A new addition to the site is on the left side part way down. It is a collection of current articles and stories under the heading “New and Useful Links” and will be changing as often as need be.

The intention is to link to other interesting, encouraging, and newsworthy stories and facts. Please submit good ones to the admin (JJ, that’s me!) and they will be added as time and space allow.

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3 Comments on New and Useful Links

  1. Reader says:

    Admin JJ;
    If you deem it useful for consideration, by all means use my Website Yahweh-Immanuel.info O.K. not that easy a read but it makes some sense. the Website has taken about ten years the research just over forty years.

    There is a copy permission page on the website for anybody/everybody.

    It does not cover all subjects but those it does are in detail.


  2. Chris says:

    Dear Reader,
    I have looked at your website and you make some very good commentaries on a number of subjects. I applaud your dedication and effort to expand on these Bible subjects.
    Please don’t take this as an aloof criticism, but I must point out to you that your articles are hard to read.
    The sentence structure is fragmented and grammatically hard to follow.
    It is written as thoughts and musings, often jumping from your line of reasoning and interjecting on yourself.
    Your articles need to be written in a way that the reader can take in the material in an easily digestible and logical narrative.

    Christian love


  3. Reader says:

    Fair comment, have thought myself about undertaking a re-write. But that will have to wait till I finish(?).
    Originally it was to be about calculating the 666, but just kept on adding to the body of work. As I have worked “alone” there is no second reading by another, except my website visitors!
    I also do not know of an easy to read book in the topic/subject/matter covered.
    Meanwhile take what interests you, if you wish.


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