BoogeymanApostates are a figment of the JW imagination.

Not necessarily the dictionary definition of the word apostate, which simply means a person who leaves their religion–for by that definition everyone who leaves any religion to become a JW is an apostate–but the JW conception of the APOSTATE, both as an individual and as a ‘group’ is imaginary.

For starters, the Watchtower goes beyond the definition of merely leaving the religion. According to the September 1, 1980 letter to all circuit and district overseers, if a person “persist in believing other doctrine” than what the Organization currently teaches, they are “apostatizing”. The Watchtower meaning of Apostasy therefore includes heresy, dissension of any kind, and is designed in such a way to prevent schism and grassroots reformation.

Taking a page straight from the book 1984, they hold that any dissenting thought is a “thoughtcrime” and paired with the informing system where deviant thoughts are reported to the elders, it makes millions of JWs “thought police”.

The Watchtower does much to paint a horrific picture of those they label Apostate. Of course, Apostates are viewed as deceitful and cunning, if they aren’t speaking lies, they are speaking half-truths and facts that are misrepresented, out of context, and mischaracterized. They are viewed as wanting to draw a following after themselves. “Apostates” are viewed as Persecutors who foment hate against JWs (therein lies a low threshold for Persecution—disagreement, even protests are not Persecution). Of course, they are considered hateful, angry, and bitter.

Since in Watchtower theology, leaving the Organization means “leaving Jehovah”, no matter how Christian a person who leaves is, how much they adhere to their conscientious understanding of the Bible, they have “left Jehovah”. Since when a person learns TTATT, they realize that concepts such as door-to-door, 1914, a single unified Organization being “the Truth”, the Faithful Slave, the Governing Body, and so forth are unbiblical, they are often characterized by things they no longer believe. On the other hand, the average person on the street does not believe these things either–does that make them guilty of the vilest of crimes?

When a person leaves their former religion and becomes a JW, they are viewed as humble and open-minded. When they criticize other religions or religion leaders, including their former one, it is viewed as zeal and boldness. However, no matter how conscientious a person is, if a JW does this toward Watchtower theology or leadership, or a former JW speaks of legitimate concerns, it is viewed as Persecution.

The Watchtower does much to enflame hatred. Of course, in the publications many decades ago they did outright say that those they label “Apostates” must be hated with a “real hatred”. A quick perusal of the online library finds all manner of hate speech:

  • “characteristics similar to those of the Devil”
  • “poisoned by a critical attitude”
  • “Like their father, Satan, apostates target people of integrity”
  • “Their methods reveal a cunning spirit”
  • “corruptive ideas”
  • “counterfeit words”
  • “false arguments”
  • “deceptive teachings”
  • “twisting  the Scriptures”
  • “do not have our best interests at heart”
  • “mentally diseased”
  • “real aim of intruders is to steal and slay and destroy”
  • “beat their former associates”
  • “presumptuous”
  • “ravenous wolves”
  • “real enemies”
  • prophesy falsehood in the name of Jehovah”

With these derogatory statements in mind–is it no wonder this Boogeyman exists in the JW mind? I don’t think the Westboro Baptists could do any better in fomenting hatred!

Because those labeled Apostates must be shunned and there is no venue to express dissenting views or to air legitimate questions and concerns publicly—is it no wonder a so-called “apostate” has to be careful in how they express themselves? If they legitimately believe the Watchtower is not teaching the truth and want help their family understand this, what recourse do they have?

Of course, by the time the rank-and-file drinks this hate speech, they are drunk with paranoia, and see the Apostate Boogeyman in every shadow. The clichés and urban legends just exaggerate the one-size-fits-all stereotype of the angry, bitter Apostate who has nothing better to offer, and whose sole goal in life is to make them Doubt.

The word “apostate” becomes a thought-stopping technique. By labeling something “apostate”, they can file an argument away, and just walk away. The label “apostate” does not need to be proven…it is a substitute for proof.

