Note: What follows is document I composed recently and plan to send to a close friend. Much of this information has been gathered from a number of sources and boiled down to be as simple as I know how to make it.  If you would like to download the original file, you can do so here.





When Did Jerusalem Fall?



Pinpointing this time period is extremely important to us as Christian Witnesses of Jehovah- I’m sure you will agree with that. The entire chronology we have been taught hangs upon the date of 607 B.C.E. By starting with this date, we calculate that the 2,520 years of the gentile times brings us to the year 1914 C.E. This then leads us to when Christ appointed a faithful slave over all his belongs in the year 1919. So without knowing when Jerusalem fell back in the pre-Christian era, none of these other dates could be calculated. What follows is research on this subject in the following ways:

1.      What archaeology says

2.      What the Bible says

3.      What the WT CD-ROM says

4.      What others Witnesses and Christian Commentators have said

The first point, archaeology, is secondary to what the Bible says, but must be considered because the Scriptures do not give us any hard dates in our format of measuring modern dates, so a “pivotal date” has to be found somewhere in history, and the Watchtower has said as much and I agree articles regarding that. 539 BCE, when Babylon fell, is one such absolute date that is accepted by the WTS, historians, etc.

The second point, what the Bible itself says, is the strongest proof of all as to when it fell. Reasoning on a couple of scriptures in Haggai establishes a powerful point specifically with regard to the possibility of Jerusalem falling in 607 BCE, which I will get to in a little bit.

Thirdly, the WT CD-ROM has a wealth of information on the topic, the vast majority of which I agree with and I assume you will/do to.

And finally, though not as important as points #1 and especially #2, point four is relevant because many scholars and several brothers (that I know of) have spent thousands of hours studying it, some even traveling all over the world to see historical artifacts and speak with archaeologists about the matter.


Figuring out where in the stream of time to start allows us to count backwards to the fall of Jerusalem. The W55 2/1 p. 95 ‘Questions From Readers’ says this:

It is well to understand that all Bible chronology dates for events prior to 539 B.C. must be figured backward from the Absolute date of 539 B.C.

This makes sense, since history verifies that Babylon fell in 539 BCE and Daniel 5 tells us Belshazzar blasphemed Jehovah and died at the hands of Cyrus the Persian. (See IT book vol 1, page 284) So we can begin by tallying up the amount of time leading towards Jerusalem’s fall, starting from 539 BCE, working backwards.  Regarding the first king moving from this date, Insight vol 2 says this:

*** it-2 p. 457-458 Nabonidus ***

Last supreme monarch of the Babylonian Empire; father of Belshazzar. On the basis of cuneiform texts he is believed to have ruled some 17 years (556-539 B.C.E.)…. Nabonidus’ ascension to the throne followed the assassination of Labashi-Marduk.

So Nabonidus ruled from 556-539 BCE and his rule followed Labashi-Marduk’s assassination.  How long was his reign? The 1965 WT answers that:

*** w65 1/1 p. 29 The Rejoicing of the Wicked Is Short-lived ***

Neriglissar, who reigned for four years, which time he spent mainly in building operations. His underage son Labashi-Marduk, a vicious boy, succeeded him, and was assassinated within nine months.

What we know so far then is:

Nabonidus556 BCE - 539 BCE-last monarch of Babylonian Empire
Labashi-Marduk556 BCE-for 9 months, succeeded Neriglissar)




Next we need to find out how long Neriglissar’s reign was.  The WT tells us:

*** w65 1/1 p. 29 The Rejoicing of the Wicked Is Short-lived ***

Evil-merodach reigned two years and was murdered by his brother-in-law Neriglissar, who reigned for four years, which time he spent mainly in building operations. His underage son Labashi-Marduk, a vicious boy, succeeded him, and was assassinated within nine months.

