I would like to bring everyones attention to the new “Media Downloads” link at the top of this web page. Here JJ will be posting audio and video for your enjoyment. JJ and Andrew have already given their story for anyone who would like to listen in. Because they both are still in good standing they prefer not to be recognized so JJ changed the voices. They don’t really sound like Datha Vader in real life. I will try to add something when time allows. JJ also added some AUTOGENIC TRAINING recordings that he made for himself. Those are self help recordings made to relax and reinforce curtain thoughts. This has nothing to do with hypnotism. It is only a relaxation technique. I love it.

Enjoy the audio files and tell us what you think,

Your brother,

Rating 4.75 out of 5

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  1. Bro. Ed says:

    Just a quick one. When I click on the media page it loads all of the recordings simultaneously, making it very hard to listen to as they’re all off and running the moment I enter the page. I’ve tried it on IE and Chrome and same result. There also doesn’t seem to be any stop button for the recordings. I’ve tried it via iPhone and it seems ok and I’ve listened to some of the recordings, but I just thought I’d mention the other technical issue.

    Thanks for the hard work.



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