Apostasy Trial

Where’s the 3rd elder?

Well it has finally happened; the elders sent me a letter summoning me to a judicial committee a couple weeks ago, accusing me of “spreading apostate teachings that go against Bible truth as taught by Jehovah’s Witnesses.” For those of you that are in the know, this means that they have already determined that I am guilty of the above mentioned “crime”. The letter was sent certified mail, and when I received it I signed and printed “Martin Luther” on the return receipt. I wrote back and asked for a date one week later as I could not make the 8/30 day they had ordained for my spiritual stoning.

A continuance was granted and I was given a tentative date of mid September  so we will see what happens. I am not afraid of this meeting, however it is not something that I relish either. I personally feel it must be done as my conscience will not allow me otherwise. The early Christians were fed to the lions and Yeshua said that if we confessed him as Christ we would be persecuted and delivered up before the synagogue and expelled. (John 16:1-4)  Anyway, I felt a strong need to make a video of me talking about (and showing the letter) and it is linked to below:


When I  let one brother know of my impending stoning he was positive, so encouraging…he said:

“Full steam ahead in the Lord’s work!”

Well thank you dear friend for saying that; I intend to do just that!

In Christ,




This is the first video I am releasing where I appear on camera. More will follow though, as it seems natural enough. Initially I even disguised my voice as it is quite recognizable to many thousands of JWs that have heard me speak at Circuit and District Conventions and Kingdom Halls all over Central California. After a couple of those I felt silly doing this and so stopped distorting my voice.

Ironically that never did get me discovered. I made the mistake of sharing with a few close family members and friends TTATT and that is ultimately what got back to the elder’s ears. I knew that was the risk I took, but I did it to try and help these ones that I care so much about to wake up to the truth about this mind-controlling organization. Perhaps it did not help these ones (only time will tell though), but my prayers are that www.JWStruggle.com and these YouTube videos will encourage others to get out of the WT Society and …freetheirminds!

All of us can do it together, one small step at a time, and we can help those that want to be helped, by the grace of God.


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52 Comments on Apostate Trial Part 1 – New Video

  1. Best regards I went out with a ‘bang’ myself, Jan 5th 1992 was my dfing exit date.NOW I am happy and have a real relationship with Jesus.-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine


  2. JJ says:

    Thanks Danny. Jesus has been so marginalized by the WT publishing corporations it is very sad!

    John 14:6, John 5:22-24, Romans 8:1, Romans 10:9, and so many other verses bear this out.


  3. Anonymous says:

    iv just finished watching second season of falling skys and if anyones watched it theyl know what i mean about being controlled by the harneses, well what im saying is your harnes is off no more being controlled, they are like that the elders and the rest of jw world are harnest by the cult control,im glad i left so is my husband,the only thing that makes me sad is the way they avoid me,and your so right jj its not what is on the outside its what god sees on the inside, but i see a good person in that vid and i hear goodness come out your mouth.your a good person and your brave.


  4. Londo111 says:

    Bro! May you give a witness that they will never forget!


  5. John S says:

    Go forth with head held high, being viewed worthy to be persecuted for Christ’s name! Blessings will continue to flow because you are taking your stand for truth. And a great example you set for others here, who are wanting to take the plunge, but fearful for their families, of course.
    In the long run, the families can only be helped by our exit, as every day we may stay a prisoner of the Society, even secretly, is a day they, too, fail to get out of the sect and start to receive an accurate knowledge of Christ, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit as their teacher, and not a sect of money-loving corporate businessmen.


    • JJ says:

      You make an outstanding point Brother John. This may be what tips the scales for a family member or friend that knows me. Thanks for that point it’s nice to have you back!


  6. Disappointed says:

    You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!


  7. man oh man says:

    Brother JJ you are too kind to these elders. I admire your mild spirit. For Jah says:

    (Ezekiel 34:1-4) 34 And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying: 2 “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy, and you must say to them, to the shepherds, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: “Woe to the shepherds of Israel, who have become feeders of themselves! Is it not the flock that the shepherds ought to feed? 3 The fat is what YOU eat, and with the wool YOU clothe your own selves. The plump animal is what YOU slaughter. The flock itself YOU do not feed. 4 The sickened ones YOU have not strengthened, and the ailing one YOU have not healed, and the broken one YOU have not bandaged, and the dispersed one YOU have not brought back, and the lost one YOU have not sought to find, but with harshness YOU have had them in subjection, even with tyranny.

