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  1. mark says:

    Hi,i was married for twentyfive years and towards the end of that time my wife (ex) was taking our youngest daughter then(15) to some guys house during the day and long into the evening hours.One night i got home and my daughter was getting out of the van with her mom,I asked them what was going on,my ex just stood there and told me not to worry about it.well as time went on ,things started to build up inside me being the father and all.I went to see a local elder and told him of this situation,he simply asked me if i had told this to anyother elders and yes we did but no response,well he inturn,told me that he wasnt going to get involved because we had approached other elders about this ,so i left him feeling very lonely and helpless. all the time fearing that my daughter may be in some serious trouble with this guy ,and by the way ,this guy was around 18-19 yrs old at the time.so i called one of the elders that we had talked to and he said that he had some good news for me and that he would tell me at the kingdom hall.well we got there and left there and nothing from him.the longer time went on the more helpless i was feeling,my daughter was staying up all hours of the night talking to this guy and the more i tried reasoning with her the more she got mad at me and wouldnt listen to a word i said.i would get mad and angry with her and explained that i loved her but she would just lay on the couch and smile as she was dialing his no.what she didnt see was the tears and pain running down my cheeks because where i was standing i was watching my daughter dieing with aids or suffering with a horrable desease,or possably getting hurt by him physically.Oh, by the way she was intamate with a 32 yr old o month prier to this at the age15.so i was watching a terrable thing reaccuring.after the first guy, we went to the elders and they suggested that we go to child protective survices,so we did and shortly after that he moved to florida.At that time i had lost my job and our house was getting ready to be put up for forecloser,I had talked to my mother and she told me that for some time my ex wanted a mixed baby to raise as her own.we have four children.Well as things progressed for the worst the more i wanted communication between my wife and myself,the more tight lipped she got.I was truly at my witts end as they say.and feeling let down by the elders and all the praying i was praying, i just felt helpless mainly because i didnt put the trust and faith into Jehovah that i needed to.I was a getting desperate and getting very impatiant.It seemed like everything was hitting at once.I was at that time losing my temper more and more,I think I was just needing some breathing time to take in everything but had no time at all,my daughter was still being dropped off at this guys house (he lived in a halfway hose) and learned that my mother-in-law was going with them as well.my mother-in-law is and was a very devoted witness.so i was feeling very alone here i went to three elders and told them that i was about ready to collapse with stress and anxiety and that i needed help with this but felt reminded that this was strictly my responsabilty and try to take care of it myself with Jehovahs help of course.I was feeling like i was loosing not only my babys life but my marriage with my wife because the more answers that needed from her concerning this matter,the more silense i received,and that caused more tention and all along i was getting more angry about everything,my job,house,marriage,betrayal with her and my daughter.before i knew it iwas yelling ,cussing at both of my wife and daughter and this was terrible in front of my other children i know .the other efforts and things that i tried wasnt working so i wanted to try to scare some reallity into her heart in attempts to stop this relationship.This didnt work and feeling let down by everyone ,i come home one friday night and found the house empty of everything.and a letter writtrn by my wife,she sued me for a divorce and took the kids and everything with her.Later that month i got disfellowshipped.due to fits of anger.Please dont misunderstand me,i deserved it .its just that later i found out that my ex was working for one of the elders that was in the com/that disfelloshipped me and the overseerers grandmother didnt like me at all.actually i went up to her at one of the meetings and said hi to her and told me to get away from now.i about cried right there.just confusing.so we were seperated now and i was going to the same kingdom hall as always and the elders pulled me back to the library one night after the meeting and asked me not to come to that meeting anymore and that it was placing too much stress onto my soon to ex wife.but at the same time i was told that i had to show those elders of my improvemants,at that time i ask them as what was expected of me in order to get reinstated,they told me have a personal bible study,subscription to the watchtower and awake mags,and not to miss one meeting if possible.i did those things and wrote two letters practically begging them to let me in as a brother again but each time the same answer was no.not at this time.I had watched bros and sisters get back in half the time and they had committed adultry but beings how she was working under one of those elders( which happen to be the one that actually told me that was dis)I just felt like i would never be able to ever get reinstated ever.she got remarried three days after the divorce was final.this was about four -five years now and ive been working a thied shift job so its almost immpossable to attend every meeting so the words given to me by those elders that day (that i felt like i had died)was that i could not get reinstated unless i attended every meeting.and that i had to send my letter to them and only they can reinstate me.what if something happened to them.I truly love Jehovah and often i feel like crying like a little child when i think of everything that had expired back then.but truly most of all i feel like ill never be looked good upon by Jehovah again or i would be back in by now.by the way ,,my youngest daughter that i had so much trouble with,was beaton up several times now by my grandsons dad.the one that my ex kept taking to his house.and here recently he just about killed her and now facing attempted murder charges sitting in jail right now.I feel super guilty right now because i feel if i couldve done more back then todays pain wouldnt be there upon her.But guilt also lays heavy on me because i didnt obey Jehovah back then either.I didnt trust Jesus and Jehovah to handle matters .I blaimed the elders to some degree and i mostly blamed my ex wife for this but once again i was to blame and no one else.i lost complete control over my household.Right now i know that wishing to die is horrible but i am so extremely scared of losing Jehovah and with time being so close to the end ,i just feel very scared of dieing but if thats what will pay for my sins from Jesuss sacrifice then maybe thats what it will take ,,,i dont know anymore.here i am dissfellowshipped and i know Jehavahs commands and teachings but very afraid of not making it because i had a very bad temper at that time,im not blaming on the fact of everything else piling up on my shoulders such shelter over my families heads or food and worrying about my marriage and worrying aboutmy youngest daughters life.I just would like to know if theres anyone elder out there that could help as far as what to do to get back into the truth again.please.


