It’s easy to toss off a comment or message on Facebook and stir up a hornet’s nest…or get people to think…

Londo recently wrote an article entitled “Apostate Boogeymen” and it was well received by many. A friend of Londo’s liked the article on his Facebook, which prompted a lady we will call Gina to comment negatively about the article. She stated in so many words that we should all just leave the Witnesses alone and go on with our life. (Which of course is precisely what we are trying to do!) Positivity will triumph just as light always prevails over darkness, so we do not need to be stuck in the negative, and we are trying to shed the many years or even a lifetime of bigotry and judgementalism towards others that believe differently than us. That’s why we are here, posting our articles and comments so that we can “figure it all out”.

Anyway, her response made me wonder what was going through her mind, especially after finding out that Gina herself was DFed some 5 years previously. She was OUT of the Watchtower organization and no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses! So why the negative comment? I decided to message her, and here is the exchange:

11:50am (Eric)
Dear Gina
My friend who goes by Londo wrote an article that really highlights the terrible treatment meted out by Watchtower and its followers to those that have a differing viewpoint. The governing body and it’s supporters are actually causing suicides and broken marriages over these hateful teachings. This is one of the reasons so many lawsuits are pending against the WT Corporation right now.
Jesus did not support hatespeech or shunning, and in fact he spoke out about the Pharisees, calling them vipers and blind guides. He never advocated these things! See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw8yU-r8G-8

God loves you just as much as he loves Londo or me or anyone that is a JW elder or regular pioneer. We are all the same- sinners and in need of Jesus’s sacrifice. Drawing attention to terrible name-calling practices is a public service and more need to step up and do this!

11:59am (Gina)
All I was stating is my experience was never a bad one. I’m sorry if you feel differently. I hope you find peace.

12:03pm (Eric)
I already have peace Gina now that I have left the Watchtower and have freedom to worship God without the men of the Watchtower dictating what I could or could not do…which movies I could or could not watch, etc.
I was an elder for many years, served at Bethel, etc. Finding out that I had been lied to was very difficult at first, but I thank God I now know The Truth About The Truth. It has been gratifying for me to help others (that want to) leave this highly controlling group.
Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

12:06pm (Gina)
I’ve been out for over 5 years so I’m good too. But I don’t feel the need to slander them. That’s all.

12:12pm (Eric)
One definition of slander: “To make false and damaging statements”. Here is where you are dead wrong Sis in using that word…
Exposing the harmfulness of this intolerant and homophobic religion is anything but slanderous. People need to know that if you sign up with the Witnesses you can NEVER LEAVE unless you want to be spiritually executed. The Witnesses plan to move into YOUR house after you die at Armageddon after all…remember?
It’s true that some “apostates” are mean-spirited and childish in their comments and I don’t advocate picketing in front of Kingdom Halls…but what he wrote was anything but slander. Telling it like it is takes courage. Speaking out and being an activist for the public good is noble and that’s how Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Barack Obama, and many other great figures in history made their contribution to the world.

12:16pm (Gina)
I didn’t realized the world cares enough about what JW had to say that it would cause a movement if we speak up.

12:21pm (Eric)
Nearly 20 MILLION people will be going to the memorial this coming Tuesday…and there is currently about 12-15 million others that are DFed as you and I are…this group has and continues to impact lots and lots of good people.
Candace Conti was recently awarded 21 million dollars in court for damages due to WT policies covering up and aiding the JW man that abused her when she was a girl.
I love individual JWs and have no ill will towards them. My goal and Londo’s and a lot of us is to inoculate others that are knocked on by the Witnesses, and to make sure they know going in what this group expects from them and what they really teach.

12:25pm (Gina)
And that is something men did, individual men. Not the teachings of the religion. Again I see your point a view. But at the same time it’s not enough reason for me to show this animosity towards the whole religion. That’s just me.

