtower? I have thought long and hard about the people I personally disfellowshipped and the pain I caused during the years I was an elder. I have prayed to God for forgiveness and tried my best to repent for what I did while acting under the mind-control of the Watchtower Organization. I thought I was doing what was right at the time. But now I know that does not excuse me for the injustices I perpetrated. I didn’t lead the friends to Christ- I led them to worship a man-made organization.

But the love of God teaches us that he does not hold our sins against us. His judge Christ Jesus does not do to us what we deserve, and loves us beyond our ability to even understand it. That is grace. That is a large part of the reason we serve Him, because his love and forgiveness is so great.


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Many that are or were Jehovah’s Witnesses are coming to grips with a hard truth. This fact is that they were or are a part of and in some small (or not so small) way supporting the “Watchtower machine”.

This false prophet is misleading millions of people away from the “truth”, which is only Christ Jesus and not a man-made organization.(John 14:6) It can cause us pain and cognitive dissonance if we are still caught up in it, and also guilt even if we are no longer associated. Is there anything we can do? How can we personally take responsibility for our actions in this regard?

The mind can easily allow sins of omission to slip into our lives. The reasoning can be used that we aren’t the ones making the bombs so we can’t be held responsible for what happens to others that are flattened by them. This is human nature and we all at times must use rationalizations to get through the day. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are on medications to combat mood swings and anxiety and nervous conditions as a result of the culture in which the find themselves. These thoughts lie below the surface upon learning TTATT and can cause pain to the emotions just as unshielded sunlight burns a person’s eyes when they stare directly at it.

So how culpable is the Watchtower Organization and its leadership? How much responsibility should current Governing Body members take for what their predecessors did? Are they simply caught up in the inertia of the harsh policies that currently enslave and degrade the quality of life for the rank-and-file Witness?

Jesus said that the religious leaders of his day “shut up the Kingdom of the Heavens” before men, in effect, blocking them from entering. The leadership then expelled Jesus from their church, spiritually exectuing him, and then ultimately physically killed himn as well. Would we have gone along with the crowd if we were alive and on the scene back then?

It is hard to consider that some of us may be doing that today, right now. In practice, are “just following orders” and in so doing still a cog in the Watchtower machinery? This is an apparatus that chews up and spits out approximately 60,000 people every year, discarding them as collateral damage, as mentally diseased worldly ones that have returned to their vomit. Others suffer in silence, trapped by social and family pressure.

Individual Jehovah’s Witnesses are not evil and should not be judged by me or anyone. On the contrary, they are trying their best to serve God as they operate under a false belief that the men of the Governing Body and New York Bethel have been authorized and empowered by Jehovah to be his exclusive spokesmen. But what of those that are no longer under such illusions and have learned TTATT? I had a Bible Study that once clapped his hands over his ears and said “I don’t want to hear anymore!” as some of his cherished beliefs were being destroyed by Biblical truth. Have we become that same kind of person?

Let us bow our heads together, or better yet kneel, and talk to God in prayer thus:

“Father we pray that we can be guided through this darkness and into the light that comes from your Word, and from your Son our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. Give us strength to do what we know is right, and to let our light shine before men. Protect our loved ones and lift the veil from their eyes as well as we extract the rafter from our eye and follow the Christian path that you have set before us. Our Lord did not waver nor turn from his destiny and may we never waver in doing the same.

Bless our sincere efforts Father as we pray for your will to be done, in the precious name of Jesus,



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25 Comments on Sins of Omission and Taking Responsibility For Our Actions

  1. man oh man says:

    Thanks for the addition of another great video brother Eric! I think we all know that at some point we must become accountable and stand up for the real truth! I am hanging in the phony mode for just two family members. My wife and my step daughter. If I can sway my wife then my step daughter will be easy. I love them both with all of my heart and am willing to be recognized as a false slave of the watchtower by all sane people. This is persecution in itself and I will hang in there as long as possible. I know though that the day of reckoning is fast approaching where I must blast a loud trumpet that I no longer am part of a false entity known as the watchtower. Thank you very much for the encouragement and please know that I will take it greatly to heart.

