Eric on Monday September 12th, 2011

The title of this article is “Rabbinical Legalism and Bible Study”, and I’m going to get to that first point momentarily. But let’s take the second part of the title first. I have finally been getting through Ray’s second book, In Search of Christian Freedom. It is superb, logical, and thought inducing over and over again. But to really understand the content and reasoning I have been looking up many of the references, and with a length of some 700+ pages, it’s taking me some time. That’s a lot to study! But whatever we choose to study though, you’ll agree that balance is needed. If we drench ourselves in an obscure passage of Hebrew Scripture and every footnote and cross-reference available for hours, days, and weeks, is that balanced if we don’t read or study anything else during those days or weeks?

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andrew on Sunday May 1st, 2011

Throughout all human history men have fought and died for freedom, political freedom, economic freedom, and spiritual freedom. We as Christians are especially interested in spiritual freedom. Most of us have belonged to an authoritative religion that permits little in the way of Christian freedom. It is something some of us are starting to experience […]

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