I met him briefly when I was there and of course heard him speak many times. He seemed to be a lovely man. But when you are convinced its all part of Jehovah’s Org and you are Captive to a Concept things tend to go “God’s Way” all of the time and it’s so much easier to go along with inertia, the crowd, etc. We see what we want/need to see when we are in that place. I certainly
did for many years. I look at some of the things I did as a young elder and cringe today at the conclusions and verdicts that were reached. Did I agree with some of the decisions the body
made? No. I felt that I had no choice but to go along because I was the “youngster” on the body, and inexperienced.

No one but God and Christ should judge him- he was no better, and no worse…

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  1. Difficult Places Common to Scripture says:

    Whether or not John Barr was a good man I leave to God. But if we are to judge his religion it should be with eyes open to the fact that every Christian faith has had men who went the wrong way and who promoted doctrines not from God’s word but from their own hearts and minds. This was true of ancient Israel, true of the first century Christian congregations as evidenced by the 7 congregations of Revelation where 5 were found to be wanting and it is true today.

    Trials from within have always been. It is what we ourselves do to worship Jehovah and love our brother that counts not what sins the Governing Body has committed or what flawed doctrine they teach. Jesus taught under similar circumstances. The Pharisees of his day raised themselves up, they put down the lowly, they claimed authority not granted them. Jesus did not teach his disciples that they should go off in the wilderness and live a good Christian life all alone. He taught them to love one another and to persevere under difficult circumstances. The hardest test of our love does not come from outside the faith but rather from inside the faith.

    False brothers hurt at the heart and easily lead us to conclude that Jehovah cannot be with his people. When we are suffering it is good to remember that sprinkled throughout the Bible are stories of those who persevered and proved true to God though their kings and priests failed to do so themselves!


  2. Lester Kite says:

    the old bastard can rot in hell as far as I am concerned, nice old man or not I couldn’t [admin deleted], he presided for decades in secret Governing Body sessions that saw membership of The UN/presided in secret that saw unspeakable suffering inflicted to his own brothers in Malawi/kept quiet over the WTS purchase of investment stock that produces military hardware/and right up to his death saw a world wide child abuse scandal that rocks the WTS to it’s rotten core.Sometimes keeping quiet is just as bad as sitting at the side of the dictators that he rules with. Jack Barr died with blood on his hands, good riddance.


    • Difficult Places Common to Scripture says:

      Lester Kite,

      There is no business, organization, religion, or government that has not at one time or another committed wrongs, wrongs just as bad as the Watchtower.

      A little balance is required here. Or are we to be just as judgmental and closed minded as the Watchtower? Have we learned nothing?


  3. serein says:

    less of the swearing would be nice


  4. Lester Kite says:

    one expects a bit more from an organization selected by The Lord as his mouthpiece on Earth,this so called “spirit” that is meant to be given to his Faithful Slave should result in exemplary behaviour to the “stewards” that serve in this role. The reality is that The WTS is no different probably worse then the “churches of Christendom” it so chastises form the pages of The WT month in month out.


  5. Anonymous says:

    apologies if any have been offended by my language


  6. Lester says:

    2 new GB members about to be appointed ASAP, good sources
    according to the leak, John Ekram and Robert Raines, any body know
    these dudes?


  7. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear Ruth ,how do I contact you? I very new to trying to figure the computer and IPad and the cell phone is still the easiest. I could post my address so anyone can write or send me their address because right now I am using my friends email. I would like be in contact especially any women because I am a chic also behind the name freethinkerinjah thank you for welcoming me . Hopefully I can figure out how to read all comments again because I just discovered all your comments to now by accident,so I could use some help in navigating my way on this site cause I am learning all this by myself. Love ya all freethinkerinjah


  8. DanielB says:

    There is one way to navigate here , using the Forum link at the top of this page , which some don’t realize :

    The Forum link has an initial page with a break-down of certain basic subjects . The one with most of the comments and discussions is the “Bible Questions & Discussion” link . If you would like keeping up on the most recent Forum comments , then near the bottom of that first Forum page , you will see an “active members” link . This link takes you to the most current commenting .


  9. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Thank you for the help bro danielB I still new at this computer stuff and that’s my main problem and I using my friends email and iPad and trying to figure this all out on my own when it comes to posting replies cause a lot of the posts do not go through so there might be a lot of repeats for awhile thank you freethinkerinjah


  10. Ruth says:

    Freethinker email me at truthistimeless@gmail.com
    Make sure you say freethinker then your real name and male or female.

    See ya! hope to hear from you.


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