An update shows this:

Nabonidus556 BCE - 539 BCE-last monarch of Babylonian Empire
Labashi-Marduk556 BCE-for 9 months, succeeded Neriglissar)
Neriglissar560- 556 BCE-reigned 4 years, murdered Evil-Merodach




So how long did Evil-Merodach reign? The previous quote said two years. The only reason this is notable is that Insight book page 773 says:

“(Evil-mero·dach) [from Babylonian, meaning “Worshiper of Marduk”]. The Babylonian king who succeeded Nebuchadnezzar to the throne”

So that tells us who was next in the line of kings. Now we update our time chart again:

Nabonidus556 BCE - 539 BCE-last monarch of Babylonian Empire
Labashi-Marduk556 BCE-for 9 months, succeeded Neriglissar)
Neriglissar560- 556 BCE-reigned 4 years, murdered Evil-Merodach
Evil-merodach562 - 560-reigned 2 years, succeeded Nebuchadnezzar




Next we need to know how long Nebuchadnezzar reigned, because he is next in the line. The Daniel’s Prophecy book tells us:

*** dp chap. 4 p. 50 par. 9 The Rise and Fall of an Immense Image ***  Nebuchadnezzar, who reigned for 43 years, headed a dynasty that ruled over the Babylonian Empire.

Our time chart now looks like this:

Nabonidus556 BCE - 539 BCE-last monarch of Babylonian Empire
Labashi-Marduk556 BCE-for 9 months, succeeded Neriglissar)
Neriglissar560- 556 BCE-reigned 4 years, murdered Evil-Merodach
Evil-merodach562 - 560-reigned 2 years, succeeded Nebuchadnezzar
Nebuchadnezzar605-562-reigned 43 years




So when was Jerusalem destroyed? Insight volume 2 page 481 says when it was destroyed, relative to Nebuchadnezzar’s rule:

*** it-2 p. 481 Nebuchadnezzar *** In the 11th year of Zedekiah’s reign (Nebuchadnezzar’s 19th year if counting from his accession year or his 18th regnal year), a breach was made in Jerusalem’s wall.

Now we want to double-check that we didn’t miss any rulers in this succession. The book Your Will Be Done page 365, lists them in a chart labeled “BABYLONIAN EMPIRE (607-539 B .C .)”:

  • Nebuchadnezzar
  • Evil-merodach
  • Neriglissar
  • Labashi-Marduk
  • Nabonidus
  • Belshazzar, died 539 BCE

So all rulers in this time span are accounted for. The only thing left is one piece of subtraction to complete our calculation. This will tell us when Jerusalem fell.  The year Nebuchadnezzar started reigning was 605 BCE. (See W00 5/15 p. 12 par. 17) During the second year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign as world ruler of Bible prophecy (606/605 B.C.E.), God sent him a terrifying dream and the wall was breached in his 18th year of ruling (as mentioned above in the IT book volume 2 p. 481) so that gives us:

–  18
= 587 BCE


Adding up the length of each King’s reign, from the fall of Jerusalem down to the fall of Babylon covers a span from 587 BCE – 539 BCE, and this is confirmed by using historical references from nothing but WT publications.





After reading information from museums, archaeologists, scholars of Jerusalem history, etc. I couldn’t find a single one that subscribed to a 607 date. I read some articles and books excerpts in PDF as well. They all say that it fell in 586/587 BCE.  The Jewish/Israeli folks also state that this happened in 587.  I also studied several websites that are “PRO 607 BCE” written by brothers that feel sincerely that they need to defend the date.

One website, is written by a baptized brother that was challenged by his fleshly brother to prove the 607 date and he set out to substantiate it. He ended up traveling to the British Musem, speaking to a Mr. Walker, the Assistant Curator of Babylonian Antiquities. The more time he spent trying to establish 607, the more was forced to concede that Jerusalem had to have fallen in 587. This brother’s experience is by no means unique. It turns out there have been many friends that have come to the same conclusion through much time and struggling to figure out this complicated chronology.

If you turn to any encyclopedia or archaeological text on the subject you will find that they say Jerusalem fell between 586 and 587. The Watchtower uses 607 by claiming all historical evidence we have on the subject is wrong. Yet to make such a claim opens a paradox – if archaeology is unreliable for 587, and this same information is being used to determine 607, then 607, 539, etc. must be equally unreliable.

There are numerous ways used to determine when Jerusalem fell. This includes Ptolemy’s Canon, the Nabonidus Chronicle, Harran, Hillah stele and synchronization with Egyptian chronology. The Dictionary of Biblical Archaeology, page 274 states “Archaeological evidence for the destruction of the kingdom in 586 B.C. comes from Jerusalem, Lachish, Tell Beit Mirsim, and other sites.” Tens of thousands of detailed Economic-administrative and legal documents have been unearthed outlining daily, monthly and yearly occurrences during the reign of the Babylonian kings.

