Recently a new page was added and is found in the upper right tab of the site. My thought was that those that visit could anonymously leave a comment explaining what brought them here and where they are with respect to their service to Jehovah God and Jesus Christ and how it relates to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Statistics on the visits and page views of the site show that many come here and then promptly leave. This indicates that some are sincere Witnesses and arrive then realize it was a “mistake” and don’t want to be sucked into apostate ideas. We pray that those folks will see that we are not looking to distort or tear down anyone here.

So if you have time, please go to the page and leave a brief comment. As these accumulate over time it could become a repository of understanding and even encouragement for all of us involved in the struggle.

Click here to go to the “Your Story” page and read or leave a comment.

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