    Please continue making videos brother as you are very skillful and come off as very convincing to those whom are searching.


  2. whateverhappenetome says:

    what a source of encouragement! this morning i was feeling frustrated, after talking to my family back home who are having their district assembly this weekend. although i have already awakened to the TATT, a part of me still wants to wanna go back and repair what’s been damaged…but really no, i don’t think i can ever close my eyes again after all the eye openers that led me the past few months until now….i still have crying moments you know, feelings of fear and confusion about wher to go now…but this article is indeed a good dose to charge me up again..

    god bless JJ and to all strugglers…


    • JJ says:


      Those feelings are part of the grieving process and it is hard and it can hurt. I know that you are aware of that and talked about it oin an earlier post some time back. Please know I am going to pray for you right now. It’s so wonderful to have others that can relate to what all of us have gone through and are going through!

      Father watch over this little sheep that has gone through so much. Give your Holy Spirit as it is needed so that healing and an increasing peace of mind can gradually be attained for your faithful servant.


  3. lifeforce says:

    Dear JJ

    I am emotional as I have read and listened to your video, thank you for writing it and sending prayers. I had a God blessed time this morning as I shared with others about having a spiritual awakening and how it differs for people in it’s experience.

    I could see how God has kindly led me with spirit through the last 7 years of my awakening. How he came and met me where I was and just kept nudging me towards the light of of his love for ME. As you say not because of what I do, but just because I am me, one of Christs followers.

    It left me humble and filled with peace and serenity as I could see His works in my life. The people that I was to connect with and the things I have learned and unlearned.

    I had this healing yesterday too, as I realised I was still carrying shame about having addictions that i could not ‘deal with’ and I was fearful of being found out for attending AA/OA for spiritual help and healing. I could sit and ask for healing and it came as I surrendered these emotions to Jesus Christ for healing. I again could feel God’s grace and love fill me with strength and peace which lifted my head and allowed me to speak my truth to another who struggles with his connection to the WT org.

    I was able to tell him of the peace and serenity I have had since making the decision to leave and fade quietly. I shared my relief from bondage. I didn’t need to go deep, just keep it simple, focus on God’s love for us.

    I say Amen to the prayers you have said and send my love to
    Whateverhappenetome. Know that your grief will pass and you will get healing by letting the Holy Spirit have your pain and take it away.



  4. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear JJ,
    Thank you for another well thought out expression of your faith,and observations.
    You expressed well many things I had to come to terms with, in the matter of conscience . I also had to ask forgiveness from Jehovah, for supporting a system of a religious legal type government that betrayed Jehovah and Christ and sincere worshipers. I remember when, for years, I felt I could not conscientiously, recommend people to come to the Kingdom Hall, after decades of joyfully doing so. I felt I was misleading people into spritiual danger. I remember praying to Jehovah about this, and it broke my heart, because I enjoyed bringing people into the truth. But since the 70’s, I saw to many things, that were done to spiritually damage people, and actually turn people away from worshiping Jehovah and learning about Christ.
    I could not drown out the fact that in one congregation of about an average off 90 publishers, which I attended for about 23, more than 45 members, were DF’d, disassociated, committed suicide, or became inactive. So many more moved away, and many who stayed are on drugs to deal with depression, or dealing with thoughts of suicide, and countless marriages have failed. I have seen double standards, when it came to DF’ing ones and I do feel that DF’ing unscriptural and a pharisisical practice that is condemn by Christ.
    I also feel that the organization, has over the years been infiltrated by gross human error and ego, fueled by satan in a effort to destroy faith in Jehovah. The wolve, in sheep’s clothing has taken on a huge dangerous meaning in these last days. And we were taught that the other false religions were going to be our problem. Oh, no its not going to be that easy, Satan’s anger goes way past 1st grade.
    so in consider rated of all these things, I have wittnessed and more, and the pain and spritiual damaged in others and myself, it is obvious to me that I cannot support a religious system that never worshipped Jehovah, only sincere individuals did do that, while the system, was not yet exposed. But that will, change. The curtain, will again be ripped in two. The bible speaks of another reckoning , And I am staying out of the firing zone, and I quit touching the unclean thing.
    The pay off? Spritiual health, freedom to worship Jehovah, a clean conscience, no depression, or thoughts of anxieties,under christ’s ransom, a personal relationship with Jehovah, and embracing the day, when Jehovah’s name is finally vindicatated of all reproach and spoken above all names, and nobody will ever be deceived again in Jehovah’s name, again. Amen.


