I was going to call this post “Methodology of Website Registration via Authentication Procedures” but decided on
something a little easier to digest. So anyway… There are many JW websites that are positive and pro-Witness out there. These exist for most of the same reasons other sites exist- to encourage their site members and provide a safe forum to chat and gather. Understandably, many sincere brothers and sisters are concerned about what they deem as apostate influence and infiltration among anonymous internet users, so they setup a registration process
wherein they can restrict who is able to participate and become a member of their website.

Registration on these sites are limited to only those that can look up something from a current Kingdom Ministry or songbook, or even the OD book for example. And if you don’t know what that last one even is then you see how they can make it very hard for a non-Witness or inactive or disfellowshipped one to jump through the site registration hoops and become an approved member of their website. This is of course their right, however the opposite situation usually prevails and anyone with an email address is allowed to sign up as a member of most free sites. Now some of us among the “Conscious Class” or what this site has called attention to as “The Struggle”, are enlightened Witnesses of Jehovah and yet have jumped through the registration hoops and become members of one of these JW sites. Why would someone do this? Perhaps they crave theocratic association due to being a shut-in, or are inactive or disfellowshipped. Maybe the person just wants to keep up with what is going on among Jehovah’s Witnesses. And of course there is also the possibility that the person intends to try and help these friends see the mistakes they feel are there in WT theology and behave in a subtle “stealth-mode” when commenting on a site like that. Whatever the reasons, it got me to thinking about the converse- some JWs go “under cover” and frequent more open-minded sites like freeminds, paradisecafe, perimeno, friendsofJWs, etc. to
get information or out of curiosity. And this is all well and good for the most part. Perhaps they will actually learn something beneficial and will awaken to the struggle. But for the sake of argument, what if we wanted to make site registration available only to “Bona Fide” Strugglers? How would we do it? These other sites ask the potential applicant to look up a reference, or answer certain questions and ostensibly only active Witnesses would be
able to do so. There is a site that makes available many of the WT publications converted to  ISilo format which allows the friends to download them directly into their Android, Palm and iPhones so they have the publications
with them wherever they are. Their registration process is fairly stringent even for an active publisher, and the site is meekspace[dot]com if you want to check it out. An interesting wrinkle to this idea is that it is known that certain individuals at Bethel are assigned to monitor internet chat rooms and other “anti-JW” and so-called apostate websites. It is assumed this number is very small, probably just a few brothers, who would need to be checked periodically to be sure their resolve hasn’t/isn’t slipping after wading through all the evidence of WT error online.
According to former writing staff member Barbara Anderson there was (and probably still is) a closet containing a large collection of books and pamphlets considered to be “apostate”. No doubt the books written by brothers like R. Franz, C. Jonson, D. Cameron, etc. are there. So how could it work if we wanted to implement something similar? And what would be the purpose of such a registration process? Well isn’t the main purpose of this site and the many other excellent ones like it to educate and encourage those that have been “skinned and tossed about” by the problems within the WTS? And to hopefully minimize the confusion and cognitive dissonance that sincere Witnesses go through?

The authentication questions posed to become a member could even serve as a primer or educational quiz that would require a person to get acquainted with at least the very basics of the problems and struggles that exist between the respective players. I can see a “what-if scenario” containing questions like these: . .
1. Name at least three books that are labeled as “Apostate” by the WTS. Include at least one that was written by a former member of the governing body.

2. What was this former GB member wrongly disfellowshipped for and what is his complete name?

3. Name the former circuit overseer quoted in one of Ray’s books that said this: “Yet here was a man [Russell]
whom, Jehovah’s Witnesses still argue, God used to revive the great teachings of Jesus and his apostles. Why don’t they study his books today in the congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses, even from a historical standpoint? Because much of it, if not most of it, would be considered heresy today.”

