Eric on Sunday February 12th, 2012

You may remember the exchange I posted a while back with a spiritual brother and friend, a Jehovah’s Witness publisher named “Ben”. Well we began to exchange some emails recently, and it turned into a long running dialogue about the problems within the organization. To his credit, he defends what he has been taught with an open mind, trying his best to reason with me. I do the same, with the goal of helping him to awaken to the flaws of the organization.

First I will give you a brief summary of the (quite lengthy) exchange, as well as my impressions of what went right and what went wrong and some background on the brother. I spent many hours composing these emails and their attachments, but ultimately it may have been too much too fast. We may never know…or I may hear from him tomorrow, it’s impossible to say.

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Eric on Thursday January 26th, 2012

We are going to be launching a simple email newsletter. It is planned to be an occasional update with some links, some experiences, random (but helpful!) thoughts, etc.

If any would like to receive this, please add your email below.

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