Dear Brethren, a few months ago a brother gave me one of the most important books that I have ever read, “The Two Natures in the Child of God.” It discusses in detail, the two natures within the “New Creature,” the fleshly & the spiritual. This is the reason that I called for comments concerning the term religion, as this is discussed in this book, & shows that the true child of God, does not need religion. What we need is the pure truth from the scriptures, & this doesn’t mean that we will know the “entire truth,” but what we do know & understand will be ” truth.”

The author of the book is E.W. Bullinger, he also authored the study notes in the “Companion Bible.” He was an ordained anglican minister, & has written several books of interest that are readily available today.

I believe that throughout the gospel age, our Father has been using many people to dispense spiritual food to the saints, & that this has been particularly noticable from the time of the Reformation, with such as Luther, Calvin, etc, & picked up momentum following the days of Napoleon’s capture of the pope, AD1799. This action saw the rapid spread of bibles, & much more interest in spiritual matters, particularly beginning with William Miller’s “second advent” movement.

I have come to believe that almost all of these ones who are shining lights, include such as Ellen White, Barbour, CT Russell & many more. The fact that they have belonged to a religious system, does not mean that the Lord would not use them, that is, move their hearts to dispense His truths to His discerning children….food at the proper time. (Apostle Paul is an example) I therefore believe that we are in a most desirable place in time now, where we can have direct reference to all of these “snippets” of truth, that have taken centuries to dispense, by our Father in heaven. We can sift through these writings, & pick out the gems of truth, & add them to our understanding of the scriptures.

I have been building up a library during the last 18 months, that includes many works, including the “Ante-Nicene Fathers”, Calvin’s complete commentaries, & many more recent writings, plus a lot of reference materials. This is why I’m simplifying my life & making many adjustments, so I can devote as much time as possible to sifting through some very serious topics, to get the true meaning of the scriptures for the “Child of God.” For those who haven’t looked into these books, you would be surprised at the number of gems they do contain, but care is always needed.

For those who are interested in reading the above book it is available to read online at the follow site;

It can be printed off, & consists of 32, A4 pages.

It is not just another book, I believe it is an essential read for “the child of God.” Bullinger uses copious scriptures, & certainly had great insight into God’s Word.

Christian Love to all,


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