12:30pm (Eric)
Ahhh but you are mistaken. A jury of 12 found that the WT policies DID cause Candace to be molested dozens of times for two years. The elders were instructed by the GB to call the WT legal dept. and NOT the police. They covered it up so as to not give a “bad Witness”, hence the large settlement.
It’s not an “individual imperfect men problem”. It is a systemic, policy-wide one that has caused thousands to be abused at the hands of JWs.
In fact, back in the 80s a governing body member who was twice accused of child molestation was quietly dismissed, given a stipend and retirement plan, and sent to the other side of the US…just like the Catholic church has done so many times…

12:49pm (Gina)
I don’t remember them teaching that. So again it some bad ppl in the organization just as any other. Still don’t see the point of the wasted energy. As matter of fact I am wasting my energy also. Discussing this. We can go in circles all day and I will still say it’s a sad waste of time. So lets agree to disagree. We both have no affiliation with the religion. We both left for different reasons. We both have different points of view on that departure. It’s ok. I’m not going to judge you. And if you want to judge me that’s ok. I won’t lose any sleep over it. Lets virtually shake hands and go on our way. cool?

12:56pm (Eric)
It’s in their secret elder handbook Gina…it is there.
But yes I wish you well and am glad you too are now free to live your life however your conscience dictates. If you have children they will be able to be normal and enjoy holidays and other harmless pastimes that we were denied growing up as JWs.
Sorry to be so passionate but this is something that is quite near and dear to my heart. A friend committed suicide last year as a result of being DFed- he couldn’t take being shunned by his family.
And that was just one of the ones I knew. Others all over the world have died in similar fashion, or through drug and alcohol abuse as well. At least two feature length films[1] have been made about Jehovah’s Witnesses and their shunning practices and I doubt they will be the last.

With kind regards,
This was not an uncivil conversation, but ultimately we agreed to disagree. Gina I am sure is a nice person and certainly isn’t “evil”, she is a child of God and a fellow human being as we all are.

It illustrates to me that a large proportion of the many millions that have been put out of the Witnesses physically are still enslaved mentally to the group. They retain the notion that the Watchtower is some benevolent, well-intentioned, non-profit religion guided by God. Now in my experience and the experience of many others of us that is certainly NOT the case. The WT leadership has time and time again shown its true colors and displayed the fruitage of religious bigotry, money-making[2], and mind control. These are at the center of this organization.

All of us can however do our part, whatever it may be, to dispel these myths and shed light upon the dubious and hypocritical actions that the Watchtower Corporation has perpetrated in the past as well as in the present time.

Michael the Archangel

One artist’s conception of Michael the Archangel. Warrior for TRUTH!

—— NOTES ——–

[1] “Worlds Apart”, a Danish film can be watched in it’s entirety on YouTube here. “Truth Be Told” has just been completed and is now in limited theatrical release. Their official website is here.

[2] Passing a plate is decried as unscriptural by the Watchtower, and any churches that do so are cast in a bad light, being framed as those that fleece their flocks. (See: Awake 8/2010 p6-7; WT 1957 4/15 pp241-242; WT 1974 9/15 p559; WT 1971 8/15 p505-507)

Yet as the literature condemns collection plates with one corner of its mouth, simultaneously it has a variety of schemes in place to separate large amounts of money from its members, a large portion of whom are uneducated laborers and self-employed window washers. Also the elderly members are targeted by elders who encourage them to make out their wills to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, oftentimes leaving their estate to the WT corporation rather than their “worldly” children when they die.

At the same time Bethel branches all over the world are being downsized and thousands of full time workers are let go with no skills or savings to live on. ATM machines have been installed in a number of Assembly Halls and donations are taken online via credit card in some countries. Watchtower has dabbled in hedge funds and other investment ventures to grow the billions of dollars they have in assets.

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35 Comments on Facebook conversation with a former JW

  1. C M says:

    I too have met so many who either are DFed of no longer go to the meetings (baptized or not) who are still wearing the chaings put on us by the organization, it is so engraved in us, the tactics used to indocrtinate us leave us truly psychologically enslaved to follow their rules even though we are no longer a part of it. It goes to show how far thier “mind control” works, people who are no longer JWs follow the rules even though these same rules are what probably is causing their family or friends to shun them, and then we all ask ourselves why most of us are medically depressed, have a drinking problem, feel alone. We are still recovering and making sense of it all and view it with a somewhat ubiased eye, we know there are many good true christians within the organization and appreciate the truths we were taught but we also cannot turn a blind eye to the negative aspects of their teachings policies and procedures I think little by little even ex JWs will wake up as well seeing that “Gina” a DFed individual has the curiosity to take a peek at what we have to say and acted as an apologist lol…I too was an apologist but it hit me that there really is something wrong and now I am free and still go to the meetings once in a while I am not DFed or anything like that but soon I pray we will all awaken to TTATT.