    (Ezekiel 34:16) . . .but the fat one and the strong one I shall annihilate. I shall feed that one with judgment. . .

    It is a wonderful thing to follow our one shepherd Jesus Christ. I know he will supply you with what you need when you face these tyrannical blunders.

    (Ezekiel 34:23, 24) 23 And I will raise up over them one shepherd, and he must feed them, even my servant David. He himself will feed them, and he himself will become their shepherd. 24 And I myself, Jehovah, will become their God, and my servant David a chieftain in the midst of them. I myself, Jehovah, have spoken. . .

    It is very nice to see your face brother as the typical JW see something detestable (your beard) to their organization god I see the face of an angel that shines forth truth and light and may you continue to illuminate the path for many other hurt ones.

    Our prayers will be with you friend.


  8. pastelder says:

    Bro. JJ. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you stand firm for the truth. Wishing you all the best.



  9. spike says:

    I am praying for you Brother! That picture is hilarious, Cap’n Kangaroo presiding! Watch out for ping-pong balls!! I admire your spirit as well. You just want to believe and teach what is true, that is not a crime! No human organization has any right to go beyond what is written, then speak out the other side of their mouth and admit to being fallible, but then turn around and demand absolute loyalty to their speculation. None of us have to believe or teach what is not true. Those men are misled and serve Jehovah of the WTBTS. They do not know the Father because they disobey the Son. Pray for those duped into following the WT playbook. Brother John S called it, you are being persecuted for Christ, and that is an honor.


  10. pastelder says:

    One other thought. As a former elder, let me ask: Did the elders follow “theocratic” procedure and have two brothers investigate the charges before forming a Judicial Committee? If not, why not? I know it’s a mute point but I just had to ask.


    • JJ says:

      Good question Pastelder- Well they tried to meet with me “in a spirit of love” a couple months ago but I knew it was an investigation, wherein they hoped I would incriminate myself with my own words so I declined the meeting.

      Now they have determined my guilt via here-say from the mouths of two “witnesses” of my so-called crimes. That is the way it works, and I accept that. I will go and play their game, but only to let my light shine.

      Thank you for your prayers! We all need to stick together and stand up to this “Neo-Catholic Watchtower Society” and hopefully more will wake up and join their voices to ours.


  11. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear jj, I just saw your video and it really touched me in so many ways. 1your courage and steadfastness to endure the “lions” such as the faithful men of old because they loved Jehovah and Christ more than the approval of men, risking losing family close friends, a support group and a sense of security. That is encouraging to see you endure. Acts 5:41 these, therefore, went their way from before the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy to be dishonored in behalf of his name. Matt:36 indeed, a man’s enemies will be persons of his own household. 37 he that has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me,and he that has greater affection for son or daughter than for me is not worthy of me. 2 your share on the video reminded me of what I went throught at a judicial meeting because I was not in agreement with their dress codes . My hair is in neat dreadlocks like the African women but I happen to be white. I wear a tiny nose earring post in my nose like Indian women, but I am not from India so that is grounds for df even though I was never officially df but treated like a df person. What hurt me the worse is that I belived that Jehovah rejected me but in time because I refused to give up on Jehovah, I now have the spiritual freedom that you talk about. And realize that satan was trying to break my spirit by making it appear that Jehovah was speaking throught the organization and acting as a mouth piece of Jehovah. That whole trial was a major tribulation for me and if that’s what I had to go through to find out the truth about the truth, it was so worth it, even throught the rejection at first felt like death. May your light shine and you stay true to your conscience. It will all work out well for you. I,m living proof and I have my spritiual freedom in Christ finally after 35 years of dedicating my life to jehovah and Christ I will pray for you daily. Please keep us all posted there is a higher purpose to all this agape your sis freethinkerinjah


  12. Rory says:

    Isn’t it funny how accounts from the Bible take on a different more personal meaning when we wake up to the truth. I could imagine you using that very same example of Samuel and Jesse’s sons and judging people from what we see on the outside when you delivered a public discourse back in the day. Perhaps at the time you even thought, “Yeah, but isn’t that kinda what we do?” but you buried it away because, well, that’s what we do.