  5. Frank says:

    JJ, it is highly commendable that your conscience is working when you confess that you made mistakes as an elder.

    I am one who has been offended by the appalling way I’ve been treated. The coldness and calculated actions of elders for me was actually a kind of salvation as it confirmed for me one obvious truth – that Christianity doesn’t make the changes it claims Scriptually. This is not to say it cannot. Ultimately there is no ‘new personality,’ only a way to institutionalise one’s existing prejudices.

    No matter. I will still support the WTS’s clearly-Biblical teachings as this sme not to step out of what I know is conscientiously true. However, much damage has been done because of selfish protective policies that have infiltrated true worship – this I oppose conscientiously.

    I am agnostic that there ultimately is reason to believe that Christianity has some, if any, practical application in our lives.

    Having seen the issues from both sides, the jury is out whether we need to reassess how we look at the world and the WTS’s fundamentalist view is persuasive enough for me to spend any more of non-returnable time to its religious purposes.

    What the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society needs is what it seriously lacks – genuine reform.


  6. C M aka "Fidel" says:

    Jah is with you and using you as a tool to help us find the truth and seek him and his son our judge from the bottom of my heart thank you brother as you know i have awakened and in the passed weeks praying to see if god would answer my prayer and he has with this video and article i now choose to stop living a lie. May jehovah hear your prayers as well as ours and keep blessing you brother Eric your brother “Fidel”


  7. Anonymous says:

    Fidel I am so happy to hear that you have come to this freedom in Christ.

    We all do what we can and I am privileged to be able to help those awakening and former JWs that want to escape the mind control of the WT.


  8. cb says:

    Thanks for the thoughts and love for right you have on this. I would however be careful about expressing your views on blood transfusions to others. The bible does tell us to abstain from blood. And currently the governing body has done a 180 on this so what does that tell you?


  9. David says:

    Hi JJ,

    I have given this a lot of thought in addition to your recent video posting.

    It is clear that the temple arrangement was corrupt in the first century yet still saw observance in many ways by Jesus, Paul and the disciples at least till 70CE.

