If you are a Jehovah’s Witness you know for a fact they teach that only Jehovah’s Witness have any hope for surviving Armageddon as the following Watchtower quotes explain:

Only Jehovah’s Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the “great crowd,” as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer,
have any Scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by Satan the Devil.” Watchtower 1989 Sep. 1 p.19 (The “Scriptural” support offered for this statement is Revelation 7:9-17 and 2 Corinthians 4:4 and supports no such idea.)

“Similarly, Jehovah is using only one organization today to accomplish his will. To receive everlasting life in the earthly Paradise we must identify that organization and serve God as part of it.” Watchtower 1983 Feb. 15 p.12

“During the final period of the “ancient world” that perished in the Flood, Noah was a faithful “preacher of righteousness.” (2 Peter 2:5) In these last days of the present system of things, Jehovah’s people are making known God’s righteous standards and are declaring good news about the possibility of surviving into the new world. (2 Peter 3:9-13) Just as Noah and his God-fearing family were preserved in the ark, survival of individuals today depends on their faith and their loyal association with the earthly part of Jehovah’s universal organization.” Watchtower 2006 May 15 p.22 “Are You Prepared for Survival?” Paragraph 8

My question is, are Jehovah’s Witnesses Beliefs Clear to the World? Noah built an Ark and it was very clear that one needed to be aboard that Ark in order to survive the flood. Even though JW’s do believe one must be a JW to survive Armageddon, how often do they proclaim this belief? I decided to look this up on the watchtower.org to see if this warning is online for the world to see. I couldn’t find anything through their search method so I used Google advanced search to search only watchtower.org. Not only did I search for the three quoted articles above, I searched for other articles that say the same thing found here: http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/salvation-only-for-jehovahs-witnesses.php I searched many phrases such as “only Jehovah’s Witnesses”, “only one organization today” and “association with the earthly part of Jehovah’s universal organization”. I looked at the web page that shares their beliefs (http://www.watchtower.org/e/jt/article_03.htm) and found nothing there. I couldn’t find anything on their web site that said one must be a Jehovah’s Witness to survive Armageddon! If you can find something, please let me know and I will gladly update this article!

Wouldn’t you think that such an important aspect of survival would be stated on their web site or to the public from door to door? Would not the belief that one must be a Jehovah’s Witness to survive Armageddon be the most important teaching of all? Why is it not found in there statement of beliefs? I noticed that there statement of beliefs have scriptural references. However we all know there is no scriptural support for this statement, “Only Jehovah’s Witnesses… have any Scriptural hope of surviving.” That has to be the biggest reason they do not include this belief in there statement of beliefs on their web site. I believe the other reason is most Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe this and possibly not all on the Governing Body believe it. I know I myself never did. Did you ever believe that “Only Jehovah’s Witnesses… have any Scriptural hope of surviving“?

It was very clear in Noah’s day what Noah preached. People had a visible Ark to view and they knew what it was for. Is it the same today? Apparently not for Jehovah’s Witnesses. They hide the fact that they teach “Just as Noah and his God-fearing family were preserved in the ark, survival of individuals today depends on their faith and their loyal association with the earthly part of Jehovah’s universal organization.”

Why doesn’t the Governing Body tell Jehovah’s Witnesses to preach this message like Noah did? Become a Jehovah’s Witness or be killed at Armageddon! Was not Noah bold? Could he have been any bolder? JW’s do not preach what the Governing Body teaches on this subject and the Governing Body doesn’t make them. I believe they know this would be met with much opposition. If this belief were really true, why is it not preached on TV, the radio and news papers? WHY is it NOT on their web site?

The truth is, this is a very controlling and manipulative cult that controls it’s people through threats of disfellowshipping by those who rule in secret star chamber courts.
They go far beyond what is written and hide the real truth. What is the real truth? What truly is the visible Ark in the world today? Who came to the Earth and said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses say we cannot survive without them. Jesus Christ said he is “the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” So who are you going to follow? Who really is the true Ark? Jehovah’s Witnesses (who deny Christ as their mediator) or Jesus Christ? Is it any wonder Jehovah’s Witnesses hide their unbiblical belief that they are the only ones that will survive when it is so clear that Jesus is the true ARK that all the world can really see. Even though they might not get on board the ARK today, it is clearly visible for all to see that Jesus truly is “the way, the truth and the life.” What Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, that only they will survive, is very UNCLEAR to the world for they themselves do not preach it!