  2. mark says:

    again,,please help .i know that this may be a way that Jehovah God can use to help me.


    • JJ says:

      Brother Mark I am sending you an email- I hope that we can chat more on your situation this way. Please know that many of us here are a resource for you and will keep your situation in our prayers.

      With Christian Love,


      • mark reynolds says:

        hello,i also would like to know if an elder/elders could possibly help me and or talkn to me ,ive been disfellowshipped for ove six -seven years now and feel very week as to my faith to Jehovah God ,im very scared as to losing his love every year that goes by .i would like to be able to talk to other disfellowshiped ones that are trying to get reinstated so as to incourage each other for the same goal .im not sure if my prayers are being heard by Jehovah now and this old world is dominated by satan and hes ready to devour anyone that he can .please can you help me please.

        Brother Mark I am sending you an email- I hope that we can chat more on your situation this way. Please know that many of us here are a resource for you and will keep your situation in our prayers.

        With Christian Love,


        • angela says:

          Mark please get out of that cult I was a Jw for 30 yrs its very oppressive+the organization is cold blooded very unfair and do not beat yourself up you are a loving person who needs to be saved out of this cult trust me im much happier now and love Jehovah even more> my heart goes out to you, and soon you will be free of the oppressive organization, Angela

          mark reynolds:
          hello,i also would like to know if an elder/elders could possibly help me and or talkn to me ,ive been disfellowshipped for ove six -seven years now and feel very week as to my faith to Jehovah God ,im very scared as to losing his love every year that goes by .i would like to be able to talk to other disfellowshiped ones that are trying to get reinstated so as to incourage each other for the same goal .im not sure if my prayers are being heard by Jehovah now and this old world is dominated by satan and hes ready to devour anyone that he can .please can you help me please.


  3. jedidiah s says:

    wel sori 4 al wat happened.jehovah could 4 give david who at d same time commited furnication and murder,he can also 4 give u.al wat u need to do nw is to repent 4rm ur heart.u knw dat elders ar controlled by the holyspirit try ur best to repent.some 1 in my cong has been disffelowshiped 4tims and nw he has been reainstated.it is about ur heart condition toward jehovah.tanks.


  4. Surinder Heer says:

    Please keep on praying to JEHOVAH he will set you free from problems. Jehovah is love, he will not make you suffer.


  5. James says:

    Hi i just had a Qesttion i am a JW and i am Struggling with the fact i can not be in valved with sports of any kind i help Astistant coach for a youth ice Hockey team a group of 9 to 10 year olds and enjoy very much i feel i am doing some thing positive in the lives of those kids even tho they are not conciders JWS is it wrong for me to be doing that or not and i have other Struggles as well from James


    • Grandma Ketchup says:

      That was classified as a “grey area” with JW. Anything in the “grey area” becomes a personal choice. Enjoy your sports!


