Hey I just want to mention something that has bothered me a little, and it might not be a newsflash to all of you out there but here it is:

Some of the sites on the internet about Jehovah’s Witnesses are shall we say…ANGRY!

Many are more than that- they are downright mean cruel and hateful too. Now I know that lots of us have a right to be mad, hurt, and even furious. We are all entitled to feel the way we feel! Shunning, man-made doctrines, self-righteous behavior, failed prophecies, etc. are horrible things that have been inflicted upon the brotherhood by some in the Organization or by our Leaders per se. It’s wrong and it’s one of the things that we/I tackle on this site. Our brother that has written many wise articles and studied for hours and hours on the perimeno site can testify to this. There is a fascinating and thought-provoking article about “The Man of Lawlessness” and its application towards the Governing Body there.

But when we post on here I am hoping that we can keep it civil and keep the name-calling down to ZERO. A brother gave a great illustration one time about carrying around all the anger and resentment in our lives, and how we sometimes just pile it on our back and carry it with us wherever we go. And we’re stooped over 24/7 and we don’t for the life of us know why we are angry, bitter and never smile because we can’t see ourselves. And then someone that loves us comes up and says, “Hey dummy you gotta let it go! Stand up straight and drop the hate!”

Will we listen? Will we have an “ah-ha” moment and realize that EVERYTHING is not the Society’s fault. EVERYTHING they teach is not a lie and meant to beat us into submission like some sites/people want to believe. I was at Bethel for a few years and I met and worked with some of the most amazing and humble people there I have ever known. Did I see weirdness and arrogance and problems too? H$ll yes I did. I saw it from at least two specific ones of the GB actually. But I was just a young kid in the factory sewing books together all day so I didn’t exactly rub elbows with the big boys. I kept my eyes open and was a good listener, and folks talk and you hear things. (I’m getting off the track)

So my point is that we have cause for being here. We need to band together and figure it all out. We need some changes to be made and we may personally even need to do the “fade” and get out of the congregation. I hope that’s not the case with you but I do understand it. That may be the step our conscience compels us to take. But lets show love and not beat our fellow slaves while we navigate through this life. No matter what happens. No matter what IS happening, Jesus said “all of you are brothers” and that means we don’t spew hate and condemn everything and everyone that doesn’t believe the same as us. Isn’t that what we don’t like when the Society labels anyone that believes differently as an “angry apostate”? Let’s not play into their hands. Let’s live by the law of love as best we can.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Hi JJ,

    I agree about the anger, foul language, lack of civility and down right unchristian attitudes exhibited on many JW related websites. It seems that many of the friends are unable to let go of the anger that we all feel when we first come to grips with what the Watchtower Organization really is. Some throw the baby out with the bath water and become atheists, others just can’t escape the anger that they first felt and spend all their time disproving Watchtower doctrine. It is hard for many when Christian freedom is thrust upon them. Many can’t handle it because they are so used to having an organization tell them what to believe. They have long ago stopped “rightly dividing the word” and have allowed others to do it for them. They have stopped “Making Sure of All Things”. How sad. I had my own difficulties in this regard. At some point, we who’ve had the blinders removed have to rebuild our spirituality without a man made, authoritative organization between us and our King. We have to stop studying to learn what we don’t believe and start studying to determine what we now believe, to “Make Sure of all Things” once again! I am convinced that this along with continual prayer is the only way to turn the corner.

    Your Brother,


  2. Greybeard says:

    Yes I agree and I might be one of the guilty ones. Those statements by the society proved to be untrue thus a lie. 1 John 2:21 tells us no lie originates with the truth. How many false teachings originated with the Governing Body? Is it wrong to point them out because they meant well? I don’t think so.


    • Dennis says:

      Agreed, the society’s own writings state that good motive is not an excuse for spreading falsehood. Pointing it out is certainly appropriate but focusing on it to the exclusion of your own spiritual growth is not healthy. Not applying this to anyone in particular, just a general observation and a hole I fell into for a while.



  3. Greybeard says:

    Maybe I’m in that hole 😉


  4. andrew says:

    I certainly do not think the members of the Governing Body are purposely lording it over the flock nor do I think they are purposely teaching false doctrines. The current members of the GB have been handed a “legacy” of subtle domination of the flock. I am sure they believe they are doing what God wants. In a way they are victims as much as the rank and file are. And a good portion of the publications are helpful and correct.