Prosopography – the study of careers – supports 587 through comparison of business people such as the Egibi business house. The Society’s addition of twenty years to Babylonian history during this period results in having to extend by 20 years the life span of members of the Egibi family. Watchtower chronology would require people mentioned in these records to have been working to over the age of 100. Likewise, when compared with the Adad-guppi’ stele, for Jerusalem to have fallen in 607 would require the mother of Nabonidus to have lived until the age of 121.  But we know that by about the time of Moses people lived 70-80 years unless Jehovah specifically gave them holy spirit to preserve them past the average life span. (Psalm 90:10)

Josephus, quoted extensively in Watchtower articles as a reliable historian, is in agreement with archaeological sources. He states that Jerusalem was desolate for 50 years, not 70 years, in Against Apion Book I, Chapter 21:

“Nebuchadnezzar, in the eighteenth year of his reign, laid our temple desolate, and so it lay in that state of obscurity for fifty years; but that in the second year of the reign of Cyrus its foundations were laid, and it was finished again in the second year of Darius,”

We studied earlier that the second year of Darius’ reign was 605, and subtracting 18 years brings us down to 587. So the historical accounting of Josephus would again put the date of Jerusalem’s fall at 587, not 607.





Here’s an example where the Bible speaks for itself on the subject, apart from any historian or archaeologist.  First we establish that Haggai was written in 520 BCE:

*** it-1 p. 1019 Haggai, Book of *** The four messages recorded by Haggai were delivered at Jerusalem within about a four-month period in the second year of Persian King Darius Hystaspis (520 B.C.E.), the book apparently being completed in 520 B.C.E. (Hag 1:1; 2:1, 10, 20)

Now we consider what he said. Haggai 2:3-4 reads:

‘Who is there among YOU that is remaining over who saw this house in its former glory? And how are YOU people seeing it now? Is it not, in comparison with that, as nothing in YOUR eyes?’ 4 “‘But now be strong, O Ze·rubba·bel,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘and be strong, O Joshua the son of Je·hoza·dak the high priest.’ “‘And be strong, all YOU people of the land,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘and work.’ “‘For I am with YOU people,’ is the utterance of Jehovah of armies.

Haggai is directing his questions to Zerubbabel, High Priest Joshua, son of Jehozadak, (IT v2 p115) and all the others then present. His statement called attention to the deep disappointment shared by those who had seen the beauty of the temple that the Babylonians had destroyed. For the older ones in their midst to be able to draw a comparison with the former temple and what their eyes had previously beheld, they must have been of advanced years. No infant, toddler, or very young child at the time of the temple’s destruction would have had a valid reference point.  Moreover, already ten years before the Babylonians destroyed it, the temple had lost a measure of its glory, a magnificence it had after King Josiah had the needed temple repairs completed. (2 Chronicles 34:8-12) In 2 Kings 24:13 the account reports about what the king of Babylon did ten years before the destruction of the temple.

“Then he brought out from there all the treasures of the house of Jehovah and the treasures of the king’s house, and went on to cut to pieces all the gold utensils that Solo·mon the king of Israel had made in the temple of Jehovah, just as Jehovah had spoken.”

So if the former glory relates to the temple’s appearance prior to this event, those whom Haggai addressed would have been very old. Haggai 2:3,4 doesn’t say how old these individuals would have been for them to have seen the former glory and to make a comparison, but enough information is provided in the material to make a calculation. The second year of Darius is known to be 520 BCE. So, if someone believed the date of the destruction for Jerusalem to be 607 BCE, one who was a toddler would have been around 90 at the time Jerusalem was destroyed. And if the former glory referred to the situation 10 years earlier, they would have been over 100 years of age as a toddler. Now Haggai addressed a group of people, a subset of which had seen the former glory of the temple. Thus, for there to have been a significant enough number for Haggai to call attention to those who had seen the former glory, they simply could not have been persons who were over 90 years of age and certainly not over 100 years of age. So the 607 BCE date simply does not fit the Biblical narrative here. If Jerusalem fell in 587 BCE, there would have been a number of Israelites in their 70s and 80s listening that would have nodded their heads, and even given testimony to what Haggai was referring to. The others would give them respect and acknowledge their life experience and wisdom, motivating the people to act for pure worship. Haggai spoke to “the old timers” in these verses because he knew they would back up his reference.