    Now, it makes much clearer sense.

    As you know, I have recently been through the judicial process myself, and for very similar reasons. Like you I had reached a point where I was no longer averse to meeting with a committee. I knew that the organisation was not going to be changed by anything I had to say, but this was an opportunity to plant a seed of hope in the hearts of three men – who knows how that seed will grow. As Jesus is recorded as saying at Mark 4:26-29, “The kingdom of God is just as when a man casts the seed upon the ground, and he sleeps at night and rises up by day, and the seed sprouts and grows tall, just how he does not know.”

    On the day I was able to speak confidently and assuredly in my defence, and I feel positive that you will have the same experience.

    My heart goes out to you and your family, JJ. May it go well with you.


    • JJ says:

      Thanks Rory! Your courage and your story inspired me very much when I read it.

      I do not know exactly what I will say when we meet, buit I will do my best. There are moments when I feel that you or someone like Greybeard (who is a master at this kind of thing) would be more eloquent and I wish I could wear an earpiece and let you help me like Cyrano De Bergerac LOL!

      But I will do my best and let the truth and my sincerity speak for itself. I believe The Lord will grant me the words I need to say, and so I have chosen not to stress about it.

      BTW, I encourage all visitors to check out your blog at http://www.ACarpenterFromNazareth.com. It is thoughtful, studious and well written!

      — UPDATE —

      OMG Rory I just read your article entitled “Surrendering to the WT Fade” and it was brilliant! It can be read here:



  13. James Parkinson says:

    A good witness thus far. Our Lord gave a good witness before the high priest(s), though he was more silent before Pilate.


  14. DanielB says:

    When I left the organization , JJ , I had nothing to do with them anymore . But one day about 6 months later , when I visited my children , who were baptized and unbaptized witnesses , a daughter had placed a phone call to one of the elders ; to say I was there and so this is when I had my moment of defense with the dreaded ” COMMITTEE ” .

    I was no longer associated with their , or any other , congregation .

    They came up with a question about my life’s affairs which had nothing to do with any association with that organization , and when they got the answer that they were fishing for I was told that I would receive a letter in the mail in 10 days or so . There was no questioning me as to whether I had any remorse over my new-found life . There was no discussion whatsoever .

    This is the way that men in power in this world conduct themselves .

    These men had enough of me . I had to step aside as an elder because of their worries over my letter I had written to the society ; over the sloppy way that they were shepherding that congregation .

    By the time that I met with them to officially receive the boot , it was a similar time to your present condition . You can’t expect to say much that will help any on that judicial committee there . But maybe in time , one or two of those elders will awaken . There will be one of the elders who particulary dominates the meeting with you that is coming up . He will most likely wind up being more reprehensible before Christ for kicking you out of their organization . But keep on praying for all of them dear brother .

    WoW ! By the time all of this is over , we will be due for a good weekend vacation at Yosemite !

    Keep a stiff upper lip my friend . “What can man do to us?” .

    Your brother in Christ . . .


  15. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Rory I just read your post, surrendering to the wt fade. It’s my story too in many ways. Thank you. Thanks jj for telling us about it. And thank you all again for such encouraging and well thought out honest shares. I feel spiritually well feed. Happy in Jah, freethinkerinjah


  16. Chris says:

    Rory, I read your post and it certain reflects the feelings of many, but I do not understand your need to use the expression “what the f*”. How on earth(or heaven) do you reconcile this expression as a Christian?????


    • Rory says:

      I really appreciate JJ linking to acfromn, he didn’t need to, and it was very kind of him to do so, especially with such encouraging words. However, I have no intention of detracting from his very serious post.

      In brief, Chris, I would no longer refer to myself as a Christian per se, and anyway, this wouldn’t bear any relevance to the language I choose to use. I would love to hear from you personally if you would like to carry on this discussion (you can contact me through acfromn).


    • susanna says:

      Chris: Rory, I read your post and it certain reflects the feelings of many, but I do not understand your need to use the expression “what the f*”. How on earth(or heaven) do you reconcile this expression as a Christian?????


  17. andrew says:

    Although you’ve been thru the wringer lately you’re keeping your chin up. Thanks for the good example.


