Eric on Thursday October 4th, 2012

For about one week the database that runs the JWStruggle blog has been locked by my internet hosting service. When this happened no one was able to add a comment, register for a new account, or post anything whatsoever.

I spent easily a dozen hours trying to figure this out and get it fixed, and was on the phone to tech support twice. Late yesterday my host,, Finally rectified the problem and then just now I was able to update the Wordpress configuration files to accept a new and improved database file so this should never ever happen again.

The reason that the database was locked you ask? Due to the increased traffic and comments over the last month or so, the database grew so quickly it exceeded the maximum file size allotted to it, and once that mark was hit they “froze” the file so that no additions or subtractions could be made. Of course I did not know this, and so stumbled around searching for the why of the problem for quite a while!

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