To me the biggest proof against the 607 BCE date is the Bible itself, as I explained in this last part. Haggai 2:3, 4 refutes it. Further, all historical evidence points to the 587 date also.  Josephus, in his book Against Apion, clearly does not take the 70 years to mean from the time of the destruction of the temple. The chronology that he accepted confirms a date that was some twenty years later.

My goal is not to tear down our beliefs and abandon our service to Jehovah God and Jesus Christ. Rather it is to worship him with “spirit and truth” (John 4:24)  as accurately as I possibly can. This has been a complicated consideration, and I appreciate your patience and diligent attention in going through this information with me.  Please double-check my findings- look up the quotes to confirm their accuracy.  I have not taken anything out of context (that I know of) or tried to distort the truth. Finally, a scripture that I will leave you to think and to pray on is this one in 1 Corinthians 2:14-15:

. . .But a physical man does not receive the things of the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; and he cannot get to know [them], because they are examined spiritually. 15 However, the spiritual man examines indeed all things, but he himself is not examined by any man.

Rating 4.71 out of 5

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24 Comments on When Did Jerusalem Fall?

  1. andrew says:

    Nice research JJ. I personally have never done an in depth study if 607 C.E. is credible or not. I have researched it from a different angle. I firmly believe that Jesus came into full kingdom power when he returned to heaven in 33 C.E. and therefore when exactly Jerusalem was destroyed is a moot point. Daniel chap.4 is never quoted from in the Greek scriptures and everything seems to indicate it had it’s one fulfillment in Nebuchadnezzer. Furthermore the last days started, I believe, in the first century.

    As you say if 1914 is insignificant the result is devastating to the organization. The sad part is many brothers wouldn’t even care. They would still believe in the “channel” doctrine and still believe this is God’s exclusive organization.

    It is interesting that for years the Society said Jerusalem was destroyed in 606 BCE. I believe they forgot to calculate that there was no zero year. So instead of bumping Jesus return up to 1915 they put the destruction back to 607. They in effect said well we know 1914 was Christ’s return and so as to make all the numbers come out we’ll just bump back the destruction of Jerusalem 1 yr.

    I am not sure when they first started using Dan. 4 to point to 1914 but I believe Russell or his predecessors (Barbour, Miller) first calculated the date a different way. They believed 1874 was Christ’s return and then allowing 40 yrs. for a harvest period you come to 1914. Russell also tried to use the pyramids as also pointing to 1914.


    • JJ says:

      Interesting viewpoint- full Kingdom power makes we wonder about the “whole sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a stool for your foot thing”…also, if the last days started in the first century hasn’t it dragged on a bit to far? IDK I’m not getting it I guess. The other side of the coin would be that the last days have not started yet since the 1914 calculation is wrong.


      • andrew says:

        Acts 4:25-27 indicates Psalms 2:1,2 were fulfilled in 33 CE. Acts 13:33 applies Psalm 2:7 to Jesus resurrection, also in 33 CE. Rev. 2:26,27 cites from Ps. 2:8,9 indicating that this power had been received in the first century. Therefore it is likely Ps. 2:6 also was fulfilled in 33 CE.

        Heb 10:12,13 as well as many other texts indicate Ps 110:1,2 happened in the first century. Now does Jesus wait to rule until all his enemies are made his footstool, or does he rule while waiting? Read 1 Cor 15:25 “For he must rule as king until God had put all enemies under his feet” Yes Jesus rules while waiting for his enemies to be put under his feet. If he had to wait until first all his enemies were subdued he would have to wait until after the 1000 yrs to rule.

        Compare 1 Pet 3:22 ; Ephesians 1:20-22 ; Revelation 3:21 ; Revelation 1:9 ; Matt 28:18

        Now read of Jesus ascension to heaven in Acts 1:9 (notice the description about a cloud) Compare with Dan. 7:13,14. I believe this description of Jesus as a Son of Man with the clouds helps us identify when this took place. Arriving from earth to heaven Jesus appeared before God’s throne and received full kingdom power. He has been ruling amongst his enemies ever since.


