ClarityMy goal with the site these days is for it to be a beacon and an aid to all that have been associated with the Watchtower Organization in one way or another. Some are disgruntled and are struggling to contain their anger, while some are doubting “the truth” and not sure what to do.

“Should I continue to attend the Kingdom Hall or fade out and stop?” wonder others.

Some have been out for many years and are disfellowshipped.  One young lady that wrote me (who had never been a Witness herself) was simply dating one and trying to learn more about his religion and how she should proceed with the relationship. And then others want to move beyond this site, and put the J.W. mindset behind them. If it is positive and healthy for them to do so, then by all means  they should! [1]

So our heart goes out to all these groups.  It illustrates what a wide range of people come to the site, and underscores the purpose in spending many long hours maintaining it. Are all these differing ones loved by our Heavenly Father?  Do they need encouragement?  The answer is obvious to us. People from over 30 countries have been counted as unique visitors, the number of which is regularly in the thousands of people per month.  We have never advertised, or purchased Google ads. Nothing is bought or sold here. We have simply expressed ourselves and then ones have wanted to join in. This tells me that I am on the right track, and in my daily prayers I endeavor to ask for God’s blessing upon this ministry.

Should I (or you) tell these people what to do and what to believe when they comment here? No! Should you or some anonymous poster “set them straight” when they express an idea or thought that goes against what we believe to be true from the scriptures? Well that is for you to decide based on your conscience and the content of what was said. Romans 13:8 gives food for thought when it tells us not to be owing anyone anything except love.

We can only share what OUR personal hope is, how WE personally see the scriptures as they have been revealed to us. Paul said we do not need to get into “disputes and arguments over words.” (1 Timothy 6:3, 4, HCSB) We can share, and upbuild, and exhort others as we have opportunity and time. I don’t want this site to be some magnet for controversy- that makes Christ divided in my opinion. And I don’t think that it is right now. I don’t espouse and/or agree with every belief that is commented on here or in the JWS forum, as it is nearly impossible to keep up with all of it, and most of you feel the same way to be sure.

Some questions that I have wondered about are these: If a brother or sister has a privately held belief and is asked about it, should they refrain from even answering for fear that someone will be offended? Should the weakest conscience rule the rest? Should the strongest? Paul had much to say on this in Romans of course, such as Romans 2:14,15 and Romans 14:1-4 as well as other places. In light of the above statement of why this site exists and what it can hopefully accomplish for some, I would like to express appreciation for the many lovely brothers and sisters that have been or are regular commenters here. You have taught me so much, and made me realize how much I still have to learn as a fellow slave of Christ.

There was some ideas expressed recently that I really liked. It started with Brother Andrew, who said this:

There are many knowledgeable, spiritual Christians who have different views on things. Would the correct course of action be to make a list of our personal beliefs and then have potential Christian associates sign off on it so that they are “approved associates”?

This is how the creeds got started and does not lead to unity amongst Christians in general only uniformity among those who sign off on the creed. It usually leads to insurmountable divisions among brothers. 

Should I separate myself from my brother because he views the Sabbath differently than I do, or the modern state of Israel etc.?

In my opinion it is much, much more in harmony with the spirit of Christianity to be tolerant to those who disagree with us over doctrinal or prophetical issues.


Brother John S. then made an excellent point that really got me to thinking. He said:


This teaching is common; God had to come to earth in the form of a man,to define himself to man,and suffer and die as a man,showing his love,teaching,and then resurrected himself back to heaven,and this form is at the right hand of himself now in heaven and is the Lord Jesus,while God himself,the Father sits next to him.As for the Holy Spirit,not much is ever said about him,he’s like a ghost that you can’t see,so nobody has much to say,but…he’s part of the Godhead,and these three are one.etc.etc.

If you live where there are many of Christian faiths you will hear these loose definitions of what has been lumped together and called the Trinity.No one has a clear vision of this belief.And it’s no wonder,as the book of John for one denies this whole teaching…ONCE you can get passed the bias translation ofJohn 1:1. But the only way you can get to that point,is if you READ THE WHOLE GOSPEL of John,and see the whole point Jesus came to make,over and over,is that he was sent by his Father,and TOLD by his Father what to say and preach,suffered and died,and his Father resurrected him back to heaven to be his only-begotten,which you have to go get a dictionary and look up,to see that this means Jesus was the only-procreated son or brought into being son of the Father.Not that he has always been here,but as John 1:1 says,he was there in the BEGINNING.HE WAS the beginning of the creation of God.

