Field Service

Eric on Sunday January 13th, 2013

I had been thinking about how hard it can be to tell the difference between a high quality product, the “genuine article”, and a knockoff or an inferior product recently. Well sometimes the imitator can be so hard to distinguish that even an expert can be fooled at first. To me it’s like that when we are in the Jehovah’s Witness structure- we are told what to believe, given a very well-thought out schedule of all the things we should be doing, etc.

There are two lengthy meetings per week, field service at least once or twice on the weekend, family study night, cleaning of the Kingdom Hall every couple months or even more often, and more. There is the reading of the three monthly issues of the Watchtower and Awake, and now there is the reading of the extra online content at the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well. On a yearly basis there are two assemblies and one District Convention to attend, two visits of the circuit overseer (sometimes three even) and on and on it goes.

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Eric on Monday March 26th, 2012

I felt moved to write something about this subject for different reasons. First of all this is an extremely important subject where Christians are concerned. Also, there seems to be conflicting ideas about what sacred service actually is. Any misinformation about sacred service or misunderstandings, could seriously affect our standing with our Creator. I feel it is important to let God’s word be the final authority as to the definition of Sacred Service. Let me explain what has prompted me to spend two weeks in meditation and study on this matter, as well as some sleepless nights.

As you are all well aware, Jehovah’s Witnesses place a great amount of emphasis on the preaching work, the main method being the “house-to-house” covering of territory. I respect the dedication shown, and I don’t doubt the motives of others doing this work since man cannot read hearts. In fact everyone I personally know appears to have fine motives. As you all probably know the normal “rank and file” members are mostly very sincere and humble people. So while not doubting their personal convictions and love of God and neighbor, I question the information they have been given to keep them motivated.

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