    As no “christian body” today has the truth but just lighter / darker shades of it our brothers have a dilemma in all organisations and not just WBTS. Clearly, reading, meditating on and personally acting out the key advice of the NT has got to be a basic starting point.
    As the GB clearly believe “the master delays” and is now openly beating the brothers (tomorrows WT being a clear case in point)things will likly become even more pressurised.
    As fading is the only logical and relevant option to take if a brother is to protect legitimate relationships with JW loved ones until they, hopefully, see the TTATT, it appears that a measure of apparent physical hypocrisy has to take place while remaining with the brothers and by this I mean the R& F who on the whole DO love God & Christ.
    As Jesus is likely to decimate ALL “Christian leadership bodies” after they cry out “Lord, Lord” we will be left with our individual bothers and their judgement at that moment by Christ not any live, submerged or former witness today.
    Ommission or snare? Deliberately suppressing conscience or baffled as to the way out? Lacking faith or loving family members dearly enough to accept the churn inside and mask it as best as possible?
    Both the Nazis and the WTBS were / are dictatorships.All research shows that the brothers in the concentration camps were NOT JW’s as per the U.S model at the time- but genuine Christians- way advanced than 99% of all other faith bodies incarcerated at the same time. When the war ended they believed that the WBTS had strayed badly from Christs model , for which the GB punished them harshly by disposing of the vocal ones. But Christ notes all things.
    Does any remnant of this group remain as a ” new German church ” that we can contact? If not then we can only assume that in all existing religions our brothers must wait for release from tyranny at Armaggeddon.
    Not being an elder I find it very easy to dumb down any witness inpact I “should” be making including putting in false reports after deliberately not filing reports for months only to have reports put in for me by our group overseer because “he knew we had simply forgotten”. Stunned or what!?
    If I was an elder I would simply find an excuse and stand down to avoid being on a committee or to comply with peodophile laws etc.
    The sin of ommission that bothers me is : not openly talking to disfellowshipped ones at the KH who also appear in a daze and panic if you do.DFing is clearly an evil and grossly insults God and Christ and it takes very little bible research to work out how to apply 1st & 2nd Corinthians as long as you read the whole books in context instead of 1 isolated verse.
    As fading appears the only logical route to employ in order to move on then there must be a level of physical hypocrisy that needs to be used to travel this route. Is Christ so limited in understanding that he cant get this? Clearly not.
    As the GB will never be reformed pre Armageddon we must all be “cautious as serpents and innocent as doves” as we try to work out our salvation with discretion. Some may think this is Christian cowardice but my understanding is that brothers who have already travelled this way do not appear to suggest it is painless or easy.




  10. Frank says:

    “Hi LonelySheep. What I’m about to say should be the final nail in the coffin for 1914 on the Gregorian Calendar for the end of the Gentile Times.

    For me, the paradox lay in the knowledge that 907,200 days IS the actual time that had gone by since 607 CE (the date peculiar to the WTBTS for the Fall of Jerusalem). By this equation this is a fact about the TIME that has passed. Here’s where the sleight-of-hand comes in:

    When your elder tells you that the 2520 years are up in “1913/1914,” the information is misleading. What the hearer assumes is that this is a Gregorian calendar year(s). What you’re hearing actually is one thousand nine hundred and fourteen LUNAR YEARS that have passed since 607 CE.

    When the equation is expressed in a WTBTS publication it is always written as a GREGORIAN solar equation. To accept this equation we are obliged to add 5.25 days per year to make the conversion. Obviously, we can’t do this if we are to accept the TIME COVERED as being in lunar years (360 days – a universally-accepted average to express the differing cycles of the moon lunar Jewish lunar year).

    Therefore 2520 lunar years DID NOT come out at 1914 on the Gregorian calendar. Based on this religious equation the ‘end of the Gentile Times’ came in 1878 CE on the GREGORIAN calendar. It is therefore misleading to switch calendars for the outcome of this prophecy.


    From: http://thegoverningbody.org/19.....-the-math/


  11. JimmyG says:

    Frank, I think you meant to say, “What you’re hearing actually is two thousand five hundred and twenty LUNAR YEARS (not 1914 lunar years)that have passed since 607 BCE (not CE).


  12. Brother JJ, If you havent thrown away my recent (and only) 4 submissions to you (12/12/2012), I wish you to add them to this site’s commemts from readers! They give strong support to those who see the need for this topic, and arise from over 30 yrs experience (ending 1980) as an elder.

    In my concern for this topic, I also made a pin which I’ve worn on my shirt every day for years pointing out the need to “be a responsible person…not a buckpasser like Adam!”) — 12/19/12


    • JJ says:

      I’m working on that Dudley, just been so busy uggh! I haven’t thrown anything you sent away!!! Thanks so much for your comments and experience it’s so valuable brother.


  13. Dudley Cook says:

    JJ, thanks for responding. Recently I’ve taken time to dig deeper into the Struggle site, and from this several questions arise:
    1) Why do you give space to an Atheist support group, listing it along with the ‘fading and former Witness’ ‘meetup groups?’