Most times we are only trying to show a JW nothing but what the Watchtower Society has stated. But there are many instances where a JW will not look at an older publication because the Apostate Boogeyman could have potentially doctored it. (Never mind it’s the Society that has amended their own publications at times, as well as revising and spinning their history). Can they present proof of this ever happening? No! They don’t need to find proof.  The rank-and-file is even more superstitious in regard to Apostates than they are in regard demons.

I remember a discussion of why wireless mikes were being reconsidered in my congregation. One person mentioned that perhaps it could transmit outside the Kingdom Hall and apostates could be listening in. So what if they did? I found it a strange thought at the time.

Those few who actually live up to the perpetually Angry and Bitter Stereotypes, the kind that protest outside the Memorial and conventions, it is the Watchtower’s hate speech and shunning policy that has created them. When a person is robbed of their friends and family, when they discover the Watchtower has lied to them for years, decades even, anger is only natural! A minority might never work through the pain and may act out in ways that are unbecoming. I cannot help but think that the Organization’s hivemind rejoices in the few that actually live up to the Stereotype. Perceived persecution fuels the us/them delineation that only strengthens the Organization.

Of course, even when an “apostate” is quiet and unassuming, then they are accused of being sly or “subtle”. No matter how gentle the tone, nor how sound the reasoning, the Persecution Card is easily played.

And this is reinforced mindset the Society has created:

  • Pride/Arrogance = Disagreement with the Watchtower
  • Humility/Meekness = Conformity to the Watchtower

Of course, this hatred and paranoia toward those who leave is one of the universal hallmarks of a high control group. Steven Hassan, a mental health counselor, who is an expert on high control groups says there is “never a legitimate reason to leave. From the group’s perspective, people who leave are: “weak” “undisciplined” “unspiritual” “worldly”. Banning adherents from reading information from former members or any critical information is an important component of Information Control. “Shunning of leave takers” is part and parcel of how such groups maintain power.

Robert Jay Lifton, a psychiatrist who has studied mind control, listed eight criteria of thought reform. His 8th point is this:

Dispensing of existence: The group has the prerogative to decide who has the right to exist and who does not. This is usually not literal but means that those in the outside world are not saved, unenlightened, unconscious and they must be converted to the group’s ideology. If they do not join the group or are critical of the group, then they must be rejected by the members. Thus, the outside world loses all credibility. In conjunction, should any member leave the group, he or she must be rejected also.

Without the work of Steven Hassan and Robert Jay Lifton, the actions of the Watchtower and their adherents would not make a lick of sense. Well, sometimes, on a certain level, these actions never do. Not really. But then psychological conditions such as thought reform do not lend themselves toward people making rational decisions, much less, humane ones.

Many JWs treat those labeled “Apostates” like a character from the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The person they’ve known all their life has been replaced by this look-alike “alien” who seeks to infect them and switch them with a doppelganger. Just listen to the Boogeyman’s “lies, half-truths and misrepresentations” for a little bit and you will be “turn away serving Jehovah”. It is often said that once a person becomes an “apostate”, they never “come back to Jehovah” and they doom themselves eternally. Scary stuff!

Of course, deception does not stand up to the test of time. The more a lie is examined, the more it will fall apart. We, who are viewed as “apostate”, have examined and continue to examine what we believe. We would not risk losing our beloved friends and family for a mere lie. However, once a person is shown the Earth is round, you can never go back to viewing it as flat.

But for the JW, nothing is scarier than a member or former member who disagrees with the Organization, even on a single point. Extreme measures are taken. Often comments are made by JWs that, “Nowadays, we can’t literally kill apostates like in Bible times. But we can certainly kill our association with them!” Witch hunts can easily ensue toward those suspected of apostasy—and ironically, these witch hunts often serve to wake the accused up to TTATT.

Hitler made the Jews the Boogeyman, pouring all sorts of hate and venom, attributing to them the ills of society. The Watchtower does the same thing toward former JWs and causes their adherents to be the Persecutors.

This reminds me of the speech from the Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice, just replace Jew with former-JW, and Christian with JW: “Hath not a [former-JW] eyes? Hath not a [former-JW] hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions; fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, heal’d by the same means, warm’d and cool’d by the same winter and summer as a  [JW] is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die?”

