Eric on Sunday August 7th, 2011

me: I wonder if i could ask u something…kind of serious…
Ben: suuuure. shoot.
Sent at 8:32 AM on Wednesday
me: Awhile back had a bro I’ve been friends w for a long time get DFed. He started emailing me all these links and I responded twice trying to defend truth but he asked to “examine all things” (scrip in Corinthians i think) and I did read a few of the pages
Ben: yeah?
Sent at 8:35 AM on Wednesday
me: we’ve all come across that stuff before, like when you read an news article about the blood issue and then there’s all these haters that post cr@p. I’ve never read any of that junk but he made a point with me
Ben: Yeah??
me: just wondered if that ever happened to you
Ben: Man……

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