    My next questions need need an introduction:
    In your 12/15/12 article on ‘birthdays’ you say,
    “One great place I found online that demonstrates the extremes
    the JWs go to regarding birthdays is http://www.WatchtowerLetters.com.
    Go there and then click on ‘More Info’. This site is a great

    I did as suggested, JJ, and found MUCH MORE than birthdays was at stake; and I must admit being dismayed with what you appear to reccommend! Let my next questions explain:
    2) Do YOU agree with that ‘W..L..’ site’s rejection of the Noachian flood’s GLOBAL effect?
    a) What then do YOU think about Jesus’ words at Matthew 24:37-39 and Peter’s at 2Peter 3:5-7?
    b) If even one Bible account–especially one internally well supported like the flood–is to be rejected, or allowed only if ‘watered down’, this will weaken respect for the rest of the Bible. Are YOU ok with this?
    3) Are YOU willing to be a party to the subheading “LINKS” of this ‘great site,’ which offers such Atheistic diatribe as questioning the existence of Jesus Christ?
    4) JJ, are YOU an Atheist ???

    I’m sorry to pound you with this, JJ, but my conscience demands that I ask where you stand on these questions. At the same time, I respect that you, too, have a conscience to live in harmony with. I think it would be DELIGHTFUL if it turns out that we BOTH are trying to ‘let GOD be found true even if it makes all men liars’ (Romans 3:4). — as a brother, dudley


  14. Freethinkerinjah says:

    -” the three things I cannot change are the past, the truth, and you.” The book Help,Thanks, Wow the three essential prayers- Anne Lamott


  15. Unchained says:

    Br JJ
    Thank you and AMEN….
    I’m only recently awakened….I really don’t know the way forward ….. I’m currently keeping ‘active’,doing as little as possible in service,no recruiting or donations at all …I enjoy the association but have a strong dislike for the leadership ,the GB in particular for the deception and cruel policies….I believe the GB is bloodguilty ,responsible for the loss of many innocent lives, especially children, due to the blood ban. …responsible for the lost or destroyed lives of thousands of Malawian Witnesses…
    Everything I was taught since childhood is a lie….
    I don’t know how long I can stick in there…but I’m mentaly out.


  16. JimmyG says:

    Hi Unchained. You have more or less described my situation, in the above description of yourself. The only thing that stops me from cutting ties with the WT is the devastating effect it will have on my wife and children.

    I have just ‘endured’ the District Convention and when Geoffrey Jackson was introduced, it caused a reaction in the audience as if a rock star was about to come on stage! All we got was a short, overweight, bald man with an Australian accent. Granted he is an able speaker, but I felt like I was the only one in the audience who is aware of all the deception, as you put it, that has been going on for decades by him and his cronies.

    Like you, I hold in contempt this current GB and past members of it (Ray Franz being the exception) for all the lies they have told, the deceit and all the crap they continue to churn out in their literature. This convention was no exception- more of the same and as for the ‘Sparlock’ DVD, it’s a disgrace to human intelligence and reasoning. But the r&f will just gobble it down as usual, after all it’s from the faithful slave!

    I feel the same as you- I don’t know how long I can stick this out as it’s so mentally draining. All the best to you my friend.


    • JJ says:

      Brother JimmyG

      Continue to trust in the Lord and bide your time. Father will show you how/when to fade away from the WT, perhaps this year, 2013, will open up a way for it to take place. You are in my prayers at this time:

      Father bless Brother Jimmy and give him the strength to continue doing what he must. May you bless his family life, and his wife and children and watch over them. Help him to be cautious as a serpent and innocent as a dove as he plans his next steps in his service to you. May we all seize the opportunities available to us to assist each other as we keep an eye on our own faith.