        • andrew says:

          Whoops, instead of Revelation 1:9 I meant to write Revelation 1:5 “and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead and the ruler of the kings of the earth”


      • andrew says:

        It is interesting that Jesus never mentions the last days and that expression is used I believe only 5 times in the Greek scriptures.
        Acts 2:17 Obvious application to first century

        Heb 1:2 Obvious application to first century

        James 5:1-6 Also quite clear applied to those living in James time.

        2Pet. 3:3 Many may think it is fulfilled in our day but notice how Jude quotes this text and applies it to the first century in Jude 17,18,19

        2 Tim.3:1 Read the context 2 Tim 2:20- 3:9 In 2 Tim 3:1 when Paul says “know this” it is in the singular. Paul was talking to Timothy only. The context lets us know that the last days Paul was talking about were going on right then.

        The last days that all these texts allude to are the last days of the Jewish system of things that ran from 33 CE to 70 CE (compare Heb. 9:26)

        Never does the Greek scriptures use the term “last days” to designate a period of time outside of the first century.


      • rus virgil says:

        Yes, the 1914 calculation is wrong
        but the way we have to “see” when the “latter days” are is shown in the Bible
        here is an introduction for the “latter days” chronology

        and please see the link posted there for further words on “Bible chronology”


  2. Amos says:

    Congratulations on an excellent article JJ,

    Another brother, John & myself did a similar excercise about a year ago,& came up with the date of 606BC for the first assault on Jerusalem, with Nebuchadnezzar then taking the nobles, including Daniel & his three companions to Babylon. We calculated the actual destruction as being in 587/586 BC, as we couldn’t find a positive agreed date for the destruction.

    What we found also raises the question of the beginning of the count of 70 years, was it 606BC or 586BC?
    If the evidence for an absolute pivotal date of circa 539-536BC is correct, this will give the answer.

    Another point to remember is that there was always a remnant of Israel still at Jerusalem for this period of desolation.

    It is also important to understand the reasons for the desolation in the first place. This was to give back to YHWH the lost “sabbatical years”, (for the lands’ rest) that had not been correctly observed until this time….
    For 490 years, the 7th year, sabbatical years were not correctly observed, this is how long the Israelites had “departed from the Torah”. So they had to pay the price.

    It’s also ironic, that just yesterday afternoon, I was discussing this very topic with another new found friend.

    Keep up the good work.



  3. Amos says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I also agree with your comments concerning Y’shua’s kingship, that this was given Him at His resurrection.

    Like yourself, until recently, I also believed that His crucifiction was in 33AD, however after extentive research, I now believe that He began His ministry in 26AD, & was crucified in 30AD, this is because both historical & stellar events place His birth about 3 years before 2BC. There is too much evidence to show that Herod died in 4BC, & we know that he was alive after Y’shua’s birth, for at least 6 months.
    An event that is often overlooked is the reason for Joseph & Mary’s return to Bethlehem, “the census”. From memory this was in either 5BC or 6BC, I must check this date.



  4. Jayme says:

    Great research JJ! Thanks for sharing it!

    I too believe that Jesus started ruling in full authority in 33 CE. As for Ps 110:1,2, I believe that Jesus took his place at Jehovahs right hand in 33 just as Stephen saw. Acts 7:56. He will stay there, as the psalm says ” until I make your enemies a stool for your foot” or as Paul quoted it “For he must rule as king until God had put all enemies under his feet” What is the last enemy put under Christs feet and when does this happen? Paul answers in the very next verse: 1 cor 15:26 “As the LAST ENEMY, DEATH is to be brought to nothing”. When? Rev.20:7and14 “Now as soon as the thousand years have been ended……death and hades were hurled into the lake of fire” So Jesus rules at the Fathers right hand from 33 CE until the thousand years is ended with the elimination of adamic death. Then as Paul concludes: 1 cor. 15:28″ But when all things will have been subjected to him, then the Son himself will also subject himself to the One who subjected all things to him, that God may be all things to everyone”