Are we therefore Apostates? If by that term it means the Boogeyman stereotype that lurks in the JW imagination, NO!

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  1. C M says:

    Wow Londo another great article my brother I do not consider myself an apostate because I have so much love for friends and yet like you said once you have found out the world is round you cannot imagine it being flat again, I used to think like many and like you mentioned that these “evil wicked apostates” were all bitter dfd jws who are guided by satan to mislead us all. Now i find myself falling under this JW “apostate” category I was never dfd I did not commit any sin to lose my privelege as a Ministerial Servant, I go to the meetings once in a while, the only thing is I have awakened and now want to help others as well become aware that it is we who have been mislead. And now I sympathize though not yet fully understand the pain our poor brothers and sisters who are being shunned are going through and see why it is that some of them are angry and rightfully so. If we had the freedom to express and discuss our doubts and still be allowed to be members of the organization I think alot of us would want to stay in, well that and a changing in many policies and procedures of the Watchtower, but that is not happening, so now we must seek truth and seek God for ourselves and pray that our loved ones are free from being held hostage by The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. Thank You Brother Londo

    C M


  2. Londo says:

    Thanks, Brother CM. So far it’s been crickets. Yesterday on Facebook, a former JW said regarding this article, “I think these post breeds hate. And I don’t quiet understand the animosity that you have. Freedom of speech. But don’t preach love then post hate. You’re no different than them if you are.”

    I’m still scratching my head over that. If the above article shows ‘hate’, I’d love for somebody to highlight it. The article is all about the hatred that the Watchtower Society has fomented against former members. Nobody here hates JWs. In fact, we love them.


    • C M says:

      Yes I think we all do Love our brothers and sisters with all our hearts we just wish that they could stop being so scared and putting up that JW wall that prevents them from just hearing us out or doing their own investigating as we have and finding TTATT. As to regards to that former JW…beats me what they meant I did not find anything on this or other blogs that show any hate to the JWs we are just hurt the way they treat us when all we want to do is help them…let’s not stop trying Londo.

      C M


  3. Frank says:

    ‘Taking a page straight from the book 1984, they hold that any dissenting thought is a “thoughtcrime” and paired with the informing system where deviant thoughts are reported to the elders, it makes millions of JWs “thought police”.”

    If anyone wants to see how the accusation of thoughcrime works, go to the Matthew Barrie Case, fully transcribed, annotated, and analysed at Just click on “judicial committee” to begin the informative journey. This is happening; this is real and any Witness who feels safe better think again.

    Frank V


  4. Frank says:

    JW Stuggle: “Since in Watchtower theology, leaving the Organization means “leaving Jehovah”, no matter how Christian a person who leaves is, how much they adhere to their conscientious understanding of the Bible, they have “left Jehovah”.”

    We are now entering what I call: The “Post-Politically-Correct Age.” I define this as having our common sense so seared by intellectual nonsense that we can no longer distinguish between what is obvious and what is not. This creates paradoxes everywhere.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has become part of the world they themselves once so decried. It uses worldly agencies to create a power base for itself. Here’re to two examples.

    Paradox 1: In order to receive the power it requires to carry out its purpose, it relies on human conventions such as the UN Convention to demand that governments “respect” their religious point of view. This means God goes out of the picture as having less power than the agencies being relied on. Additionally and paradoxically (actually hypocritically), the WTBTS relies on the same “respect” to demand its right to deny the same human rights to their own adherents.

    Paradox 2: I have been researching the WTBTS’s relationship with the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe). By its very nature the WTBTS has clearly broken political neutrality by going cap-in-hand to this political organisation (basic research will show you that it is a partner to the UN itself) to request help to free up the preaching work in a number of countries. Again, God’s power of salvation plays second fiddle (if that) to human wisdom.

    In a post-politically correct age, there is nothing intellectually and philosophically anyone can do about this situation. If confronting the WTBTS directly, apart from being summarily removed as “apostate,” or “an opposer,” you will be informed that that “God’s Organisation” has received “more light.” Ultimately, the WTBTS has survived by virtue of becoming a political chameleon; changing colour with its environment.