4. Name the book and page number where the quote above appears




Authenticating a person in this way could accomplish a number of things. It would require them to look up pages out of these books, guaranteeing that at the very least they briefly hold the book in their hands or open it in their
computer. And they must read at least a little something of what is contained- what a concept! This is of course an enormous no-no for
Witnesses and is considered spiritually disastrous. The WT publications have warned repeatedly for years that looking at anything they consider apostate is akin to drinking poison and reading pornography. (See the “Apostasy” page on this site) So what other questions could be on the list? Would it make any point at all to even consider doing this?

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  1. Greybeard says:

    Hi JJ,

    That is quite a concept! I hope your not going to do it because I think it would keep many JW’s from entering. That’s my opinion :) Keep up the good work bro!



    • Dennis says:



    • jacqueline says:

      Hi Greybeard,
      Some of the people I refer to this site would not have Raymond Franz books. But they are wanting to talk to other witnesses that are struggling. So I send them here. They need to be able to talk, they are just realizing somnething is wrong so they won’t have Ray’s book.
      Just my little 2 cents. bye-bye, Jacqueline


  2. Jolly Roger says:

    Yeah, I agree to whatever it is that you are trying to say, or did say, in words acceptable enough to the 6 or 7 folks that add content to this site. Most exJW, Enlightend JW, or progressive” JW sites that I’ve been to seem to feel the same way: I was told “No” by the bullies and I don’t like it!

    It is both amusing and enlightening to me how much the average JW knows and how little they appreciate it. The fact that the basis of all that they know, don’t know, argue about, is that

    there is a real God named Jehovah who has, for some inexplicable reason, chosen them out of the writhing mass of humanity to learn knowledge and wisdom heretofore reserved for only the very select of the very select. Instead, these bloggers, site contributors, whiners, use the very information that they have selectively received to invalidate the very ones who channeled
    that very knowledge to them. But then, if I were an adversary, and thus inherently lazy, scornful, demeaning of all those whom I could sway, I think that I would also stick to the same winning formula: whatever it is that you’ve been told, well, it is a lie because the one who told you all that shite only wants to control you and hide things from you and make your existence
    less than it should be because it makes him feel better.

    Of all the rhetoric that I have read on many, many sites, purportedly for Jehovah, I have yet to read anything but a vacuum. What I mean by that is that all I read is what is WRONG with a particular aspect of the GB or the WT or the Organization”, I have never gotten even so much as a suggestion as to what should replace all the evil and sin that they claim that the WTS has become. One thing that is both telling and bone-chillingly frightening is the complete minutia that JW argumentists have come to latch upon.

    There is a psuedo-“intellectual”/academic that has written a few books based on the “inconsistencies” in the Bible. I first ran across this guy on the CoastToCoastAM radio show.

    Keep in mind that this guy makes his living, and presumably his academic career, off of publishing books “proving” that the Bible is “inconsistent”, which means that he has a fiduciary gain for everything that he can convince others is “inconsistent”. One night I was listening to this guy be interviewed, and the “host” asked him that since he obviously had an in depth knowledge of the Bible, why he didn’t believe in God. His answer was honest, but telling.

    “I was visiting a foreign country (a country other than the USA) and I saw this little girl about 7 years old, who was obviously starving, and she begged for food on the street. Right then, I
    knew that I cannot believe that there is an all-powerful God who would let a 7 year-old girl starve to death.”

    Wow, what an epiphany. I tried to get phone into the radio station to ask this genius a question, but all I ever got/get is a busy signal. The question that I wanted to ask him (and ask you) is:
    “and what, exactly, did you tell that poor, starving, little girl on the street?”

    My impression was that he would have congratulated the girl as living proof that no God exists. That’s right,
    there was no way that I saw him offering that little girl any sort of help-without profit, that is.