  5. Lester says:

    great article JJ and very clearly laid out, essential reading for the R&F Dubs who cling on for such a flawed and false doctrine,also one of the subjects that was included in a list for my judicial committee that would lead to my disfellowshipping from the Wimbledon congregation, fortunately I won the appeal.The underlying hypocrisy that The WTS wears so well is that if other religious organizations make similar wrongful biblical prophecy they are vilified and attacked from the pages of the WT and other such publications yet when individuals vocally make remarks that disagree with their teaching they are required to appear on a JC on a charge of apostasy,I vocally made remarks that I did not believe that 1914 held any biblical significance whatsoever I spoke about the research I had made including the works of Carl Olaf Jonson yet all the response I got was authors like him are just disgruntled ex Dubs with axes to grind,other remarks I made in which included 1935 etc have now been dropped quietly by the WTS yet I was punished in secret for voicing remarks that turned out to be correct! I ask my self if I was not an apostate then surely The WTS was promoting apostate teachings and must be an apostate organization and a member of the Evil Slave Class.


  6. JJ says:


    You said “fortunately I won the appeal”. This subject interests me quite a bit as appeals are rarely ever successful. Would you be able to tell us more about the circumstances and how you won it?


  7. Lester says:

    sure JJ I’ll put together my full testimony of my JC soon.


  8. Dennis says:


    Thanks for compiling all this research in such a clear and concise manner. I appreciate all the hard work this represents and have copied it to include it in my library. Thanks Again



  9. JJ says:

    Thanks Dennis. I have been working on this for several weeks and felt like I was never going to fully understand it. The reasoning on Haggai is especially compelling to me because you don’t need anything but the Bible the one reference to know when it was recorded.

    It’s really the ramifications of understanding all this that gets me. All these sincere students of the Bible- whether Adventists, Early or present day Bible Students, and modern day JWs all base their date calculations on 607 I believe. So where does that leave us? In the last days, not in the last days? I’m not sure at this point, although I do want to research some of the above comments by Brother Jayme and Brother Andrew. More research- it n e v e r ends lol.


  10. Dennis says:

    Hi JJ,

    You said, “So where does that leave us? In the last days, not in the last days?”. I have come to believe that if I had to pick just one identifier that we are indeed in the last part of the last days it would be the repatriation of the Jews to the promised land. Never in the history of the world has a nation ceased to exist, been scattered to the ends of the Earth then reconstituted back in the land God gave them almost 2000 years later! IMO, this is one of the most (one of, not the most) significant events in mans history. One that, as a Witness, absolutely amazed me when I came to this understanding. I believe this shows divine providence and is setting the stage for Jesus’ direct intervention into the affairs of mankind, his second advent. The rapid increase of knowledge and technological advancement among mankind would be a close second in fulfillment of Dan. 12:4. Just my thoughts.



  11. susanna says:

    Please forgive me if I’m out of bounds.
    Is everyone that love and knows Jehovah and His son welcome to post?
    Or is this site dependent on answers from just certain brothers.
    If I am breaking a code or a arrangement here please accept my apologies.

    Haven’t written for awhile because of old weak eyes I am headed for surgery in a few weeks so have been only reading what appeals to me. I usually post on PC but logged out and it is soo hard for me to get back in once that happens, I thought I would pay JWStruggle a visit.

    I just got a urge to share my thoughts and really didn’t know where to put them.
    I ran across this topic and felt it the best spot. I must confess I haven’t read it but I agree with any that agree that Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE .
    It was a System , A Jewish System of things that was actually destroyed.. Never again to met Jahs approval as a nation belonging to Him.It is spiritual Israel that belongs to Jehovah. Gal 4th chapter.
    so scripturally we had a”” God of Israel”” in the past up until Jesus death but today we have the”” spiritual Israel of God.””

    Now we are facing the distruction of a system on a world wide scale, in the coming end times.
    We are witnessing at present the pangs of the birth of the Dragons NWO.In order for there to be ONE kingdom on earth.
    we know that the Dragon had tried every type of government possible, but to have One the others have to be broken down.( by the dragon himself )
    Never will the Dragon be able to say, ” if he had just one Kingdom as Jesus is promised he would be able to make it work.”” No! he is going to be given the opportunity to have his one Kingdom on earth,
    He already has “”a prince of peace””selected ,even nations are fighting their own owner , peace cannot come with out wars . Right ?