  6. dharmender says:

    I m very keen to ask ,when i study bible .the question as Jehovas”s wittness say tht a foreigner who lives in other country should live with his wife bcose nobody can separate .but i deeply study the Bible ,says related to divorce bt not about short or long period i view 3tims tht whn Musa departed to Canan with israely his wife was nt with him bt his fathr- in -law brougt at sinay whn he heard .2 ifn a slave was given a house made by his owner if i wants to leave his family he can ther is no obligation .3 2ndhalf cast leave their family nd wnt ahead for CANAN plz reply m


  7. gina says:

    Goog evening, i wanted to know.. if all the news agaisnt JW is true.. i am a former JW. but wants to go back soon.. cause i know that.. the last days is coming.. and i wanted to be save.


  8. Machelle Clarkson says:

    I was just disfellowshipped and feel like you do however I also find myself questioning if this is really the truth.


  9. Elear says:

    Dear brothers [esp. JJ]

    I write to you, because I don’t have any real friend to speak TTATT freely in JW organization although 23 years of association. Call me Elear. I think that my story is quite interesting.

    I am [yet] an active elder from Poland, but it’s become a terrible burden. Not that I don’t like to have talks or be lazy in the ministry. But there was something, that change my point of view entirely.

    Namely – c. half of year ago I started to think about heavenly calling. It came to me by itself. Not as my imagination. And I’ve started to read. But WTS publications showed me that it’s nearly impossible that I ever could have such a precious gift – never mind that I spend my near whole life in service or that I am an elder. I am for them simply too young, now I am 30. I was very sad in studying that material that should comfort me and suggest psycho-problems or unbalanced imagination. Then I leave that topic for some time. But when I read Bible alone, it very touched me and I was so happy! No with ecstatic and crazy laugh, but real calm and peace of heart. It’s very real. I don’t feel better than anybody, but it’s very personal. I thought then – what about Memorial? They’d certainly think that I’m insane… I have much time to decide, but I’ll do this at home I think. In my 23 years going to meetings I never know anybody that have heavenly calling.

    The next step was, that I saw many things’re wrong, but it was decided by GB, so it was at that time sacred. I decided to read Crisis of Conscience of Raymond Franz and I don’t regret it. Now I finish his In Search of Christian Freedom and what a book it is!!! Good news in the Bible – how good it is!!! The real face of GB and organization was revealed. Now I know, that our life is sacred service and that Christ is my Mediator too. J It’s very deep. Never before the Bible was my favorite book although I always cherish it. But now I really love it! And I quit my poor outlook to my neighbors – as wordlings or else. Now my smile for them is sincere, as is Yours – I watched two times your Apostasy Trial. It was something very teachable for me. Your attitude and… theirs. I know personally how it is to be a judge, but I always felt their FEAR of us I n the star chamber. Now I am happier, but my all family is JW but my father. My wife said me, that my wisdom will ruin me, when I cited her a Bible! Was it really my wisdom?

    We talk many hours – at first with anger from her, that I doubt in everything and give my doubts to her. But now we can talk with a little bit smaller but still anger. My brother was not again assigned a ministerial servant and he’s pretty angry with young elders who said him, that nothing is automatically [he moved to another congregation with positive opinion]. We talked with him and our wives. His wife was in shock when I openly talk to them about judicial committees, our Shepherd book with confidential infos. We talked about whole unloving spirit – now demand of hours [at least 10 for all elders and servants], who is able to measure our love to our brothers? My brother agreed with me, his wife was sad and my – angry. I started to focus on positive matters as brother Franz, so as to avoid her irritation and open her mind. That I don’t want to attack but defend – her and our family.

    I spent 7 years as full time pioneer. It was difficult time. I like to talk with people, but I always thought that preaching like Jesus is not giving Watchtowers and Awakes. And hours, be death but do more and more… I was NEVER happy for many days as a pioneer. It was at certain events, but such service to God was so rigid. Even the meetings for pioneers with travelling overseers was always for us a calling for more hours, studies.