    My sense is that his reply to the little girl would have been something like, “I see that you are hungry, and although I am sympathetic, I realize that giving you any food, or anything that with which you might acquire food, would be an imbalance of the cosmic algorithm. You see, little girl, your starvation is practical proof that there is no “God”, and as such, it is proof that if I let you starve to death, in spite of the fact that my feeding you would amount to a smaller expense than I spend on condoms in a week, it is proof that God cannot, nor will not, take care of his own. Therefore, little girl, your starvation proves that God doesn’t exist.”

    For the die hards that have lasted this long and in true honest confusion ask me, “So. What’s your point?” let me reply with a question:
    Why do none of the “Kingdom” songs have a blues riff?


    • Amos says:

      I get your point JR, & agree with your reasonings/sentiments.

      1) There is no point (as you point out) tearing down any belief system, if you don’t give a positive alternative to it.

      2) Your experience concerning the little girl scenario; poverty does not prove that God doesn’t exist, it proves that mankind cannot provide all the needs for himself, (usually through the greed of the minority)….but rely on the Father for everything.

      3) Where possible, those who can should provide assistance to those less fortunate than themselves.

      4) I love a blues riff!!!


    • andrew says:

      Greetings jolly roger
      I think the JWs do an admirable job of educating biblically illiterate people and bringing them up to a certain level of understanding of God’s word. However the current system of authority only lets them get so far in becoming spiritual adults. The brothers become dependent on the GB to decide many matters of conscience for them, many want to be told what to do. As a former elder many of the friends would ask me what they should do under certain circumstances. They weren’t simply asking for advice, they wanted to know what the society said they should do.

      The alternative to the JW method is to realize we will all stand to be judged before God, therefore why should I force my brother to do what my conscience tells me? Cannot someone be a christian and my brother even if their conscience doesn’t tell them the say thing mine tells me? Should I reject as my brother someone who thinks blood transfusions are alright or that celebrating birthdays are acceptable? Should I reject him because he believes different doctrine than I do? This humble, accepting form of worship is not a vacuum. If one day I leave the organ. I will always consider JWs as my brothers, and never look down on them because they have decided to stay in the organ.

      Being a christian is about following and imitating Christ. A religion or organization can at times help us to do that and sometimes hinder us. When we stand before the judgement throne, Jesus will not care if we were a JW, baptist, or Catholic. He will care if we imitated him or not.


      • Difficult Places Common to Scripture says:


        I totally agree!!

        As for “Authenticating a person…” in order enter this site that is the very slippery slope the Watchtower has taken. Let all speak their mind and interact. No one has all truth neither JWs nor exJWs!

        “1) There is no point (as you point out) tearing down any belief system, if you don’t give a positive alternative to it.”

        Very true! Jesus did not tear down and then leave the room. He supported and built up!


      • jacqueline says:

        Hi andrew, I agree with all that you are saying.Blood transfusions, birthdays non of those are judging points. Jehovah allows us to make those decisions and be happy until he brings in his kingdom. If our load is heavy, it isn’t from Jesus for his is light. And you are right, where can they go? That’s why sites like this are so important, it maybe a lifeline for someone.Thanks


  3. john ratsch says:

    the witnesses are write they are in every land and visit
    everyone how else can you have a one on one talk about god no t.v
    no internet no books pamplets ect.by the way this iiiis a court
    case between satan and jehovah playing out to heavenly angels and
    earthlings funny thing that jehovahs people are called his
    witnesses call up your next witness well jehovah has believe


    • Dennis says:

      You said, “the witnesses are write they are in every land and visit everyone how else can you have a one on one talk about god”

      That JW’s are in every land or have grown from a small group, is not proof that JW’s are right or that they have Yahweh’s spirit or direction as a group. If this is the criteria then there are many other groups that got there before JW’s.

      You said, “no t.v. no internet no books pamplets ect.”

      If this is true then why do they print more religious literature than anyone in the world? Why do they not just carry the Bible to the door?

      You said, “jehovahs people are called his witnesses”.