    Must remember the horses are riding in favor of the Dragon, but all of this must occur as it all fits into Jahs purpose. A witness to all the nations must be given by the ambassadors of Christ( the remaining bride, or saints or holy ones ,or the brothers in Christ , or the two witnesses.) ( all one and the same ) about The Messianic Kingdom before the end comes. plus the message of doom. Matt 24:14

    This will start in the near future .now back to the present
    Looks like the end over in that part of Japan. and Japan is not a third world country she’s far from poor/
    Radiation leaking
    A million homes that are still standing are with out water
    2 million with out elec/

    According to the strength of the Quake 9.0 the largest in history and the aftershocks from it , it may in the near future bring a big one in Tokyo. So the experts say . All tourist are being sent home and no incoming so If Diane Sawyer was there already for Monday I will be surprised if they let her stay/
    Watching those people being swept away broke me down .The heart ache.
    Never in history was there one this strong so this has to be it, because Jesus said that the GT would be like never before

    Matt 24 :21 For there will be greater anguish than at any time since the world began. And it will never be so great again. 22 In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.

    >>>>>>>>we must be close to His gathering the rest of the bride to start witnessing. ( two witnesses ). Rev 11 chapter ( a time period of 3.5 years.of the NWO rule the counterfeit Kingdom here on earth. We are witnessing its birth pangs.

    Of course I am speaking my own thoughts on how I see scripture so this is not a prediction/

    love susanna


  12. susanna says:

    Please dont worry about it. By the time I/m approved it will be old news.( about Diane Sawyer )
    I see you already have a group that does the answering, but I am sure Jah will find me a place where I can share.

    Dont want to upset your arrangement ,nor lose my freedom.
    love susanna


  13. serein says:

    i found what u had to say very much like what im thinking also susannah, i think thoe that the beginings of the pangs of distress were the world wars,and now its after the peacful period and destuction is iminent,im just praying everyday its gona be soon iv had enough, sad all the time with this world.


  14. JJ says:


    You are welcome sister to make comments on these points or other things.
    I would be interested to know your status with regard to JWs, and your story
    in general if you are comfortable sharing that with us.

    With Christian Love,


  15. Disappointed says:

    This is a great article JJ and some deep research. I appreciate your sharing all your hard work. What do you think of the lastest WT articles on this date? As soon I saw them I knew it was very ‘important’ that they try and make their point. A lot of research had obviously gone into it too, although I was not convinced of the outcome. I always had a problem with the 70 years captivity but obviously it doesn’t mean Jerusalem was actually destroyed at the start of the 70 years. Daniel and many others as princes and nobles were taken captive long before the destruction. Maybe 20 years? As for Jesus beginning to rule in 33CE. I must admit to my thoughts going along those lines myself, I have thought this for some time. It makes a lot of sense. It is something I need to go into a lot deeper. What about Satan’s persecution of true christians throughout the centuries? I’m not sure about the 3 and a half years being literal or not. The adventists believe in 1,260 years don’t they? I still don’t know what to believe, I have an open mind and that is what makes this all so exciting! All I know is that I feel I don’t have to hang on any longer to what I have been ‘told’ to believe and that is very liberating!


    • JJ says:

      The latest WT articles do not shed any “new light” on the Witness reasoning, but primarily re-state what they have said before.

      I believe the primary point of the articles is to say that they have answered the critics and the “case is closed” so to speak. Carl Jonnson, the brother that wrote The Gentile Times Reconsidered, has already responded to the articles as have others that are more versed in the subject.

      The simple fact is that it MUST be 607 for Witness theology to hold
      up. If it is another date, then 1914, 1918, the choosing of the faithful slave, etc. all falls apart.

      As for learning new things and getting excited about that, what a good point you make! We now have the Christian freedom to learn and pursue deeper knowledge of the Scriptures and to ask questions and to admit that we do not know everything- something our sleeping JW brothers as sisters dare not do.


