Dear brethren, this is just a note to let you know that I’ve been caught up with some temporal things at present, but hope to give my bio soon.


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  1. Amos says:

    I was raised as a JW, 3rd generation on my mothers side. My father took the truth in 1923, & my mother about 1928, this was before they met & married.
    Even although I’d had a varied existence spiritually, I had always had the utmost love & respect for our Heavenly Father, & His Holy Word. I have been through two marriages, with both wives seeking other men.
    While doing meeting preparation, & seeing several discrepencies in WT teachings (about 2000/2001) I began privately questioning the WT doctrine on several subjects. About this time, I began to get the callings of the Holy Spirit, quite unexpectedly, & the more I studied & applied myself, the stronger the call became. I mentioned this to my sister & her husband, & some elders in the neighboring cong. (we had no elders) they all said that it was not possible for me to be of the anointed, as the number was completed. I decided to keep many things to myself from that time onward, and continued in my studies.
    In September 2005, I was dfd, for something I was not guilty of, & while not giving up on Yahweh, I completely lost faith in the WTS. In 2007, I decided that I should make a comeback, as the callings were beginning again, so I moved quite a distance away, hopeful of reinstatement (& to retire), as the elders in the new cong. said it would be possible. Well, we never did have any committee meetings of any sort, so after six months, I gave up on them, & spent the next year or so, looking at many different religions in the hope of finding the truth. Finally, in February 2009, after much intense prayer, I found the Br. Russell Bible Students. I have had spazmodic meeting attendance with them, mainly due to ill health & the distance to meet with them.
    As I never take anything spiritual, on face value, I’ve found what I believe to be several errors in their beliefs also, & have come to the conclusion that, as we are all standing before God on an individual basis, we don’t need any organisation promoted by man. What we need is each other, God’s Word, & the Holy Spirit (the helper). This is all the first century believers had.



  2. greybeard says:

    Welcome Amos,
    Hopefully you will find friends online here. Jesus said wherever two or more are gathered there I am…


  3. Amos says:

    Thank you Brother, I feel as though I’m among friends already.



  4. rus virgil says:

    Greetings Amos,
    I am glad to meet “prophets”

    I am glad you are not looking to associate to others , (BS )

    but , you started to understand that this is truth regarding the “anointed ones” :

    Jeremiah 15:
    19. Therefore, thus says the LORD,
    “If you return, then I will restore you–
    Before Me you will stand;
    And if you extract the precious from the worthless,
    You will become My spokesman.
    >> They for their part may turn to you,
    >> But as for you, you must not turn to them.

    The Lord’s Grace be with you,
    rus v.


    • Amos says:

      Thank you for your comments Br. Rus.
      Yes, I am really starting to understand the full implications concerning being anointed. I’m afraid I’m not the type of person that could endure hearing falsehood being spoken, without trying to correct this from the scriptures, with mildness, of course.
      I will from time to time, meet with others, (like the BS’s) with the sole purpose of having fellowship, & not to be totally isolated. I will receive most of my spiritual association here, & perhaps on a BS forum occasionally also. I have some explanations to give on one BS forum, to complete a topic that I have been involved with.

      May our Loving Heavenly Father continue to support you also.



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