    But I would not want to be them when all must render an account to Jesus. However, Lk. 12:48 talks about the slave who didn’t understand the masters will. He will be beaten only with a few strokes, but will not be designated as the evil slave. Perhaps in this category is where the majority of the members of the GB will fall.


  5. nova bingham says:

    Im angry. I don’t understand why my daughter was molested by a young man without any discipline. Nor was my molester disciplined. One confessed. The other just said he didn’t remember anything that happened. All was covered by the “at the mouth of two witnesses a thing can be established” What self respecting child molester would molest a child with an audience of even one? What a disgrace to Jehovah’s name. There are thousands of us struggling to make sense of it…impossible.


  6. DanielB says:

    Dear Nova, this is a painful thing that is carried along with us, as victims and relatives of victims, until these things become resolved. And they will be; so that is the good news. E-me, if you need to talk on this. I am very open on that basis, in confidentiality. I have studied over these things for 20 years, and would be glad to talk it over. I am a parent of some who were abused, and former husband of some who were abused. I had never been. There are solutions.


  7. whateverhappenedtome says:

    i believe that an ‘awakening’ passes through different stages. stage 1 usually involves a lot of anger,hatred, disappointments, loss of trust…feelings of being cheated on and awful pain..especially when you realize that things taught to you were not really what you think they are and you’ve believed them your entire life! this kind of realization not only happens to Jws…but also to some of our bible studies who learned about the bible and left their religion too…especially if that religion they belong to claim to be the only truth…the sole path to salvation…..
    But soon that stage will pass and the person calms down..and he would then have a clearer sight of his next move…
    what im saying is, that, those kind of feelings are pretty normal..especially if we’ve had been a devout christian. we might feel feelings of having those years wasted over something that’s a lie. i think as christians, once we are in this struggle, we must hold on to Jehovah and pray that we won’t be eaten up by our anger and temporary emotions…and that we would be able to overcome and really find answers to our questions….
    i believe that we do need other people to help us be on track while dealing with the struggle..be there for each other in case our emotions and anger get out of hand….it is important that While we struggle, we have mature christians around us who would let us vent and express our feelings no matter how bad they are…and then will stick around to give us advice and help us adjust our thinking. reminders about exercising love is sure a great help….

    or…we might just end up becoming the kind of people like them who brought us to this struggle in the first place.
    i think we, here are not all on the same stage..some of us have already moved on from stage 1 and are now enjoying new found knowledge and understanding..while others are still in the midst of confusion and depression….wherever we are at this point, this place is a good avenue to find comfort..and encouragement in this difficult time..
    for me, i see this website as a straw im holding into so that my left-over faith would not vanish totally into believing other versions of worldly lies…
    knowing that i’m not alone or that i am not just being tempted by Satan for noticing the issues in the org…is quite enough for me now to want to stick around…

    i hope we all not give up on each other. i appreciate all the posts and experiences here…they keep me going.
    thanks to all of you brothers and sisters!!!!!


  8. v says:

    whateverhappenedtome Welcome!
    What you wrote makes a lot of sense to me.
    Its true a few of us have moved on to the real simple gospel of Jesus which we are loving so much.
    Still preparing for changes about to take place that will rock the world. Building up our faith confidence and listening to Gods words of prophecy and advice.

    Its not just a matter of gaining heaps of knowledge but also applying the principles and commandments. “With all that said. Then we realise just how gracious and kind the father has been to us in revealing all corruption with in Satans entire world.

    Knowing that in John 4:4 greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. The” Holy Spirit” the wonderful arm of God is in the bodies of all true believers.

    To me, that is so over whelming! Yet as we travel this new road we see so much evidence
    that the father has indeed been caring for each and everyone who says close to him.

    Galatians 6:1 reminds us we are all capable of falling. So what I’m constantly reviewing in my mind how true this is. Memorising Jesus very words about asking our father each day to “Deliver us from the EVIL one. To lead us not into temptations! If Jesus (Yeshua) said to pray this way, Then that is a rope he is handing to us for our very salvation.

    Thanks Ruth.


  9. v says:

    sorry that scripture should have been 1John 4;4


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