page210_webI recently completed a new YouTube video about the terrible state of affairs that thousands of grandparents have found themselves in after they stop serving the Watchtower Organization and it’s Eight-man “Slave Class”. The description and the link is below:

A heartbreaking situation is played out every day for many grandparents that are former Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons: Their precious grandchildren grow up without knowing them, and in some cases the little ones are told that their Grandma or Grandpa hates God and is serving Satan and will be killed at Armageddon.

Why would such a terrible thing be done? It is because of the Mormon Church and Watchtower Society’s harsh shunning policies. Some Jehovah’s Witnesses have used this terrible doctrine as a weapon against their own parents and it is a tragedy and a horrible loss for all sides. Once a person is indoctrinated into a cult, they will even turn on their own family members and this is one example of it in action.

The video is based on a book that Daniel L. Hall wrote in 2000 called “The Armageddon Cult: Nothing in Watchtower is right!” It was recently recommended to me by two different friends, and I began an effort to obtain a copy. Unfortunately the only way to get a look at it is by contacting Mr. Hall directly, which I did. The book is out of print and the author is working on ways to get it back in circulation and available for order via Amazon.

Anyway, I have enjoyed many sections of Mr Hall’s excellent and thoroughly researched book. I share a few pages with you now, entitled, “The Great Grandmother Tragedy”.
The video (that will never be shown on is here:

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13 Comments on The Great Grandmother Tragedy – An excerpt from “The Armageddon Cult”

  1. Reader says:

    Dear All;
    Where is it going, never saw this in my day [nearly 20 yrs ago]?
    This scripturally would disinfranchise Elders and MS of thier positions: 1Timothy 3 v 4,5 & 7.
    Shame on any of whom it can be said 1Timothy 5 v 8
    Such bring Christianity into reproach.


  2. Charles says:

    Oh yeah, my grandmother was a faithful sister from the 40’s until her death in the 1990’s. In her later
    Years her health failed from diabetes. When she began missing meetings, elders visiting her we’re asking
    Her if there was any “wrongdoing”! When she did make a meeting she found she did not get a warm
    Greeting and she wasn’t called on for comments. This was a woman who was a full time pioneer for
    Years. Treated like a harlot in her seventies with heart failure. That my friends, is what this organization, this
    Cult is all about.


    • LIKE says:

      Yes how true! They don’t care about you or your health if you aint at the meetings your dead! I know Brothers who died in the KH and they were praised as “such Spiritual ones” because they died in the Hall. Such weird unbalanced mentality.


  3. Darrin Hart says:

    One of my close friends within ‘the organization’ just watched his mother die. The elders literally made it known that no one was to provide her help during her cancer treatments because her ‘fiance’ was visiting the house and giving making her food, making sure she took her medication, etc…..alone, without a chaperone.

    I’m not kidding. This is how SICK this organization is…

    Former Disgusted Elder


  4. Eve says:

    Hi to all,
    Maybe what I want to tell is not entirely related to this topic but I was just reminded of something a friend of mine told me (she is beginning to see the ‘problems’ around the Society). Her Dad passed away 2 years ago and she now told me that when she told one elder at that time how devastated she felt the elder said pointing to another brother: Look at him, he lost his Mom just a few days ago, can you see sadness in his face? (or something else to this effect). Of course I’m sure the brother felt grief at the death of his mother, still, he felt it his duty or ‘the right thing’ to hide it lest the others should think his trust in the Paradise was not strong enough. I was really shocked at this and the behaviour of the elder, who found this a good example is even more shocking.
    Hope you all are doing well.


  5. Obadiah says:

    My heart goes out to all who have been “kicked out” or walked out due to waking up. I myself was booted out for “causing divisions”. Didn’t Jesus do this? Luke 12:51
    There is a post on my main page about Divisions. My daughter still will not talk to me or my wife.
    At John 16:2 They imagine that they are doing a sacred duty for God, by throwing you out.
    I have written a number of articles on my site at Obadiah blogs
    the list can be found here:
    My latest article is Armageddon.
    May the God of peace comfort us all.

    Agape, Obadiah


  6. John S says:

    Yes, JJ….

    Being disfellowshiped from a Christian congregation for speaking what Biblically seems irrefutable, and for worshiping in spirit and the truth, something you say we should never be deterred from….

    Hey, would you disbar someone , say on this site who is trying to show what the scriptures really say is truth? What if they are strong in their conviction? Is this intolerable? Do you believe in shunning persons off this site? What would be the reason for this? Isn’t this like the JW action , bias, and petty?
    Would a vote be taken? Like in the first-century? “If he does not listen to the congregation….”?

    Or does it come down to the bias of certain moderators chosen, and disagreement with their views.