    No w my eldership – how difficult it became. Many things are not in my views, in biblical views actually too. Disfellowshipping as formal act not personal, great crowd, memorial for observers, and above all – organizational hierarchy. I am part of that hierarchy too. I try to soften and pacify some hard calling that I think are unbalanced. Although I don’t at this time want to quit at all, I did some things that make my life easier. I focus my attention on the Bible. The problem I still fight is that I am free [as R. Franz wrote], and it’s great temptation. But with God’s help I cope. My head is now Jesus, as it should be, not some GB in “ivory tower”. My anger for being lied grew, but as Franz wrote – I don’t want to feel angry or be tied to past. Jesus don’t insult or threaten even to his persecutors. My wife told me she feel she has no value, feel worthless before God, although she was pioneer, was exemplary and we read Bible every day. But she still thought it’s not enough. I understand her pretty well, cause my WHOLE LIFE WAS ONE BIG “GUILTY!” “Guilty!” said by organization, but I thought that it was a voice of God too (1John 1:9). How happy I am that I was wrong. I see many Witness who smile, because it’s not up to JW to show that there is a depression problem, sadness or unhappiness. If you have problems and go to the elders, they ask you what is lacking in you – not indirectly, but by suggesting that your bond with God is weak, study is low, ministry is poor, prayer are shallow. Even if I am now elder, I don’t advise anyone to go to them. You’ll be pre-judged and then judged properly. Then lost everything you worked on. I read and watch reports on JWs’ depression and I think they are sincere. Many coworkers “from the world” are much stronger emotionally than we! MUCH stronger. We’re easy to break by problems. I finished many courses – speed & photoreading, memory, greek language basics, NLP, time management, assertiveness, even est [Erhard Seminars Training] audio etc… Even krav maga [stealth mode, because it’s strictly forbidden]. Everything because I was TERRIFIED by the world and people. I hated them, I didn’t want to see them! Everywhere I sensed evil and hurt. My life was totally unhappy. But I was exemplary pioneer and ministerial servant. The others should admire me or at least do what I do. How unhappy I was. After school [20y.o.] I leave my home to go where were “needs”. Two years I live in a home, where householder was an abstinent alcoholic [like my father]. At least he again started to drink and we’d to move. Elders came to us [there was one guy with me] and said that it was our fault because we should watch him. I was the very sad, I gave them more than two years of my life and they blame me for another man sin… When I one day came to them and said that I wanted to talk, they say: “You LEAVING?” I said how they know? “Because all the congregation talks about it” That was their all assurance and comfort I get. Two years ago I had another great experience with elders. One elders daughter liked to wear short skirts. And I after one meetings talked to her that she should think that it’s OK, showing her how visitors at Bethel should be [it was the time, that I was a little orthodox]. But what’s interesting is reaction of body of elders [I was transferred with good opinion but not appointed yet]. There was a total war. Her father was so angry he almost beat me! He called names in spirit [he told me that it’s on his mind]. My appointment was canceled for nearly 2 years in another congregation. I was broken, then I simply believed, that it’s God’s organization and Jesus will make it up. I forced myself to go to the meetings. The body of elders hated me. I even write to HQ in Poland. But BOE support the angry blasphemous father and didn’t get involved in helping my depression at all.

    Time’s passing. I think that there will be the day, when I could not be an elder because of my conscience… There were letter that we aren’t allowed to study Watchtower with friends. Our Talmud is bigger and bigger. Couple years ago I thought that when sb know GB politics, he is very adult and spiritually mature. How wrong was I! Our meetings are extremely boring, elders are poorly prepared and maybe one or two of speakers dare to speak from heart and not from big outline. I was always curious why the outlines to Sunday talks are so large! Now I know – to not have time to real speaking. Many elders and servants only comment the outline – one sentence by another. I am forced to bring some greek translations like Emphatic Diaglott and KIT. Now also NET Bible – not greek but with many useful footnotes. When I started to do that, the meetings became more interesting, because I made them such. But now there is not only boredom, but also essence of truth is violated. Golden calf of GB’s shining by Watchtower study articles [soon we will discuss who is the faithful and discreet slave – Rom 1:23]. I rarely conduct Watchtower study, but I couldn’t conduct these one at all.

