There is a story, possibly true; likely embellished, that has been floating around among the Witnesses for a few years. Here’s how it goes:

…Have you heard about the teens that were secretly living a worldly life and coined the phrase “double”? They would approach other youths and say “Are you a double?” referring to their little club as it were. They even went so far as to put two small dots on their lapel badges at Conventions, and spread the word that all the other “doubles” should do the same so they could recognize each other when they walked by.

Now this is a shocking story if true, and they should be ashamed of themselves- Jehovah God and his King Jesus knows our deeds and we can’t escape their justice. But the behavior reminds us of the fact that secret societies have existed for thousands of years. Freemasons, Illuminati, Jesuits, Carbonari, Moromons/LDS, etc. have flourished.  The secret handshake is a way that these people identify each other. Non-members wouldn’t readily notice but members would. So how would two Witnesses that are in the Struggle recognize each other if they walked past each other at an assembly? Or even if they were in the same Kingdom Hall? How could they? Why would they want/need to contact each other?

Well first let’s deal with why they would want to talk, and become friends. It is obvious- we are in the minority of a minority, and our faith and our spirituality is on the line. Critics of Jehovah’s Witnesses in general have charged that their membership isolates them from society at large. And to some degree this is true- but the Scriptures themselves admonish Christians to avoid those that are bad association. (1 Corinthians 15:33; Psalms 1:1; 26:5; Proverbs 13:20; 2 John 7-11)  Jesus never said to remove ourselves entirely from the world, as some Monks and other ascetics do. So we are isolated somewhat due to the spiritual danger that exists in speaking freely about our studies and what we have learned.

So this leaves the “How”. How do we find each other? Well we have the internet and sites like these. This is the simplest and most accessible way to talk about our struggle. Some have suggested mentioning where we are from, and trying to arrange a meeting. Talking face to face, “iron sharpening iron”, and encouraging one another is part of the Bible command to gather together. (Hebrews 10:24,25; Proverbs 27:17)  But this is highly dangerous, for if caught and pinned down by the elders, it can be classified as “attending another religious service” and carries  an automatic disassociation verdict without the possibility of an appeal. And of course if we live in a rural area of the world then it’s likely difficult or even impossible. Which takes us back to identifying the ones that could be right among us that are also involved in the Struggle.

It’s a puzzle. And not an easy one to crack at that. Regardless of what brilliant idea or “Struggle Shake” someone comes up with, the fact remains that we have our Father and His Son to lean on and to pray to. We have God’s written word and the tools to understand it in abundance and refute false teachings, even from within. The ball is in our court, we just need to pick up the right racket.

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From Yahoo Answers:

When your shaking your fellow masons hand always use your thumb to press on the opposer’s third knuckle (middle finger) obviously this is done when your not sure of the person whom hand your shaking is in the order or not. if they respond the same it signifies there in the order and you can talk freely.

Here’s a YouTube video showing some other secret handshakes

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  1. Lester Kite says:

    never heard that but a great story,I reckon 99.9% of Dubs in my age group lead double lives a friend of mine even used to stay over at his girlfriend’s house every weekend, such is the pressure of repenting to elders because of various indiscretions there is a huge underground of JW double lifers those who engage of heavy drinking/drug taking/betting/visiting prostitutes/gambling etc so much of the old invalid adage of “jeehovah keeps his organization clean” utter rubbish, it’s just makes the Dubs better at hiding it, I certainly had my moments and I was a whisker away from becoming an MS.I wished I’d heard of the 2 dot symbol when I was a Dub!


  2. andrew says:

    When one begins to learn as some have put it “the truth about the truth” he becomes very paranoid, at least I have. If we read “apostate” material we do it when we are alone. On a discussion board we use fake names or middle names. We are extremely careful with who we talk with about some of our findings. It feels sometimes like I’m a target at the Inquisition. Have I sinned against God? Have I turned my back on Jesus? NO I have simply decided not to put my trust in men, just as the bible encourages.

    We are told that Christ’s yoke is light. Before privately I thought “yeah right”. Now I understand it is light, it is man’s yoke that has become impossible to bear. Before stepping down as elder I began to suffer from panic attacks. I believe it is the heavy yoke that the Society puts upon our shoulders, especially elders. I wish I could talk freely about my faith and my beliefs, but at the current time it is impossible. Thank God that we have as you say “our Father and his Son to lean on and to pray to.”


  3. Trini_servant says:

    im no longer an android and im happy about it… seeking non androids in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider caribbean


  4. rus virgil says:

    Hello “Trini-servant”
    Greetings from Romania !
    when you take a break/pause , please read here
    see if it helps you …

    with affection for Jehovah’s sheep,
    rus virgil


  5. serein says:

    iv just been looking in to why they say jesus and joseph was wood carpenters and iv descoverd that the word hasnt quite been translated right and that the word tekton would most probably mean stone mason, also else were i read that it would also just mean a craftsmen a designer an arcitect, so why was it translateed a carpenter only? also i started to think so does that mean that joseph may have made the crosses also for the romans or am i going to far,im begining to think that maybe jesus was a stone maker instead as it says things like the stone was regected and the corner stone and all if u get my meaning,i mean isnt there few trees and more stone around that area and maybe he was a mason, which then gtes me on to that mason secfret sociaty thing, im a reaqding rubish.


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