  18. Professor says:

    Dear Brother JJ,

    “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

    Since you know that the elders are robots, persons who rubber stamp the rules and commands of WT men, you will no doubt recall these words of Jesus at his execution. You have picked up your torture stake/cross and followed him.

    (Please excuse this rant: I have often wondered why at these judicial hearings you are never allowed to have the witnesses against you to appear and testify to your face. It allows elders to just say they have witnesses without naming and producing them. In one case I know of an elder lied about what someone said and used it against the one “invited” to the hearing. The invitee was disfellowshipped. The person “quoted” later categorically denied saying it.)

    God bless.

    With the love of the Christ,



  19. ScatteredSheepsLamb says:

    Brother JJ, here is your chance to be like Ezekiel. :)

    Eze 2:3-7 “Mortal man, I am sending you to the people of Israel. They have rebelled and turned against me and are still rebels, just as their ancestors were. They are stubborn and do not respect me, so I am sending you to tell them what I, the Sovereign LORD, am saying to them. Whether those rebels listen to you or not, they will know that a prophet has been among them. “But you, mortal man, must not be afraid of them or of anything they say. They will defy and despise you; it will be like living among scorpions. Still, don’t be afraid of those rebels or of anything they say. You will tell them whatever I tell you to say, whether they listen or not. Remember what rebels they are.”

    It is so sad to see the Gov. Body and many Elders become hardened in their unrighteous ways and to the point of being out right rebels against Jehovah and Jesus.

    I know you will do fine at this meeting, Bro. You won’t go alone, Holy Spirit will be just like an earpiece…..even better,I’m sure. :)


  20. Freethinkerinjah says:

    I just read , raymond franz’s book crisis of conscience online. What a gift! He validated everything I have wondered about since the 80’s in regard to how the gb works. Raymond’s the real deal! A must read! Great encouragement toward the last of the book who have been blessed with the boot from the organization. Agape Freethinkerinjah.


  21. DanielB says:

    Now THERE was a Brother with the Truth !


  22. LonelySheep says:

    JJ your story is very touching and you have my prayers.

    But what is the the link to Rory’s site ‘a carpenter from Nazareth’ all about?

    Rory has his beliefs and good luck to him.

    But he denies the Christ as coming in the flesh and regards Jesus as a man who was thus named posthumously, who only meant to teach self help techniques. Such views are far removed from any of the beliefs brothers and sisters have who visit this blog. The question has to be asked, why is he here? Are you to sympathetic to his views? I know this is your blog, but really, is it your intention to disseminate such views yourself?

    It is one thing to ‘out’ the Society, but another to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’.

    I thought this site was about getting in touch with God and his Son, not about denying the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith.


  23. Ruth says:

    So are you bro dan.


  24. Anonymous says:

    . . . well sometimes I guess , sister Ruth .

    I do what I can to stick with Truth .

    Your continual encouragement is very much appreciated , as I know that others here appreciate this from you too .

    Together in Christ ,
    bro dan . . .


  25. susanna says:

    Hi All
    little do most realize but the way I see things we that are leaning on Gods word for the truth and not a group of men such as the Watch Towers Governing Body, are being prepared for the next step in Jehovah’s purpose.

    Take notice the word ” GOVERNING ” that word alone says , what it means,

    Never the less we that have cut ties with the WT organization and holding tight to the word of God which includes Jesus as the WORD, then we are actually being prepared for starting a time frame in full filling prophecy.

    Dan 12

    3 And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and )those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever. 4 But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, until )the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.”*****

    I can see this happening among you brothers and sisters here at JWStruggle.:)

    Take notice the scripture says, ” MANY ” NOT SELF ANOINTED>

    This is how Jehovah will be teaching thru the 1000, year reign , thru us that have the hope here on earth, who hold fast to Gods word.

    Isaiah 54:13
    All your children will be taught by the LORD, and great will be their peace.

    love susanna


  26. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all of what you said Sister Susanna . It’s wonderful being alive now , isn’t it .


  27. Robert Nawahunta says:

    Go JJ –

    Good for you! The goatee looks great. I wish you all the best, and I pray for you and your family.

    Don’t know how you might take this but, GOOD LUCK!