    I decided to stay as JW, because of my wife and mother. My wife is very emotional and my mother is wife of my alcoholic father and she’s sick. If I’d be alone, I think that I could quit. But I feel like Naaman, when he was required to bound before false God to support his king, but ask Elisha to ask Jehovah to forgive him (2Kings 5:18,19). Let the Father forgive me too! I do not support movement to proclaim absolute freedom to lust and immorality, but I love God’s Word and ALL the people, including those that was shunned and hurt by WTS.

    Thank you for your deep thought,

    We’re not alone.

    God bless you.

    Elear from Poland

    PS Sorry for my chaotic writing, but I write spontaneously and have no Writing Department to edit :-)

    They would cut it all off!


  10. Chris says:

    Hello there. I was associated with jehovahs witnesses for 26 years. I first attended the meetings as a teenager and was really impressed by the love and interest that was shown toward me. Every Sunday all the young brothers and sisters would meet up at the park to play rounders and football. I use to love studying, I would spend hours upon hours researching all the societies publications. I regular pioneered in my twenties and served as a ministerial servant in my congregation. Things changed when I got into my mid-twenties, I started associating with ones who were quite weak, I started going out partying and loved it, although I knew it wasn’t right, but I felt alone. Eventually I was removed from being a servant and had come off pioneering. For a long time I was quite bitter about that and also was filled with regret. I spent the next few years in and out of the the ‘truth’, I was eventually disfellowshipped in 2007. That judicial hearing was so tough, I knew I was going to be D.fd but I decided to use that meeting as an opportunity to pour my heart out to the brothers. When I look back on the meeting and those elders faces I couldn’t see any genuine love or concern, just brothers going through a formality. I remember tears rolling down my face as I expressed everything that had happened, my upbringing, the severe depression. I was originally going to appeal the decision but changed my mind. In my head I thought just go with it, this could be a clean slate, a chance to start again. I started attending meetings straight away, it was tough at first but I soon got into the routine of sitting at the back. Every 3 months the elders would meet to assess my progress, I never missed a meeting. This continued for a year, I was determined to get my house in order before I wrote a letter of my desire to be reinstated. A year later I was reinstated in 2008. Immediately I was going out on the ministry doing thirty to forty hours a month, then I got all my privileges back, I was firing on all cylinders lol. But then I got to a point where I began to realise, I would be devoting all this time, yet when I was at home away outside of meeting and ministry time I was lonely. I was very rarely invited round to bros homes for association. I recieved one shepherding call in five years and that happened to be on a c/o visit. I started getting quite down about it, then the resentment started, I especially found it hard when brothers and sisters would comment at the meetings and say how we’re like one big loving family, elders would say it from the platform. I knew I had to do something about it. I started visiting other congregations trying to widen out. Brothers and sisters would come over and chat but that’s as far as it went really. I had quite a few friends from an old congregation that I’d been a member off, but it was generally the same problem there or some had there own cliques and didn’t want me to be apart off. It got ridiculous because I felt I was always doing the chasing trying to have association, it all felt one-sided. Things finally came to a head when I realised that things weren’t that different from when I was disfellowshipped, the only difference being that bros and sisters would now chat to me about pretty mundane stuff 15-20 minutes before and after a meeting. I’d had enough. I stopped attending the meetings at the beginning of July of this year. I wrote a letter to the elders stating my reasons, I also made it clear that I wasn’t disassociating myself, it’s just that I wasn’t happy about things. It’s still pretty raw to be honest and I see bros from time to time. One elder who read my letter basically said that my loneliness was due to being single but I don’t buy that, that’s not what j.ws teach, love is suppose to be unconditional. I keep myself busy, I joined a self defence class a year ago and I’ve met some good people through that. They don’t promise you anything, they either hang out with you or they don’t. Also I decided to start doing research on certain j.w teachings, like the 607 date, I needed to do it as there was still apart of me that believed it was the truth, but honestly how could jah support something so wrong. I’m not sure what the next chapter is for me, I’m 40 years old and had spent a long time in the org. Anyway I thought I would share my story


    • JJ says:

      Chris we are so glad to have you here!

      I wish that I could say that your story is unique but in most ways it is not. No matter where we live, the systemic problems generated by the Watchtower mindset and culture permeate the Witness thinking and the way they demonstrate love.