    As the above article states, if anyone still has the power of common sense and attempts to reveal this truth, they are labelled and disposed of quickly, seen as intolerant, and disrespectful of this religion’s right to be self-regulating.

    Frank V


    • C M says:

      If what your are saying is true then I pray for the day the WTBTS becomes it’s own downfall, every time there is “new light” it seems to me more and more people are waking up to TTATT and realizing there is something wrong that is going on in the Organization. Very insightful brother Frank.

      C M


  5. Frank says:

    Hi CM. This conclusion came to me while listening to an audiobook called Why Tolerate Religion? by Brian Lieter. One’s mind becomes awash with a swathe of personal philosophy that governments have to absorb because of the constant demands for lobby groups to be listened to.

    For instance: Should a school’s safety regulations regarding a ban on weapons be respected up against the religious conscience of a committed Sikh who wishes to wear a ceremonial dagger as part of his worship?

    Type in “Jehovah’s Witnesses” into the search engine at:

    and you’ll find 147 references to the religious rights of JWs to preach.

    Then go to:

    and read the first two lines:

    “The OSCE recognizes that the United Nations Security Council bears primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. Thus, the United Nations is the OSCE’s primary partner organization.”

    Then try:

    As you will see, this is Why does the UN “image of the Scarlet-Coloured Wild Beast even come up? The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

    How do we know WTBTS uses UN clout?

    Note theses sentiments written by the WTBTS itself:

    “Human Rights Violated
    The ability to practice religion freely is a basic human right,
    supported by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
    the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Constitution of the French
    Republic. Yet the tax authority believes it has the right to use its
    power of taxation arbitrarily to restrict some religions but not others.”

    Join the dots and what do we get?

    Frank V


  6. Frank says:

    Hi Londo. Listing the pejorative statements (hate speech) to incite hatred of “enemies of the state” reminds me of one of my own articles. I too take a single Watchtower and list the single and phrase pejoratives to demonstrate how a mind is conditioned over time. It’s at:

    Just like you, I noticed that using the Divine Name to render “authority” for a command has a palpable influence on the uninitiated mind. Simply take any phrase like “left Jehovah” and replace the Divine Name with “the Watchtower Governing Body” or “makers of this policy” and the phrase almost becomes meaningless. Any advertiser knows that words, phrases, fear, and facial expressions are all powerful tools of persuasion. Once we know this stuff we can break the spell as many of us have!

    Frank V


  7. spike says:

    Connect the dots and what do we get?! Ummmm, the WTBTS wants to operate tax free in countries where they can prosper financially, but at the same time they do not respect true freedom of religion or the human rights of their own members.

    They are appealing to the power of what they call The Image of the Wild Beast.

    @ Londo:

    Great article. The WTBTS is a mirror image of apostate Jerusalem. Her collapse will be great.


  8. man oh man says:

    Great article.

    Brother Spike I think your right! My question is what does this mean for our family and friends that we love so dearly? Jesus had great power to witness to Jews in the first century, and we have trouble just getting to plant one seed?


  9. spike says:


    I believe that Christ knows his sheep. He knows if our families are deceived. I cannot imagine that he would judge them adversely if they really don’t know any better. Think of the Roman soldiers who executed him. I just have to believe that he would never punish someone for being genuinely deceived.

    Without divine intervention would Saul of Tarsus have ever changed? That’s something to think about.




  10. Frank says:

    Actually guys, all I think that my join the dots exercise does, I think, is show that all religion is simply man-made. If there is a God, I’m sure he regrets using mankind to tell his story.

    Of course, if you think I’m wrong, I’m prepared to hear your arguments. I’m fascinated by the subject.



  11. Buddhagan says:

    I found no hate speech in this article. I remember when I was looking for other exJWs I came across JWfacts. I was apprehensive; I didn’t want to read anything from an angry bitter apostate. However, the tone was calm and reasonable and exposed TTATT. But you are right, even calm and reasonable will get “the devil can quote scriptures too”.

    @Frank, I agree that all religion is man-made include JW. I bet not many JWs know the history of CT Russell, how he was a pastor in another religion. Wait, didn’t he change his beliefs? So JW was founded by an (gasp!) apostate!!!