    C M


  2. Londo111 says:

    During the time I was disfellowshipped, it took me six months to finally look for answers, and it took many more months before I could trust this site, and other sites like JWFACTs. I assumed everything out there on the Internet was “lies, mistruths and misrepresentations” of bitter, hate-filled men. Of course, the people who told me that were the very people who ensure Disfellowshipping and shunning is a practice that is alive and well. Why did I trust the very people that caused me the greatest suffering in my life?

    Indoctrination. It was a very deep hole and it took six months for me to find a way to start to climb out. I trusted nothing I saw on the internet and only by careful investigation and research found that what I was learning was the “truth about the truth”.

    Indoctrination is strong. There are still some Branch Davidians who defend David Koresh.


  3. Tom says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the way that JWs and their sympathizers will complain about people who leave the organization and then criticize it. “Why can’t you just leave if you aren’t happy? Do you need to bash the organization?”

    My first inclination is to ask them if that was what they did with regard to their former religion when they became Witnesses. Did they just go away quietly? Or did they actually go around knocking on the doors of members of their former religion (and others) to tell them that their religion is wrong? Did they just disappear into the night, or did they begin an ongoing campaign of distributing literature that “bashes” every other religion under the sun?

    Those who have had a negative experience as JWs, who believe that they were both deceived and abused in that organization, try to publicize the facts about JWs as a public service. I spent 30 years in that religion, and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I went through. Because I am concerned about my fellow man, I do what I can to warn them about what I consider a dangerous cult. It’s not bitterness or hatred; I’m way past that. It’s a passion to help others avoid the snare.


    • Londo111 says:

      Brother Tom,

      That is spot on. You’ve captured the essence of what most of us are about. It is our Christian duty…the love of Christ compels us.

      If being a JW (and a fan of Spider-man) taught me anything is, “With Great Knowledge, comes great Responsibility.” Not that I think God is holding a cosmic gun to my head and is going to pull the trigger if I keep silent—but as Jeremiah said, it is like a fire in the bones, and we are unable to hold it in.

      If we kept silent, the stones would cry out. Well, the stones are crying out–look at all the thousands of cuneiform tablets found in Mesopotamia. They bear witness against the Watchtower.


      • whateverhappenetome says:

        haha at the ”stones crying out -the cuneiform tablets in Mesopotamia..” that was a good one Londo! :)


      • suavojr says:

        Londo what do you mean by this comment?

        If we kept silent, the stones would cry out. Well, the stones are crying out–look at all the thousands of cuneiform tablets found in Mesopotamia. They bear witness against the Watchtower.


        • Londo111 says:

          The archeological evidence is massively against the 607 BC date that is used to support the entire theology and authority structure. Of course, the Bible is against the 607 date as well, but in Mesopotamia are tens of thousands of clay witnesses that cry out against the Organization.


      • MrVic says:

        Yeah, it is like they are saying. “You are out of danger. Now just walk away and forget about all the others still in, and entering into, danger!”


  4. Ds211 says:

    There are so many layers, disguises. I had a brother telle the other sheep have the holy spirit because we are children of God but not sons of God…huh? Nowhere in the new testament is the distinction made. The point is simple…witnesses are the modern day Pharisees of Judea who believe the things about Jesus (to an extent) but are too rooted in The OT to come to Jesus for the truth-one hope. Indoctrination and control is hidden so deeply under the surface that unless one engages in “apostacy” (the definition used by the WT) you cant really put together nor receive help. Spiritual dictatorship.


  5. danielB says:

    Read about us at Matthew 5:13 . We are the type who stay very close to our Big Brother Yeshua , or Jesus , and our Saltiness does not loose it’s strength . . . .

    Our Mater said , ” You are the Salt of the Earth . ”

    His point was to be humble , but do not loose the strength that he gives us .

    DS211 : The “Other Sheep” are Christians who were called to be with Christ after the Jews were initially called . The “Other Sheep” are indeed gentiles , but we are “called and chosen” as the early Christian Jews were . They were not of the Jewish “fold” , but we are taken from the gentile nations .

    This is the Truth about THIS Truth .

    With you , in truth about the Christ ,

    bro dan . . .