      Not true, the scripture we’re all familiar with and you are referring to, is speaking about ancient Israel who were uniquely Jehovah’s Witnesses to the nations around them. A chosen people. By no stretch of the imagination was this speaking of a group that would surface a few thousand years later in the 19th century. The habit of the Witnesses is to take this scripture out of context and misapply it to themselves. Christians are called to be Jesus’ witnesses to the people and world around them. Acts 1:7-8 (HCSB) 7 He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or periods that the Father has set by His own authority. 8 But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on YOU, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

      In Christian Love


  4. john ratsch says:

    ive been a witness for 50 years and looked at every angle
    really for and against there is no direct line to heaven the (red
    phone) jehovah directs us not every word out of the gov. body is
    totaly solid when you deal with imperfect humans. the apostales
    show that by there questioning jesus for answers and he was
    derectley with them we don’t always get it. but he does have a
    people always has and he does watch over them always has and does
    teach them that is the nature of teaching you learn there is no
    absolute truth only in jehovah.thats why we are imperfect we make
    mistakes actions and teachings no derect line to gods


    • Dennis says:

      Brother John,

      You said, “not every word out of the gov. body is totally solid.”

      To this I agree. The problem is that all Jehovah’s Witnesses must accept the full body of teachings that are unique to Jehovah’s Witnesses and not view the current teachings at any given time as a smorgasbord from which individual J.W.’s can pick and choose from, accept or reject. According to the Governing Body, J.W.’s must accept all teachings from them regardless if they are thought to be correct or not by the individual Witness. This is well documented in the Witness literature and in court testimony.

      You said, “he does have a people always has.”

      Your comment here indicates that you are trying to make the case that Jehovah has always had an organization “a people” (like ancient Israel and modern day Jehovah’s witnesses). An organization that he directs and works through. If this is correct, let me ask you to identify the organization he was using just prior to C.T. Russell? Such an organization cannot be identified. The truth is that there have always been true servants of Yahweh, true INDIVIDUAL Christians that he works through and directs from the first advent to this very day.

      You said, “there is no absolute truth only in Jehovah.”

      I know you didn’t mean that there is no absolute truth. Absolute truth does exist, however, because of man’s sinful condition and Satan’s continuing influence, it eludes all of mankind and ALL religions (J.W’s included). A certain amount of truth and error exists in all organized religions. I do believe that J.W.’s have truth, more than some (less than others in my opinion). The problem is, you must except the error along with the truth to be in their club. There is no scriptural support that Yahweh is currently exclusively using an organization to publish truth (not even Acts 15). It’s not an organization that guide’s the Christian today but rather the Fathers Holy Spirit. John 16:13 (NKJV) 13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.


    • Jayme says:

      If there is no absolute truth and this is the nature of learning then why are all Jehovahs Witnesses required to believe and teach as ABSOLUTE TRUTH what ever the latest “light” is from the Governing Body? When the absolute manditory truth of today overnite becomes the “old light” of tomarrow its no wonder so many suffer from cognitive dissonance. The Governing Body is driving us like a stolen car….and its making some of us sick!

      BTW-There is a direct line to God…His name is Jesus Christ!


  5. john ratsch says:

    no other religion can take so many people from so many
    backgrounds religeous tribal ethnic race group.and they all say one
    thing they found the truth. jehovah said the truth would set you
    free.and that you would know his people buy the love amongst them.
    funny how the witnesses are one of the only relegions who do not
    kill eachother in warfare.all others due can that truly be love is
    god divided by geography


    • Dennis says:

      You said, “no other religion can take so many people from so many
      backgrounds religious tribal ethnic race group and they all say one

