Some of you may have noticed JJ has not written as much or posted as much as usual lately.  You are about to see the reason why.  He has spent many long hours over the last few weeks producing this new video.  In an e-mail to me JJ said, “My aching fingers, I got carpal tunnel flare ups from this one.”   I for one am very thankful we have a brother as talented as JJ with this kind of stuff.  This video blows my mind and I feel it will help thousands!  We hope you all enjoy it!

This new video is also in HD so if you have a fast internet connection, watch it full screen in HD for the full effect.

Rating 4.90 out of 5

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15 Comments on New Video Just finished! “Has God Always Had A Visible Organization on Earth?”

  1. LonelySheep says:


    One word….


    Two more words…


    Some more words..

    How I enjoyed your efforts. This will be the basis for my bible study with my wife this week.

    I don’t know what is going on amongst some Jehovah’s Witnesses but it sometimes seem that we are all be drawn along by some imperative and in the same direction. I was only just speaking to my friend about this a few weeks back, and here you come along and do what I could not.

    May Jehovah bless you.

    You are obviously an individual of outstanding talent with a thought provoking mind. Just remember just keep humble and I’m sure Jehovah and his Mighty God, Jesus will use you in an outstanding way in the future.

    Again a very big thanks for your efforts.


    • greybeard says:

      Hi LonelySheep,

      It is JJ who posses the talent for making these videos. Andrew and myself and maybe others, offer input, ideas and feedback but JJ puts in the blood, sweet and tears. Not to worry, we have been friends for years… he is a very humble person. I feel the same way you do about this. I was VERY, VERY excited. To me, this is one of the best videos on JW’s if not the best. It hits the nail right on the head! Thank you JJ for using your skills in such efforts! Now give those fingers a little rest brother!


  2. Mark M says:

    Well done JJ!

    Just 2 weeks ago I had a very similar conversation with my wife but I focused on the “governing body”. I asked where in the Bible do you see the term governing body? As knowledgeable as my wife is, she mistakenly thought it was in the book of Acts. I showed her using the WT CD-ROM that the term “governing body” is not even mentioned in scripture. This shocked her. Not being familiar with the quote search on the WT library software she said that she was sure that it was in the Bible and will try to find it for me. I asked her to show me when she finds it. Also, I explained to her that this is one of the dangers in putting our trust in men. (Psalm 118:8-9)

    It’s amazing to me how many of the JW’s will read something in the publications and assume that it’s in the Bible, even confusing sometimes the writings in the publications with Scripture.

    Thanks for the video!

    Mark M.


  3. JWB says:

    JJ, well done! You produced a very informative and interesting video.

    Certainly there was no “hierarchy” or “exclusive priesthood” amongst the original disciples of Jesus Christ.

    “Another indication of apostasy was the retreat from the general ministry of all Christians, as Jesus and the apostles had taught, to the exclusive priesthood and hierarchy that developed in Christendom. (Matthew 5:14-16; Romans 10:13-15; 1 Peter 3:15) During the first century, after Jesus’ death, his apostles, along with other spiritually qualified Christian elders in Jerusalem, served to counsel and direct the Christian congregation. None exercised superiority over the others.—Galatians 2:9.” (Mankind’s Search For God, chapter 11, paragraph 11)

    “We need to obey the faithful and discreet slave to have Jehovah’s approval.” (Simplified English version of the Watchtower 15 July 2011, page 24)


  4. Alden says:

    Hi everybody, hi JJ,
    A forum like this would be of no use if no criticism were heard, so here’s mine.
    JJ, please leave the music out (except the Bob Dylan song :-). It doesn’t help reasoning on the matter, but is distracting. This is not “entertainment” even though we entertain the thoughts you are presenting. The WTS makes the same mistake on its videos. Your arguments can stand by themselves.
    Also, try to abandon the speaking techniques that you have acquired through the WTS over the years and just be yourself.
    Subdue irony or sarcasm, just be factual while saying what’s on your mind and heart. This is not to question the validity of the material you have presented.
    The problem that we have with “Organization” is that basically organization starts with two people. So when Jesus said ‘where there are two or more’ that is the start of organizational problems. It’s natural to want to fit in, so you lose your independent thinking being among any group of people. But we’re not supposed to be loners. Christians are encouraged in the scriptures to find others of like precious faith, but we have to be prepared for problems. Are we in a Catch 22 situation?
    I think instead of organization we have to meet the problem of “institutionalization”, which means that your thinking becomes conditioned and hardened by the structure you are living in. I worked at Bethel for nearly 4 years and I get the impression that the WTS wants to export Bethel living all over the world, but that can never work out. Bethel living has similarities to prisons in general; in fact, some of us called it ironically the “Big House”. I protested inside and even vented my turmoil with some close friends (Jim are you still out there?). But I realized that the thing was too big for me. If I could keep a low profile for 40 years, maybe I could make it to the GB and change things, but I wasn’t going to stay around to find out! I didn’t want to sacrifice my life in this manner. The thing was just too big for me, so I left.
    But I affirm that the enemy is not organization, but institutionalization and you supplied material to combat that. I liked the point about Paul not being appointed by the “GB” of Jerusalem. Paul’s “Leader” and “Head” was Christ and not the Jerusalem structure.
    “God used Christian men independently of each other and guided them by Holy Spirit” was also a good one. It remains to be seen, however, if that Holy Spirit is guiding us – we dare not become so self-assured about that!
    Peace and love to all.


  5. JJ says:


    I appreciate your comments and opinion re: the video- Thanks for watching it and speaking up!