      In your name Lord Jesus we pray,


  17. Unchained says:

    Jimmy. ..
    Thanks alot. ..I agree with you that Ray Franz is an exception…I’m an ex bethelite and during my years in bethel, Ray was presented as an evil man. ..but more recently after reading Crisis of Conscience,I was surprised at his tone…and since I’d seen for myself the corruption,nepotism, hypocrisy and double standards in bethel,I believe all Ray wrote. .I’m currently reading ‘ In Search of Christian Freedom’
    Please don’t give up on your family….My partner learnt TTATT(just from reading the Bible and that very old publications in bethel) well before me but waited until I was ready which was triggered by the Candace Conti Case…
    We discussed with my siblings the Conti case along with other policies,doctrines which they had trouble with and and happily some of them are fully awakened…thank God.
    Keep praying for wisdom in handling the delicate situation and hopefully something will happen that will trigger awakening in some in your family.


  18. JimmyG says:

    JJ- thanks for your encouraging words and prayer. Keep up your good work on this site as it really helps.

    Unchained- I was an elder for nearly 13 years, but never served at bethel.I too have read COC and have nearly finished ISOCF. Unfortunately my wife is an entrenched JW, despite my occasional attempts to share some of what I know about the Org, including the Conti case. These attempts are all met with stiff resistance and defence of the Org on her part. Life is so much better when I say nothing, so that is what I do most of the time.

    Can you tell me what very old publications in bethel you are referring to? Russell’s writings perhaps?


  19. Frank says:

    The popularity of your site, JJ cannot be brushed aside. By allowing people to “vent” as one put it on another blog page is exactly what people need at this time.

    Once one has stepped back to view the ‘appreciative’ audience at the conventions, one can see what fools we’ve been. Being swept along with the ‘crowd’ is a saying in our rich language because we know how easy it is to have this happen to us. The need to join and be accepted is powerful in anyone’s life. It’s very human

    This organisation now has only one way to go. It’s past is catching up with them. The “Rock star” response as the powerful continue to elevate themselves to greater heights will be one thing that will cause the downfall. I think Germany had that problem at one time. Isn’t ‘pride comes before a fall’ a Biblical phrase? I believe it is.



  20. Frank says:

    Hi JJ. I appreciate why you finally closed off “Questions for Baptism.” I even said it was a good idea as the quality of comments was not going to improve. However, Amos was determined to deal me the final blow. Would it be all right if I sent you my final rebuttal by email? Please contact me on mine.




  21. Unchained says:

    Jimmy G
    There were some of the old publications in the bethel library such as the ‘Studies in the Scriptures’ volumes by Russell and also Rutherford’s books like ‘Children’…like many, he had thought that the book ‘Children ‘ was like ‘My book of Bible Stories ‘,but it wasn’t written for children,rather it discouraged JWs from marrying and having children as the end was sooo close(1940s) ,…
    After reading those books ,he was shocked to see that our doctrines today are so different…..
    He’s now been reading the Bible / NT ,also using the Kingdom Interlinear,but without WT glasses and has fully seen TTATT ,even without going to the internet like me. …and he’s still serving as an elder, and a very good, kind hearted one, we both don’t know what to do next.


  22. JimmyG says:

    Unchained, Thanks for the info. Ray Franz in COC mentions Rutherford’s book ‘Children’. During 1940-1, Rutherford knew his end was nigh and Fred Franz later admitted Rutherford’s writings reflected this- because he was about to die, the’old worthies’ were about to be resurrected, followed by Armageddon.

    Have you heard of the book ‘JW’s in the Divine Purpose’? (1959). It’s a sort of earlier version of the Proclaimers book and rather quaint. On page 191, it quotes Rutherford’s letter in the November 1941 INFORMANT (equivalent to the KM). In part it says,”THE WORK: The ‘strange work’ of the Lord (i.e the preaching work)is drawing to an end and requires haste and watchfulness.”

    Then in the following pages, when Knorr came on the scene, apparently the exact opposite is true- no time to slacken off, there is so much preaching work to be done! Conveniently this sudden change in direction is not explained in the book. The WT still does this- it changes or ‘adjusts’ a doctrine without any reference or acknowledgement to its previous version of that particular doctrine.

    Being an elder is very difficult when the ‘alarm bells’ start ringing. What if your partner is asked to sit on a judicial committee? I felt that I had no choice but to step down. My heart goes out to him. I know how he must feel.


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