Eric on Sunday April 15th, 2012

How far does our world-wide brotherhood extend? Is it limited to just ONE Christian group? Is it limited to all EXCEPT a particular group? Can we personally judge a denomination as genuine or not genuine, while accepting the fact that Christ is the judge and individuals from this or that group may be sharers in the “one hope” to which we were were called? (Ephesians 4:4, ESV) I certainly don’t have the answers to these questions. These are complex notions to contemplate and perhaps impossible to answer definitively.

It has been mentioned to me (and I agree) that this place is not necessarily a final destination on our Christian journey as servants of the Father and our King Christ Jesus. But no matter where we go online or in the flesh, we continue to try to upbuild our fellow man, and especially our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. (Galatians 6:10, NIV)

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It can be one of life’s biggest trials when you come to the realization that the Watchtower Society is not what it claims to be, namely God’s organization. I remember the feelings that I had, shock, dismay, anger, depression, disbelief, fear and then finally acceptance.

Many of the questions that we have at this time in our awakening to the truth about the truth include…

Where else do we go?
How can we serve God without a visible structured organization?
Am I simply just being too critical and fooling myself?
Why isn’t God fixing the problems within the organization?

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greybeard on Wednesday April 4th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters,

With the Memorial of Christ’s death so close, many of us wonder about our own relationship with Christ Jesus. Are we in the truth? Are we in Christ? JJ has just finished a talk/video for Youtube and this site that addresses this subject. We hope you enjoy.

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