These matters are well known by us, here at ‘Strugglers’ because we read the word, and take the time to research, and DISCUSS with each other what these things mean. Now, I noticed there are no moderators contributing articles on Trinity,and I hope this never occurs. But, this is the point,although we are tolerant, we should gently but firmly correct persons who clearly are in error,as these errors distort the truth, even worse, destroy the truth,and clearly fall into the category of falsehoods(lies).Some,like this doctrine,are a teaching of demons, and are similiar to the teachings of ancient pagan kingdoms, Babylon for one, which God destroyed shortly after the flood.This teaching is an affront to God and his son, offensive to him,as it puts a lie in the place of God. This violates the 1st of the 10 commandments of Moses, a law which truth will never change.”I am Yahweh,your God,who brought you out of the land of Egypt,out of the house of slavery.You shall have no Gods except me.”(NJB)Ex.20:1-3

How do we feel about this? Would we tolerate this Trinity view being spewed all over on this site? Or come here for spiritual feasting if this was being served up? Do you begin to see what can happen if we don’t put Bible truth as the GOAL of the moderators, which you Andrew are one, and JJ another, as the all-important prize to run for? But, on the other hand, it may be best to keep the hard line truth or die ATTITUDE back on the forum site, and not stiff-arm those new here and confused…


My response was this:

Excellent point John. The example of the Trinity is apropo, as it can be such a decisive issue among Christians, especially those of us that have grown up our entire lives feeling that it comes from pagan triads of gods.

As a slave of the Lord we do not need to fight. (2 Tim. 2:24) Most of us have, or have had, plenty of that in our lives, up to our eyeballs!



This illustrates how iron sharpens iron, and how differing viewpoint strengthen us all. And so the “Simple Gospel” for me is not about hatred, but about Christ’s love. It is not about whining but about winning- winning God’s approval, and winning over our brother and our fellowman to Christ.

A poem poured out of me the other day, the moment I got out of bed.  I was holding it for the newsletter (which I will get started some day over the rainbow, I promise…) but now I would like to share it with you, my friends:


Our Struggle To Serve God


For years we had zeal but did not fully know the way

We tried to conform and sincerely obey.

Then one by one…enlightenment came!

True nothing is new underneath the sun

We were waking up to the problems like past ones have done.


One called Greybeard encouraged me so

He helped me and shook me and grabbed much more than a toe!

Then Andrew showed up, (he was farther along) and built me up and lent me his song

His knowledge and wisdom bore me along.


The closest of friends and family these words will not embrace

They love me it’s true but have yet to face what we now know is the required “about face”.

Slavery to men has no longer a place

And it’s our precious task to look forward to that heavenly place

While we let our light shine, preach the gospel…and wait.


Wise Amos so regular and so strong

He came from down under to add in his song

He brought along dearest Ruth who is filled with great love

And delights in the positive words that come from above.


Faithful Dennis relies on the Lord- he left so much to stick to God’s Word!

Sweet and thoughtful came Disappointed who didn’t realize she too is anointed

Though none of us are worthy to even untie Christ’s lace.

Daniel B has endured and shown by example escaped from the Lions as did that other fine Daniel

Then Brother Ed picked up one whole corner

And bore on his broad shoulders many spiritual mourners and exposed the falsehoods

That defends our faith.


There’s so many voices in our online chorus- would we be smaller without SIAM

Who is living God’s plan? Yes!

And the earnest sincere Cedars who loves good theater, he loves his fellow man!

Confused doesn’t judge and from what she knows is right she won’t budge.

John S does confess in the power of grace and dwells in the word and loves our place.

He types with one hand and sometimes with two, expounding Gods thoughts is what he loves to do.

There’s Willie as well and there’s Rus and so many others…

Like Mark Martin who’s escaped and never wavered

You can call him anytime and he never is bothered.


