I have recently exchanged emails with a very experienced and learned Christian brother who has strong writing skills and is familiar with Jehovah’s Witnesses and their plight.  I would like to recommend his site to you:


Brother Werner had some very beneficial counsel for me and I thank him publicly here for his thoughtful emailed comments. For those of us that may be coping with cognitive dissonance and/or feelings of guilt from learning things about the WTS that may have shocked us, the following introductory article entitled “Thriving Spiritually” may prove beneficial. It is quoted below:


A significant number of men and women whom I have met over the years from different parts of the world have been deeply hurt while associated with various religious movements. For some, their experiences have been of a nature that seems to have robbed them of every vestige of faith they once may have had. Others, within these movements or presently no longer associated with them, find themselves in a state of emotional and mental upheaval. Among those undergoing distress are exemplary men and women who sincerely want to live lives that reflect favorably on God and on his Son, the one whom they recognize as having died for them. At times, they feel very much alone, fearful, and helpless. God and his Son do know how many such men and women there are in the world and their need for a compassionate response.

The information in this section, A New Start in the Spiritual Journey, A Look at Revelation, and Jesus Christ, God’s Unique Son (based on Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), is being provided in the hope that it may serve to comfort and reassure persons who are no strangers to suffering but who desire to grow and flourish spiritually.


The next article entitled “A New Start in the Spiritual Journey” can be found here. I will be adding this repository of scriptural writings to the “Links” sidebar of the site so it can be found at any time.

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5 Comments on An Exceptional Site for Bible Students

  1. lurk says:

    Thanks for posting the link. Really helpful
    I now know that I have cognitive dissonance, yaaay!
    My heart and mind indicates that something is not right within the JW. But they establish themselves to be the link to god (even thought isn’t written that Jesus is the only link?), so it feels so bad to speak, think or act against them.
    I can not ask a question regarding something I feel questionable without being consider a traitor, couldn’t I ask Jesus if he was the son of God, couldn’t I ask him who gave him his powers, the authority? or is asking a sin?

    Jesus condemned those who doubt him because he saw their heart.
    There was lesson to be learn from that attitude.
    Isn’t it written to test, question the source of any inspired talk?

    I only want answers, the truth has nothing to fear. John 8:32
    When you can not explain something with beside “because we say so”, something is not right or your foundation is shaky.


  2. jacqueline says:

    This is a great site. It’s so nice when you can express yourself without fear. I enjoyed the article. There is a growing “Concious Class” that wants Jesus to be the only way to God, just as God has said. We really appreciate what he did and don’t want to help disrespect him and his position in Jehovah’s plan. It sort of like the golden calf thing all over again. Some of us feel we have to jump to Jehovah and Jesus’ side.
    In Christ


    • Amos says:

      I quite agree with what you have said. Perhaps it could be that we are now VERY close to the end of this system. Perhaps it’s now time for separating the wheat & tares, getting out of BTG.
      I find it very exciting to be able to freely study God’s Word, & have sites such as this for our association & encouragement. Keep up the good work, every body.



  3. Leonor says:

    I recommend his article A New Start in the Spiritual Journey, on the above website. Very transparent and reassuring of God’s love and forgiveness.http://wernerbiblecommentary.org/?q=node/2

    Mrs Researcher


    • JJ says:

      Sis Leonor

      Thank you for emphasizing the above link to Brother Werner’s excellent site. If you can, perhaps you can relate some of the points you appreciated about it.


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