Mind Control

Eric on Thursday September 6th, 2012

The elders sent me a letter summoning me to a judicial committee, accusing me of “spreading apostate teachings that go against Bible truth as taught by Jehovah’s Witnesses.” For those of you that are in the know, this means that they have already determined that I am guilty of the above mentioned “crime”. The letter was sent certified mail, and when I received it I signed and printed “Martin Luther” on the return receipt. I wrote back and asked for a date one week later as I could not make the 8/30 day they had ordained for my spiritual stoning.

A continuance was granted and I was given a tentative date of 9/12/2012 so we will see what happens. I am not afraid of this meeting, however it is not something that I relish either. I personally feel it must be done as my conscience will not allow me otherwise. The early Christians were fed to the lions and Yeshua said that if we confessed him as Christ we would be persecuted and delivered up before the synagogue and expelled. (John 16:1-4)

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Eric on Tuesday May 1st, 2012

I’ve been told that if you put five apes in a room with a ladder leading to an access hole in the ceiling, those apes will try for the ladder and head for the hole. I’ve also been told that if you spray them with a fire hose every time they make for the ladder, eventually they’ll all stop trying to climb it. Furthermore, if you take an ape out and put a new one in with four of the original apes, the new one will go for the ladder. However, the veteran apes will pounce on and beat on the new one for his foolish attempt until he too stops trying for the ladder. And so it will go each time you take out one of the veteran apes and replace him with a new one: the new one tries for the ladder until he’s tromped into simian submission. Eventually, you’ll have a room full of five apes who weren’t of the original five that had actually experienced the initial fire hose treatment.

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Eric on Friday January 20th, 2012

Jargon is often used to obfuscate the intended meaning of something to those outside of a particular club or group. This is the stock-in-trade of lawyers, politicians, and orators. They manipulate the words and symbols of speech to persuade and to convince. It is their hammer and their wrench, and they use these tools with aplomb. Likewise, the auto mechanic and the computer repairman has been known to use the jargon of their trade to exert their influence and superior knowledge over the average person.
And this brings us to the “theocratic language”, a term coined and employed by Jehovah’s Witnesses. The scripture in Zephaniah 3:9 is used as the origin of the term. It contains the expression “pure language” and reads this way in the New World Translation:

“Then I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language, in order for them all to call upon the name of Jehovah, in order to serve him shoulder to shoulder.” (Zeph. 3:9)

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