Your brother in Christ,

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  1. JJ says:

    Nice piece of reasoning Greybeard. This major doctrine is masked because the reasons are obvious- many would be scared away from the organization.

    Also, most Witnesses (including myself) have always fallen back on the “well God is the judge” comment and leave it at that.


  2. andrew says:

    I would say many JWs are embarrassed to admit to non-JWs that they think that only JWs will survive Armageddon.
    I would usually never admit to non witnesses that that is what I thought. It seemed so closed-minded, which it is.


    • greybeard says:

      True, not only that, very judgmental and has no scriptural support. Jesus forgave those who put him to death and the thief who died with him. Were they Jehovah’s Witnesses? It is scriptural that non Christians will be forgiven as well as Christians.


  3. Jayme says:

    Excellent points brother! I have thought the same thing. If people can only survive if they are JWs then this is the single most important message needing to be clearly understood by billions of people on the very brink of the greatest judgement in history. This information literally means the differance between eternal life or death so why pussy foot around, keep it short and simple and use every available means to do so! I think this topic would make a great video.

    btw – yes, when I was an active JW I believed that only JWs would survive and not even many of them would make it. No wonder I was always so depressed and hopeless. :(


    • greybeard says:

      Yes that is a depressing thought. I admit I felt the same in my younger days as a JW. Only JW’s would make it and just the “whole souled” ones. My wife is still a JW. Every now and then if we come across a real nice person or family in the “world” I will jokingly say, “to bad their going to die at armageddon.” She gets the point and doesn’t like me saying it but that doesn’t stop me.


  4. DanielB says:

    There are other Christian groups who hold that theirs is antitypically Noah and the ark for salvation too. However parishioners seem somewhat wishy washy on this. Since the call will be obvious in the future to leave Babylon the Great, I consider myself fortunate to have escaped such dogma. Two Witnesses become set apart and considered heretical, and if this is where I find myself, it is an honor to be set apart, even now. And there is liberty and freedom in Christ! Not liberty for doing anything for the flesh, but liberty in Christ.


  5. serein says:

    hi all i dont come on very much anymore feel i need to just read and listen and think,i used to be the person who thought only wits will live every one else wasnt,it is teached but its not straight off the block like u say it should be if its so true,its fed slowly but surly till u hooked line and sinker thinking it to be so,its taken me along time realy to reilise how horrible i was to even think that way,i used to say to my kids when paradise is here wel have so and so house as every one will be dead and wel live were we want how horrible i was,i now think hope everyone stays and just changes and the world is peacful and nice no worries no bad attitudes no bad nabours everyone geting a chance at it again and realising the worlds a nicer place i just want peole to become nicer and better and morrel which is what itl be like if its paradise, i hope and pray for everyone to get a chance again and if not il be sad but im not going to ever think im gona live and ur not ever again its totaly bad talk and disrespectful to others thinking were better when we not,there are people far more important than me,i just went door to door theres people out there spend there whole lifes feeding helping the dieing and poor in third world countrys so much better than me there saving lives not sat saying ur all gona die and im not or leting em die cos its devils fault and ow well heres a watch tower hope u become a jw befor u die or ur doomed.


  6. Alden says:

    Yes, brother Greybeard, another thesis nailed to the papal wall. James said that those who are wise and understanding would show it with a meekness that belongs to wisdom – such a teaching is not meek, but manipulative. Those who truly try to bear witness to Jehovah and Jesus, however, would never deny Christ as their mediator. If we allow ourselves to be manipulated, it’s our fault, too. You help keeping us on our toes, brother Greybeard!
    As far as the destiny of Earth’s inhabitants is concerned, will the Judge of all the Earth not do what is right? He will!
    Peace and love to all.