  16. Disappointed says:

    I haven’t read Carl Jonnson’s book,I’m not sure if it’ll be too ‘intellectual’ for me. But you say he has made a response to the latest articles. Is it online anywhere to read? I’d be very interested to see it. I think we’ve been ‘fooled’ into believing in 1914 because WWI very conveniently broke out towards the end of that year, although nothing is said of WWII being even worse!But how can 1914 be true because the ‘generation’ theory just doesn’t hold water anymore?


  17. Shikinah says:

    I have also been looking into the 607BC date and 1914, and want to say thank you for your indepth research. From my research it seems that the year 1914 was taken from Pyramid of Giza.
    This is indicated in the societies old book called “Divine Plan Of Ages” printed in 1886 where it states the following..

    “The Divine Plan of the Ages,” page 41: “Thus the Pyramid witnesses that the close of 1914 will be the beginning of the time of trouble such as was not since there was a nation — no, nor ever shall be afterward.”

    That quote is actually from the “The Great Pyramid” chapter of C. T. Russell’s third volume of his Millennial Dawn series, “Thy Kingdom Come”; and the revised edition at that. However, the author could still have taken this quote from “The Divine Plan of the Ages” book, but just not from the original 1886 ediion. In 1915, the WatchTower Society published a special “Great Pyramid” edition of “The Divine Plan of the Ages”, which contained the “The Great Pyramid” chapter from “Thy Kingdom Come”

    Other Watchtower dates are quoted such as 606bce, 607bce, 1914ce, 2520 years, etc, all of which is taken from the measurements within the pyramid. These are actual inch by inch dates. So it seems like the society with all it’s attempts to do away with the origin of 1914, failed to prophesy the advancements of information technology.

    In the 1800s some religious scholars felt that the Great Pyramid was built by the Hebrews Hyksos Kings under God’s direction. They believed that some biblical texts such as Isaiah 19:19-20 foretold that the Pyramid contained clues to the interpretation of Biblical prophecies that would be understood in the end times.

    Measurements of the “various ascending and descending passages represented the fall of man, the provision of the Mosaic Law, the death of Christ, the exultation of the saints in heaven, etc. Calculations were made using the pattern of an inch per year.”

    The November 15 and December 1, 1928, issues of The Watch Tower magazine, quotes Rutherford denouncing Charles Taze Russel and also explains that his pyramidolgy connections were influenced by Satan. So is it any wonder that there is so much confusion, I’m sure this is “the operation of error”

    Paul specifically warned Christians not to believe even an “inspired expression” or any sort of verbal or written message, as though it came from the apostles, if it proclaimed that the day of Jehovah was here.

    2 Thess 2 9: “But the lawless one’s presence is according to the operation of Satan with every powerful work and lying signs and portents 10 and with every unrighteous deception for those who are perishing, as a retribution because they did not accept the love of the truth that they might be saved. 11 So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    The saddest thing is that while brothers and sisters are pre-occupied with this 1914 date, the world is speeding ahead with it’s own misleading plans. The ecumenical movement together with the catholic church and the UN are setting the final stages for their one world religion. What many fail to see, is that the whole world is expecting some form of messiah not just the Christians.

    The New Age & Buddhists are expecting their Maitreya, while the Muslims are expecting their Mahdi, while the Zionists are expecting their Christ. Right now blue prints of both the UN and the Jews have been drawn up, for the building of the 3rd temple on the temple mount. If the dome of the rock cannot be removed by war, there is supposedly space along side of the mosque for a temple to be rebuilt.

    They have already trained their Levite priests, have made a solid gold menorah, cloned a red heifer to resume sacrifices.

    “The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu sent official word to the Arab leaders of Israel’s intention of taking control of the Temple Mount to build the Third Temple next to the Dome of the Rock! Rioting broke out by Palestinians just days after the announcement February 20th” By Steven Ben-Denoon

    Satan plan to misled especially Gods people is going to plan, because when these events unfold they will come as a thief in the night to those who are pre-occupied with this operation of error, rather than “keeping on the watch”. When I first found the truth back in 1980, one of the first talks I heard which stuck in my mind was that “greatest test we will endure will be from within the congregation” and this has proven to be the case. But despite my severe stumbling I have been made stronger and wiser thanks to Jehovah answering my prayers which was to know the REAL truth.
    Hope all go’s well with your eyes Susanna x


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