  12. Frank says:

    Buddhagan, it is one of the many ironies that Pastor Russell and even his successor would be thrown out by the WTBTS had they not been prepared to “have their minds readjusted”!

    I’m all for progressive revelation, but stuff that jumps back and forth is obviously man-made. If you said to a modern Jehovah’s Witness, “Did you realise that the WTBTS is now using partner political organisations (OSCE) to the UN (formally the “image of the Wild Beast”) to get the preaching work done, they wouldn’t know what you were on about. Obedience is the watchword here. The older ones, however, would probably catch on, and many have.

    Looks like the mid-heaven angel’s been made redundant.

    Frank V


  13. Frank says:

    Hi guys, as Cedars’ JW Survey site has a problem with its spam filter I have taken the liberty of placing my comment here on Richard E. Kelley’s The Story of AAWA: An organization to take on the Watchtower. I believe too the subject relates to the above article…

    “Bo, please understand, I am not arguing over a name, but rather the methodology employed to get the attention of those who matter.

    If you place “Watchtower” in the site’s title, you give the name and concept oxygen. That’s exactly what they want. When you juxtapose the word “anti,” all you’re doing is portraying your enemy as a minority religion that has people with torches in their hand smashing on the castle’s drawbridge trying to rout the system.

    What thoughts do the word “activist” bring to mind? Mental terrorism? Certainly rebellion. What benefit will it bring to your victims if simple bias or fear prevents people from even going past the title, Bo and Cedars?

    Human rights is the way to go. Set up a site and I’ll publish all my Judicial committee cases with analyses (placed in the public domain). Get people to tell their true stories and let this generation make up its mind based on, not the desire to bring down the establishment, but on Enlightenment principles. Honour your audience with the right to decide based only on the evidence and leave them to develop their own emotions. Haven’t you had enough of being manipulated by religious propaganda?

    Bo, you are a good man with a good idea; don’t squander it.

    Frank V”


  14. Reader says:

    I think this is a much wider issue and a longer history to this sort of thing;
    FaithMasters the Age of Dogma; http://www.yahweh-immanuel.inf.....ithMasters
    [Daniel 11 v 30 to 31]




    • JJ says:

      Hmmm I take it your comment “ONE TRUE RELIGION,ONE TRUE APOSTATES!!” means something negative towards the article or this site?

      It’s ambiguous could you please explain what you mean?


  16. Could Not have said it better myself!!.. “characteristics similar to those of the Devil”“poisoned by a critical attitude”“Like their father, Satan, apostates target people of integrity”“Their methods reveal a cunning spirit”“corruptive ideas”“counterfeit words”“false arguments”“deceptive teachings”“twisting  the Scriptures”“do not have our best interests at heart”“mentally diseased”“real aim of intruders is to steal and slay and destroy”“beat their former associates”“presumptuous”“ravenous wolves”“real enemies”“prophesy falsehood in the name of Jehovah”


    • JJ says:

      Describe in what way Londo or any of us posting here fit these epithets? Do you have any facts to back up the ad hominem attack you posted?

      If you do we would like to hear it. Otherwise you should probably talk to your elders about whether it’s okay for you to be here brother!


  17. Chris says:

    If anything were true about the following descriptors, it would be that they apply wholeheartedly to the Watchtower Society!!
    “corruptive ideas”
    “counterfeit words”
    “false arguments”
    “deceptive teachings”
    “twisting the Scriptures”
    “do not have our best interests at heart”
    “prophesy falsehood in the name of Jehovah”

    The evidence is from the pages of their own publications and is overwhelming.
    If any legal establishment was to take the time to examine the hundreds of perjuries of truth that they have committed, the world would see them for what they really are.
    But as an enemy of truth they use their lawyers to keep their lies and their followers in the dark!
    Wake up Perfect Description from their Perfect Deception


  18. Reader says:

    Dear All;
    We must be more aware of our own short comings.
    All Organizations have faults, it comes with size.
    But then they forget their humanity and its limitations; is just made big; the good, and the bad also!
    And like Napoleon some put the crown on their own head.
    What has happened in the last hundred+ years has happened before.
    Restoring a true worship has had many restarts, destructions & pollutions.
    ITS BEEN ALLOWED as were Job’s troubles.
    It still hurts of course.
    Sometimes its Satan & co, not perhaps our brothers.
    If we only see the pain, a cure or living with it becomes extra difficult.