    • greybeard says:

      Thank you Alden,

      I am nothing but a good for nothing slave 😉 Everyone here encourages everyone. Myself, JJ and Andrew are real close friends so we are together on this site but much more comes from others who post like yourself… JJ and Andrew keep me on my toes and Lord knows I need all the help I can get.


  7. JWB says:

    Greybeard, I very much enjoyed your post. Noah proclaimed the bold message concerning the ark being the only place of survival through the impending deluge. The organization proclaims the bold message concerning its own “ark” being the only place of survival. The difference is, it seems, that those bold proclamations are done only through its publications. If they were to be truly honest and open, truly believing that you must be “in association with Jehovah’s Witnesses” in order to survive Armageddon, they really should make this clear as publicly as possible.

    “God SAID TO Noah …” (Genesis 6:13)
    “After that Jehovah SAID TO Noah …” (Genesis 7:1)
    “God now SPOKE TO Noah …” (Genesis 7:15)
    “And God went on to bless Noah and his sons and to SAY TO them …” (Genesis 9:1)
    “And God went on to SAY TO Noah and to his sons with him …” (Genesis 9:8)

    “God, who long ago SPOKE ON MANY OCCASIONS and in many ways to our forefathers BY MEANS OF THE PROPHETS has at the end of these days SPOKEN TO US BY MEANS OF A SON, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the systems of things.” (Hebrews 1:1-2)

    Of course, we know that the organization does not have God (or even Christ) SPEAK TO them, as the Bible clearly shows happens when our Heavenly Father is specifically using people as his mouthpiece. At the time of the flood, God was using Noah (and spoke to him). At the time of the formation of the nation of Israel, God was using Moses (and spoke to him). In the first century, God was using Jesus (and spoke to him). Whenever any major ‘change’ in leadership occurred, God SPOKE (either directly via angelic messengers, or indirectly via visions and dreams).


  8. LonelySheep says:

    I am seething mad at those fraudsters lauding it over everybody.

    I’m an ‘active’ witness and to tell you the truth JW’s make me sick. Let me correct that. The imposters in their ivory tower who call themselves the FDS make me sick.

    My wife tells me I should calm down, but I cant seem to, every time I think of them, my blood just boils. I hate to see how they are just fleecing the flock.

    Greybeard, if you don’t mind can I post this over at e-jehovahswitness?


    • greybeard says:

      No I don’t mind at all. Maybe you can post a link back to this web site too. Yes it is hard to to get upset with the GB, I feel the the same emotions sometimes but we must love them anyway… 😉


  9. LonelySheep says:

    Greybeard, thank you. I’ve posted it, so I’ll be interested in what our neighbours have to say….


  10. humbleman says:

    Hello brothers warm brotherly love to all of you.

    there will be a change in rulership at Armageddon. what there wont be is a mass destruction of all those who are not JW. Jesus died for all mankind. please read the following verses from zechariah

    16“And it must occur [that], as regards everyone who is left remaining out of all the nations that are coming against Jerusalem, they must also go up from year to year to bow down to the King, Jehovah of armies, and to celebrate the festival of the booths. 17And it must occur that, as regards anyone that does not come up out of the families of the earth to Jerusalem to bow down to the King, Jehovah of armies, even upon them no pouring rain will occur. 18And if the family of Egypt itself does not come up and does not actually enter, upon them also there shall be none. The scourge will occur with which Jehovah scourges the nations that do not come up to celebrate the festival of the booths. 19This itself will prove to be the [punishment for the] sin of Egypt and the sin of all the nations that do not come up to celebrate the festival of the booths


    • greybeard says:

      Thank you Humbleman,

      I see it this way too. This is a prophecy awaiting fulfillment. How can this be fulfilled if all the “nations” are destroyed and only the “loyal JW’s” are left? JW’s are so judgmental, arrogant and wrong in their views. We love them though and hope along with all the others who are the same, they will be saved too. Jehovah/Yahweh is a very forgiving God.


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