Recently my youngest had a birthday. We of course had no party, and that’s not something I have ever experienced anyway, nor has she. But this is the first time I ever really had a longing to celebrate it… Even several years ago, long before I had read “the books that cause the struggle” and become enlightened to the facts we discuss here, it bothered me.

Why don’t we do birthdays? Why don’t we do Mother’s Day and Father’s day? I honestly didn’t and still don’t really knowYes I have read the reasoning book and the other articles, even given talks in the past about why we don’t celebrate these. Candles are related to seances, two guys got their heads cut off, etc. But as a parallel you can look at wind chimes, chess, playing cards, the Wizard of Oz, and many many other things all around us. These COULD potentially bother someone’s conscience since they are related to pagan/false worship types of beliefs. The Wizard of Oz, The Little Mermaid, and a plethora of other beloved movies from Disney have spell-casting and magic in them. Yet about these we generally say “Well that’s a matter of conscience!” And most if not all are okay with letting their kids watch these innocent films. So now we extend it to other things- Like how many of us hang wind chimes on our porch? (I personally love the ones with the big long tubes it’s so relaxing) Notice the following Questions From Readers on this:

*** w81 6/1 p. 31 Questions From Readers ***
Would it be wrong for a Christian to use wind chimes in his or her home?
Many persons have used wind chimes to give a pleasant musical aspect to the home. When the wind blows, the glass, metal or wooden pieces hit against one another to produce the sound. However, it is the custom in some countries to put up wind chimes with the thought that they will keep evil spirits from entering the home. Obviously, a Christian would not make use of wind chimes for such a purpose. So if there is such a superstitious belief in one’s country, or community, it would not be wise to have a wind chime in the home. Thus no one will be stumbled or given the impression that Jehovah’s Witnesses make use of wind chimes for some unscriptural purpose.—1 Cor. 10:31-33.
However, if one’s motive in putting up a wind chime has nothing to do with false religion, superstition or demonism, and there is little possibility of others’ getting the wrong impression regarding its use in the home, it is a simple matter for personal decision.
(emphasis added)

So logically then using this reasoning extends to what we’ve been discussing. “No one would be stumbled or given the impression” that we worship our mother if we took them out to dinner on Mother’s Day would they? Would someone think we worship Artemis and not God and Christ if we had a birthday party for our child? Notice this possible origin of birthday cakes:

*** sh chap. 4 p. 70 par. 4 Searching for the Unknown Through Magic and Spiritism ***
What about the birthday cake? It appears to be related to the Greek goddess Artemis, whose birthday was celebrated with moon-shaped honey cakes topped with candles. Or did you know that wearing black at funerals was originally a ruse to escape the attention of evil spirits said to be lurking on such occasions?

Is wearing black at a funeral being superstitious and the same as knocking on wood or being afraid to walk under a ladder? What do these references from the publications then tell us?  When it comes to certain celebrations, common sense dictates that it’s a combination of these two things:

  1. A matter of degree
  2. The state of your personal conscience

Celebrating Christmas is too much for me- the holiday dishonors God and Christ IMO and is very closely tied into many false and pagan beliefs so I feel the “degree of closeness” to Babylonish worship is very large. But that’s my Bible-trained conscience talking to ME. Yours may be different, which takes us right into the second point, which is what your study of the scriptures and the origins of these things tells YOU…

So I guess there’s always next year…

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12 Comments on My Baby Had Her Birthday

  1. Amos says:

    Hi JJ, you make some good points here, & I agree with your sentiments exactly. I could never really swallow all the hoohaa about the things you have brought up. I think that our children & ourselves, miss a beautiful time by not having birthdays, & believe the WTS have used this as another way of controlling the flock. I have never seen anything unscriptural about birthdays, aniversaries & the like, even thought for all those years I remained obedient to the GB.
    Personally I also love the soothing melody of wind chimes, of course minus the superstitions attached thereto.
    Regarding christmas, I could never celebrate this pagan event for the same reasons as you stated. However, I see no harm or compromise in having lunch with family & friends, providing it is without reference to christmas, just a social event, like any other day.



  2. Jayme says:

    Hi JJ, I agree with your sentiments. My brother in law, who is also waking up long with the rest of us, feels the same too. His father in law has been an elder as long as you and they have spoken of these things. Now his father in law always makes a special day for each of the grandkids on their birthday. They usually go out to eat and get them some presents or go do something special. It is a time when they take a special opportunity to let the kids know how much they are loved and to give thanks to Jehovah for them. Of course they have to be careful that others dont find out.