      You seem to consider this “saying one thing” to be proof that Jehovah is currently using only the WTBTS as his exclusive appointed channel today. The much touted “Unity” of Jehovah’s Witnesses. While J.W’s do indeed have a united worldwide brotherhood they are not all united in the same thought as they would have you believe, as evidenced by this site and many, many others. In fact, as it relates to unity of thought, JW’s have an enforced unity. Why else could the scriptural understanding of doctrine such as the “Generation that will not pass away” suddenly change overnight in the minds of 7,000,000 people. Did they all do research and come to this conclusion simultaneously? No, they were told to believe this by the Governing Body and then any study they did after being told what to believe, was not to prove truth but rather to prove the Governing Bodies doctrinal change and new position. I am not saying that JW’s are a cult but this certainly is cultish behavior. Don’t believe me that it is an enforced unity, try this. Take a doctrinal stance in opposition to the Governing Body, clearly set out your position to all who will listen complete with scriptural evidence (let your light shine), persist in this doctrinal position and see what happens. You’ll be branded an apostate and disfellowshiped. Again, enforced unity!

      You said, “funny how the witnesses are one of the only relegions who do not kill eachother in warfare.”

      This is simply not true. While the position of J.W.s on this matter is admirable and to be applauded it is by no means unique to J.W.’s.



      • jacqueline says:

        Dennis if you see some of the things you’ve said on friends website it is because I would like to use some of your reasoning points. Is that okay. Don’t want to without your consent.
        BTW I want to thank many from struggles for helping us with our problem with a Missing and Exploited child that went missing in 1984 from S. africa. She was with an elder in Australia and a lot went on. I didn’t know what to do at first, but some of you gave me support. Thanks, All’s well with them now.


  6. john ratsch says:

    one last comment there is know way to fight jehovah the
    message will go out his people will be protected and his plan will
    be finished im just a witness of it and glad i know what i


    • Dennis says:

      To this we agree with the exception that “his people” will not be found exclusively within the ranks of the WTBTS. The Wheat and the Weeds are growing together my friend.

      Christian Love,



  7. Lester says:

    John Ratsch; you say that JW’s do not “kill each other in warfare” but are not the only politically neutral pacifist religious organization, funnily though your organization was a fully paid up member of The United Nations the “Wild Beast” of Revelation,and the WTS also owns millions of $’s of investment stock of companies producing military hardware, not so politically neutral are they John?


  8. Jolly Roger says:

    I think it was around 2003, but I can’t really remember precisely, the WT published a study article wherein they told the congregations that they should not overlook the meek and mild brothers for leadership roles. The article was quite explicit in it’s admission that often times those who end up “taking the lead” do so by mere force of personality, as opposed to spiritual development. The article further admitted that this was a very common practice in our modern world, as those who “can get things done” are valued more than those who have done the right thing, because, to the world, profit trumps everything. There were references made to Matt 20:24-28, Psalms 25:8 and the description of Moses as the meekest man upon the Earth (Num 12:3) (Hard to imagine the adopted son of a Pharaoh being called “meek”, huh?) and how Jehovah chooses who He wants.

    Along with the tremendous knowledge that the average JW is given comes a built-in conundrum, in that they are able to see things that most people of the world cannot see, think in ways that people in the world find ultimately confusing and, thus, easily reject-able. But, as the saying goes, “in the Valley of the Blind, the one-eyed man is king.” Yet, apparently there is an irrepressible need within Jehovah’s people that causes many of them to strive to invalidate the very source of the information they are using to invalidate the information they are using. Confused yet? Me too.

    By way of example: A man get’s hired by NASA to set out the orbital path of the next bazillion dollar satellite launch. The mission director interviews the guy he wants to hire and says, “This satellite costs a bazillion dollars, so we want to make sure gets into the proper orbit and doesn’t fall down. Your resume says that you have an advanced degree in Orbital Mechanics from Suchandsuch University.”

    “Oh yes. I studied under Professor Soandso. As a matter of fact, I was his most prized student!”

    “Oh, Prof Soanso, eh? He’s got quite a name in the Orbital Mechanics discipline, but I haven’t heard much about him lately.”

    “Well, I’m not surprised. The Prof turned out to be a complete fraud. Apparently he was an escaped mental patient with delusions of grandeur. But, he sure taught a good class!”