  28. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Religious organizations are the many wrapping papers, bows and strings attached,that tie up the box,that hides the free gift of god,s loving spirit. To get to the free gift, one is forced to pay for all the added packaging first and ripping the away the packaging, unless we figure out in time one doesn’t have to do this anymore. Freedom!


  29. Freethinkerinjah says:

    My thoughts on dress codes and other superficial rules… If every one wanted to wear a beard in this world and you didn’t would your spritiual and physical life be in danger and would this prevent from having a relationship with god and Christ? If everyone in this world belived in murder and you did not, would your life be in spritiual and physical danger and maybe having a relationship with god could be curtailed? I think this reasoning help put dress code rules in persective for me. For what it,s worth good day.


  30. Frank says:

    Hi JJ. Please read the transcripts of the Matthew Barrie case at http://thegoverningbody.org/ma.....-scotland/. There are a number of transcripts covering from the beginning where he is set up (See Showdown at the Kingdom Hall). Also there is the start of a discussion of the ethics of the case at:http://thegoverningbody.org/re.....-judicial/.

    May your experience be educational to the rest who face this sort of inquisitional arrangement.


  31. Frank says:

    One of the highlights of this inquisition is the claim that your judges (nowhere in the Bible are qualified as judges in the Christian congregation) are impartial. How can they be impartial when you have already been judged guilty of apostasy (Proverbs 28:13)?

    By the time you are before the tribunal the investigation is over.

    In a secular court (legitimate) a judge or jury listens to a prosecuting case and a defence case and then makes a judgement. By the time the judgement is made the judge/jury is no longer impartial – like a panel of ‘judicial’ judges in your upcoming situation.

    Can anyone show me anywhere in the New Testament where the FORMAL ‘theocratic’ (this word does not appear in the Bible) arrangement is.


  32. Delia C. Benavides says:

    ….more power to you, JJ …Where there is TRUTH, there is JESUS, where there is JESUS there is no fear. I am not JW, but I pray for acquaintances/colleagues who are…it is so sad to see them, listen to them … but Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to give us POWER.. We pray in JESUS’ name …His precious name.the one in whom every knee shall bow…Yes, I believe that if we all pray for this evil organization that the chains will be broken and souls will run into the arms of JESUS! Why don’t we each pray for a certain ‘Kingdom Hall” every day…I mean every single day…until that day ….


    • JJ says:

      Sister Delia

      It is wonderful to have you on the site and we welcome your unique viewpoint as a fellow Christian who is not from the JW background and mindset. Praying for those trapped within the walls of the WT organization is a great idea, and there are many ways for our outreach to sleeping Jehovah’s Witnesses to be fruitful.

      Ultimately God will make it grow and we are privileged to have a part in being used by him to accomplish his will for these precious JW sheep!


  33. Anonymous says:

    We could add that praying for them even while some would persecute us is our lot in this life too . And it is a priviledge to be numbered with so many brothers in the history of humanity . When the grace of God takes over , and gives us the heart of peace , then there is no weapon formed at all that can overcome us .

    Bless you brother JJ . . .


  34. Rookie says:

    When they DF’d my buddy for “apostasy”, he wishes he had recorded it. They tried to pull that “Where will you go if you don’t have the organization?” crap when, of course, Peter was asking “WHO shall we go to?” to Jesus Christ. They also tried to pull that ‘Moses prefigured the governing body’ crap too but he threw that right back at them and made them admit they were wrong. In the end it didn’t matter, they were not really interested in dealing with his issues but only in making him submit and agree to all the lies and hypocrisies he had been taught. Now we are both better off away from that cult even though the scars run deep (more for him than me).


  35. jacqueline says:

    I just posted the lionk on our website. I saw your letter on jehovah-witness.net and posted it last week. I admire your strength. This is what Jesus needs to help him restore all things
    The fear of man is truly what lays a snare. You are free now. You have passed this test of your faith my brother. God Bless.
    I was baptized in July at a Bible Student Convention. Strange but they never came after me, I guess because I am a female. I will have Elders from Bethel at a family event in the next few weeks. I will see if they stop me from entering the KH.
    Please join us on September the 28th if you have time, to encourage others. I will give your story to Admin.


