Shaggy Dog

Eric on Tuesday May 1st, 2012

I’ve been told that if you put five apes in a room with a ladder leading to an access hole in the ceiling, those apes will try for the ladder and head for the hole. I’ve also been told that if you spray them with a fire hose every time they make for the ladder, eventually they’ll all stop trying to climb it. Furthermore, if you take an ape out and put a new one in with four of the original apes, the new one will go for the ladder. However, the veteran apes will pounce on and beat on the new one for his foolish attempt until he too stops trying for the ladder. And so it will go each time you take out one of the veteran apes and replace him with a new one: the new one tries for the ladder until he’s tromped into simian submission. Eventually, you’ll have a room full of five apes who weren’t of the original five that had actually experienced the initial fire hose treatment.

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