    Is there a ‘re-instatement’ process one can go through… kind of like a ‘buttering-up’ process? How did you define those ex-communicated from association here with others who really are searching for TTATT?


  7. John S says:

    I noticed Brother Spike, a lowly and humble brother who struggles with still being inside JW ‘land’ asked how some felt about me, although I was kicked off this site a year ago. Mainly for my teaching the Truth about scriptural truth…primarily word for word the book of John.

    Sister Little Lamb got on and gave a vitrolic response; tough and hard-hitting. What could be expected but that? She was my ‘back’ throughout her tenure here. She spoke what she thought deserved to be said.

    Now that the trinity doctrine has been effectively squashed, will you please reconsider my re-instatement to comment on the forum? As you know, I dedicated thousands of hours building a body of scriptural truth on your site, and I don’t deserve to be dismissed as the 8th grader who spoke his mind, but as equitable to any and all ‘superfine Apostles’ posting here.

    If you really do, honestly love the truth…I ask to be able to post again in defense of, and love of the truth about JEHOVAH, Christ Jesus, and the Kingdom Godd News. I vow to be polite, equitable, and patient in my remarks, and apologize for overreaching my position as a humble Christian disciple, and granted mercy for all my sins, rather than self-righteous as many tagged me.

    Please consider this apology, and request for another chance to join fellowship with those just escaping WT chains. (Matt. 18:22)


    • JJ says:

      It’s good to hear from you John! The Forum is a different place than out here on the blog. Let me look into that and perhaps we can email okay?

      As for here well I’ve never “DFed” anyone and I never will, as that has to do with shunning a person and condemning them. Even if I disagree with a person’s theology that would never make me hate them or shun them. If someone is violating the site rules or coming on here annoying the others and I receive complaints then that is a different story. This is just one blog out of thousands, and not a congregation nor an organization. There are no creeds nor requirements demanded of anyone.

      Lately JW Militants have been coming on here and especially on my YouTube channel more and more, and sometimes they just insult and call names right off the bat. If it was your site or channel what would you do? I for one feel that life is too short to worry about negative people like that and I’m inclined to just let them go debate somewhere else.

      Hope you are well my friend,


      • Becky says:

        “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”
        ― Steven Weinberg


        • miscreant droid says:

          Fantastic quote. I wonder how often the opposite is true, i.e., do evil people perform good works to alleviate religious guilt with notable regularity? Hmm. Woe to us who suffer the human condition!


  8. ruth says:

    miscreant droid l loved what you said that most of us live clean spiritual lives.
    It’s so true some of us are!
    How could we turn our backs on truth? Listening to The voice of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. “Learning more than we have ever learnt in our entire lives.

    The bible speaks about the Holy Spirit living in us. 1 John 4: 4-6
    Because we left a man made organization does not mean we have left Father in heaven.

    Rapunzel quote:
    have described my experience as being born…. as coming out from the womb. I was trapped in a dark place, I couldn’t move, or see or hear clearly. I was connected to the placenta, my life-giver. But placentas don’t last forever, and they become unhealthy. If I didn’t cut the cord I would die. So I took the plunge and cut it. ‘
    “That’s well describes just how l felt as well Rapunzel.

    Dear Sunset.
    Our loving heavenly father told us in John 4:21-23 about the woman at the well.
    When she said “Sir l perceive you are a prophet! Our Fathers worshiped on this mountain, your people say in in Jerusalem that you worship. ——–
    This next part is for us to follow.

    Yeshua said to her: Believe me woman, the hour is coming when neither in this mountain or in Jerusalem will you people worship the Father.

    Yeshua makes its clear salvation originated with the Jews. “Sunset, Its so sad to say but even J/Ws have taken this from our Messiah and made him look like a western man even in there books. ‘ But getting back to what l was saying in John4.

    Yeshua made it so clear when he said. “You worship what you do not know! We worship what we know.

    Nevertheless the hour is coming AND IT IS NOW! 1st century this started. “That they truth seekers would worship in Spirit and truth. Father is a Spirit! “Indeed the Father is looking for such ones.
    We do not have to go through organizations. “Religions anymore. Because from now on the Holy Spirit is teaching us all.
    Kind regards Ruth


  9. Art Fern says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with adding Mormons to the list(s) of religious groups that actively shun. I lived in Utah as a kid and later in Colorado, California and Arizona where there were larger numbers of LDS. I never saw it, in families where some members were in other churches or in a few examples where someone was ex’ed, I never saw exclusion, or even trash talking. I don’t think they kick many out, those who leave likely discovery things they were never told before and just can’t deal with the hushed up history. I know they are big on getting involved with communities, working with other churches to help out homeless folks and to give aid to disaster areas, so they certainly don’t look down on those with differing beliefs or keep separate, try to control what members read or see, who they socialize with etc.


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