    • JJ says:

      Thanks Sister Jaqueline for your kind words. You helped me quite a bit early on to find my way, and I appreciate it so much.
      Congratulations on being baptized and reaching out for the upward calling!


  36. jacqueline says:

    NOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT GOD’S PERMISSION. I would have ignored them but you have a job to do, something might just come out of this for you have been in training. I can’t sleep worrying about you my brother. W e praying for you for when on of Christ’s brothers suffer we all do.
    I think you are being manevered to get other elders out and maybe some publishers will see what is going on and follow. May the peace of God be with you. In Jesus dear name.


  37. DanielB says:

    I had been thinking on this same line . In the week or less remaining , this may be the best opportunity remaining to say a few words to the most receptive friends , before the axe falls .

    [ Bible in Basic English – BBE ] ; (Pro 25:11-13) : ” A word at the right time is like apples of gold in a network of silver. Like a nose-ring of gold and an ornament of the best gold, is a wise man who says sharp words to an ear ready to give attention. As the cold of snow in the time of grain-cutting, so is a true servant to those who send him; for he gives new life to the soul of his master. ”


    • jacqueline says:

      Daniel B, thanks for that scriptural encouragement. It helped me make a decision. My children grandmother is in hospice and I am the living parent to comfort my children (her son, my husband deceased). At the funeral will be ONLY JW and two powerful elders one coming from Bethel (45yrs). They will confront me. I have been wondering if I should not speak at all. I will if the person is sincere now. I was going to slip away after repass and not go with the family, as I am the oldest daughter in law I would be expected to. Now I will speak if after careful prayer I am moved. If Eric can do this, i can speak also.
      I went thru an apostacy meeting but my brothers were forced they say by the society. I was not aware until it was over what it was. Eric’s will be different and I pray for him and thank you.


      • JJ says:

        I’m sorry to hear about the health issue with their grandmother, that is the tragic eventuality of all in this system right now.

        Please keep us informed Sis- I hope that you do speak, and you are abler to let your light shine even more. You have already helped so many with your articles and your strong, bold, uncompromising stand for what is right.

        Your situation is unique of course, and you have a certain immunity from the WT due to legal reasons which is a wonderful blessing!

        Eric, aka JJ


  38. DanielB says:

    I don’t understand much of this , but I hope that Jacqueline and Eric will go through this event well .

    Please let us know how things go . It seems that 45-year veterans from Brooklyn Bethel should mainly learn from we , who have escaped , from the cultic WTO , because they have probably not yet been as close to Yeshua as we have become . Maybe if they have some new thinking going on in their heads after this , they will take it back to “MOTHER” , and some good change can happen . Or if they repeat your words about TTATT , they will be kicked out with the rest of us derelicts ! (g)

    Prayers are with you . . .

    bro dan


  39. Anonymous says:

    Dear JJ/Eric,

    I wish you well with your meeting and pray for the best results for the highest good of all. In my own situation I am beginning to speak and tell ones I am not returning to meetings. I have been ill and have been able to hide behind that. What I have now is the peace and serenity that we are promised is a gift from God and Jesus Christ.

    I would not exchange that now for anything,it fills me with a
    strong and warm feeling of love and acceptance that I haven’t had for many many years.

    I love this translation of Math 11:28-30

    ‘Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out by religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life.I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me – watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.’ (The Message)

    This also reminds me of David when he had taken on the fight with Goliath and Saul gave him his suit of Armour to wear and it was too big and weighed him down. it was not the tool he needed for the challenge ahead. So we use the tools and skills we have and Jehovah supports us and we can be strong. You have gifts that God will use and amplify when you are in that meeting Eric, and they will be just the ones for the job.

    your courage along others on this site has helped me a lot

    in peace


  40. zeb says:

    Once i was hammered for having a beard. A tidy trimmed full beard (think of King George V.)
    The elder who filled an entire Service meeting part over beards with NO forewarning to me didnt notice the skimpy dress his own teenage daughter was wearing.or others or the sisters who had kicked their shoes off or.. etc


    • JJ says:

      Welcome to the site Zeb. It is a sad state of affairs that traditions and outward appearance drive policies and behaviors inside the Kingdom Hall. These double standards are not unique nor are they new. Jesus spoke about the self-righteous pharisees and how they did similar things in his day.


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