  19. Chris says:

    I do agree with you Reader, and like all of us sometimes I become painfully aware of my own failings.
    But for me the issue is not about imperfection, it is about humility and not covering over our mistakes.
    There have been numerous Watchtower articles about not minimizing our wrongdoing especially when confronted, as this indicates a lack of repentance. Yet when they themselves are called to give an account they obfuscate, minimize and generally downplay their involvement in anything that could be seen to undermine their power. I used to note with annoyance that whenever they acknowledged a material error in the Questions from Readers it was always shrouded in the most condescending and reluctant language. That’s what it is really about, power and control over the faith of others.
    When they say don’t commit adultery we agree because the scriptures are clear. When they say don’t steal, we agree also. We agree because we believe the Bible’s authority, not theirs. When they say trust us as stewards of God’s word and obey us as appointees of Jesus we do not agree with them. When they say trust “God’s Organization” as you would God, we do not agree with them.
    You are quite right that focusing on the pain can be detrimental, but it takes time to rebuild after losing friends and family to such a duplicitous and arrogant organization. For many the sense of loss is overwhelming. And it now means that the rubber of our faith hits the road of Christian reality.
    All those who take up the torture stake will be persecuted
    Thank you for your calming words, they are appreciated.
    I will continue to pray for a calm heart but at the moment I am angry, and I long for them to be humbled.
    Soon, please Jesus. Even just a notch or two, so that all those we love and pray for can see that you do not approve of their conduct, and that they will be disciplined like all those making great claims in your name.


  20. Frank says:

    PerfectDesription, If you were totally new to the concept of Christianity and you read the words and studied the personality of Christ, what would you expect of an organisation that claimed to be his footstep followers?

    Ask yourself why modern organisations become what they become. Napoleon is a very good example of the difference between the man with dreams and the hard reality when power comes to call. The composer Beethoven crossed out the dedication to Bonaparte on his 3rd symphony (Eroica)and simply put – to a once-great man, after Bonaparte invaded Vienna. It took personal suffering to bring the composer to his senses.

    There is no shortage of examples in this world of what happens when one starts to believe their own publicity. Why do think the WTBTS to be any different?

    Frank V


  21. Reader says:

    Dear All;
    In partial reply.
    WB&TS is like the Apostolic Church about 500ce, always referring to its beginnings whilst sliding into a Papacy of sorts.
    The American Republican ideals are it seems well absorbed, here in the UK a republic which invited back a Monarchy, a constitutional monarchy; You do not tell the Monarch what they must do.
    You wait on the Monarch to be so gracious, as to this or that.
    A monarch embodies the full power of the State.
    They treat the returning Christ as tho’ some page boy.
    As Elizabeth l was nearing death she laid on the floor, a concerned courtier used an expression about getting to bed; the formidable queen retorted “the word ‘must’ is not used to princes”.
    The Kingship of Christ is being treated as of ordinary value.
    He will be so gracious as to appoint [FADS] whom and when he wishes.
    Then and only then is it appropriate to applaud.


  22. Frank says:

    I thought readers on this site might appreciate the irony of the ongoing double-standards applied by the WTBTS:

    “On April 16, 2012, in the city of Perm’ in central Russia, Aleksandr Solovyov, who is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, faced a fine of 1,000 rubles (about $30 U.S.) for arranging ‘unauthorized religious services’ in a rented hall…

    “In July 1937, Soviet dictator Stalin issued Order 00447, setting in motion a time of terror. Those perceived to have dissenting views were rounded up and tried at meaningless show trials. Official records indicate that tens of thousands were sent to work camps and over 300,000 were condemned to death and executed.”

    Frank V


  23. Frank says:

    In light of James 4:4, can any defender of the modern policies of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society please tell me the Scriptural support for asking the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) to help the WTBTS preach the good news?

