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How can I help with the Struggle?

Over the last year or so I have had a number of visitors to the site ask me how they can help. Specifically most have asked if they can contribute funds to keep the site going. I have always thanked them and declined the offers because in financial matters I had been doing okay and was able to cover the website expenses myself. Also I feared the perception some could have that JWStruggle had turned into something commercial and I was operating it “just for the money.”

Unfortunately for the first time in years I find myself in a place where I barely have enough to cover my own needs. I received the quarterly bill from my hosting package and web domains recently, which was charged onto my nearly-maxed out credit card. I cringed when I saw the emailed bill. The cost to maintain the site is modest compared to many websites, but never in my life have I worried about bills like this until just now. Also I had mentioned in my previous article “Thank God JWStruggle is finally fixed!”, my web host recommended that I upgrade my hosting package with them as the traffic and size of the database are at the limit.

In addition, there have been a lot of great ideas generated regarding ways to promote the Struggle, and to help more awakening Jehovah’s Witnesses escape Watchtower control. I’ve wanted to implement some of these for a long time, as I feel they would be very worthwhile to pursue, but funds would be required to make them happen. I don’t mind putting in the time, and as much money as I am able to contribute personally. I have been doing that for the last two+ years now happily. The following is a list of things that could be potentially very beneficial if we all chipped in together. Some are in the brainstorming stage and need to be refined.  Nevertheless, here are the things we could do:

• Maintain, upgrade, and expand the JWStruggle website and its forum. I also have a few other web addresses that I would like to develop, such as and others.

• Design and print a large number of full color postcards that can be handed out or mailed to loved ones. Printing costs for these are fairly high when ordering 50 or 100. But when you order 5,000 the price drops enormously. What if this large quantity were ordered and then anyone that needs a packet of 50 or 100 of them could simply make a small payment to defray the costs, and then the postcards would be sent to them, ready to be used? Or what if a fading Witness emails me the addresses of their loved ones and I personally send these ones the postcards so that they are untraceable, and protect the awakened Witness from any hint of suspicion?

• Placing advertisements in small local newspapers directing people to the JWS phone number and website.  Some JWs will never go online due to fear, but they could easily and anonymously call the phone number, hear a brief message about the truth about the truth, and ask a question, or request a phone call back. This may be the only way they would ever get a chance to hear TTATT. The only way they could muster up the courage to learn more.

• Burn and send out DVDs containing  a large collection of materials and information gathered thus far on TTATT to anyone that needs it.

• Create signs and bumper stickers that can be placed in strategic places and used to advertise TTATT, and help combat the mind control of the Watchtower. If tastefully done this can be a powerful tool.

• Print T-Shirts with things like “Do you know TTATT?” and other appropriate messages. This can be very empowering to the wearer also- I speak from experience on that!

• ????


I ask that all of us prayerfully consider what we can do to contribute to this project and the rest of this vital ministry to help our brothers and sisters that are trapped inside the Watchtower and its Kingdom Halls. I will be taking any and all feedback on this subject, and ask that you can pray about it and ask for God’s guidance as JWStruggle and the Dissident Movement of Jehovah’s Witnesses gains steam and more ground in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Below are the options available thus far. More to come soon!

(Please note that your credit card will NOT list a charge from “JWStruggle” but my business name which is quite innocuous, High Quality Productions)


Recurring monthly payment to support JWStruggle

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Onetime payment to support JWStruggle:



Apostasy Trial on DVD:


TTATT Research Disc:


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13 Comments on Supporting the Struggle

  1. Professor says:

    I, as with many of us I am sure, want to help. Romans 12:13: Share with the holy ones according to their needs. Follow the course of hospitality.

    JJ, there is a problem with the “Buy Now” setup. If I choose to send a one-time payment of $20, 30, 50, or 100, the next page comes up filled in with only $10.00. Can you get this fixed?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Or , you can email me Eric , and I will used a debit card to contribute somehow , or send you a check direct . bro dan . . .


  3. man oh man says:

    How about an address to send a money order since some of us share finances with our believing mates?

    Would also like to see the struggle come up on search engines at the top? Paid advertise?


  4. JJ says:

    Thanks for pointing out these glitches- I *believe* they have been fixed! The address for sending funds directly is:

    Eric B0ttorff
    P.O. Box 273
    Pismo Beach, CA 93448


  5. Rookie says:

    I will be glad to help out. Anyone can look at their situation and prayerfully consider how they can contribute to this site. It has nothing to do with ego and fear should not stop us from doing what we think is right. I have a meager income, but if a poor widow can find the means to contribute to something good, I know I can too. :)


  6. Frank says:

    Hi JJ. Any idea when your next JC part will be coming out?


    • JJ says:

      Hello Frank!

      The entire judicial trial is on YouTube. Just go there and type in “JWStruggle” to see all the videos on the channel. However I am planning on putting up a “behind the scenes” video of how the filming was done as soon as I can, but it might take me a couple weeks.


  7. LonelySheep says:

    Hi JJ I will be setting up a regular contribution.

    Its really funny, in all my years as a Pioneer, brother etc there is one thing I could not do. Contribute financially to the cause. I guess it was my upbringing.

    But here I am, for the first time in my life, feeling, no wanting to contribute to a religious endeavor.

    You have my blessing and hopefully my widow’s mite, can help to defray some of the expenses you have incurred.

    May Jehovah’s and Jesus blessing be with you


    • JJ says:

      That is so wonderful Lonely Sheep- Thank you. I am working on the postcards right now, and hope to have a new article on this and the “new light” re: the FDS ready soon!


  8. MrVic says:

    Your site is doing a great service!


  9. BrotherMcBanal says:

    My emails from Gmail and Aol got hacked, I need to create another email account. We all need to do our part to support JWstruggle, prayers and well wishes but others are in a position to send a little something to help defray the costs associated with website-hosting and all this cool software you are using to make JWstruggle look 21 century.

    Please advice, or provide us a way or method to donate in order to stay concealed. London’s story was gut-wrenching because I am still asked to read the minds of repentant sheep, who are begging and pleading for mercy, while my power hungry brothers hide their true feelings. I want to change the way things are for the better of all our brothers and sisters! When I am asked now to read their minds, often I am accused of being too soft on sin!

    Pleases leave us ways to help you offset your web-hosting and software expenses. My current email needs to be adjusted due to opening up some chain-letter some idiot from the Organization sent me!


  10. ElderJamesMcBanal says:

    If you could post ways for us to donate or send you something to keep this valuable site up without revealing our ID, that would be killer! We love you so much, I pray your daughters are getting a balanced picture of how JW life and how the World is. The World to me has much better, kinder and loving people than all my little Sheeples I play the prince over, how I bask in my title (Just kidding!). Help us support JWSTRUGGLE in various ways, I don’t see that you provided a mail box or anything I can send you a pre-paid VISA Card.

    Elder James McBanal


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