    I listened to it with and without headphones and I don’t feel the music is overbearing. (But that is only my opinion) The goal is to reach as large an audience as possible, and keep the interest of people watching while being informative. The irony in the script is intentional and the “voice” of the Org is representative of the spirit it shows towards its followers.

    Since we are not constrained by anyone’s guidelines or preconceived notions as to what we might write about or videotape (other than our Heavenly Father’s) we have “free reign” as it were. We create what we feel, and we create what moves our mind and our heart, which is what I have done on this latest piece.

    It is amazing to me how many videos are out there on YouTube that touch on religion, the Bible, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. These people, these voices, will not and never can be silenced. You would have to eliminate computers, TVs, and the internet entirely! Only our Creator or his Son could accomplish that, and someday they may- who knows?

    There is unfortunately a lot of “junk” online and we have to be discerning in what we read and watch, based on our own conscience. I know that you already “know” this and are a mature Christian. But I say it to simply answer your points, and to encourage you, Alden, as well others that feel strongly about these things, to get out and there and make a difference. Publish, post, preach, tape, talk, encourage, and enhance the lives of others.

    I really appreciated “Watchtower Comments” and were informed and moved several times while watching. So my goal is to honor the spirit they showed by creating similar kinds of videos- ones that will hopefully help awakened Witnesses and former Witnesses, and perhaps others among the “sleeping class” of JWs as well.


    • Amos says:

      Hi JJ,

      Thank’s for such an excellent video. So much has been happening during my absence. This video cuts to the core issues without any frills, & I agree with your reasoning for using the voice effects & music also. I can’t see how this could detract in any way from the effects of the facts as presented.
      Another thing is that it also protects the speaker somewhat from being identified prematurely.

      Good job well done.

      Your brother in Christ.



  6. JJ says:

    Thank you brother Amos for the kind words. I would prefer to use my REAL voice and not disguise it, but you understand why I must mask it.


  7. David Paul says:

    Excellent quality! Great video. Great audio. Great voice. Great job!

    Please keep them coming.

    The walls of Babylon the Great spiritual harlot (religion) will become as ruined as the massive and seemingly impregnable walls of Jericho – by the power, authority, and glory of the word – Jesus Christ.

    Is it possible a “Governing Body” existed in the first century only in the form of the apostate (spiritually unfaithful religionist) Sanhedrin, and NOT amongst the apostles?

    Does the context of the circumcision issue not show that those from Jerusalem were the problem, and that JESUS used his direct authority and Paul as the solution (instead of a non-existent Christian Governing Body)?

    it-1 p. 881: “By reason of a revelation, Paul, with Barnabas and Titus, went to Jerusalem regarding the circumcision issue; he learned nothing new from James, Peter, and John, but they recognized that he had been empowered for an apostleship to the nations (Gal 2:1-10). At Antioch, when Peter wrongly separated himself from non-Jewish believers in fear of certain visiting brothers from Jerusalem, Paul reproved him (Gal 2:11-14)”

    Greetings and blessings



    • Amos says:

      Brother David,

      Excellent thoughts regarding the view of a first century GB….I had not thought of it this way before, that is the “spiritually unfaithful religionist the Sanhedrin (& Pharisee’s) & not Apostolic”.

      Christian Love,


    • DanielB says:

      David Paul, as you say, “At Antioch, when Peter wrongly separated himself from non-Jewish believers in fear of certain visiting brothers from Jerusalem, Paul reproved him (Gal 2:11-14)”. I agree with this and your other point here. And I would add that the same Simony-sickness exists in the JW shunning doctrine, in most instances.


  8. John S. says:

    Yes and I second the motion to continue in your efforts with video/internet and any other way to spread the word.I feel you brothers are getting filled with the spirit and are “prophesying” here in the name of Jehovah in the truest sense of the word.This organization has fully sided with Babylon in truth and practice,preaching a gospel unknown to the Apostles and unauthorized by Christ.For this they are now receiving the full reward for going out on their own and are clearly an “anti-Christ” by any definition,because they’re preaching not the receiving of the Holy Spirit,and disrespect the anointed:”Christ’s brothers”.Matt.25:41-46


  9. Victor says:

    The parable of the wheat and the weeds to me proves that God has not always had an organization on earth since the wheat and weeds were not discernable until the harvest.

    Constant Feature aka true worship-yes but not organization. the wheat that grew with the weeds were probably the so called heretics burned at the stake for going against the State religion-Christendom throughout the centuries.


  10. just lovely JJ, absolutely no suggestions for improvement, I know I am late but I am playing catch up and this is where I am in reading the archives LOL, This was a wonderfully presented video with great information. I just love it my brother!!!


  11. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear jj it is with tears of gratitude that I have after just watching your new video you put into words and understandable concepts with scripture I have studied since the 60,s it all makes sense especially since every thing brought out in this video has been on my mind for years. I would always wonder why the general attitude among many in the organization especially the gb thought that there so called god appointed organization would or could not possibly follow the way of all the times of when people began to want a king ruling over them instead of Jehovah. It’s ironic that for years the watchtower mags talked about all the differant forms of government that would be imposed on people for over 6000 years and they all failover with horrible results for people. How ironic that the gb was so busy trying to extract the splinter out of the other governments and others religious groups eyes, that they could not see past their own timper of denial. It will be as in the last days of the pharissis is a symbolic ripping of the curtain in two and the destruction of the symbolic temple. There is going to be some major weed removal in Jah,s back yard thank Jehovah for the few who refused to give their worship to any one but the all God Jehovah. I am looking forward to more spritiual food at the proper time thank you for your efforts and time to encourage all of us brothers and sisters in these critical times agape your sis freethinkerinjah


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