    I would be most obliged.

    See “News” section of official website of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

    Pick any human rights story.

    Frank V


    • Chris says:

      I know its a bit off topic, but does anyone really get why the society bought and renovated the Stanely Theatre in Jersey City?
      It seems a rather pompous thing to do. Perhaps they had Bethsaida moment or some spare cash lying around, that they didn’t need for lawsuits :)


  24. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Great article Londo! I printed this off and gave it to an elder who had been “shepherding” me, after the reactions I had experienced from members of the congregation! It expressed my view perfectly thankyou.


  25. Escaping the cage says:

    I just wanted to compliment you on this article. As I was reading everyone’s posts, I agree on the double standards the WTBTS has on apostasy. Someone once told me that the first apostate was Jesus. He took a stand against the falsehood of the religion he was raised in. The organization likes to talk about the persecution that Jesus went through but it never dawns on them that they themselves can be the Pharisees of that time. Notice how they add more to the written law, and how they are quick to judge and accuse people of apostasy when one expresses a different opinion. A friend of mine once told me, everyone wants to be the leader, the profit, like the Christ, or just someone important in the bible, but no one wants to be the humble follower. All those mentioned in the bible were directly appointed by God. God appeared to them, communicated with them directly and to his people. Our times are not like those times. We should all just be the humble followers. And by we, I mean the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are the first that should realize that unless God spoke to them, appeared to them and communicated with them personally and can prove it, then they should not be trying to provide food at the proper time. That’s like a blind man giving driving directions to another blind man. His intentions might be good but, he’s blind. Has anyone gone to the district convention this year? There is a whole symposium about apostates. I would like to know your opinion if anyone has heard it. One of the things mentioned was that the faithful and discreet slave is certain that they have the truth because… They have done ALOT of research. I mean, hours and hours of very extensive research. And that’s why they have the truth… Lol I think I was the only one laughing. Do they honestly think they are the only ones that do research??? And what does research have to do with anything? Neither Jesus or his apostles had to do research to convince themselves that God appointed them. Anyway, if anyone has anything to add about that, it would be nice to hear from you.


  26. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Nice comment Escaping the Cage!! I too would be very interested in hearing more about the DC talk on apostates! I particularly like the end of your comment: “Neither Jesus or his apostles had to do research to convince themselves that God appointed them.” You know of course what the F and D slaves research probably involved…going through the old WTs to see what they had previously said about themselves! If it’s in the WT then it must be true. They are convinced Jehovah uses the WTBTS. It is their idol!


  27. Escaping the cage says:

    Repunzelsawake, it’s nice to meet you and thanks for replying. I like how you said that the F and D slaves only prove themselves with their own publications… It’s so true!!! I wish more people can open their eyes.


  28. Rupunzelsawake says:

    We don’t have to look far for more apostate bashing. The August WT study edition says, “If we were to start grumbling and murmuring about those whom Jehovah is using to direct the earthly part of his organisation, we could by inference be complaining about Jehovah”. The title of the article is “Never Become Enraged Against Jehovah”.


  29. miscreant droid says:

    lol, I suppose the WTBTS forgets sometimes that we are standing on the shoulders of giants to have the understanding of the scriptures that we do. Without Jerome’s Vulgate (which serves as a Rossetta stone for some aramaic and Hebrew words) some portions of scripture would be entirely untranslatable. Perhaps the GB will start taking credit for the Vulgate soon. I remember reading in the work of Josephus that the word “bow” used in Genesis to describe the covenant of the Flood had been translated as a weapon, like an arrow’s posting, for untold generations. Eventually a committee of Rabbis altered it to “rainbow”. LOTS and LOTS of research has gone on OUTSIDE of Bethel. I wonder if the GB would call those Rabbis apostates since they weren’t working from the Elders’ handbook.


  30. danielB says:

    Does anyone know the answer to this ? Is “adultery” or is “apostasy” the most common reason for disfellowshipping now , in 2013 ?


  31. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Hi DanielB! Nice to see you! I would love to know the answer to that. Cedar’s should include that question in his survey.


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