  6. danielB says:

    …and we are the type , if we are salty as Jesus had reccommended to us , who would be as He wants us to be , as He said at Matthew 5:13 :

    (NWT) : ” You are the salt of the earth . but if the salt looses it’s saltiness , how can it be made salty again ? ”

    ( This seems to be a warning from our Leader ) .

    DS211 , think about these things . . .

    Your brother dan . . .

    . . . ” It is no longer good for anything , ” , He continued .

    Then Our Master Teacher finished the thought : ” except to be thrown out and trampled on by men . ”

    The Watchtower Society has lost it’s saltiness .

    We never hardly saw this comming when we were part of the ORGanization . But , all good things must come to an end , as they say , and they scarcely have any of Jehovah’s Spirit left . The Best Spirit of God among them is found in the lowly ones who are not well-accepted as being Witnesses .

    There is definitely an escape going on now from the JW part of Babylon the Great ; that is , their part in false religion . Thinking persons are wising up .

    Oh , our dear brothers and sisters in bondage to the Watchtower Cult , : We here at jwstruggle say , WELCOME !

    Indulge your minds here , for this is a God-given providence for you , if you even partly understand what it means to be in Liberty of the Christ . No MEN ought to get between you and our redeemer .


  7. Wakeupwitness says:

    I think with most of us when we first find out things about the Watchtower Society we are almost obsessed with it. When we were active JW’s we hardly read the bible and looked at older publications.
    I know personally for a good two years I was obsessed with finding out anything and everything, reading books, looking at websites, watching YouTube videos.
    Eventually a person just has to GET ON WITH THEIR LIFE once they find out TTATT. I can kinda see where ” Gina” is coming from. She just wants to move on with her life.


    • freetheinternet says:

      I think with most of us when we first find out things about the Watchtower Society we are almost obsessed with it. When we were active JW’s we hardly read the bible and looked at older publications.
      I know personally for a good two years I was obsessed with finding out anything and everything, reading books, looking at websites, watching YouTube videos.
      Eventually a person just has to GET ON WITH THEIR LIFE once they find out TTATT. I can kinda see where ” Gina” is coming from. She just wants to move on with her life.

      If she truly just wanted to get on with her life, then why was she defending the organization that shunned her ? It’s like an abusive husband receiving criticism for his actions but being defended by the ex-wife he abused all their years together.


  8. use2badub says:

    60+ yrs as a dub. elder for 15 years. df’ed once for 3 months and reinstated after offence for which i was df’ed was changed to a conscience matter (which i and most other dub’s always considered a matter which was no business of the borg’s) i no longer attend but unfortunately my entire family are still captives. love the brotherhood still and feel sorry for them. can’t see how the brotherhood can still support an organization that can at anytime make ridiculous claims, i.e. “we(8 old men in Brooklyn) are now the f and d slave”. we always have been but have been secretly hiding this “fact” for the the final minutes of this system of things. lol. lol. “this generation” is now anything that we say that it is and u must firmly believe this “fact” in order to remain in ‘good standing’. shun your family members because “we” (proper noun and capitalized in all publications)The Governing Body, a.k.a. Faithful and Discreet Slave, say that it is the “loving thing” to do.lol.lol.
    your bro,


  9. danielB says:

    Here is a saying that is good to run through our computers (brains) , while considering whether or not to go forward from the WTO :

    “Its impossible “, said Pride
    “Its risky”, said Experience
    “Its pointless”, said Reason
    “Give it a try” whispered the heart .

    Isn’t it good to get our brains and hearts free and right with God ?


  10. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Daniel, Great shares! Yes the WT OR has indeed lost it’s salt many moons ago.
    I so love how so many are coming out out of spiritual sleep and the collecting of God’s things are increasing.
    And as in christ’s day, the Pharassis thought they were first in the Kingdom, but were dead last, as echoed in christ’s words, the last shall be first, the first shall be last. Interesting!


  11. danielB says:

    Thank you Freethinker .

    I agree with you , as possibly everyone who visits here , how that a new ingathering is becoming stronger now , and perhaps at a greater rate than from Christendom in general .

    Soon , Phariassiacal ways will be gone for a long time ; at least from any man-made religions .

    Let’s never feel downcast , as though our freedom away from Religion , is a trap , as the devout witnesses assume .

    Good words of freedom , sister . . .


  12. danielB says:

    Freedom comes before Liberty .