    A few days ago I ran across a piece in the newspaper wherein the author was describing how the current goings-on in the USA were viewed by folks in other countries. Basically, it describe an audience of bewildered, stunned, people unable to believe what they are seeing. The author put up a quote from a French friend of his that was both witty and quite accurate: There are no words for Americans in an agitated state. Years ago, if someone were to ask me why I knew that we were in the last days, I would have launched into descriptions of end-times and the 606BCE thingy and wars and reports and of wars and on and on; however, today, in perhaps a spasm of surrender, knowing that they are either going to understand or not, I simply say, “Look at the way people are acting.”

    If I am allowed, I have included 2 links that might be of interest. (I hope so)




  9. Jolly Roger says:

    “Danger Signal,
    Danger Ahead!
    I know you’d be better,
    If you thought,
    thought I was dead!

    I won’t tell you,
    I won’t tell you no lies,
    I’d come back and haunt you as another guy!”

    JJ Cale – Super Blue – From his album “Troubador”

    Whatcha’ think? Would this make a great Kingdom song or what?


  10. bruceguth says:

    On your leading question for this thread, “Would it make any point at all to even consider doing this?”, the having such questions as “checkpoints” to enter a site for Christians to converse, my answer is an emphatic No.


  11. Paul Stefanski says:

    Thank God for “apostate” literature! It is like cool water on a stinging sore! Without it, I would never have been set free and return to the Catholic Church, the church not only of my roots, but where I actually receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, available to all; not just to 144,000 people (whatever that means).


  12. ratsch says:

    Well you guys can twist the scriptures you have read some of the information it’s coming out now that’s not available to the public to my knowledge the only people that are separate from this world today the witnesses all the rest your looking for man to solve your problems


  13. ratsch says:

    Man is just a voice box the governing body or whoever maybe in the congregation it does have holy spirit backing but it still man’s speaking not all speaking from the brothers is gold the apostles have problems even in jesus’s presents with their teachings and beliefs and understanding


  14. Chris says:

    Dear Ratsch

    Your points would be easier to consider and understand if you used proper grammar. You know, fullstops. Capital letters, and commas.


  15. Anonymous says:

    The Church of Scientology is “separate from the world” similar to how Jehovah’s Witnesses are separate from the world , Ratsch , and they near-equally look to man to solve their problems . As for the Holy Spirit , it shows up where it chooses .


  16. v says:

    Hi ratsch from sister Ruth.

    Glad you found your way here. We are happy to hear your point of view.
    Please don’t worry about not having full stops between your sentences. We will work out what you saying. Your doing the best you can do. We understand that.

    Sounds like you are a witness! Also l notice what you can see the governing body are the only ones that have Gods holy spirit to direct all those people in the watchtower. Is that correct?

    Well l suppose it seems that way.
    But have you ever thought about this before? The Ephesian congregation were gentiles.
    People like you and l. Now the next part is very interesting
    Please read Ephesians 3:15-17
    This scripture talks to you and l again. “Ratsch” It says, That we would be strengthened by the might of by his spirit in the inner man!
    That Christ may dwell in your heart by faith that you be grounded in love.
    What does this mean then?

    Jesus dwells in our hearts? Thats very new to us! Would you agree?
    When we leave churches and organisations we actually become so close to the holy spirit. How come you may ask? Well, if you go to John14:26
    you will see that the one that teaches us is not a governing body, or pastors in a church but the holy spirit.
    He, that holy spirit promises to bring to our memory if we forget Everything he has taught us.
    You see its all done from heaven. No man can teach us because God has not asked them to.

    Its so wonderful to have mature men around us. We can learn from them, especially if something is not clear to us. Plus they watch over our souls. That good.
    But dear Ratsch. We here on the struggle are progressing with the help of the holy spirit like we have never seen before.

    Please give us a chance to tell you our side of the story.
    Love you Ratsh Sis Ruth


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