      These sorts of things such as cliques, and gossiping constantly swirl around Kingdom Halls everywhere. This was actually one of the points I tried to make when I met with the elders on my own judicial committee hearing and they kept insisting that it was just a few imperfect individuals that were stumbling me. I explained that no one had stumbled me and that it didn’t matter where I lived or how many different congregations I attended I noticed the same problems and the lack of real love among many of the friends.

      Keep on researching- you will figure out what’s right for you brother and what you need to do next. That’s all any of us can do with the short time we have on this earth and you are on your way. I have also sent you an email perhaps we can chat more if you like! Check out the forum if you can there are a lot of ones on there that I am sure will want to pick your brain and get more of your story.

      With Kind Regards,
      Eric aka JJ


  11. Que Arazo says:

    I have been raised as a JW my whole life. Now, I have been disassociated with the witnesses trying to make senses of everything that has caused me to question everything. I have came across your Judicial video and found that you did do a fine job with presenting your position on certain topics that they couldn’t even answer you well on. Your info needed to be addressed by the Governing body themselves because they have messed with our lives for too long and we have served their agenda that deserves an answer from them!

    I have also came across a former witness Santos Bonacci who was raised and left the jw org. Have you ever herd of him? He raises concerning questions that the bible entirely may be just mythical lessons that men have invented…

    I came across Dr. Richard Carrier who provides a strong argument against the bible’s reliability.

    All of this has been a very hard, stressful journey for me! I have somewhat isolated myself from both jw and ppl of the world as we have been taught. I thought that the end would be here by now and have wasted so much of my time to fear and anxiety. I currently still struggle with my life and what to do with it.

    I don’t know what to believe anymore but do appreciate that you stood up against what I have been questioning myself.

    I don’t even know if God even exists anymore…If so, why?


    • God's Child says:

      I welcome to you attend a Christian church in your area. Even a non-denominational one would be nice. A Christian would never dis-fellow you. Because only Jesus is perfect. Who is another human (sinner) to tell you that you are not fit for their religion? Our Jesus (Christian) accepts you and loves you for who you are and understands that everyone is a sinner. He died on the cross to give chances to everyone. John 3:16 [Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)] For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


  12. julie says:

    i have being disfellowship twice and being reprove once.rite now is just 8months into the df.i really want to get back.if i write a letter of reinstatement ,will there be any chance of getting reinstated??


    • God's Child says:

      Hi Julie,

      A Christian would never dis-fellow you. Because only Jesus is perfect. Who is another human (sinner) to tell you that you are not fit for their religion? Our Jesus (Christian) accepts you and loves you for who you are and understands that everyone is a sinner. He died on the cross to give chances to everyone. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


  13. michael says:

    I saw ur video!!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! WE LOV U MAN! Man ive spent so many days having biblical debates with these wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like beating a dead horse!!


  14. Priscilla says:

    Hello, I studied with the JW off and on for about 18 years. I recently stopped studying a few months ago. I noticed by Bible study teacher was hypocritical. I believe in about 80% of what I was taught but a good 20% does not correspond with factual information. The fact that the doctrines keep changing is another major concern for me. Right now I’m confused and I have many questions without answers. I want to find a good church but my husband and I don’t know where to go. I am seeking the truth but it always seems to lead back to the teachings of the Watch Tower. Should I just ignore what doesn’t make sense because most of what they teach does or just keep searching? I want to follow what the Bible says and live a moral life but it’s very hard when there are things that I can’t come to terms with.

    I viewed your video where you were dis-fellowshiped and I feel there was absolutely no valid reasoning behind it. There was no actual reason. Having questions does not create a valid representation of their actions in disfellowshiping you.

    My questions are, what have you found that has truth regarding religion? What Church do you suggest I should look into? I’m totally confused and I would like to start serving Jehovah God without feeling like I don’t know where to turn.



    • God's Child says:

      Hi Priscilla,

      Any Christian church, preferably non-denominational would be a good church to look into near your area. Here is a link to a story of a former JW that I want to share: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/fem.....-life.html

      They said they felt trapped, not free to do anything and brainwashed as a JW. Christians are about love, helping each other and peace, where in my experience JWs are about shunning others out and protecting themselves from the truth. I am sorry you had a bad experience with the first lady, but as humans, no one is perfect. It would be best to direct the questions you still to an experienced Christian pastor from a Christian church. Hope this helps


  15. Mike says:

    For real…?


