Web LinksSister Disappointed has graciously agreed to start keeping up our weblinks on the sidebar. There are so many great sources for help in our struggle online. How do we find them all and share them with our friends? Which ones are going to benefit us the most? We want to try and focus on informative, newsworthy, and positive places that can really give us balance and strength as we daily walk through the narrow gate. (Matthew 7:13-14) This is why we recommend these and share them with all our brothers and sisters, friends and visitors.

For example, valuable sites include:

  • Biblical resources and commentaries
  • JW news and information
  • Encouraging YouTube videos
  • Books that help us with our struggle
  • Movies that inspire and build up
  • Blogs by former and dissident Witnesses that are written in love not hate


So keep an eye out for more and more of these as time goes on. Thanks again to Sister Disappointed. We will be checking out these new and interesting web places!


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7 Comments on Facelift for our Web Links

  1. v says:

    Undeniably soul search material.
    Loving the videos Unlocking the mysteries of Life! Wonderful and powerful thoughts and facts relating to the maker of creations father YHWH. Thanks for you research.


  2. JohnS says:

    Go girl! and Thanks JJ, This is a perfect way to expand the horizon of GOOD and select venues for further Christian growth and not just a bigger WT complaint dept. as some sites are a big waste of what little time is left.


  3. DanielB says:

    In the 1990s I was searching around on the WEB , looking for some former witnesses that I could find good association with . I came across this site colled BRCI ( Bible Research & Commentary International ) . Their purpose is specifically to help those exiting by providing consolation and to furnish direction . I met up with some former brothers through their help , which proved quite beneficial .

    So if any would like to take a look , here is the link :


    In the 1990s they had been associating with Ray Franz and with Mark Miller , who have both since died , and they were very useful contacts .

    BRCI doesn’t promote doctrine , but they do provide comfort and encouragement .


  4. spike says:

    Thanks for your hard work. I recently came across some great information of you-tube that I was not aware of. Maybe we could include them in the section about videos. Nothing hateful whatsoever just facts for consideration.


  5. Bob says:

    May I suggest http://www.perimeno.ca/ and http://www.2001translation.com/. I found them to be good sites from current and x-JW’s. They have some thought provoking material.


  6. Disappointed says:

    Thankyou for your input everyone. I’ll keep the suggestions in mind. I will be adding new things as I find them and in some cases rotating certain items. There will be plenty of helpful links and I hope everyone will find them useful and interesting. Thanks to bro JJ for giving me the opportunity to give something back in return for all his hard work! Thanks bro! :)


  7. QC says:

    Wow! Your site is getting a lot of traffic due to your JC video. Efforts to be a faithful Christian loyal to the Bible is being rewarded.

    I left this note for you at Jehovahs-Witness.net. Daniel 12:4 is being fulfilled. You and I are sharing in this fulfillment.


    Suggesting you video your JC trial worked out great. Now, up close the world can see how strange the JW culture is. I was hoping to catch you so I could share some thoughts before your hearing.

    My angle would have been turn this JC meeting into a Bible study, seriously. Appealing to their ability to be sensible I would have put them on defense, appealing to their reasoning I would have taken charge, starting the dialog stating:

    ‘On balance my experience as a JW has been good. I’m thankful it led me to be a real Bible student. The Trinity doctrine is clearly a false doctrine, and I can prove it. 1914 is clearly the beginning of the “end time” season, that’s pretty clear. On many issues we are in agreement.

    I’m not apostate; I’m going through spiritual growing pains from trying to reconcile knowledge. I have legitimate concerns about pronouncements for example like 1975, birthdays and what it means to be “born Anew.” Take “born anew for example:

    (I would take the scriptures in my discussion “Born Anew” t http://www.laissezcom.com and go through them one by one and appeal to their reasoning. Then I would say, ‘JW believe it mean this… But there is a strong argument that “born anew” means that all Adam’s descendants get salvation by being born into the family of Jesus, who is the ‘last Adam Eternal Father.” Which make them “sons of God” like Adam was created a son of God, etc. etc. etc. Do you understand my concerns? DF’ing me for having this sort of Berean inquisitiveness seems unreasonable, and unscriptural.’

    Talk to me,



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