1 yr and 2 yr anniversaries for Mike and Kim and Eric!

1 yr and 2 yr anniversaries for Mike and Kim and Eric!

Hello my fellow JWStrugglers! This is a quick update to let you know what has been happening with me lately. I have decided to try putting my new videos on Vimeo, a really cool video channel that is in many ways WAY better than the big boy on the block, YouTube. No advertisements, less restrictions, and really good quality. Click here to watch:

Here are the comments from the new video:


Mike and Kim have been free of the cult of Watchtower for one year this month of September 2014. Eric of JWstruggle has been out for exactly two years (Kim reminded me lol I had forgotten about it!)

In this 55 minute interview the three of us reminisce about our “apostasy trials”, the videos we made covering what happened, and where we are in our thinking and our video channels, how we have moved on and what is happening in the exJW community.

Eric’s JWStruggle older channel on YouTube is still loaded with good videos here: youtube.com/channel/UCCLreH8z5nWXuytHdH15FkQ

The video explaining how Kim and Mike got DFed with zero proof:


Mike and Kim’s YouTube channel:


Also be sure to check out the awesome interview with Ricky G on the JWStruggle Vimeo channel as well if you haven’t seen it yet. More news coming soon, as well as an update about the new www.JWStruggle.com website that is being built as we speak!

Rating 4.00 out of 5

7 Comments on My new Vimeo video channel is coming along!

  1. Wakeupwitness says:

    Great to hear! Although, I can’t seem to get Vimeo to work and play videos on my itouch


  2. orbison says:

    I, like Wakeupwitness, am having difficulties with Vimeo,,I get play but no sound,,tried for days,,,
    just wondering if others have had the same issue and how did they overcome it
    AND____——I so love your channel and don’t miss a video,,thank you so much for all your efforts !!!


    • JJ says:

      I’m sorry about that Orbison- have you had these problems on tablets, phones, or desktop computer? I personally have had LESS problems using Vimeo than I ever have with YouTube.


  3. Frank says:

    “In July, traveling representatives of Jehovah’s Witnesses began making special two-day visits to each congregation in Sierra Leone and Guinea. The visits feature a talk entitled “Obedience Saves Lives,” with the objective of increasing awareness of practical safeguards against the disease as well as encouraging continued adherence to the latest guidelines available.”

    – Jehovah’s Witnesses Respond to Ebola Outbreak


    How’s this for a juicy bit of propaganda. Using the Ebola virus, JWs are inculcated with the “obedience” dictum. Any opportunity will do, I guess. Their basin filled with bleach is quite a stunner and world-class treatment for this disgusting virus.


    • danielB says:

      Wow . Walking right into harm’s way . ” . . Basin filled with bleach ” . Somehow I am reminded of the whitewashed graves comment that the Christ made . Yep . Those Christian “Society” folks are so noticeably “righteous” .

      ( of course we are referring to self righteousness )

      I have come to the conclusion that they are mainly mistaken about their righteousness , though some are certainly righteously disposed people .

      It’s just too bad about the religious mistakenness . .

      Joseph Smith had that problem too , you know . Joseph Smith thought that the Garden of Eden must had been in Missouri . He thought that some rocks he found in Springhill Missouri were from “the altar of Adam” . …one of those religious mistakes I guess.

      Boy ! ‘ Religionism ‘ sure gets people off track !

      I guess with the witnesses . . it’s a case of righteously unrighteous . . :)


      • JJ says:

        Dan your thoughts and opinions on this blog are always appreciated. Experience and knowledge after leaving the cult is always there on tap on JWStruggle and many of the other great blogs and websites out there!


  4. Randy R says:

    The JW Cult sucks!!!


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