    If we can take a time each year to give thanks for our marriage, why cant we also have a special time to give thanks for the friutage of that marriage?


  3. 1914watcher says:

    Hey, this story sounds familiar Jayme 😉
    Yes, my father in law has been an elder for many years, but he loves these lil boys dearly. My mother in law has struggled with the WTBTS view on birthdays for many years. There is never a party, no cake or candles..ect, but that day is dedicated to them and what they would like to do as a family. Watch a movie, go out to eat,go to a zoo.. whatever. Just have fun as a family and give thanks to Jehovah for the little blessing he gave you.


  4. andrew says:

    JJ, I agree 100% with everything you say. Prohibiting birthday parties or the observance of mother’s day is just trying to make JWs seperate from everybody else. Or to give the impression of righteousness.


  5. C.E.F says:

    One thing I have always been completely aware of is the fact that the WTBS has more to say about not celebrating birthdays then the Bible dose. In fact the scriptures don’t say anything about not celebrating birthdays. I am convinced that if the scriptures had anything to say about not celebrating birthdays, it would have been made know beyond any shadow of doubt. I have a problem adding to scripture. Just a thought.


  6. Bill says:

    Gregg Stafford wrote a very [good] article about Holidays. Here’s the link.

    The article is located in upon the Lampstand.

    Kind regards, Bill


  7. Victor says:

    What is wrong with celebrating a birthday? After all, the Angels sang when Jesus was born!

    Luk 2:13


  8. Anonymous says:

    If I might inject an observation here. The sister that studied with us was of the anointed and she explained that nobody should receive honor above Jehovah as the ancient pagan kings did receive on their so called birthdays..However I have alwaysl always feel that the birth of my children was very special and between me and them and my family. They did not recieve lavish piles of gifts and parties. My pioneer partner( whos son was a zone servant) also did this. I call my kids and remind them of how special they are and how much I love them. We had preset days twice a year to give each other gifts. They told me they didn’t miss the holidays because they received more than their so called “worldly” friends. Its because of Jehovah I have beautiful children and they get reminded regularlY.. This is between me and my children. not the congregations business or anyone elses.IF this helps anyone feel free.


  9. Katrina says:

    My I interject an observation here on birthdays.. The sister that studied with us was of the anointed.. She pointed out that nobody deserves more honor than Jehovah and these so called monarchs in the Bible celebrated their birthday well beyond what they deserved placing themselves high above Jehovah.
    That being said, The birth of my children was very special to me and I call them every year to remind them of that.
    They didnt receive lavish parties and lavish piles of gifts.
    but their birth was very special to me and our family.. My pioneer partner did the same. by the way, her son was a zone servant.
    We had two days a year for “present days” to give each other. My kids said they didn’t miss holidays. they received more than their “worldy” frieds did..
    but their birthday will and always will be very special to me as they were gifts from Jehovah.. and also,its none of anybody elses business in the congregation…and I will still continue to call my kids on their birthday to remind them of how much I love them. Not everything we do in our personal lives has to be scurtinized by the elders or the congregation. My God is Jehovah and HE alone judges me.


  10. Anonymous says:

    i think this scripture means its ok to do waht ever we want birthdays or what ever like exmas or mothersday, tell me if im wrong let me know what u think this scripture is saying colossians 2;16-17

    i think birthdays are ok now and im doing xmas this year for first time in many years,
    i think aslong as u tell or kids its not jesus birthday and we dont love any other god but jehovah and we give presents to each other and thank jesus for what hes done for us
    these are whats important,
    im not worshiping a fake god and im not being materalistic or worldly or what ever iv been brainwashed in to beleiving it to all be,
    the important thing to remember is we dont judge anyone only god can do that,
    and we love jehovah and he knows that we arnt following and worshiping a false god by doing any of them we doing it ot of love for our family and we still love jehovah


  11. serein says:

    hey my coment hasnt come up i must have not put my user name lol,any ways go look at colossians 2;16-17 then give me ur ideas on that scripture, cos to me it means it dont realy matter what festival we do its not whats important.


  12. Jolly Roger says:

    If all you have to worry about in life is whether or not you celebrate a birthday, man, you got it great! I’m thinking about some poor slob living under a bridge on I35 who is just trying to celebrate breakfast!


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