    Galatians 5:1
    Isaiah 61:1

    And once liberated , we are free .


  13. Frank says:

    Londo: “The archeological evidence is massively against the 607 BC date that is used to support the entire theology and authority structure. Of course, the Bible is against the 607 date as well, but in Mesopotamia are tens of thousands of clay witnesses that cry out against the Organization.”

    Londo, we don’t need to think this way anymore. 1914 as an end-date to the ‘equation’ is no longer supportable, and therefore untenable. 1878 is the true date based on the 607 BCE date according to the lunar calendar. Whichever way it is seen, the doctrine gets pinged.

    Frank V


  14. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Thank you Daniel for your share. I remember how in the meetings, the scripture used a lot was the truth will set you free. Had no idea how true that was and how ironically that would be fulfilled in being rereleased from the very organization that I thought would set me free! And it was Jehovah that led me out, as it well should be. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!


  15. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi USe 2 badub
    Great comment, a pharisisical organization in a nutshell.


  16. Freethinkerinjah says:

    And I mean in a “Nut”. “Shell” literally !


  17. DS211 says:

    You know its interesting how fleshly the teaching is. Seek the paradise on earth-fleshly, no more sickness,injury, beautiful scenery, etc= fleshly. How can you focus on the upward call and things above when youre only focused on the things below? The hardest thing is to gain the courage and stand up and not let their view of you (especially family) stop you from being spiritual. I fully realize the severity of persecution and conviction Jesus spoke with when he said he came to cause division. The “agape” love of our family and friends in the WT are tested in those moments when truth is revealed. And in most instances the love disappears in an instant and gives way to hatred, anger. In turn youre slandered as an apostate and thrown from the synagogue. You really see hiw the works of the flesh are made manifest when the doctrine is questioned.


  18. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Nothing like having the “sword of the truth” to discern the intentions of the heart. Yes the truth divides, those who really love the truth, and those who oppose it.The truth about the truth really has proven this fact, and widens the gap between real love and conditional love. All this is happening, so that we may see the love among the real follows of Christ , and it won’t win any brownie points with the WTBTS or it’s sleeping followers. Stay tuned for major temple spring cleaning!


  19. Escaping the cage says:

    Hello, I think this argument is interesting. But I would also like to add something. Is it not mis treatment when a child is allowed to sign a life contract to a man made organization? A child does not have the maturity or concept of the seriousness of what they decide will be best for their life. Even Jesus “a perfect man” did not get baptized until he was in his 30’s. Why does the WTS allow children to? I think we know the answer to this 1) a child is not fully educated to make decisions that involve critical thinking 2) it is much more difficult to leave this organization when you decide as an adult, it’s just not right for you 3) there’s more trash to be filled in that little brain of theirs that when they do become adults, they will be more focused on making more recruents instead of making something valuable of their lives.


  20. Ruth says:

    Hi Excaing the cage. So glad to have you with us.
    Could a little child run up to the governing body? Not really. They mostly are overwhelmed with there own self-importance. But seeing through Jesus eyes and they way he treated the little children when they ran to him told us a different story.

    Seems we needed men over us instead of God over us. “What a lesson well learnt. I’m sure our experiences will help through life. “Help others when we see them being pulled into the webs of deceptions.

    The bible does say to train up a child according to Gods way. So there fore we have an obligation as parents to do just that. “BUT! The way the W/T gave orders to do it was very unnatural. Very coldly done
    If l could have my time over again l would tell my children how wonderful the true spirit of God helps people to grow in understanding Father as a real person, with a real personality, and he wants and loves them personally. He knows their names. That they can call on him anytime they need help. (NOT RELIGION)
    My love would shine into there little hearts because they would have been my 1st priority.
    Not pioneering. “Well its never to late. Never to late to achieve while we are still alive.


  21. Ruth says:

    Actually l forgot to say. l would tell them so much about Our Lord Jesus . As far as dedication goes its Jesus that does the calling anyway. Not us. He says l called you, you did not call me.