  16. jay says:

    I have been having some doubts about my religion but even after studing multiple sites I just dont see the evidence. I would really enjoy for someone to walk me through so that I will understand why our teachings are incorrect enough so that if I wanted I could also explain it to someone else


    • God's Child says:

      I have been having some doubts about my religion but even after studing multiple sites I just dont see the evidence. I would really enjoy for someone to walk me through so that I will understand why our teachings are incorrect enough so that if I wanted I could also explain it to someone else

      Hi Jay,
      I came across an interesting article here: http://exjw-reunited.co.uk/Stories.htm

      If the religion of Jahova’s witness really was “the truth,” the Watchtower Society would not try to isolate them from members of other religions by harping on “bad association spoils useful habits.” The faith that forbids friendships outside the religion. The Society is afraid for their members to develop close friendships with born-again Christians, because they might get saved! It is an isolation technique used by JW cults to control their members from hanging out with non JW’s. It’s a way for the elders of the church to keep anyone from de-brainwashing their converts. Jahova’s Winesses use brainwashing techniques to control the weak-minded. During their next “Bible study” (brain-washing sessions) at the “Kingdom Hall” (compound) they should ask which of the Apostles used rudeness, self-superiority, and condescension in order to convert others? A religion that showed up a hundred years ago is the real deal, and the Church Christ established is not. The watchtower wants 100% information control. The Internet is a serious threat to the organization. Is it any surprise that Witnesses are likewise forbidden from visiting any religious website other than the JW official one at: “watchtower.org”?
      No one wants to be a prisoner.


  17. fawn says:

    So even though we aren’t j.w anymore,do we still pray to Jehovah?


  18. metz says:

    hi…i was brought up a JW with my 2 brothers. 2 parents. my dad became an elder when i was about 11. my parents tried to raise us as a good and proper JW family. I didnt have friends at school I didnt have friends in the congregation and always secretly hated being a JW most of the bible and god stuff was fine it was just weird little things like….brothers wernt really allowed to grow a beard…when i asked why? no one could answer and it was always like they knew they didnt have an answer so wernt even trying. lots of little things like that. anyway i told my parents i didnt want to be a JW any more when i was about 18. my dad was surprisingly cool about it but i later found out that waws because he thought it was just a faze. Anyway im 33 now. over my years of being a “worldly” person i was never shunned by my family. I was never baptized so they saw this as the reason they could still see me i think. anyway over these years my brothers got older and got married. When i was young i remember my dad asking me a weird question….whether someone had ever done anything to me sexually…i was 7 at the time….we were in the car and i said no but maybe it had and i just dont remember…he said oh no, you would remember this. I asked who it might have been and of course he never told me. Anyway over the years of being on my own in the big bad world…my brother would come over quite regularly and we would chat and sometimes debate the bible and why i didnt believe the “truth” anymore. He came to me once and told me that he had tried to commit suicide and that he was depressed sometimes and i tried my best to console him and then he told me how he was sexually assaulted by a family friend in another congregation when he was 9. i was shocked but also wasnt sure what to believe and honestly in my own struggle with depression and trying to figure out where my life was supposed to go now. so maybe 8 months after he told me this my father invited me on a holiday to New Zealand which is where i was born. He needed to go see someone and i went for the free trip. we drove alot on this trip in a rented car. while on a particularly long drive between towns i brought up the subject of the question he asked me when i was a kid…about someone touching me sexually…..i asked if he was talking about this old family friend and he confirmed it…yes he had been talking about that person. i asked if at the time he ever asked my brother the same question and he said yes but my brother had said no…i told him to ask again because yes my brother had been assaulted. that was my job done for me at the time…i had told the guy i was supposed to…the elder and the father and the guy that worked with my brother. he didnt do anything. about a year after the trip in a weird situation after months of his marriage going down the toilet my brother had a mental breakdown and tried to kill himself after beating my dad almost to death…he went into the psych hospital and basically hit rock bottom. the family told me because he had written a suicide note that was addressed to me and me only. in it he said things that showed me saw how hard it had been for me growing up and how i seemed lost and other things that were shit about the family that i thought he never saw. i went and helped him get to be himself again all the while noticing how not one JW came to visit no offer of help from any congregation. when i asked dad what was done about the old family friend he said nothing. so cut to about 2 months ago i get a call from my brothers wife saying that the old family friend is back in his old congregation and happy and doing great. It makes me mad obviously…so i call my parents and ask what the hell maybe something should be done and i receive the weirdest answer from my mother…she said….”look son, you were not there, its one persons word against another, what if he says he didnt do it?” this was my first experience with the 2 witness rule and i was so shocked that she was happy to believe her son just a liar and crazy than to even suggest that this story might be correct. The still havent said anything and i know my brother doesnt want to relive that crap….so im not sure what to do at all. advice please jj