We all want to help

We want to stay busy

We want to create- not destroy- not live in misery!

So many strugglers- so much pain.

I know I’ve missed some by name (please forgive me)

But God loves them all and calls them by name.


I call myself JJ, and am so blessed, because my testimony confessed

And was given more than I’ve given

I have a purpose from our Father

That has put my faith to the test.


But service to Him and to our Lord Jesus is the best!

Yet our struggle on this earth isn’t over and we cannot rest.


I’ve been so busy, to add more on the comments and forum I yearn

Zeal for God’s people does daily burn

Helping some as I can is all I can do…then time to rest.

I watch and I pray and sometimes it feels like I type all the day.


One and all we are a body and Christ is our head!

Thank you my friends.

Thank you for being

My mother

And my sisters

And my brothers…

My friends.




——— NOTES ———-

[1]  I know of one brother that shut his blog down and said his online goodbyes recently; not because he was angry at anyone, but for his own mental and spiritual health.

Along that line, a well meaning brother invited me to the Kingdom Hall just the other day,  and said “no pressure”, and he meant it. I simply responded that at this time for the sake of my health I couldn’t attend, and that perhaps in the future I would be able to explain in more detail why.

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18 Comments on Clarity and Appreciation

  1. Disappointed says:

    Dear bro. JJ that’s a lovely poem!! It makes my heart feel warm as you describle all of these dear brothers and sisters. Ones that are still hurting but still want to stay close to their heavenly Father and their Lord Jesus. We’ve come together to share our thoughts and our love for God and his word. To upbuild each other and support each other. Right now it’s what we all need. I couldn’t believe I had found such a wonderful site when I first discovered TTATT. I just didn’t know where to turn and you lovely brothers and sisters were right here like a little congregation ready to welcome me. I pray that our Father will continue giving this site his blessings so that others can come here and find refreshment for their hurting souls.


  2. Just a few words: I truly appreciate the efforts of each of you brothers and sisters concerning this site. It is first of all positive in its approach, supportive, encouraging to the depressed, to the little one searching.

    For me it is an answer to my prayer for some association. Obviously I cannot share my thoughts with any at the KH, nor for that matter with the active ones of my family. Interestingly I have been able to share some thoughts with two of my daughters and one son.

    Keep up the good work my brothers. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Though I do not wish to comment at this time on the various threads I do read them and am getting a sense of the personalities of each of you. (This is a good thing.) In time if it is Yehowah’s will and he and Christ direct me by means of holy spirit I will be happy to add my thoughts with my years of experience as well. For now I shall just read, meditate, pray and think.

    I will offer comment on two matters however. 1st: I believe you are wise to not formulate a list of beliefs as one wisely mentions this in effect would become a creed and then it simply follows the same path as religion in general has gone. 2nd: Respecting the discussion of the Trinity, if the site is to be focused upon helping those struggling from the abuses of the Wt. org. (as I believe you are) then too much entertainment of discord respecting this false dogma would be detrimental to most and miss your purpose AND risk the loss of holy spirit continuing to bless your efforts. On the other hand; to entertain a sincere quest, concern of one seeking truth might be handled a bit differently.

    That is all for now my brothers and sisters – may Yehowah bless and keep each and every one of you dear persons


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi JJ…..its confused here (for some reason I can’t log in with my iPhone)…your poem was very touching indeed. It made me almost want to cry but I manage not too anymore. We all have different views on some issues but not when it comes to wanting to worship God. We all love him, that is clear.
    You mentioned the Trinity, I’m soooooo confused about it, I can see both sides of the issue and I’m not sure of it, at times I want to walk away from all this but I can’t. I’m thinking of going back to the meetings to please my family, but I don’t know if I can bare it. I have to remain true to God, that I do know. You said some nice things about me, I’m not so sure I deserve it. I can’t seem to “nail” down basic Bible understanding anymore because of all the wt stuff in my head. It’s been a little over a year, and I’m wondering about the trinity and afraid to make a mistake in God’s eyes. This site has helped me the most, I wish to stay here, the comments help me. I don’t feel like I add anything, and I don’t like that.