  22. Escaping The Cage says:

    Hello Ruth, thank you for replying and for the welcome. It’s nice to finally freely speak my opinions without fear of getting judged. As for my previous comment, the reason I feel so strongly about it is because I was a youngster when I got baptized. I was 13. I did it because I thought it was the right think to do. When I was born, my parents were already JWs so everything I knew about God was taught to me only through WT publications and meetings. There was no room for real research. I simply trusted the resources of my knowledge. Now that I’m 30, my thoughts and experiences within this organization has changed. Not only have I realized the great amount of hipocracy within the teachings but ive also realised how damaging it actually is. I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I had been brought up differently, lets say with “worldly parents” maybe my parents and elders wouldn’t have put so much pressure on me to get baptized. I notice that a person who is older, let’s say mid 30’s, who decides to study with the witnesses is far more experienced and mature to make a choice of baptism then a child who was taught nothing else. It’s almost as if, a child has no other choice, or like me, thinks is the only way to live life. I hope I’ve made sense in all of this. And thanks for taking the time to read.


  23. Ruth says:

    Escaping the cage.
    We are so delighted to have you here and are so happy that the real spirit of truth is guiding you straight to the Father now!. John 10;14 ‘Jesus own words.
    “l am the good Shepherd and know my sheep and they know me.

    From now on dear sister you are in Jesus hands.” Not religions hands. “You have answered his call to get out! Your not any mans hands as Jesus is directing and watching over you. Verse 27 says. My sheep hear my voice and l know them and the follow me.
    So as you find different bibles and start finding out how the NWT was written with such deception you will be shocked. ‘Do you have the Greek interlinear? The W/Tower version?
    Actually in that alone you will find so many errors, that’s if you have not read and discovered some errors yet. Yes you are out the cage. But please walk with care. Be diligent in prayer and study
    letting Gods Spirit now teach you.
    All my love to dear young sister. “If you need help lm at truthistimeless@gmail.com

    sister Ruth


    • Rupunzelsawake says:

      Hi Escaping the cage! I join with Ruth in welcoming you here. I am newly escaped also. I am in my 40s and raised my children “in the truth”, both now in their late teens, and neither baptised. My son, now 19, would watch young ones getting baptised and would say, “That’s just stupid!!” I can think of several in the congregation I had associated with who were disfellowshipped at around 17/18 years of age.It’s just heart breaking. My children have followed me out! They have good brains! Enjoy your freedom sister! Freedon to pursue a real relationship with Christ and our heavenly Father! But as Ruth says, be diligent in prayer, letting the spirit guide you!!


  24. Escaping the cage says:

    Thanks to you both for your support and caring words. As for praying, I’m working on that. It’s hard to break a habit or impression of who God is when raised as a JW. But I know God hears my prayers.


    • Rupunzelsawake says:

      Hi escaping the cage! You’re welcome! Don’t rush things. Habits are hard to change, but they probably don’t all need changing! Keep your focus on God’s word. Holy spirit will help you if changes are needed! Don’t let any man dictate to you what to believe! JWs aren’t evil, just misled by men. You already know this! Do keep posting here, and let us know how you are going.


    • whateverhappenetome says:

      Escaping the cage, I know how you feel..to be honest, now, i do not have formal prayer, like the way I used to do before. I mean when i want to pray, i find it difficult to start. It’s like im back to basics, who to call what to call HIm? or should I just call on Jesus? or is that enough, I should call on Jehovah yes..and as my mind battles in that part alone..then i open my eyes and just SIGH..and look up above i’m sure He knows what i;’m thinking..
      if my JW mode is on, i would laugh at myself and be ashamed of how ridiculous this is. Because i used to feel like i know everything..
      May God forgive me for having this kind of feeling. It’s as if, I never really knew him after all these years.

      But yes, God do hears our prayers….only time can help us cope with all these confusion and feelings of unworthiness to call on him.


  25. Freethinkerinjah says:

    The truth shall set you free. Escape the cage
    Serve no man. Escape the cage
    Jesus is your mediator. Escape the cage
    Jehovah is a hearer of prayer escape the cage
    You will be persecuted for my name sake. Because you escaped the cage!


  26. Sunamber says:

    Hello my dear friends !

    I am a newly escapee and I am so happy to have found this site.
    Jehovah is God Almighty and His Son Jesus is OUR Mediator. I am just now starting to think clearly and through prayer and The Holy Spirit I am moving forward. I no longer follow men blindly because the organization says so. Gods word is Truth because it is insired by him. His son Christ Jesus is so more real to me now and I feel a more personal connection with him then ever before. Thank you all for your comments because they are so encouraging and its nice to know we are not alone. I feel so liberated!!


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