  19. jesse lopez says:

    Anyone want to chit chat just text me at 7602837513. Thanks. Take care folks


  20. Well I was saved I’m a witness it all happened in a moment where the first voice I herd was Lisa Lisa so I believed that God was a woman then I herd Christine Christina then I thought I was talking to one of gods people cause o was always told that if you really listen you can hear god gods spirits always say we got your information and one of gods people said she was 13 I believe I’ve been saved I believe in in computer scan bullshit give it up you’re Portland Oregon fucks destroyed god everybody knows it fake


  21. JBM says:

    I am a JW since 1999 and now i got a daughter and my wife is 5 months pregnant. I have wake up since 2012 and i have told my wife everything about the flip flop of the Jw.org. now im struggling getting my wife and daughter out of this watchtower world. My wife trust so much in the elders and she think they are the holies people on earth.now our relationship really changed and she thinks im going cry because satan is like a lion(he has affected my mind). JWStrugglers, im struggling here to get my family back because my wife has been seeing the elders on my back wh8le im at work. Any advice please?


  22. Joe says:

    Hey Eric
    We are Ex JWs too here on Long Island. I was listening to the interview with the active JW Elder. I’m wondering what the teaching in the 1981 Watchtower was that said that it was Apostate reasoning but is now the thinking of the Society? Hope I didn’t confuse you.



  23. Ana escudero says:

    I was watching a series/movie about Salem witch time,I felt spirituality scared like I shouldn’t be watch it what could this mean.?my husband and I attend kingdom hall when we’re not working.


  24. Robot_revival says:

    hi there!
    just want to say that we are a legion.
    i believe it’s time to wakeup,
    most of us did not have a thouhgt without the one that the GB was instructing us turning us in robots.we became a race of programmed mind believing only to anything dictate by them.
    many of us live in non English speaking country, living in torment day and night until with the help of the Almighty you get in touch with you against all propaganda.
    It’s a hard way…
    many of us with family, friends…with fresh nominee as elder, really…hard.
    keep this work going many are working in silence, other struggling in non speaking country.
    please pray for us.


  25. Eric Bosworth says:

    I have a question? What is the reason that the JW’s are moving their headquarters to Warwick, NY to be isolated and no prying eyes watching them?


  26. Steve says:

    Hello, I’m Steve from Sacramento. Also raised in “the truth” and from about 6 years old I started getting in trouble….for asking legitimate questions. I pioneered, gave numerous parts, until I was df’d at 16 and kicked out. I made it, I’m 41 now but I still deal with issues related to being in that organization.
    I’ve lived my life and ignored it because I knew I always wanted to do more research, but they had even turned me off the thought of God. Then about a month ago I just started typing, pouring out my heart and thoughts into the computer….so I decided to write a book. At that point I started doing online research for the first time ever on the JWS and religion as a whole. I came across your website, and it really got me motivated, watching the videos makes me happier to know it wasn’t just me.
    So as of yesterday I started a new site ‘AwakefromtheWatchtower.com’
    It is under construction at the moment, but I wanted to contact you to get an ok to add links to your site because the interviews you have are amazing and my goal is to help even one person to awake and live free as Jesus wanted us to.
    I will also definitely be seeing you at the TTATT fest next year.
    Agape, Steve


  27. jan smith says:

    Just finished reading two books on the Jehovah’s Witnesses that are the best I’ve ever read, couldn’t put them down. I thought you might be interested in reading them:

    Jehovah’s Witnesses, What Lies Behind The Truth

    The Watchtower Society, Organizational Misbehavior

    Both books are by Gabriel H Ibarra. You can buy them only on Lulu.com. Type the name of the author. Excellent books. You’ll never regret reading them, worth every penny. Pass the word or forward this email to those you think might be interested.


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