    • JJ says:


      Sometimes it just takes time. Remember that not all the things we have been taught are automatically “wrong”. Some in Christendom have distorted the true nature of Christ to the point of fraudulently trying to change certain scriptures to make them point to a trinity.

      You are an important member here and we all do what we can. You are loved!

      Your Bro,


  4. greybeard says:

    You brought me to tears… Thank you JJ for this post, I have no words except I love you brother.


  5. JohnS says:

    Thanks from my corner JJ,you the man!dog.


  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s “confused” again……I love you too brother, in Christian love. I appreciate your commitment here at the “struggle”, and eveyone here who comments.
    Much love to you all


  7. Amos says:

    Brother JJ,

    Thank’s also from “down under”.
    You made some very good points & observations.

    Your brother in Christ,



  8. JJ,

    Like Greybeard, your poem brought a tear to my eye. Your ministry here has been so helpful to so many, myself included. I am very blessed to have spent time with you personally at the Bible Student convention last year and along with Mark Martin, Greybeard and others, count you among my few true friends.

    I pray our Fathers continued blessing on you and your ministry.

    Your Brother in Christ,



  9. JohnS says:

    Mediator 007,Thanks,you’re right on the money,most the time we don’t bash trinity,as it’s undeserving of the argument-energy,and most the time.I have learned to ask what they mean,by the trinity,and it seems it’s about the same as we believe,anyway,so it’s not a big issue many times.I ‘m sorry about the point-blank question the other day,and look forward to your experieced comments again on any/all.Peace and progress to you and your loved ones.


  10. Ruth says:

    JJ! that was so sweet of you to say kind words like that.

    Thank you with all my heart. Sister Ruth


  11. euphrates says:

    Concerning the false trinitarian doctrine
    1 Corinthians 8:6 yet for us there is one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him ; and one Lord Yeshua Christ, through whom are all things, and through whom we live.


  12. euphrates says:

    Excellent poem jj, just thought I may add something about myself here, I am not and never have been a jw, I was brought up Armenian apostolic, but had never read scripture till very recent, and just new the basics of Christianity from going to church twice a year if that because of tradition, then I met someone who I discussed science with and the nature of existance, and also about current events, I always knew something wasn’t quite right with world, he slowly brought me to the truth, through first science then history and changed my life forever! I never read the bible and discarded it because I thought alot of the major religious institutions were representing the bible, how little did I know! One advantage I had I believe is that I was never taught an institutions view on scripture so I wasn’t corrupted, I started with fresh view on it, that is by reading it, but I did get a lot of help from my friend, but I would argue every point till it made absolute sense. I have a close friend who is a jw and we wouldn’t agree on many things, one was death forgiven at sin, I disagreed , I just started reading Romans a week ago and got to 6:7 and I paused and thought is this where the jw get there proof from for believing what they do, so I googled jehovas witness romans 6:7 and that’s how I found this site! And glad I did cause we are all in the same boat, trying to get to the truth and the best way to do that is to have an intellectual and humble debate with people who want to achieve the exact same thing, that is to get as close as possible to our lord Yeshua ! Going to write something soon on the arguments on doctrine I had with my jw friend who was proven wrong with scripture on his beliefs , but would not take his jw blinkers off, I used the bible to argue my point, and when he couldn’t use scripture to find a fault he pulled out a book called reasoning of scripture, which I couldn’t believe, anyways stay tuned, lol, may God grant us all wisdom to get to the truth together.


  13. euphrates says:

    Where I wrote I never believed in the bible because I thought the major religious institutions represented the bible, I forgot to add that it was because of how corrupt and money driven they were, but when I picked up the bible I saw that what was written had nothing to do with what they practiced.


  14. JJ says:


    You are spot on. Thank you for sharing that bit of your background.

    I hope you can continue to get through to your friend!


  15. euphrates says:

    Thanks jj! Will post my debate with him soon on the forum. I was not familiar with how to use the forum, should have posted that bit about myself on the forum, nevertheless stay tuned.


  16. Bro. Ed says:

    A blessing on you JJ. A wonderful poem. Continue to work in the Lord.

    Your brother in Christ.

    Bro. Ed


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